Lowther Presbyterian Cemetery
Jenolan Caves Road

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Lowther General Cemetery is located beside the Jenolan Caves Road, 12.8 kms. from the turn off the Great Western Highway at Hartley.

The Cemetery is divided into the three denominational sections of Catholic, Church of England and Presbyterian. With the opening of the Jenolan Caves Road in the late 1800's, it provided a more accessible and spacious cemetery than the much earlier “Lowther Park”. The first grave with memorial in the Presbyterian section is dated 1914.

Most of the pioneer families of the Lowther, Hampton, Ganbenang and Kanimbla Valley districts are represented here. These were hardworking, mountain people - loggers, farmers and graziers.

The Cemetery has always been very well maintained by local volunteers. It is administered by Lithgow City Council, 180 Mort Street, Lithgow NSW 2790

Telep (02) 6352 1077 email: council@lithgow.nsw.gov.au

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