Keilli Cemetery


Data gathered and compiled by Marc Bennier


Surname Christian Names Date of Birth Age Last Place of Abode Date of Burial Officiating Minister Grave No.
Adams Ruth Louisa, infant daughter of Frederick Joseph & Miriam Adams nee Shearer. 20/01/1926 Pt. Broughton, SA 2 days d.22/1/1926 Pt. Broughton, SA Pt. Broughton, SA 22/1/1926    
Adams Frederick Joseph, son of Richard James & Emily Louisa Adams nee Loveridge.Husband of Miriam Shearer. Flowerpots on this grave has the names of the children of Grant & Rosemary O'Donahue who worked for Fred & Mim Adams. 25/5/1896 Redhill, SA 82 years d. 1/8/1978 Mundoora, SA. 2/08/1978 Rev. Diprose Block 111
Adams Miriam nee Shearer, daughter of William John & Fanny Louisa Shearer nee Haines. Wife of Frederick Joseph Adams. 21/12/1900 Mundoora, SA 73 years d. 13/10/1973 Mundoora, SA. 14/10/1973   Block 111
Aitchison James Murray, son of William & Margaret Aitchison nee Murray. Husband of Bertha Catherine Schmitt. Father of William, Olga, Esma, James & Margaret. 20/10/1882 74 years d.22/10/1956 Mundoora, SA Mundoora, SA. 28/10/1956 Rev. Bell 169
Aitchison Bertha Catherine nee Schmidt, daughter of Georg Michael & Annie Mary Schmidt nee Schneider. Wife of James Murray Aitchison. 14/2/1893 Pt. Broughton, SA 87years d.5/10/1980 Pt. Broughton, SA 7/10/1980 G.H. Sealey, Kadina 169
Aitchison William, son of Robert & Agnes Aitchison nee Brown. Husband of Margaret Murray. Father of Robert, James & William Scotland 69 years d.14/9/1917 Pt. Broughton, SA Mundoora, SA. 1917    
Aitchison Margaret nee Murray, daughter of James & Margaret Murray nee Gullen, Wife of William Aitchison. Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland 65 years d.21/11/1913 Pt. Broughton, SA Pt. Broughton, SA 1913    
Aitchison Robert, son of William & Margaret Aitchison nee Murray. Twin to Isabella Aitchison 23/7/1879 Mundoora, SA 19 years d. 26/11/1898 Mundoora, SA Mundoora, SA. 1898    
Aitchison Herbert Forrester, son of Robert Forester Proudfoot & Caroline Aitchison nee Blight. Husband of Selina Elsie Mary Allen. Found dead behind a team of horses. Died of heart attack. Father of Janet Margaret, Dulcie, Lloyd Stanley & Trevor Livingston. 8/6/1883 Near Mundoora, SA 51 years d. 13/4/1932, Mundoora, SA Mundoora, SA. 13/04/1934 Rev. W. Wiltshire 69
Aitchison Stanley, son of Robert Forester Proudfoot & Caroline Aitchison nee Blight. Stanley's mother is also on the same headstone, as well as his brother William. 26/2/1888 Mundoora, SA 24 years d. 30/7/1912 Mundoora, SA   1912    
Aitchison William Francis, son of Robert Forester Proudfoot & Caroline Aitchison nee Blight 1/7/1878 Mundoora, SA 21 years d. 13/12/1899 Mundoora, SA   1899    
Aitchison Robert Forester Proudfoot, son of Robert & Agnes Aitchison nee Brown. Husband of Caroline Blight Buried in Clare Cemetery? Father of William, Herbert & Stanley. 13/6/1845 Scotland 80 years d. 12/12/1925 Mundoora, SA Mundoora, SA.      
Aitchison Caroline nee Blight, daughter of Francis & Mary Blight nee Martin. Wife of Robert Forester Proudfoot Aitchison. 8/2/1855 Sheoak Farm, Gawler Plains, SA 77years d. 7/4/1932 Pt. Broughton, SA Mundoora, SA. 7/04/1932 Rev. Hutchinson  
Allen James, husband of Janet Giffen (Jessie) Greig. Father of Frederick, Herbert, Tim, Selina, Jessie, Louisa & Rachel. 10/2/1855 Norwood, SA 81 years d.18/9/1933 Mundoora, SA Mundoora, SA. 18/09/1933 Rev. Pointing from Yacka Nth East corner of Loveridge block
Allen Janet Giffen (Jessie) nee Pollock, daughter of Joseph & Janet Pollock nee Dunbar. Widow of James Allen and John Greig. Mother of Mary, Robert & John Greig, Frederick, Herbert, Tim, Selina, Jessie, Louisa & Rachel Allen. 14/3/1852 Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland 83 years d.23/2/1935 Golden Grove, SA Mundoora, SA. 23/02/1935 Rev. W. Wiltshire Nth East corner of Loveridge block
Anderson Bernard Earle, husband of Mary Eileen Pitt.   60 years   8/09/1989    
Arbon Oliver (Jack) Richard , son of Thomas & Elizabeth Ann Arbon nee Stringer. Husband of Louisa Adelaide Allen) Postmaster of Mundoora. "Bushman's Lawyer" due to his eagerness to try virtually anything. Played the coronet, drums, xylophone and even 'the bottles'. Played football for Mundoora. Father of Laurette, Rachel, Alberta, Oliver (Charlie), Ivy, Colin, & Phyllis 9/10/1889 Barunga, SA 72 years d. 24/3/1963 Mundoora, SA Mundoora, SA. 26/03/1963 Rev. W. Wiltshire Block 122
Arbon Louisa Adelaide nee Allen, daughter of James & Janet Jessie Allen nee Pollock. Wife of Oliver Richard Arbon. 23/4/1891 Crystal Brook, SA 94 years d. 12/9/1985   1985    
Arbon Thomas, son of Thomas & Elizabeth Arbon nee Fisher. Husband of Elizabeth Ann Stringer. Farmer Father of Alfred, Florence, Stephen, Edward, Edgar, Jessie, Oliver, Percy, Hilda, Clarice, Thomas & Phillip. 3/2/1856 Cherry Gardens, SA 71 years d. 7/9/1926 Clements Gap, SA Clement Gap, SA 4/09/1926 Rev. Hemmings 107
Arbon Elizabeth Ann nee Stringer, daughter of Stephen & Elizabeth Stringer nee Court. Wife of Thomas Arbon. Senile decay 27/4/1857 Somersetshire, England 84 years d. 13/4/1941 Adelaide, SA Kybunga, SA 14/04/1941 Rev. Christopher 107
