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Allan Cunningham passed this way when he crossed the range and discovered the Darling Downs.  In the early years after that discovery, the road to the Downs passed through Spicers Gap, not Cunninghams Gap as it does today. The town of Fassifern was planned for this hill in the early 1900's, but the township of Kalbar took it's place, some four miles away. The Fassifern receiving office (Post Office) operated on this hill for many years, Mrs Mavis Kleinhans was one the last persons in charge of the Post Office at it's closure in the early 1950's.

The beautiful and fertile district of Fassifern was discoverd by Captain Patrick Logan in June 1827. The early roads and halting places between Moreton Bay and the Darling Downs through Cunningham's Gap (1829) and by the old Warwick Road through Spicer's Gap (1847) were vital to settlement. A Bush Inn was built here in 1846 on the site of what was the town of Fassifern. This pioneer cemetery adjoined the Bush Inn and here the Boohan Shire preserves the memory of the brave and steadfast men and women of those early days.

Alexander Balbi Esq. of Malta, died April 19th, 1867 aged 44 years.   He was the Inn Keeper at the "halfway" house at Glumber, which is towards the base of Spicers Gap in the range.

Sarah Campbell Mercer born 4th "April 1851,  died February 8th, 1855.  She was the daughter of the "Inn Keeper" at the Bush Inn (200 yards further up this hill).  Sarah was drowned in floodtime in the nearby creek.

Anders Neilsen, died 24th January, 1867 aged 33 yrs. He died from appedicitis, the creeks were flooded, so he was unable to get help.  He lived on the hill nearby to the west.


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