Fifield Cemetery

1894 - 2002

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 This is an area of 5 acres, a mile west of the village. The Church of England has 1 acre for burials, the Roman Catholic Section is l acre, the Wesleyan, 3 roods, the Presbyterian 3 roods and the General section had 1 acre and 2 roods.

It was dedicated on the 29th August l 896 and notified for plantation on the 10th October l 896, Where the Cemetery was before this is not known, but I was told it was up towards what is known as "Jack's Lookout" (near where the gate was to be in later years.)

There are 133 recorded deaths for the cemetery here. (This doesn't include all deaths registered at the Parkes Court House.) Not all graves can be identified or found. Trustees were appointed in l 909 and gazetted on the 3Oth June 1909 Trustees were again appointed in 1913, being gazetted on the 23rd 3uly 1913. There is now a Local Committee that tend the graves and genera1 cleanup with the Lachlan Shire Council coming out and slashing the grass when it gets too high. There is still a need for some trees to be cleaned out of the area bordering on the some grave plots. The Church of England and the Catholic sides are quiet all right with the General and Presbyterian sections needing a lot of work on them.

This is a story I was told by an old friend (Joe Ticehurst) that happened when he was a young lad, they had gone down to bury the old miner, James O'Driscoll, but no-one had thought to dig the grave. He said a few of them went back and got the necessary tools and set to work digging. Joe reckoned it took a bit longer for that funeral to finish than any of the others he attended. I believe that story, as the name he gave me was on the list of deaths I had, but you can be your own judge of it.

The gate to the cemetery wasn't always were it now is. It use to be on the east side of the cemetery, with the road from Fifield coming down to it out of Burra St, and down south of the school, This was told to me at different times by Hilda Wiegold (Kelly), Phyllis Stevenson (Green), and Beryl Harding (Green).

Faye Green - Local Historian


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