Arbon Thomas, son of Thomas & Elizabeth Ann Arbon nee Stringer. 29/3/1897 3 hours d. 29/3/1897 Barunga, SA Barunga, SA. 11/03/1905    
Arbon Percy Roy, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Ann Arbon nee Stringer. Died due to "dropsy" 16/8/1891 Barunga, SA 14 years d. 16/8/1905 Barunga, SA Barunga, SA 16/08/1905    
Arbon Alfred Thomas, infant son of Thomas and Elizabeth Ann Arbon nee Stringer. Died at 9 months due to black fever. 12/7/1878 Keilli, SA 9 months d. 9/4/1879 Barunga, SA Barunga, SA 1879    
Arbon Maxwell George, infant son of Edgar Ernest & Elizabeth Jane Arbon nee Winen. 9/10/1916 Pt. Broughton, SA 20 months d.14/4/1918 Mundoora, SA Mundoora, SA. 15/04/1918    
Barnes Edwin William, son of Torrington Charles & Mary Jane Barnes nee Clothier. Killed in action, France WW1 Next of kin Mary Jane Barnes. 21/11/1892 Wokurna, SA 25 years d. 18/9/1918 France Keilli, SA 1918    
Barnes Joseph John, son of Torrington Charles & Mary Jane Barnes nee Clothier. South side of Grandfather Barnes. 4/4/1888 Plympton, SA 63 years d. 16/9/1951 Snowtown, SA Lakeview, SA 18/09/1951 Rev. Edwards  
Bond Wanda, infant daughter of Henry Richard George & Reta Eliza Dolling Bond nee Summerton. 1931 13 days d.6/1931 Pt. Broughton, SA Barunga North, SA 14/07/1931 Rev. Close 40
Bond Reta Eliza Dolling nee Summerton, daughter of Ernest & Ethel Rosetta Summerton nee Dolling. Wife of Henry Richard George (Harry) Bond. Mother of Shirley, Colleen, Wanda (dec.) 21/06/1904 Barunga, SA 45 years d.28/3/1950 Crystal Brook, SA Pt. Broughton, SA 29/03/1950 Rev. Goss 51
Brinkley John Thomas, son of Joseph & Mary Ann Brinkley nee Kemp.. Husband of Elizabeth Jane Weldon. Father of Richard, George & Alexander. 23/4/1859 70 years d. 18/5/1928 Barunga, SA Barunga, SA 21/05/1928 Rev. Humphries, Redhill 67
Brinkley Elizabeth Jane nee Weldon, daughter of Elijah and Alice Weldon (nee Maddison). Wife of John Thomas Brinkley. 12 July 1857 on board Navarino within sight of Kangaroo Island 79 years d. 26/11/1936 Snowtown, SA Barunga, SA 27/11/1936   67
Button Ivan George, infant son of Charles Henry & Louisa Grace Button nee Hill. Died as a result of a snake bite while still in bed. 25/5/1909 Mundoora, SA 4 years 6 mths d.1/12/1913   1913    
Button Clarence Ray, son of Charles Henry & Louisa Grace Button nee Hill. Husband of Louise (Lucy) Stringer. Father of Grace, Laurel, Alex, Beth, Tess, Mary 22/04/1902 Broughton Extension, SA 76 years d.21/10/1978 Port Broughton, SA 21/10/1978 Rev. Diprose 152
Button Charles Henry, son of Edwin & Anne Button nee Earl. Husband of Louisa Grace Hill. Father of Edwin, Maynard, Clarence, Ivan, Hilton, Elvie, Louisa, Ilma, Rex & Lina 27/2/1872 Lyndoch Valley, SA 69 years d.27/12/1941 Adelaide, SA Mundoora, SA. 27/12/1941 Rev. Christopher 152
Button Louisa Grace nee Hill, daughter of Abraham & Carolyn Mary Hill nee Capner. Wife of Charles Henry Button. 11/3/1876 Near Laura, SA 66 years d.23/7/1942 Crystal Brook, SA Mundoora, SA. 25/07/1942 Rev. Christopher 152
Button Louise (Lucy) nee Stringer, daughter of Robert Arthur & Margaret Stringer nee Bollmeyer. Wife of Clarence Ray Button. Mother of Grace, Laurel, Alex, Beth, Tess 27/01/1904 Wallaroo, SA 89years d.28/8/1993   1993    
Button Alexander Ray, son of Clarence Ray & Louise (Lucy) Button nee Stringer. Husband of Valma Jones. Father of Fiona, Pauline, Kim, Leith, Janette, Desmond, Alexandra.   d. 29/4/2007   2007    
Clothier Elizabeth Jane nee Wood, daughter of Henry & Mary Wood nee Battinson. Wife of John Clothier. 26/4/1840 Adelaide, SA 48 years d. 30/10/1888 Barunga, SA Barunga, SA 1888    
Cornelius Alfred Harris, son of Richard & Agnes Cornelius nee Lewis. Husband of Dorcas Rose Stringer. Alf, lived a lonely life after the death of his wife Dorcas, only seeing his children very occasionally due to work and distances. Father of Cyril, Coral, Avis, Geoffrey, Eric & Alfred. 2/8/1880 Moonta, SA 68 years d.31/5/1949 Wallaroo, SA Pt. Broughton, SA 2/06/1949 Rev. Nixon  
Cornelius Dorcas Rose nee Stringer, daughter of John & Ann Stringer nee Ireland. Wife of Alfred Harris Cornelius. Dorcas died during the seventh pregnancy. Dorcas name is included on the column of her parents in Keilli. 23/6/1888 Barunga, SA 36 years d.6/2/1924 Nth. Adelaide, SA Mundoora, SA. 1924    
Dalling Lola Joyce nee Arbon, daughter of Alexander Edward & Amy Elizabeth Arbon nee Stringer. Wife of Morris Charles (Sam) Dalling. Mother of Anthony & Ivan 20/06/1923 Bute, SA 77years d.10/5/2001   2001    
Dolling Friederick Carl, son of Johann Gottfried & Johanna Louise Dolling nee Voidt. Husband of Emily Flowers. Father of Eva, Louise, Charles, Gustav, Hulda, Ernest, Ethel, Freidrich & Cecilia 1/1/1844 Brandenberg, Germany 80 years d. 3/3/1924 Mundoora, SA Mundoora, SA. 1924    
Dolling Emily nee Flowers, daughter of George & Elizabeth Flowers nee Coxhill. Wife of Friedrick Carl Dolling. Emily emigrated to South Australia with her parents in 1850. 24/10/1845 Spalding, Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire, England 63 years d. 9/7/1909 Mundoora, SA Keilli, SA 1909    
