Junee Pioneer Cemetery
Murrulebale Road,


Cemetery is on left 500 metres along Merrulebale Road from junction of Goldfields Way and Old Junee Road.

Cemetery is approximately 8km from Junee Post Office in Lorne Street.

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This was the first cemetery in the area and is locally known as the Original Junee Cemetery. The sign out the front of it notes it as the Original Junee Cemetery. You can access the cemetery by a style over the front fence near the roadway.

As it stands at the moment it is a small cemetery, about the size of a residential block of land, and contains only 5 original headstones dating back to 1863. These include:

* ARKELL, William: Aged 30 years, a shepherd in the area. He died on the 6th February, 1863 and was buried 7th February, 1863. Information on his death certificated noted he was born in Cheltenham, England and had been in the NSW Colony for 12 years. He was married to Isabella Young. He worked for the Junee Station.

The cemetery has been restored and researched by the Junee Shire Council and the Junee Lions Club. There are two metal plaques (photos provided) attached to a large rock within the cemetery with a list of 44 pioneer names and their families believed to be interred in the cemetery or nearby from 1862 to 1881.

The cemetery is located just past the Old Junee Cemetery and about 0.3 kilometres to the left from the main road from Wagga Wagga to Temora. It is on Murrulebale Road which is the extension of the road from Junee to Old Junee.

Also buried at the cemetery and noted on the plaque are:

* DELCOTT, Daniel - Shepherd, aged 55 years, born in Ireland. Worked for Thomas Harding, Squatter. He died on the 24th June, 1863 and was buried on the 26th June, 1863.

* JOHNSON, William John. {There is a headstone still in the cemetery for him). Died on the 23rd January, 1872 and buried on 26th January, 1872. Aged 40 years and an Inn Keeper born in Londonderry, Ireland. Married to Mary O'Connor in Wagga Wagga.

* One of the other headstones is for Ann Flanigan, Died October 31st, 1881, aged 63 years.

* There is another plaque in the cemetery erected by the descendants of James and Christine BOADEN which describes the hardship of many of the early pioneers in the area.

* The earliest record I could find is for James Pettet SMITH, aged 5 weeks. Died on the 23rd October, 1862 and buried on the 24th October, 1863. He was the son of Edward Pettet Smith (Store Keeper) and Mary Ann (nee Harris). As there was no medical attendant at the death, there is no cause of death noted.

For further information on burials in the cemetery contact the Junee Shire Council as follows:

Junee Shire Council,
Belmore Street,
Junee NSW 2663

Email: jsc@junee.nsw.gov.au

David Weatherill
Email: djweath@bigpond.net.au
Bundoora, Victoria, Australia


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