Fifield Cemetery Burial


Given Name Surname Age Marker Date Plot Comments
Robert  ANDERSON  64years  u/mkd  22-3-1896    
John  BOFS  age not known  u/mkd  28-3-1894    
Joseph  BODILL  62years  u/mkd  22-3-1896      
    buried on top of the hill where the road ran through Ticehurst’s (Bolem’s) paddock . He had fallen out of a dray.  
John  BEAUCHAMP  79years  h/stone  31-12-1926    
James  CAMERON  38years  u/mkd  16-2-1906      
    James died as the result of a joke that backfired. Five men where charged with his murder including the local police here at the time.
    They ware acquitted after the trial that was heard in Bathurst Court.        
Rebecca Ella  DOUST  9months  u/mkd  2-1-1913.    
Charles Robert  DICKSON  45years  u/mkd  16-11-1923.    
Violet Ann  DAVISON  6months  m/kr  1-10-1969  C5.   
Violet May  DAVISON  86years  h/stone  26-1-1998  D A.  
Claude Francis  DAVISON  70yrs  h/stone  13-6-1975  D A.  
Jane  EDMONSTON  81years  h/stone  23-9-1923  A6:  
Alexander  EDMONSTON  93years  h/stone  24-8-1924  A5:  
Allan Renae  FOLKERS  2months  m/kr  8-8-1983  C4:  
Elizabeth  GODFREY  58years  u/mkd  27-4-1898.    
Cyril James  GREEN  71years  h/stone  3-8-1996  D13:  
Florence May  GREEN  17years  h/stone  29-4-1943  D9:  
George Arthur  GREEN  84years 11 months  h/stone  14-2-1974   D10  
Gertrude Winifred  GREEN  53yrs  h/stone  5-12-1946  D11  
Peter  GREEN  10hours  h/stone  9-7-1952  D8:  
Milton Roy  GREEN  71 years  h/stone  29-3-1990  D12:  
Emma  HALL(s)  74years  u/mkd  9-5-1926.    
Irene  HOUGHTON  9days  u/mkd  7-5-1900.    
Edna May  HOOPER  2hours  u/mkd  1-2-1913.    
Maude  HUTCHINGS  3hours  u/mkd  9-8-1900.    
George  HUTCHINGS  5days  u/mkd  21-10-1918.    
Isabella Frances  HUTCHINGS  72years  h/stone    B4:   
Michael Thomas  HUTCHINGS    h/stone    C3:   
Henry Charles  HUTCHINGS  78years  h/stone  6-6-1978  C3:   
Henry Char1es  JACKSON  78years  u/mkd  29-12-1945  B22:   
John  KELLY  infant  u/mkd  17-12-1955  B7:  
William Alexander  KELLY  6months  h/stone  25-2-1932  B6:   
Les1ie James  LEE  6months  u/mkd  24-7-1924    
E1sie Florence  LEE  3months  u/mkd  11-12-1924    
William George Arthur  MOLYNEUX   5years  u/mkd  13-6-1904    
Dorothy Pamela  MORRIS  1year 11months  h/stone  30-3-1940    
C John  NICHOLLS  75years  un/kd  8-10-1949.    
John  O’NEILL  89 years  u/mkd  16-6-1916.    
Samuel Henry  PHILLIPS  35years  u/mkd  12-11-1909.    
Samuel  PHILLIPS  73 years  u/mkd  9-11-1926.    
Florence  PEARCE  1 hour  m/kr  24-7-1937.    
Julia  RILEY  1 hour  u/mkd  12-8-1919    
Henry John  SKINNER  73years  h/stone  2-5-1964  B19:   
Alfred Ernest  STEVENSON  11months  u/mkd  29-3-1919.    
Charlie (Diss)  STEVENSON  75years 11months  h/stone  14-9-1988  D5.  
George Ernest  STEVESON  70years 11months  h/stone  9-9-1982  D6:   
Jack  STEVESON  69years  h/stone    D5:   
John  STEVESON  71 years  h/stone  11-11-1953  D3:  
Keria Jade  STEVENSON  Infant  h/stone  29-7-1993  C2:   
Nancy May  STEVENSON  55 years    20-12-1970  D1:  
Ronald Charles  STEVESON  51years 11months  h/stone  7-9-1989  C1:  
Samuel Frederick  STEVENSON  66yrs 7months      D2.   
Samue1 Samson  STEVENSON  59years 11months  h/stone  17-4-1969  Dl.  
William  STEVESON  67years  h/stone  16-5-1952.  D4.  
Bridget  STRICKLAND  89years  u/mkd  16-10-1934.  B20  
Willemenia Agnes  STRICKLAND  ?years    - -1947  B21 (Ex post mistress at Fifield.)  
Baby (female)  SUNDERLAND     u/mkd  12-4-1969    
Emily Florence  TANSWELL  53years  h/stone  2-6-1962  B16.  
John Edward  TANSWELL  72years  h/stone  29-12-1963  B16;   
Lila May  TANSWELL  l year  u/mkd  16-8-1938.    
Ellen  WIEGOLD  54yrs  h/stone  15-11-1929  B5:   
Arthur Ernest  WILLCOCK  10months  u/mkd  4-1-1899.     
Clarice Vivian  WILLCOCK  10months  u/mkd  14-1-1899.     
Frederick Arthur  WILLCOCK  27years  u/mkd  16-9-1897.    
Gladys Vera  WILLCOCK  2years 2months  u/mkd  17-12-1898    
James Henry  WILLCOCK  40years  u/mkd  20-12-1898.    
John  YOUNG  79years  u/mkd  13-8-1935.    
Robert  DODDS  67years  u/mkd  21-9-1897.    
