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Location: Tabulam Cemetery is located along a dirt road a few kilometres in length through cow pastures.  There are always cows on the side of the road so it is advisable to drive slowly.   It is found by turning left after the Tabulam Shop off the Bruxner Highway coming from Casino way, then turn right (a short little street), then turn left (you should see the Police Station on your right).  After turning continue along the dirt road until you see the old raceway and showgrounds down near the river on your right.  The cemetery will be seen straight ahead in a large paddock. 

Details: The general condition of the cemetery is excellent and well looked after.   The grass is mowed and there is no difficulty in navigating it as it is virtually level walking ground.  The car can be parked right outside the cemetery gate.

I visited the cemetery and made digital images of every visible inscription in July 2005. I have also included several other known burials that do not have surviving headstones or markers.


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