St.Thomas Cemetery
West Street
Crows Nest
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A donation of land by Alexander Berry, on the death of his wife Elizabeth, to the St.Thomas parish was to establish this cemetery. With a second donation of land in 1857. Alexander was buried there with his wife, in 1873, he passed away at the ripe old age of 92. They are interred in an unusual Pyramid shaped tomb with her brother Edward Wollstonecraft formed owner of Crows Nest Farm, after which the area is named. His remains were removed from the Sydney Burial Ground and deposited here in March 1846. Another complete sarcophagus was also laid to rest here, originally interred 1815 Judge Ellis Bent and his friend Major John Ovens. They came from Sydney Burial ground as well, but spent some time at Garden Island before the Navy took over the site.

Burials ceased 1949, and the site fell into such disrepair, that in 1967 the North Sydney Council took control of the Site. The present Park was opened 1974, after as much preservation as possible was done at the site.

Interred here are many pioneer families of the district, as well as a large number of historical figures from Sydney's society history.The Sexton's cottage was restored in 1983, as is now used as a reference centre, for the park.


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