Pilot Hill Cemetery


Data and Photos gathered and compiled by Kevin Byrne


Surname Given Names Photo Birth date Death Date Burial Date Age Remarks
Bradley Joseph     25.03.1875      
Kerkin Daisy     30.03.1894      
Laird Elizabeth     08.09.1886   47 yrs Beloved wife of John Muir, Daughter of the late Ross Coulter, builder of East Maitland.
Lindman Maryanne Georgina   00.08.1829 16.09.1885     Loving wife of Gustaf Rudole Lindman.
Muir Henry Wallace     22.06.1931   78 yrs Late pilot of this station
Muir John     24.06.1893   67 yrs Late pilot of this station
Muir Margaret     13.01.1905   44 yrs In Loving Memory of Margaret, beloved wife of Henry W. Muir.
Scott H.A.         70 yrs  

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