Goulburn Jewish Cemetery


Data compiled and gathered by Barry Stephenson


Surname Given Name Photo Maiden Name Place of Birth Date of Death Age Died Father Mother other Marking
Abrahams E.G.
              no information located cairn
Abrahams H               no information located cairn
Alexander Rosa Una     d. 13 Dec 1878 2mths Norwood Louis M Alexander Kate   unmarked
Benjamin Sarah       d. 24 Jun 1867 44 Yass John Sarah   unmarked
Caro Henry Isaac
  Germany d. 11 Sep 1877 45 Binalong       headstone
Collins Elizabeth   Goulburn d. 5 Oct 1858 7wks Goulburn Joseph Collins Lydia Marks   unmarked
Collins Lydia
Marks London d. 15 Mar 1862 37 Goulburn Mark Marks Juliet Collins w/o Joseph "died on the Holy Sabbath day". headstone
Collins stillborn male   Goulburn d. 15 Mar 1862   Goulburn Joseph Collins Lydia Marks   unmarked
Davis Isaac
    d. 9 Feb 1845 33 Burrowa       headstone
Davis male infant     d. 11 Mar 1861 13 days Goulburn Isaac Davis Sarah Cortissos   unmarked
Davis Mark Elgin
    d. 21 Jun 1860 1 Goulburn David Davis Rachel Mandelson s/o David & Rachel headstone
Emanuel Reginald Meyer     d. 3 Nov 1871 3 mths Goulburn Solomon Emanuel Sarah Myers   unmarked
Emanual Sarah
              no information located cairn
Emanuel Sydney Levy   Sydney d. 9 May 1863 28 Goulburn Samuel Emanuel Dinah Cohen h/o Caroline Moses. f/o Rosetta & Julia unmarked
Goldberg Samuel     Birmingham England d. 20 Aug 1911 38 Kenmore Hospital       unmarked
Goldberger Hugo
b.21 Jul 1878   d. 19 Jul 1943 65 Goulburn Louis Goldberger Auguste    headstone
Goldstein A. M               no information located cairn
Hendrik Arron Herman Charles     d. 11 Oct 1867 3 Braidwood Charles Hendrik Jane Hendrick   unmarked
Hinds Mary     England d. 6 Jan 1918 54 Kenmore Hospital   M.A. Barnett m/o Alexander, Charles, Sydney & Alice unmarked
Isaac F
              no information located cairn
Isaac R.S.               no information located cairn
Mandelson Louis   Nilozawa, Poland d. 17 Mar 1909 70 Kenmore   Mark Mandelson Simile h/o Ernestine. f/o Emily, Florence, Margaret, Gertrude, Louis, Ethel, Eva, Olive & Otto. headstone
Mandelson Louis     d. 12 Dec 1863 18 mths Goulburn Emanuel Mandelson Caroline    headstone
Marks Moss     d. 5 Aug 1869 70 Goulburn Myer Marks Elizabeth   headstone
Moses Hannah               no information located cairn
Moses Moses     d. 11 Jun 1876 68 Yass       unmarked
Moses Rebecca
    d. 8 Jan 1854 46 Goulburn     w/o John headstone
Moses Sarah     d. 2 Feb 1843 16 Yass       headstone
Moses Solomon   London d. 20 Oct 1860 33 Deep Creek Bungendore Simeon Moses Phebe Moses h/o Phoebe cairn
Moses Solomon   Bungendore d. 21 Nov 1860 6 mths Bungendore Solomon Moses Phoebe Levy   unmarked
Vogel Siegfried
b. 21 Sep 1888   d. 9 Oct 1943 56 Goulburn Aldoph Christine   headstone
Yates Lydia                 no information located cairn
Yates Saul. Esq     Liverpool England d. 6 Jul 1867 79 Goulburn     5627 Solicitor, Late of London headstone

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