Dogwood Cemetery


Data and Photo gathered and compiled by Veronica Jones


Surname Given Name Photo Photo Death date Age BDM or headstone Burial Register or Headstone
AKERS Samuel         research suggests died 21-7-1920. Husband of Eliza nee CRACKEL & Ann Mary nee EaTON BR
BARRACLOUGH Martha     24-5-1878 31 y wife of Edward, parents Charles Porton & Hannah Pearce BR
BERKLEY Emily Edith     2-4-1910   daughter of Sackville Fitzharding Berkley & Mary Russell BR
BOOTH Joseph Edward     16-7-1897   parents James Booth & Harriet Schofield BR
BOURNE Ann photo   27-7-1906 71 y wife of Henry. Married 1854 Victoria Ann nee CLEARY HS
BOURNE Henry photo   5-5-1909 75 y born England. Husband of Ann HS
CORCORAN Patrick photo photo 26-2-1911 62 y parents John Corcoran & Catherine Nolan HS
DIVETT Elizabeth Agnes     21-7-1905   born 25-11-1895. daughter of Alfred Divett & Charlotte Agnes Smith BR
FAIRBANKS Robert     28-10-1898   born May 1853. parents Robert Fairbanks & Mary Warreller BR
FOGARTY Bridget     19-5-1913 98 y mother of Michael James. Parents William MARINON & Mary DUHIG BR
FOGARTY Kate (Catherine) photo photo 2-3-1914 70 y Parents Thomas LANE & Ann LEE HS
FOGARTY Michael James photo   1-1-1909 65 y husband of Kate (Catherine). Son of Bridget MARANON & John FOGARTY HS
FOSTER Catherine     8-4-1911   father/parent McMAHON BR
FOSTER Charles William     17-7-1911   Parents Henry William Foster & Elizabeth Moore BR
FOSTER Thomas Charles     27-4-1913   born 1875. parents John Daniel Foster & Kathleen McMahon BR
GRAMBOWER Ellen Annie Sarah photo   8-5-1885 2 y 11 mths daughter of August & Mary Jane Grambower. Born 27-5-1882 HS
HARVEY Sarah Jane photo photo 23-7-1920 71 y born 11-7-1869. parents Eliza CRACKLE & Samuel AKERS. Wife of George Andrews HARVEY married 16-1-1902 HS
HINDS John Thomas photo photo 4-1-1903 2 wks child of Patrick Hinds & Kate Fennel. Born 22-12-1902 HS
HINDS Maud photo photo 18-8-1921 23 y child of Patrick Hinds & Katherine Fennel. Born 3-10-1897 HS
LAWTON James photo photo 8-11-1913 45 y parents James LAWTON & Mary Anne BROWN. BDM 10-111913 HS
LAWTON Wallace William "Laddie" photo photo 9-3-1920 23 y late 5th L H Regiment. Son of Cecelia Agnes MacKAY & Thomas LAWTON. Born 20-10-1896 HS
LAWTON William Henry photo photo 10-10-1908 45 y native of Inglewood, died at Drillham. Husband of Elizabeth Emma HS
LOCKHART William     14-4-1919     BR
McKERIHAN Ellen     29-10-1915   monument moved to Miles Cemetery Presbyterian A 27. Mother Ellen CORRY father Daniel Buchanan BR
McMULLIN Minnie Angela     29-3-1908   born 16-6-1907. child of William & Kathleen Winnifred O'Brien BR
McMULLIN un-named male     3-8-1898   born 3-8-1898. child of William & Kathleen Winnifred O'Brien BR
MOBBS James Ambrose     22-6-1913   parents Thomas Mobbs & Fanny Austin BR
MOORE Mary         burial register no other information BR
MORGAN David       child Fountain Creek camp. BR no other information BR
PHIPPS Ann Eliza photo photo 27-4-1899 53 y native of Sittingbourne Kent, England. Wife of Henry HS
PHIPPS Henry photo photo 18-5-1909 67 y husband of Ann. Native of Kent. Parents Henry Phipps & Sarah Clarke HS
PITT Elizabeth photo   14-7-1934 80 y born 1854. parents Patrick Cunningham & Ann Dodd. HS
PITT Mary Elizabeth     14-1-1926   born 1873. parents George PITT & Georgina AKERS BR
PITT Miriam     1878   born 1875 BR
PITT William photo   13-8-1943 69 y born 17-4-1874. Parents John Pitt & Elizabeth Cunningham HS
QUINN Thomas Lawrence     31-12-1883   child of William Quinn & Caroline Pickering. Born 9-9-1883 BR
RAYNOR Aileen Margaret Elizabeth photo   12-5-1902 3 y 10 mths daughter of Herbert Ezra & Mary Jane Sophia nee Grambower HS

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