Dolling Huldah Cecilia, infant daughter Frederick Carl & Emily Dolling nee Flowers. 1/2/1877 Broughton Extension, SA 15 months d.20/9/1878 Redhill, SA Keilli, SA 22/9/1878    
Dolling Gustav Charles, infant son of Johann Gottfried & Johanna Louise Dolling nee Voidt. 15/8/1873 Broughton, SA 7years d. 4/3/1880 Barunga, SA Barunga, SA. 4/4/1880    
Dolling Ernest George, son of Friedrich Carl & Emily Dolling nee Flowers. Husband of Beatrice Annie Shearer. Father of Carl. 9/9/1879 Barunga, SA 61 years d.31/12/1941 Hd. Mundoora, SA Mundoora, SA. 1/01/1941 Rev. Christopher 92
Dolling Beatrice Annie (Annie) nee Shearer, daughter of William Pottinger & Martha Shearer nee Tregea. Wife of Ernest George Dolling. 22/3/1879 66years d.24/7/1958 Broadview, SA Broadview, SA 26/07/1958 Rev. Christopher & Boughten 92
Dolling Freiderich Victor, son of Friedrich Carl & Emily Dolling nee Flowers. Husband of Florence Sarah Shipway. Father of Freda, Joyce & foster daughter Roma Summerton. 4/3/1887 Barunga, SA 84 years d. 19/1/1972 Woodville, SA Mundoora, SA. 21/01/1972   Block 125 North side of 74
Dolling Florence Sarah nee Shipway, daughter of Edgar & Mary Shipway nee Barratt. Wife of Friedrich Victor Dolling. Mother of Freda & Joyce 22/2/1890 Keilli, SA 74 years d. 8/8/1964 Pt. Broughton, SA Mundoora, SA. 9/08/1964 Rev. Woods Block 125
Ferme William Angus, son of George & Annie Ferme nee Shand. Husband of Ivy May Hill. Father of Phyllis 16/2/1889 Wandearah, SA 96 years d.23/3/1985   1985    
Ferme Ivy May nee Hill, daughter of Arthur William & Annie Johanna Mary Hill nee Hampel. Wife of William Angus Ferme. Mother of Phyllis 27/3/1894 Laura, SA 58 years d.22/11/1952 Mundoora, SA Mundoora, SA. 24/11/1952 Rev. Edwards 161
Freebairn James Allan, son of Gavin & Lillias Freebairn nee Snodgrass. Died of Typhoid fever. 26/2/1871 Alma Plains, SA 22 years 8mths d. 28/10/1893 Mundoora, SA Mundoora, SA. 27/10/1893    
Gill Cyril John, son of Mick & Mary Gill nee Brown. Husband of Pauline Lorraine nee Grieg Father of Jon & Katrina. 31/08/1936 70 years d.31/8/2006   1/08/2006    
Green Douglas Thomas, son of John & Merilyn Green. Stillborn 1983     20/04/1983 G.H. Sealey, Kadina 170
Greig John (Jimmy) James, son of John & Janet Jessie Greig nee Pollock 26/12/1874 Crystal Brook, SA 87years d.30/8/1962 Mundoora, SA Mundoora, SA. 3/08/1962 Rev. Woods Nth East corner of Loveridge block
Hewett Clarence Frank, son of Arthur & Alice Hewett nee Freeman. Husband of Vera Minnie Reid. Father of Laurel, Ray, Lindsay 5/5/1895 Wokurna, SA 60 years d.13/6/1955 Crystal Brook, SA Mundoora, SA. 14/06/1955 Rev. Haines 168
Hewett Vera Minnie nee Reid, daughter of John Ferme & Elizabeth Reid nee Prideaux. Wife of Clarence Frank Hewett. 10/7/1894 Dalkey, SA 75 years d.6/5/1970 Lockleys, SA Lockleys, SA 8/05/1970   168
Hewett Anna Elizabeth nee Buscumb, daughter of William & Caroline Elizabeth Buscumb nee Comley. Wife of William Francis Hewett. Mother of Percival, Olive & Herbert 27/11/1864 Hay Flat, SA 29 years d. 21/1/1894 Hd. Wokurna, SA Wokurna, SA 22/1/1894    
Holtz Max Edgar Shop owner in Mundoora where sports club is presently. 1895 Germany 74 years d.8/3/1969 Adelaide, SA Mundoora, SA. 11/03/1969   48
Ireland Raymond George, son of Ernest & Cecilia Maude Ireland nee Dolling. Husband of Mavis Alvena Sims. Father of Valmai & Graham 28/6/1908 Snowtown, SA 81years 12/10/1989   1989    
Ireland Mavis Alvena nee Sims, daughter of Hurtle Edward & Maud May Sims nee Ratcliff. Wife of Raymond George Ireland. Mother of Valma & Graham 7/4/1911 Mundoora, SA 74 years 14/12/1985   1985    
Ireland Elizabeth Edna nee Kerley, daughter of Richard Charles & Elizabeth Kerley nee Stringer. Wife of Alfred Mark Ireland. Mother of Dymthia and Gary 16/03/1915 Lameroo, SA 31 years d.12/10/1946 Adelaide, SA Parilla, SA 13/10/1946 Rev. Grigg 107
Ireland Robert, son of Robert & Marianne Ireland nee Mogg. Husband of Harriet Jones Emigrated on January 4th, 1854 on the sailing ship the "Malcolm David". Farmer Father of Edward, Eliza, Robert, Ann, John, Harriet, James, William, Emily, Alfred, George, Ernest & Rhoda. 7/7/1833 Walton, Somerset, England 61 years d.10/5/1894 Hd. Barunga, SA Hd. Barunga, SA 1894    
Ireland Harriet nee Jones, daughter of Richard & Charlotte Jones nee Churches. Wife of Robert Ireland & Henry Elder. 4/1/1835 Meare, Somerset, England 77years d.28/6/1911 Wokurna, SA Wokurna, SA 29/06/1911    
Ireland John, son of Robert & Harriet Ireland nee Jones. Husband of Sarah Ann Overall & Margaret (Maggie) Harper Park. Father of Thomas, Hurtle, William, Herbert, Matilda, Ethel, Florence, Francis, Richard, Myrtle, Alvin, Reginald & Gilbert 19/7/1863 York, SA 92 years d. 26/6/1956 Bute, SA Wokurna, SA 26/06/1956 Rev. Haines 88
Ireland Margaret (Maggie) Harper nee Park, daughter of William McGrew Wife of John Ireland. Died of senile decay 1867 74 years d. 8/9/1941 Pt. Broughton, SA Wokurna, SA 8/09/1941 Rev. Goldworthy of Pt Broughton 88
Ireland Sarah Ann nee Overall, daughter of Henry & Martha Overall nee Churches. Wife of John Ireland. 2/8/1865 Melrose, SA 57 years d. 30/1/1924 Wokurna, SA Wokurna, SA 1924    
Ireland Clarence Norman, infant son of Alfred Ernest Ireland of Wokurna. 1935 6 weeks d 8/3/1935 Snowtown, SA Wokurna, SA. 8/03/1935 Rev. W. Wiltshire  
