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Known locally as Thornthwaite Cemetery , for the adjoining property, this cemetery was dedicated in 1881. The earliest memorial, however, is that of Mercy, the wife of Robin Bell, who died in 1850; both head and the footstone survive.

In 1983 the cemetery was listed by the National Trust (N.S.W.) as a classified Cemetery Conservation Area, being Ďan unspoilt example of an early general cemetery' with a wide range of monumental styles.

The families whose members are buried in Thornthwaite had forebears in Australia before 1850. Almost all of these families have belonged to the Sparkes Creek community for more than a century.

The cemetery is located st Sparkes creek in the foothills of the Liverpool Range some 20 kms from Scone .  It is located on Thornthwaite Station and close by is the St Stephens Anglican Church.  Sparkes Creek was a thriving community at the end of the 19 th century, and whilst the graves are mainly there was an interment as recently as November 2008..






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