White Swamp Cemetery



 Gravestones in White Swamp Cemetery:


Fletcher/Smith/Hardcastle Family:

· In Loving memory of Thomas, second son of George and Sarah Hardcastle, died Oct 8th 1908, aged 7 Years. "Safe in the arms of Jesus"

· In loving memory of John Smith, died 26th Dec. 1912, aged 76 years. "Released from sorrow, sin and pain, and free from every care by angels hands to heaven conveyed to rest forever there".

· In loving memory of Sidney Swettenham, beloved husband of Margaret Jane Fletcher, died 23r Jan. 1914, aged 39 years. "Asleep in Jesus! Oh, how sweet to be for such a slumber meet, with holy confidence to sing, that death has lost it's painful sting".d 1909, aged 70 years."For ever with the lord amen so let it be. Life from the dead is in that word 'tis immortality".

· In loving memory of Margaret, beloved wife of W H Fletcher, died August 23rd

· In loving memory of our dear father, William Hone Fletcher, died 20th Dec 1914, aged 77 years.

· "Dearest father, thou hast left us we thy loss most deeply feel. But 'tis God who has bereft us, he can all our

· sorrows heal".

· Three other graves are in the yard of where the old W H & M Fletcher home used to stand. These are of their children: Walter John Watson Fletcher [22 Nov 1869 - C1883]; Florence Fletcher [C1878-C1878]; and, grand daughter, Georgina Maud Fletcher [25 Jul 1907 - 3 Jan 1908], daughter of George Smith Fletcher and Sarah Fletcher [formerly Gillespie].


Alcorn Family:

· In memory of Ada Ruby Alcorn, died 1899. At rest.


Young Family:

· Sacred to the memory of Edward Young, died June 30th 1911, Age 66 Years. "Blessed are the dead who die in love".

· In memory of Leslie Edward Young, died 17. 5. 75. At rest.


Other graves:

There are other marked graves with no headstones and, no doubt, some other unmarked graves.

Press release prepared by Tom Fletcher and printed in the “Tenterfield Star” and

“Warwick Daily News”:


White Swamp NSW, Saturday September 30th, 2000. History was made when Stowell Fletcher [grandson]; Sidney, Tom Ian, Trevor, Graham and Bruce Fletcher, George Hardcastle and Mrs Beryl Fearby [great-grandchildren]; Michael and Brendan Fletcher [great-great-grandsons] of William Hone Fletcher and his wife Margaret got together to generally restore and erect a new fence around the Fletcher Family Graveyard situated at White Swamp. The steel fence replaces a wooden post and wire construction built by descendants of William and Margaret in the late 1940’s which, in turn replaced an older fence. [William and Margaret and a number of descendants are buried in this graveyard].

White Swamp is situated in NSW in a valley south of Wilson’s Peak [Mount Jirramon] at the head of the Clarence River [Koreelah Creek] near the Queensland Border and takes its name from the white flower heads of the foxtail grass, which dominated the valley. Most readers will be unaware that the village of White Swamp ever existed. However, at the turn of the century, it was the centre of a large timber getting industry and boasted two stores, a number of sawmills and a post office. During the milling period, the population was in the vicinity of 200 people. Since the demise of the timber industry in the area, the town has since disappeared and all that is left is the graveyard and a couple of farming properties. William Hone Fletcher and Edward Young were the first Europeans to take up selections in the area. The Fletcher farm has since passed into other hands but descendants still live at Old Koreelah.



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