Jamieson George Henry, son of John & Johanna Tamgen Jamieson nee Scown. Husband of Lillian Eliza Loveridge. Father of Archibald & Sylvia. 7/11/1875 Meadows, SA 76 years d. 1/7/1951 Snowtown, SA Snowtown, SA 3/07/1951 Rev. Morgan  
Jamieson Lillian Eliza nee Loveridge, daughter of James & Louisa Loveridge nee Allen. Wife of George Henry Jamieson. 22/10/1882 Hd. of Stow, SA 81 years d. 15/6/1964 Eastwood, SA Snowtown, SA 17/06/1964 Rev. Mussard  
Jamieson John, son of Charles Jamieson. Husband of Johanna Tamgen Scown. Father of Selina, John, Louisa, William, George, James, Emily, Fanny. 1842 69 years d. 4/9/1911 Hd. Barunga, SA Hd. Barunga, SA 1911   37
Jamieson Johanna Tamgen nee Scown, daughter of John Thomas & Susan Scown nee Yeo. Wife of John Jamieson. 1840 71 years d. 21/9/1911 Hd. Barunga, SA Barunga, SA 1911   37
Kerley Myrtle Emily nee Stringer, daughter of John & Ann Stringer nee Ireland. Wife of Richard Charles Kerley. Six weeks after the birth of their first child Horace, Myrtle died of blood poisoning. Myrtle buried at Parilla, SA but has her name included on her parents headstone in Keilli. 6/12/1889 Sharps Well, Barunga, SA 30 years d. 21/8/1920 Pinnaroo, SA Parilla, SA 15/09/1920   Recorded on Column but not buried in Keilli.
Kirk Archibald Robert Thomas, infant son of Robert Ellery & Jessie Violet Kirk nee Arbon. 23/12/1911 Clements Gap, SA 12 months d. 8/1/1913 Clement Gap, SA Clement Gap, SA 1913    
Kirk Flora Coral Tassie, infant daughter of Robert Ellery & Jessie Violet Kirk nee Arbon. 28/2/1918 Hd. of Everard, SA 12 months d. 31/8/1919 Mundoora, SA Mundoora, SA. 1919    
Loveridge George, son of James & Louisa Loveridge nee Allen. Husband of Helen Mira Irene Hewett & Patricia ? Father of Daphne, Phillis & Cyril. 31/3/1891 Wokurna, SA 78 years d. 5/2/1970 Toorak Gardens, SA Glenside, SA 9/02/1970   112
Loveridge Jessie, infant daughter of James & Louisa Loveridge nee Allen. 25/11/1887 Wokurna, SA 9 years 3 mths d. 27/2/1897 Wokurna, SA Wokurna, SA 1897    
Loveridge James, Husband of Louisa Allen. Father of Mary, Florence, Lillian, Jessie & George. 1846 65 years d. 17/4/1916 Mundoora, SA Pt. Broughton, SA 1916    
Loveridge Louisa nee Allen Wife of James Loveridge. 1850 79 years d. 21/6/1929 Pt. Broughton, SA Port Broughton, SA 22/06/1929 Rev. Scarborough, Redhill  
Loveridge Helen Mira Irene nee Hewett, daughter of Arthur &Alice Hewett nee Freeman. First wife of George Loveridge. Mother of Daphne, Phyllis & Cyril George (dec). 7/6/1891 Wokurna, SA 63 years d. 18/11/1953 Mundoora, SA Mundoora, SA. 19/11/1953 Rev. Edwards  
Loveridge Cyril George, infant son of George & Helen Loveridge nee Hewett. Died as a result of an exploding petrol drum. Buried with his grandparents. 1932 5 years d. 10/6/1937 Pt. Broughton, SA Mundoora, SA. 10/06/1937 Rev. Borhill of Pt Broughton  
Mallet Shannae Kate, infant daughterof Graham & Karen Mallet. Sister of Leonard 29/12/1995 2 months d. 6/3/1996   6/03/1996    
McAuliffe James, son of Simon & Fiona McAuliffe.       21/02/1998    
Mildren Cecil Raymond, son of Fredrick Julian & Harriett Ann Mildren nee Cox. Husband of Gladys Ileen Stringer. Father of Marion & Roger. 9/11/1901 Petersburg, SA 51 years d. 12/3/953 Mundoora, SA Mundoora, SA. 13/03/1953 Rev. Edwards 164
Mildren Gladys Ileen nee Stringer, daughter of John & Ann Stringer nee Ireland. Wife of Cecil Raymond Mildren. 25/02/1902 Snowtown, SA 82 years d.14/10/1994   14/10/1994    
Mildren Verna Mary, daughter of Percival Alernon & Dahlia Dorothy Mildren nee Stringer. Died of a brain tumour. Buried in her wedding dress. Was to marry Murray Aitchison. 5/12/1920 Pt. Broughton, SA 20 years d. 23/7/1941 Adelaide, SA Mundoora, SA. 24/07/1941 Rev. Christopher 79
Mildren Percival Algernon, son of Fredrick Julian & Harriett Ann Mildren nee Cox. Husband of Dahlia Dorothy Stringer. Farmer Army Service No. 6918 48th Battalion Private. Father of Verna, Joan & Mostyn (Motty) 20/4/1893 Keilli, SA 76 years d. 18/4/1970 Adelaide, SA Snowtown, SA 20/04/1970 Methodist. Snowtown 147
Mildren Dahlia Dorothy nee Stringer, daughter of John & Ann Stringer nee Ireland. Wife of Percival Algernon Mildren. 24/8/1895 Sharps Well, SA 81 years d. 24/1/1977 Snowtown, SA 26/01/1977   147
Mildren Frederick Roy, bachelor son of Fredrick Julian & Harriett Ann Mildren nee Cox. Buried next to parents. 11/8/1897 Penong, SA 69 years d. 31/5/1967 Mundoora, SA Mundoora, SA. 1/04/1967 Rev. Maker (Methodist Minister) 147
Mildren Frederick Julian, son of Jacob Lowry & Jane Mildren nee Parkinson. Husband of Harriet Annie Cox. Father of Percival, Frederick, Cecil & Reta. 24/5/1868 Near Hamilton, SA 56 years d. 28/4/1924 Nth. Adelaide, SA Mundoora, SA. 1924    
Mildren Harriet Annie nee Cox, daughter of Thomas & Lucy Cox nee Bradley. Wife of Frederick Julian Mildren. 4/8/1871 81 years d. 5/8/1952 Pt. Broughton, SA Mundoora, SA. 6/05/1952 Rev. Symons  
Mildren Jacob Lowry, son of Henry Mildren. Husband of Jane Parkinson & Susan Blight. Father of Maria, William, Margaret & Frederick. 1827 86 years d. 23/7/1913 Pt. Broughton, SA Pt. Broughton, SA 1913    
