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The Bannaby region is situated on the western side of the Wollondilly River and 19 kms east of the nearest town, Taralga.
Bannaby is made up of a number of landholdings. The landowners in the area are involved in farming and grazing.

Early European burials in the district took place on family properties with a number of burials taking place in a gully north of the Bannaby Shearing shed. The only headstone that remains in the gully is that of Barnabas Rix.

Saint Matthews Anglican Church and Cemetery is located about at the centre of the district of Bannaby. The first burial took place with the death of Matthew Hillas on 30 December 1893. The cemetery was originally land owned by the Hillas Family. The Church was built adjacent to the cemetery in 1898.

Total number of burials/cremations Saint Matthews Anglican cemetery: 86
Total number of isolated gravesites of Bannaby: 25


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