Yaamba Cemetery


Iris Street
Livingstone Shire Council
PO Box 2292
Yeppoon Qld 4703
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Yaamba is about 35 km north of Rockhampton, on the main highway to Mackay. It now consists of a pub and a truckstop, but in days past it was the place where northbound travellers crossed the Fitzroy River before moving west or north as desired.

The cemetery is barely 100m from the road and is somewhat overgrown. There are a few modern graves, so it is presumed this cemetery is in current use. All stones found have been recorded. (The cemetery is now being mown regularly and is quite neat and tidy. I believe the last burial which took place would have been that of Victoria Ellen Fasting in 1966. Any stones dated later than this refer to cremations or burials which have taken place elsewhere.)







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David MacDonald

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