Mildren Jane nee Parkinson Wife of Jacob Lowry Mildren 1831 62 years d. 25/11/1893 Pt. Broughton, SA Pt. Broughton, SA 1893    
Nancarrow Edward John, son of Joseph & Esther Nancarrow nee Callis. Husband of Mavis Lascetta Muller. Baker of Mundoora. Died of a heart attack. Father of Ivan, Len & Beth. 28/10/1897 Cross Roads near Moonta, SA 50 years d.2/9/1948 Mundoora, SA Mundoora, SA. 3/09/1948 Rev. Chittleborough 42
Nancarrow Mavis Lascetta nee Muller, daughter of Alfred William & Ethel Maud Muller nee Bishop. Wife of Edward John Nancarrow. 28/11/1901 Moonta, SA 91years d.28/1/1993   1993    
Phin William Reputed to be in the Hotel Mundoora. 1853 60 years d.4/6/1913 Mundoora, SA. 1913    
Pugh George Henry Husband of Ann. Father of Margaret & Ronald   59 years d. 22/6/1979 Mundoora, SA. 25/06/1979 Sealy, Kadina 50
Pugh Ann Wife of George Henry Pugh.   87 years   2003    
Ratcliff Bartholomew, husband of Ann Smith. Father of Jane, Thomas, Francis, Mary Ann, William & John 1803 Rutland, England 84 years d. 28/4/1886 Barunga, SA Barunga, SA 1886    
Ratcliff Francis, son of Bartholomew & Ann Ratcliff nee Smith. Husband of Fanny Adams Father of Thomas, Mary, William, Alice, Herbert & Frederick. 1829 Rutland, England 71 years d.17/6/1900 Hd of Barunga, SA Hd. Barunga, SA 1900    
Ratcliff Fanny nee Adams, daughter of Thomas Adams. Wife of Francis Ratcliff. 1837 60 years d. 8/3/1897 Barunga, SA Barunga, SA 1897    
Reed Harriet nee Chapman, daughter of William Chapman. Wife of Francis Reed Mother of Thomas, Frances, Newton, Mark, Lily & Rose. 1852 Cambridge, England d.1905   1905    
Richards Neil James, infant son of Lloyd and Olga. Suffocated in room when a kerosene lamp smoked. 1937 2 years 3 mths d.23/3/1940 Hd Mundoora, SA Barunga North, SA 23/03/1940 Rev. Miller 109
Richards Frederick, son of George & Mary Ann Elizabeth Richards nee Adams. Husband of Harriet Anderson. Beside Baby Richards south side Oscar Richards Father of Elsie, Florence, Percy, Dorothy, Gertrude, Walter, Oscar, Olive, Russell, Ivy & Lloyd. 26/3/1858 Gawler, SA 73 years d.19/9/1930 Kadina, SA Wokurna, SA 20/09/1930 Rev. Close 130
Richards Harriet nee Anderson, daughter of Thomas & Sophia Youens Anderson nee Natt. Wife of Frederick Richards. 15/1/1869 Cooks Plains, SA 77 years d.10/1/1947 Fullarton, SA Edwardstown, SA 12/01/1947   130
Richards Oscar Stanley, son of Frederick & Harriet Richards nee Anderson. Accidently killed 26/04/1901 Snowtown, SA 13 years 11 mths d.26/3/1915 Percyton, SA Barunga North, SA 28/03/1915 Rev. Close 130
Richards Elsie May, infant daughter of Frederick & Harriet Richards nee Anderson. 16/12/1889 Wokurna, SA 6 weeks d.22/1/1890 Wokurna, SA Wokurna, SA 1890    
Roberts Emmanuel Harry Ellis, son of William & Louisa Roberts nee Gregory. Husband of Emma Maria Whitelaw. 14/3/1886 Wandearah, SA 66 years d. 7/8/1952 Fishermans Bay, SA Mundoora, SA. 8/08/1952 Rev. Symons 151
Roberts Emma Marie nee Whitelaw, daughter of Robert & Martha Roberts nee Cook. Wife of Emmanuel Harry Ellis Roberts. 15/6/1888 Delamare, SA          
Roberts John Walter William, son of William & Louisa Roberts nee Gregory. Husband of Mary Lilian Lander. Father of Trevlyn 17/1/1883 Wandearah, SA 72 years d.10/12/1958 Mundoora, SA Mundoora, SA. 12/12/1955 Rev. Bell 151
Shipway Percy Strong, son of Edgar & Mary Shipway nee Barratt. Military Service No. 55894 43 Battalion AIF. Occupation: Farm Labourer. Died suddenly. 24/04/1893 Keilli, SA 35 years d.9/1/1929 Hd. Mundoora, SA Port Broughton, SA 11/01/1929 Rev. Tucker, Redhill 61
Shipway Harriet nee Pearce, daughter of Thomas Pearce. 1st Wife of Edgar Shipway. Mother of Charles, Emily, Feadore, Harriet, Mabel & Grace. 1846 39 years d.16/4/1885 Keilli, SA Keilli, SA 1885    
Shipway Mary nee Barratt, daughter of William James Barratt. 2nd Wife of Edgar Shipway. Postmistress at Keilli, SA from 7/1893 - 1901 Mother of Florence, Olive, Percy, Walter, William & Clara. 1853 England 66 years d.4/9/1919 Keilli, SA Keilli, SA 1919    
Shipway Walter Leslie, son of Edgar & Mary Shipway nee Barratt. Remained single after his girl friend married another while he was at war. Military Service No. S80756 & 1603 9th Light Horse AIF. Buried with mother and brother Percy. 8/8/1891 Keilli, SA 71 years d.23/9/1962 Pt. Broughton, SA Mundoora, SA. 23/09/1962 Rev. Fuller  
Sims William John Henry, son of Thomas Sims. Husband of Charlotte Cox. Father of Charles, Anne, William, Susan, Albert, Hurtle, Henry, Ethel, Thomas, Ivy, Murtle & David 1951 52 years d. 20/6/1903 Mundoora, SA   17/03/1905   119
Sims Charlotte, daughter of William Cox. Wife of John Sims. 1852 82 years d. 5/8/1934 Crystal Brook, SA Crystal Brook, SA 5/08/1934 Rev. W. Wiltshire 119
Southam George Oaklands, son of George Southam. Husband of Ethel Agnes Ellen Mills. Father of Mabel, Ivy, Ethel, George, Jean, Rose, Olive, William 24/8/1877 Aboard the ship 'Oaklands' 68 years d. 10/8/1946 Barunga, SA Barunga, SA 12/08/1946 Rev. Goldworthy Pt Broughton 37
Southam Ethel Agnes Ellen nee Mills, daughter of George & Eliza Ann Mills nee Clothier. Wife of George Oaklands Southam. 26/6/1886 Butchers Gap, SA 76 years d. 13/2/1963 Barunga, SA 14/02/1963 Rev. Fuller Block 48
