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LAT: -24.997356

LONG: 151.947973

The Gin Gin cemetery reserve was created in 1890. It is located on the outskirts of town, one kilometre southwest of the CBD. The cemetery is located on sloping terrain, offering views over the surrounding landscape. The site is bounded by Gossling Street to the north, Cemetery Road in the east and farmland in the south and west. Approximately one quarter of the 5.5 hectare site appears to include marked graves; on the eastern boundary and in the southwest. There are some mature trees on the north-eastern perimeter, especially on the corner section where there also is a sign reading ‘GIN GIN CEMETERY' and the remnants of a structure including footings and steps. Other vegetation in the cemetery includes landscaping with feature trees and shrubs separating some sections of the cemetery.

Main vehicular access to the unfenced site is from the east past a small brick wall segment with information signage. Inside the cemetery the wall functions as a Columbarium Wall. A bitumen driveway divides the lawn cemetery on the southern side from the monumental section in the north. In both sections the graves are arranged in rows. The grave ornaments in the monumental cemetery reflect the changing funerary customs from the late 1800s to the present day. Surrounds include concrete and rendered brick, wrought iron fencing and piping suspended between posts. There is a variety of headstones ranging from simple mounted tablets to stelae and crosses as well as a number of monuments.

The Catholic section of the monumental cemetery is separate from the main monumental section and is located in the southwest of the cemetery. Grave ornamentation is similar to the general monumental section.

A post and two-rail fence and landscaped garden bed separate the Paupers Memorial Section, consisting of a grassed area in the northwest. A small shelter structure is located close by.

A Memorial Garden and second Columbarium Wall are located on the eastern boundary.



















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