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Catholic Churchyard Cemetery Kingdon Street .

Following the government's provision of a grant to purchase land in Scone for a Catholic Church and School in June 1857, the first burial took place on the selected ground, the deceased was Elizabeth McGrath who was drowned when the area was substantially flooded.  The Roman Catholic Church of St Philip built on this land held its first service in 1861, the same year that the first Presbyterian Church was opened.  

In 1860 the first of the Catholics buried in the graveyard at St Luke's Church of England were exhumed and re-interred in the cemetery at the rear of the Church of St Philip . It is believed that eighty nine year old Mary Smith who died in 1920 was the last person buried in this Cemetery as a new Roman Catholic Cemetery had been opened on land adjoining the Church of England cemetery on the Great Northern Rd. ( New England Highway ) in 1908 on land donated by William Dumaresq.

Initially Services at St Philip were conducted by Father Rigney from Singleton, St Philip's first residential priest was Rev'd Father McGrath who moved to Scone in 1875.

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Scone Catholic Church of St Philip, built 1860.Kingdon Street Scone.

Scone's original Catho;ic Church, Kindon Street Scone, now Scone Arts and Crafts Centre.



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