Southam George, Husband of Elizabeth Peachy. Father of William, Frederick, Mary, Sarah, Frank, Florence, Frederick, Ellen, Grace & Elizabeth 1853 63 years d. 6/4/1916 Barunga, SA Barunga, SA. 6/04/1916    
Southam Elizabeth nee Peachy Wife of George Southam. 1854 75 years d. 22/11/1929 Barunga, SA Barunga, SA 23/11/1929 Rev. Scarborough, Redhill 149
Spackman Glenys Margaret nee Clifford. Wife of John Ronald Spackman. Buried alongside Gordon (Joe) Spackman Mother of Jacinta, Nicola, Megan & Bradley. 1946 30 years Mundoora, SA. 6/1/1976 Rev. Ives Block 125
Spackman Gordon (Joe) James, son of Athol Ernest & Jane Spackman nee Paynter. Husband of Joyce Irene Dolling. Father of John, Cheryl, Diane & Lynette. 27/11/1911 Kadina, SA 61 years d. 19/2/1973 Mundoora, SA. 21/2/1973   125
Spackman Joyce Irene nee Dolling, daughter of Freidrich Victor Florence Sarah Dolling nee Shipway Wife of Gordon James Spackman 14/5/1916 Pt. Broughton, SA 90 years d. 28/9/2006   2006   125
Spackman Diane Joan, infant daughter of Gordon James & Joyce Irene Spackman nee Dolling. 7/03/1954 10 weeks d. 25/5/1954 Nth. Adelaide, SA Mundoora, SA. 27/5/1954 Rev. Fox 125
Stringer Douglas (Rowny Jim) Herbert, son of John & Ann Stringer nee Ireland. Husband of Mary Matilda Treloar. Farmer Died of Heart Attack Father of Lawrence, Constance, Kevin, Gertrude, Dorothea, Elva, Vivian, Eric, Mary & Joy 12/11/1897 Sharps Well, Barunga, SA 54 years d.18/5/1952 Pt. Broughton, SA Mundoora, SA. 19/05/1952 Rev. Symons 162
Stringer Mary Matilda nee Treloar, daughter of Josiah Stephen & Sarah Elizabeth Emma Treloar nee Starkes. Wife of Douglas Herbert (Jim) Stringer. 1/1/1899 Mundoora, SA 91 years d. 31/5/1990   1990    
Stringer Lawrence John, son of Douglas & Mary Stringer nee Treloar. Husband of Phyllis May Ferme. Lawrie was a return soldier, farmed near Mundoora before dying only aged 49 years. Military Service No. SX27438 Trooper 2/9 Australian Armoured Regiment. Died of Brain Tumour. 10/8/1921 Pt. Broughton, SA 49 years d.31/8/1970 Snowtown, SA Mundoora, SA. 1/9/1970 Rev. Hedrick 162
Stringer William (Big Bill) John, son of John & Ann Stringer nee Ireland. Husband of Emma Jane Reid. Farmer Father of Archibald, Leslie, Ethel, Clifford, Vina, Winifred, Donald, Emma (Molly) & Brenda He was brought up on the farm on Sec 265 and went to the Barunga North School, He was commonly known as 'Big Bill'.
Returning from their honeymoon in Adelaide, William and Emma settled on their farm two miles east of Mundoora. Sec 522, living in a small mostly 'Pug and Pine', with pepper trees surrounding their little home. Later they built a larger home, just a short distance behind the old home on higher ground, which gave them a lovely view for miles of the country side.
'Big Bill' as he was generally known, was carried up into his new home on a stretcher, seriously ill with mumps, with a trained sister to nurse him and help him recuperate.
Later in 1942 Emma died, and he lived with his family until his son Les, who had worked the farm, died in 1959. The farm was sold and Big Bill spent his last years with members of his family, mostly at Port Broughton with one of his daughters.
This farm is now owned by grand nephew Brenton Stringer who is the son of Viv Stringer- grandson of Jim and Mary Stringer.
25/11/1882 Barunga, SA 83 years d. 10/4/1966 Pt. Broughton, SA Port Broughton, SA 11/4/1966   Block 110
Stringer Emma Jane nee Reid, daughter of John Ferme & Elizabeth Reid nee Prideaux. Wife of William John Stringer. 1878 63 years d. 21/1/1942 Near Mundoora, SA Mundoora, SA. 22/01/1942 Rev. Christopher 2
Stringer Leslie William, son of William John & Emma Jane Stringer nee Reid. Les worked with his father on the farm all his life. 2/08/1908 Mundoora, SA 50 years d. 17/5/1959 Pt. Broughton, SA Mundoora, SA. 18/5/1959 Rev. Christopher & Daughter  
Stringer Donald Wesley, infant son of William John & Emma Jane Stringer nee Reid. Died as a result of Dyptheria. 6/09/1917 Mundoora, SA. 4 years d. 3/8/1922 Mundoora, SA Mundoora, SA. 3/08/1922   2
Stringer John, son of Stephen & Elizabeth Stringer nee Court. Husband of Ann Ireland Arrived in South Australia from Glastonbury, Somersetshire, England on the ship 'Mary Shepherd' on April 23rd 1863 aged 10 years. Farmer in the Hundred of Barunga. Father of Harriet, William, Amy, John, Dorcas, Myrtle, Horace, Robert, Dahlia, Douglas, Edward, Gladys, Viola & Unita. 18/11/1853 England 67 years d. 2/7/1921 Pt. Boughton, SA Barunga, SA. 1921    
Stringer Ann nee Ireland, daughter of Robert & Harriet Ireland nee Jones. Wife of John Stringer. 29/9/1861 Hindmarsh, SA 67 years d. 23/11/1927 Pt. Broughton, SA Mundoora, SA. 24/11/1927 Rev. Mitchell, Redhill. Rev Scarborough, Pt. Broughton  
Stringer Horace Edward, son of John & Ann Stringer nee Ireland. He was fond of all manly sport, a keen contestant in athletic races, a prominent footballer, and captain of the Mundoora team the last season before going into recess through the war. WW1 10th Battalion AIF Killed in active service at Ypres, France 7/1/1892 Barunga, SA 25 years   1917   Recorded on Column but not buried in Keilli.
