Arabella Private (Jewhurst Family) Cemetery

Underbank via Dungog
on Private Property



The following people are buried here,

  • 1. James Jewhurst burial date 28 Sept 1877
  • 2. Mary Ann Jewhurst (nee Cutbush) burial date 20 May 1892 (James wife)
  • 3. Lily Jewhurst, burial date 5 Feb 1886 aged 4 mths daughter of Susan Jewhurst
  • 4. William Jewhurst burial date 8 Nov 1918 son of James and Mary Ann Jewhurst
  • 5. Mabel Hallett aged 11 years. Only person with headstone. She is the daughter of Eliza Jewhurst and George Hallett.
  • 6. Charlotte Jewhurst born 1846 died 1903.

There are still possible additions to add onto this list. This is very much a work in progress.

Any further information gratefully received.

Karen Nash

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