Barranjoey Lighthouse Cemetery

Palm Beach


Thanks to a family who lived at the lighthouse for many years I have been advised that there is one grave at this lighthouse.

  It is for the lighthouse keeper at the time and his wife. The headstone is still on the grave, but now flat on the ground due to vandal damage. The family noted above who lived there over the years cared for the grave and kept it neat and tidy.

In the grave are:

* George MULHALL - Lighthouse Keeper, who died on the 14th December, 1885.
* Mary MULHALL (nee SMITH), his wife, who died on the 28th December, 1886

  Additional research into deaths/burials has identified the following person, killed by lightning, whose burial is noted at Barranjoey.

* William Joseph MULHALL, Aged 44 years, Boatman, Died 25th March, 1888.
[Believed he might be the son of George and Mary, but still need to prove this].

  Now trying to ascertain if there are any more burials there.

  Barranjoey Lighthouse is at Palm Beach to the north of Sydney.
David Weatherill
Bundoora, Victoria, Australia
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