Cassilis Old General Cemetery

Also Known As Dalkeith or Chinamans Cemetery

The land on which this cemetery is located has just been sold, and the new owners have expressed a wish to restore this Cemetery.


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 The old general cemetery in Cassilis, variously known as Dalkeith Cemetery and Chinaman's Cemetery. It was apparently never dedicated as a general cemetery and is currently on private land. It was sold by the Merriwa Shire Council for unpaid rates in 1973.

The National Trust visited the site in 1982. The Trust didn't add the site, only the monuments to the Classified list. In 1983 the Trust contacted the Merriwa Shire on possible conservation, without result. The land has been farmed but has not been ploughed for some years. Stock have recently been removed.

The local Council declared the cemetery an 'item of heritage significance' in 1989 however it appears that no further progress has been made with preservation or protection since that time.

There are a large number of burials there dating from the mid 1800s to the late 1800s - only 2 x sarcophogus, an altar grave and a cast iron headstone are still standing. Other monuments are fallen, a lot of monuments are shattered.

Annette Piper 2003

The Site in May 2004

Sarcophogus, and Alter graves


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