Stringer Bruce Stephen, infant son of John Stephen & Hilda Beatrice Stringer nee Stephenson. Swalled poison (Iodine) 7/05/1926 Pt.Broughton, SA 4 years d. 18/3/1930 Pt. Broughton, SA Mundoora, SA. 18/06/1930 Rev. Close 127
Stringer Maxine Dawn, infant daughter of Norman Horace & Clara Joyce Stringer nee Dalling. 2/8/1946 4 days d. 6/8/1946 Pt. Broughton, SA Pt Broughton, SA. 6/08/1946 Rev. Grigg 127
Stringer Iris, infant daughter of Norman Horace & Clara Joyce Stringer nee Dalling. 22/5/1951 2 days d.28/5/1951 Snowtown, SA Mundoora, SA. 25/05/1951 Mr. Edwards 127
Stringer Glenys Dawn, infant daughter of Norman Horace & Clara Joyce Stringer nee Dalling. 26/5/1951 4 days d. 31/5/1951 Woodville, SA Mundoora, SA. 31/05/1951 Mr. Edwards 127
Stringer Gerald Steven, son of Clarence John & Florence Maud Stringer nee Kirk. Husband of Beryl Penlington Pocock. 12/1/1913 Mundoora, SA 71 years d. 17/7/1984   1984    
Stringer Clarence John, son of William & Harriet Stringer nee Ireland. Husband of Florence Maud Kirk. Father of Clarice, Gerald, Hilda & Frieda. 7/4/1889 Wokurna, SA 30 years d.2/1/1919 Mundoora, SA Mundoora, SA. 1919   128
Stringer Florence Maud nee Kirk, daughter of Archibald & Maryann Kirk nee Ellery. Wife of Clarence John Stringer. Buried in same grave as her husband Clarence. 23/6/1888 Merriton, SA 74 years d. 16/6/1962 Semaphore, SA Semaphore, SA 17/06/1962 Rev. Woods 128
Stringer John Stephen (Steve), son of John & Ann Stringer nee Ireland. Husband of Hilda Beatrice Stephenson. Steve farmed on about eight hundred acres. He had a soft heart with animals and dabbled in home taught Veterinary work. He had a love of Coursing Dogs and had bred hundreds of dogs, selling pups all over Australia. Buried with his sons, Bruce and Glen. Father of Glen, Stella, Norman, Maurine, Bruce, Elizabeth, Beryl & Nancy. 21/6/1886 Barunga, SA 70 years d.9/10/1956 Gawler, SA Gawler, SA 11/10/1956 Rev. Hutchinson 127
Stringer Hilda Beatrice nee Stephenson, daughter of William Robinson & Elizabeth Ann Stephenson nee Polgreen. Wife of John Stephen Stringer. Hilda was a staunch supporter of the Methodist Church and local preacher. She was superintendent of the Mundoora Sunday School for many years and played the organ for Church. 28/3/1888 Kanmantoo, SA 91years d.23/10/1979 Adelaide, SA 24/10/1979 G.H. Sealey, Kadina 127
Stringer Glen Ivan, son of John Stephen & Hilda Beatrice Stringer nee Stephenson. Husband of Jean Wilson. Killed in World War 2 in New Guinea. 1943 Father of Malcolm Glen b. 1943 28/1/1916 Pt. Broughton, SA 1/10/1943        
Stringer Freda Olive, daughter of Freidrich Victor & Florence Sarah Dolling nee Shipway. Wife of Thomas William Stringer. Mother of Leon, Noel, Denise, Ian & Jillian. 26/6/1912 Mundoora, SA 80 years d. 8/5/1993   1993    
Stringer Leon Desmond, infant son of Thomas William & Freda Olive Stringer nee Dolling. 1936 7 years d. 28/8/1943 Mundoora, SA Mundoora, SA. 29/05/1943   127
Stringer William Gilbert, son of William & Harriet Stringer nee Ireland. Husband of Alice Madeline Ratcliff. Father of Percival, Thomas, Hazel, Lorna, Mick, Cecil, Reginald, Owen & Donald. 7/5/1886 Wokurna, SA 102 years d. 30/10/1988   1988    
Stringer Alice Madeline nee Ratcliff, daughter of Thomas & Mary Ratcliff nee Arbon. Wife of William Gilbert Stringer. 18/10/1888 Wokurna, SA 89 years d. 9/1/1978 Mundoora, SA. 11/01/1978 Rev. Diprose 123
Stringer Lorna Beryl, infant daughter of William Gilbert & Alice Madeline Stringer nee Ratcliff. 18/9/1915 Mundoora, SA 4 years 9 mths d. 5/6/1920 Mundoora, SA Mundoora, SA. 1920    
Stringer Terrance Maxwell, infant son of Reginald Clarence & Pearl (Polly) Stringer nee Ireland. Buried with Lorna Stringer. 1946 18 hours d. 10/8/1946 Nr. Pt. Wakefield, SA Pt. Broughton, SA 11/08/1946 Rev. Grigg  
Stringer Raelene, infant daughter of Reginald Clarence & Pearl (Polly) Stringer nee Ireland. Buried with Lorna Stringer. 29/07/1951 15 days d. 14/8/1957 Bute, SA Mundoora, SA. 14/08/1951 Mr. Edwards  
Stringer Clarence, infant child of Reginald Clarence & Pearl (Polly) Stringer nee Ireland. 14/09/1952 12 hours d. 14/9/1952 Pt. Broughton, SA Mundoora, SA. 15/09/1952 Rev. Edwards  
Stringer Dawn Gladys, infant daughter of Walter William and Gladys Catherine Rachel Stringer nee Flowers. 27/12/1926 10 months d. 28/10/1927 Pt. Broughton, SA Mundoora, SA. 28/10/1927 Rev. Humphries, Redhill 108
Stringer Jean and Frank, infant twin children of Walter William and Gladys Stringer nee Flowers. 4/04/1929 8 hours d. 5/4/1929 Pt. Broughton, SA Mundoora, SA. 6/04/1929 Rev Scarborough, Pt. Broughton 108
