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To find Jerangle cemetery turn into Sandy Flat Road from the Jerangle Captain's Flat Road. Travel 0.4 klms along the road then turn left through a gate. There is a cemetery signpost at the gate entrance. Travel a further 1.1 kilometres along a dirt track and you will come to the cemetery entrance, on the ridge of a hill.

Once through the cemetery gate on the right is the Church of England section, which is fenced off. A further 100 metres on the left is the Catholic section, which is also fenced. On checking a plan of the cemetery there are a number of sections. Church of England, Catholic, Wesleyan, Presbyterian, Jewish, Independent and General sections. One burial has taken place in the Independent section and one in the Wesleyan section. There is no evidence of burials in the Presbyterian, Jewish or General sections.

As at 27 Nov 2004 there were 86 marked graves and a number of unmarked graves. I have found an additional 29 names of burials that have taken place in the cemetery.

Contributed by Barry Stephenson, December 14, 2004
Total records = 115. 

The Jerangle Cemetery is situated down the Sandy Flat Road, past the old Little Plain Hotel and homestead, on a hill overlooking the cricket ground. The cemetery was dedicated 24th June 1890 and was originally referred to as the General Cemetery at Jinjera.

Prior to 1886 a two acre site adjacent to the police station was gazetted as an Anglican cemetery. However it appears this was never used. Today the site is occupied by the residence of Mona Rowe. There is a small cemetery located on the northern side of the road between the school residence and the old Curtis store in the centre of Jerangle. A large gum tree with some roses growing underneath is all that remains to mark the spot. Reportedly only a small number of children were buried there.

Other cemeteries in the area include an area at Peak View opposite the Barron's property 'Adina'. Although no evidence of the cemetery remains today, Tom Barron recalls some graves did have post and rail fences around them while others were marked with a single stone. It is said that miners were buried here prior to the establishment of the cemetery at Cowra Creek. Other locals buried at this spot were a man by the name of Murphy and members of the Glass family including Jack Glass of Jingera Mob fame. A cairn of rocks located a short distance away from this site is the burial site of Jim Brodie's father.

The following numbers refer to the approximate location of plots as shown in the sketch map of the Jerangle Cemetery. Headstones have been transcribed as appears on the tombstone and are not always accurate, for example William Henry Tozer did not die in 1883 but in 1914. The information about the unmarked graves was obtained from the late John (Jack) Boate.

Roman Catholic Section

John, died 14 Jan 1928 aged 78 years; also Marcella WARE, died 20 Sept 1931 aged 69 years; also Rowland WARE, died 10 Nov 1900 aged 1 year 10 months
2. FEENEY John, died 28 Jan 1970 aged 87 years
3. FEENEY Anna Bridget, died 25 Nov 1950 aged 66 years, 11 months
4. CHALKER Charles, died 7 Jan 1921 aged 67 years; also his wife Elizabeth, died 1 Oct 1931 aged 75 years
Contributed by Dianne Roberts via Snowy Monaro Regional Council

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