Angas Valley Cemetery


Data and Photos gathered and compiled by Faithe Jones


ARNOLD Gottlieb Wilhelm 30.03.1891    Angas Valley 06.05.1893    Angas Valley 2 yrs 9 weeks   Child of Johann Gottlieb ARNOLD & Johanne Ernestine ARNOLD
ARNOLD Heinrich Albert 19.03.1889     Angas Valley 15.03.1894   Angas Valley 4 yrs   Child of Johann Gottlieb ARNOLD & Johanne Ernestine ARNOLD
ARNOLD Johann Gottlob 14.04.1822  Neundorf, Silesia 14.04.1892  Angas Valley 70 yrs Arrived in Australia December 1848 on the 'Alfred'.  The first member of the Arnold family in Australia.  
BECKMANN nee SCHLATOW Anna Meta 02.09.1856         nr Tanunda 20.11.1893  Hildeshiem 37 yrs   Child of Joachim Heinrich SCHLATOW & Anna Margarete BOCKMANN.  Wife of Christian BECKMAN
BOTTROFF nee KLOSE Helene Bertha 07.02.1878  Parrott Hill 09.04.1913    North Adelaide 35 yrs   Child of Carl Gustav KLOSE & Johanne Ernstine KUBANK  Wife of Friedrick Carl BOTTROFF
ELLIKER John Henry   01.11.1901    Mount Pleasant 43 yrs 8 mths Our dear Father Resided Angas Valley
FALKENBERG Ernst Gottleib 31.10.1853  Bethanie 17.06.1896  Sander Creek 42 yrs 8 mths   Child of Gottlieb FALKENBERG & Johanne Rosine NITSCHKE
HAMDORF nee STELZER Maria 28.12.1851  Lobethal 16.09.1897         nr Rhine Villa 46 yrs 9 mths   Child of Johann August STELZER & Rosina Dorothea LACHMANN   Wife of Friedrich Gottlieb HAMDORF
HAMDORF  Gottlieb 29.05.1850 27.09.911      Rhine Villa 64 yrs   Resided Rhine Villa
HERBIG Carl Otto 05.02.1897    Angas Valley 18.08.1899     Angas Valley 2 yrs   Child of Carl Heinrich HERBIG & Luise WALLESSCHEK
HERBIG Gustav Adolph 10.09.1895    Angas Valley 25.12.1895   Angas Valley 3 months   Child of Carl Heinrich HERBIG & Luise WALLESSCHEK
HERBIG Heinrich Oscar 17.04.1899  Angas Valley 26.08.1899     Angas Valley 4 months   Child of Carl Heinrich HERBIG & Luise WALLESSCHEK
QUAST Alwine Selma 23.09.1898   Angas Valley 15.12.1898     Birth registered as Alvina Selma QUAST, child of Johann Heinrich Carl QUAST & Amelia Agusta Marie SCHRAEDER
QUAST Carl Edwin 03.09.1902    Rhine Villa 10.05.1905     Child of Johann Heinrich Carl QUAST & Emily Marie SCHREODER
QUAST  Ernstine Wilhelmine 04.11.1835 08.09.1906   Angas Valley 70 yrs 10 mths    
RETTKE Heinrich Albert 28.11.1892  Hildesheim Hd. Of Finniss 16.08.1899  Hundred of Angas 7 yrs   Child of Albert Wilhelm August RETTKE & Karoline KROESCHEL
ROCHOW Berthold Hugo 16.11.1898    Black Hill 24.07.1900   Angas Valley 1 yr   Child of Fredrick Wilhelm ROCHOW & Johanne Pauline MUELLER
SCHROEDER Johann Friedrich Wilhelm 07.01.1833 05.06.1910    Angas Valley 77 yrs    
SCHROEDER nee KROEHN Johanne Caroline 21.10.1840 05.02.1926 85 yrs    
SCHROEDER Frederick August  20.05.1871  Springton 29.10.1923 52 yrs Our dear Parents Child of William SCHRODER & Caroline KREHN
SCHROEDER M Louise   31.08.1955 76 yrs Our dear Parents  
STENGERT nee EICHBERG Charlotte 1818  Schlesien, Germany 24.08.1910 Gidley NSW   Buried at Tamworth, mother of six children  
STENGERT Vincent 08.05.1811 10.01.1894      Angas Valley 84 yrs 6 mths    
STENGERT Ernst Bernhard 26.07.1890     Rhine Villa 26.10.1891   Angas Valley 15 months   Child of Ernst Robert STENGERT & Emilie Ottilie SCHULZ
WIEBRECHT Johann Friedrich   09.08.1891  Angas Valley 51 yrs    

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