Stringer William, son of Stephen & Elizabeth Stringer nee Court. Husband of Harriett Ireland. Emigrated to South Australia aboard the ship "Mary Shepherd", at age one year. Farmer in Hundred of Barunga. Father of Albert, William, Harold, Clarence, Elizabeth, Ernest, Robert, Elsie, Dorothy, Jessie, Melba, Vera & Walter 15/4/1862 England 81 years d.11/6/1943 Hd. Mundoora, SA Mundoora, SA. 11/06/1943   108
Stringer Harriet nee Ireland, daughter of Robert & Harriet Ireland nee Jones. Wife of William Stringer. 7/5/1865 Hindmarsh, SA 67 years d.21/12/1932 Pt. Broughton, SA Mundoora, SA. 22/12/1932 Rev. Hutchinson 108
Summerton Ernest, son of Thomas Henry & Elizabeth (Eliza) Jane Summerton nee Ireland. Husband of Ethel Rosetta Dolling. Father of Emily, Reta, Ernest & Sylvia. 24/7/1876 Yacka, SA 59 years d.25/1/1936 Nth. Adelaide, SA Mundoora, SA. 26/01/1936 Rev. W. Wiltshire 39
Summerton Ethel Rosetta nee Dolling, daughter of Friedrich Carl & Emily Dolling nee Flowers. Wife of Ernest Summerton. 4/6/1882 Keilli, SA 61 years d.30/1/1944 Mundoora, SA Mundoora, SA. 31/01/1944 Rev. Wilson 39
Summerton Eliza Jane nee Ireland, daughter of Robert & Harriet Ireland nee Jones. Wife of Thomas Henry Summerton. Died as a result of complications during childbirth of daughter Ada. 5/10/1854 Beverley, SA 41 years d.4/1895 Keilli, SA Keilli, SA 1895    
Summerton Thomas Henry, son of Frederick & Emma Jane Summerton nee Tyzack. Husband of Elizabeth (Eliza) Jane Ireland. Father of Edith, George, Emily, Ernest, Emma, Leonora, harriet, Harry, Henriette, Henry, Lillian, Rosetta, Elizabeth & Ada. 24/2/1853 Pt. Adelaide, SA 72 years d.10/11/1928 Pt. Broughton, SA Port Broughton, SA 11/11/1928 Rev Scarborough, Pt. Broughton 40
Summerton Emily Alice, infant daughter of John Edward & Mary Summerton nee Boyle 28/12/1878 Gawler South, SA 1 year 4 mths d. 25/5/1880 Gawler Sth. SA Gawler South , SA 1880    
Summerton George, son of Thomas Henry & Elizabeth (Eliza) Jane Summerton nee Ireland. Died as a result of a fall from a spring cart and landing on the back of his head. 1878 12 years d. 27/7/1890 Keilli, SA Keilli, SA 4/03/1905    
Thredgold Albert, son of William & Ann Jane Thredgold nee Wright. Husband of Jane Henrietta Sarah Roberts. Father of Archie, Francis, Avis, Ivy & Ethel 24/12/1877 Red Banks, SA 69 years d. 19/12/1946 Mundoora, SA Mundoora, SA. 20/12/1946 Rev. Grigg 49
Thredgold Jane Henrietta Sarah nee Roberts, daughter of William & Louisa Roberts nee Gregory. Wife of Albert Thredgold. 31/3/1888 Wandearah, SA 82 years d. 31/12/1970 Wallaroo, SA Mundoora, SA. 2/01/1971 Rev. Cauct 49
Tonkin William Doble, son of James Tonkin. Widower of Josepha Weymouth, Rosetta Trenoueth Husband of Sarah Elizabeth Levett. Father of William & Frank. 1840 Cornwall, England 73 years d.25/11/1912 Mundoora, SA Mundoora, SA. 1912    
Treloar Josiah (Joseph) Stephen, son of Henry & Matilda Catherine Stewart Forbes Treloar nee Scown. Husband of Sarah Elizabeth Emma Starkes. Father of Nellie, Mary, Phoebe, Annie, Richard, George, Reta, William & Hartley. 7/2/1873 Blyth Plains, SA 79 years d.9/7/1952 Wallaroo, SA Moonta, SA 11/07/1952 Rev. Symons  
Treloar Sarah Elizabeth Emma nee Starkes Daughter of Thomas & Mary Ann Margaret Hydisparus Starkes nee Lyons. Wife of Josiah Stephen Treloar. 8/5/1878 Pt.Broughton, SA 36 years d.25/12/1914 Wallaroo, SA Mundoora, SA. 1914    
Treloar William (Willie) Stuart Forbes Treloar, infant son of Josiah Stephen & Matilda Stewart Treloar nee Scown. 29/03/1913 Mundoora, SA 8 months d. 3/12/1913 Mundoora, SA Mundoora, SA. 1913    
Vanstone John James, son of Philip Gorman & Elizabeth Vanstone nee Clark. Widow of Susan Ann Anderson. Husband of Florence May Bell. Father of Clarice, Edith, Florence, Nellie, Olive, Dorothy, Ethel, Reginald, Ronda & Trevor. 18/6/1863 Dairy Flat, Yankalilla, SA 86 years d. 20/9/1949 Nth. Adelaide, SA St. Peters, SA 21/09/1949 Rev. Nixon 140
Vanstone Susan Ann nee Anderson, daughter of Archibald & Ann Dufty. 1st Wife of John James Vanstone. 19/4/1867 Bald Hills, SA 35 years d. 3/4/1902 Mundoora, SA Mundoora, SA.      
Williams Ninnis Clarence, infant son of John (Jack) Cyril & Melba Doreen Williams nee Stringer. 7/04/1930 7 days d. 15/4/1930 Pt. Broughton, SA Pt. Broughton, SA 15/04/1930 Rev. Hutchinson 63
Winen John (Bon) Lawrence, son of Samuel John & Ada Elsie Winen nee Walker. Husband of Reta Madge Mildren. Father of Cyril & Madge. 27/10/1910 Pt. Broughton, SA 85 years d.9/9/1996   1996    
Winen Reta Madge nee Mildren, daughter of Fredrick Julian & Harriet Annie nee Cox. Wife of John Laurence (Bon) Winen 25/10/1908 Mundoora, SA 89 years d.3/1/1998   1998    

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