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The Uralla Old Cemetery is where the grave of Fred Ward, alias "Thunderbolt" is located. Fred Ward was born at Windsor, NSW in 1835.  He served two prison sentences in Cockatoo Island Gaol, in Sydney Harbour for horse stealing. In September, 1863, he escaped with Fred Britten. For the next six and a half years he led an exciting career, 'bailing up' mail coaches, roadside inns, stores and private homes over a vast area of North Eastern New South Wales. At times he had a young accomplice, but preferred to work alone. The Police found him ard to track or catch.  He was a superb rider and ususally rode stolen thoroughbred horses. The public generally had a 'soft spot' for him.  He was never violent and ususally quite courteous towards lady travellers.  He would return shots only when being fired upon. On the afternoon of the 25th May, 1870, he held up a hawker, Giovani Cappusotto at Blanch's Inn on Church Gully, about 500 metres south of Thunderbolt's Rock. The Uralla Police were alerted and Senior Constable Mulhall and Costable Walker rode out to investigate.  Shots were exchanged on the road near Thunderbolt's Rock and Constable Walker gave chase. He crossed the road opposite the rock and Constable Walker pursued Ward along the ridge in a westerly direction for about three kilometres. At Kentucky Creek (almost visible from Thunderbolt's Rock) Ward left his horse and swam across. The Constable shot the horse and called on Ward to surrender. He refused and after a struggle, 'Thunderbolt' was shot. Thunderbolt's Rock, a hidehout which he frequented during his infamous bushranging days, is located on the New England Highway about five kilometres south of Uralla.




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