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Location: Old Tabulam Cemetery is situated on the Tabulam Golf Course.  It is reached by turning into the street going right off the Bruxner Highway (coming from Casino) just past the SAS rescue building and takeaway food shop.  The golf course is on the right hand side just a few metres up the road before you cross the bridge over the river.  

Details: The little cemetery is visible from where you park the cars down a gentle slope down near the river. The graves are placed around the old gum trees and some of these headstones are damaged.  A memorial plaque erected by the West of the Range Historical Society Inc lists a few people known to have been buried here. It states that the cemetery operated between 1862 and 1900, but one burial, at least, took place after 1900.

I visited the cemetery in July 2005 and made digital images of all the monuments.


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