Clyde Ernest Phillip   HALL  7weeks  u/mkd  7-6-1896.    
Patrick  McDONNELL  82years  u/mkd  23-4-1895.    
William  MUIR  62years  u/mkd  25-10-1927.    
Sidney James Barnett  WATSON  2 years  u/mkd  27-2-1903.    
Edith  WHELAU  41years  u/mkd  26-2-189    
John  BENNETT  80 years  u/mkd  29-10-1918    
John  CAVANAGH  85years  u.mkd  21-8-1918.     
Lougblan  CROWE  79years  u/mkd  22-7-1933    
James Peter  COLLINS  82years    14-8-1951    
   (Burnt to death when his house burnt down at night)      
William Silas Lawrence  DUELL  92years  u/mkd  15-1-1929    
E11en  DAVISON  87years  h/stone  3-6-1964  C21.   
James  DAVlSON  84years  h/stne  18-5-1959  C20.  
Thomas  DRUMMOND  85years  h/stone  - 2-1992 . 8:  
George  ENSOR  58years  m/kr  4-5-1928  A15  
Harold Thomas  EMSOR  19years  u/mkd  17-3-1930    
Edmond Francis  GALVIN  76years  h/store  11-7-1942  B30  
Leigh Stoneham  GALVIN  19years  h/stone  30-9-1934  B29  
James Benjamin  GALVIN  53years  h/stone  6-4-1990  B:  
John Joseph  GOONAN  54years  h/stone  16-6-1934  B26  
Laura Annie  GOONAN  44years  h/stone  20-7-1944  B27  
Genevieve Marree  GORE  38years  h/stone  7-2-1996  B:  (Townsend GALIN)  
James Francis  GREENE  72years  h/stone 6/10/1979  A(a)10  
Nina Elizabeth  GREENE  68years  h/stone  5-1-82  A(a)11  
Beatrice  HALL  97years  h/stone  28-7-1989  C11  
Bede  HALL  74yrs  h/stone  20-05-2001  C12:  
Laurel Mary  HALL . 21days  h/stone  30-11-1902  A8  
Sebbrial Elizabeth  HALL  75years  h/stone  9-6-1938  C8.  
Thomas  HALL  years  h/stone  28-2-1944  C9.   
William Henry Albert  HALL  74years  h/stone  16-8-1962  C 11.   
Patrick  HEFFERMAN  77years  u/mkd  30-5-1928.     
George (Boss)  HUTCHINGS  88years  u/mkd  4-6-1949  C13  
Arthur Joseph  JACKSON  26years  u/mkd  2-10-1933  B11.   
Margaret Elizabeth  JACKSON  26years  u/mkd  22-7-1948;  B15  
John Bede  JENNINGS  74 years  u/mkd  27-5-1945    
Edward  JOHNSTONE  68years  u/mkd  22-11-1904  Al  
Elizabeth  JOHNSTONE  40years  m/kr;  13-11-1899  A2  
Baby  KELLAHAN    u/mkd  20-5-1922.     
Edward Arnold  KELLY  64years  h/stone  30-4-1939  A7  
Elizabeth  KELLY  6days  u/mkd  31-12-1946    
Emily Alma Mary  KELLY  42years  h/stone  16-1 1-1929  A9.   
Danniel  KENNEDY  58years  u/mkd  8 to 13-1-1924      
    Buried ”Platinum Head” Platina Fifield.  (His Body was found down a disused mine shaft and was buried in it.)  
James Thomas  KENNEDY  64years  u/mkd  14-1936    (related to the Roberts Family) 
John Edward  LUCAS  23years  h/stone  8-5-1945  A12.  
Naze  MAHOMET  93years  h/stone  19-9-1944  C15  
Baby (female)  MAHON    u/mkd  13-3-1958  B12.   
Dennis  MAHON  63years  m/kr  22-7-1996  B17:  
Hannah  MAHON  92years  m/kr  29-6-1992  B16.   
Henry Russel  MAHON  56years  h/stone  14-11-1971    
William  MAHON   years  m/kr  6-6-1961  B16.  
Elsie  O’BRIEN(Chadwick)  75years  h/stone  25-12-1980  B34  
James  O’DRISCOLL  75years  u/mkd  23-10-1923    
Bernard Joseph  PARRY  5years  u/mkd  3-1-1951    
Jill  PARRY  10hours  u/mkd  16-3-1952    
Allen  RODGERS  24years  h/stone  10-9-1965  C15  
Charles Edward  RODGERS  71years  h/stone  19-6-1961  B13.   
Gordon Charles  RODGERS  68 years  h/stone  3-8-1994    
Kevin John  RODGERS  47ycars  h/stone  30-7-1980    
Mary Jane  RODGERS  82years  h/stone  7-12-1987  B14  
Mary  SMITH   84 yesrs  u/mkd  14-9-1920    
Jerimah  SULLIVAN  69years  u/mkd  21-8-1920    
Vera Wilmore Eileen  TURNER  47years  h/stone  25-10-1951    
Voiture Mary  WEBBER  16years  u/mkd  4-10-1905    
Peter Naylor  WILLIAMS  64years  u/mkd  8-7-1928    
Joseph Emanuell  WILSON  74years  u/mkd  21-11-1935    
GENERAL SECTION             
Ah  CUP  40years  u/mkd  26-10-1900    
Charles  LINDMERE  50years  u/mkd  7-6-1926    
Herbert Edward  NEIL  7months  u/mkd  18-3-1922    
Charles  POOLE  54years  u/mkd  12-9-1904    
Thomas  WHEATHERBURIE  72years  u/mkd  2-5-1897    
John James Hamilton  McCOLL  73years  h/stone  9-12-1901  H10  
Francis William  TANKARD  89years  h/stone  11-9-1958 D6  
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