Bladensburg Lone Graves

Bladensburgh National Park

near Winton Qld.



Bladensburg National Park used to be called Bladensburg Station and once was one of the original grazing properties in this area.

It covers 85,000 ha of land and was only gazetted as a National Park in 1994.



Richard Cragg 1842-188

  • Husband of Sarah [ nee BOWMAN ]
  • Father of George 1870
  • Amelia 1873
  • Frederick 1875
  • Albert 1881
  • Matthew 1883
  • William 1884
  • James 1887

A Pioneer Contractor of Winton

Died of accidental poisoning 30-12-1888

Erected by his descendants

Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Qld. : 1878 - 1954), Thursday 10 January 1889, page 3

On Wednesday, 30th ultimo, a man named Richard Cragg died suddenly at his camp, on Surprise Creek, on the Warrnambool Road. Deceased, who was about forty-five years of age, and had been employed for sometime on Fermoy Station, had been drinking heavily in town for about a week, having got through about £30 in that time, and left Winton on the 28th ultimo, accompanied by his son. The son left the camp on the 30th ultimo to water the horses and on coming back found his father dead. The Police Magistrate held an inquiry on the 2nd instant, and a verdict was arrived at that deceased (Cragg) died from natural causes, accelerated by the use of intoxicating liquor.





Born 17-5-1883 Death 21-1-1884


parents James DALRYMPLE & Margaret nee FORD

James Dalrymple married Margaret nee FORDE on 25-8-1880

This grave marks the spot where baby Delia (who was only eight months old ) was buried by her parents after a 10 day illness related to teething. Her father a fencing contractor erected the fence around her grave.





John Toon known as Scrammy Jack

Scrammy Waterhole which In places is around two metres deep. This is where boundary rider John Toon, better known as ‘Scrammy Jack', met his maker when he drowned in 1893. Scrammy Jack was a boundary rider who lived alone in a simple, remote hut. After his hand was crushed by a wagon wheel he gained the name ‘scrammy'—an old English term meaning ‘left-handed'.

John Toon was about 50 years of age when he was accidently drowned in a waterhole on Vindex (now Bladensburgh NP) . He drowned on the 2 nd January 1893. He was buried 100y yards from his hut in Mountain Paddock on the Vindex Station.


Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Qld. : 1878 - 1954), Monday 9 January 1893, page 6

Strange irony in a big drought. News comes in to-night that a a man named John Toon, better known as "Scrammy Jack," an old identity--for years Mr. Bloomfield's right hand man (Mr. Bloomfield was one of the pioneers of the west)--was found drowned at the waterhole at his hut on Scrammy's Gap, where he was minding the Vindex herd of cattle. The police have gone out to bury him. He was found floating in the water with his cabbage tree hat on (of course like all stockmen, he had a chin strap to his hat). The hut door was open, and the dog tied up.

Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld. : 1872 - 1947), Saturday 7 January 1893, page 4

Drowned in a Dam. A case of drowning near Winton, , resulting in the death of John Toon, has been reported to Commissioner of Police by Senior- constable O'Sullivan, Winton, who telegraphed as follows under date the 6th instant: It was reported last night that a black boy saw a man drowned : in a dam near a boundary -rider' s hut on the Vindex-Bladensburg boundary. I despatched Constable Duffy at once. He has just returned, having buried the body which had evidently been in the water for some' days. Constable Duffy identified the remains as those of John Toon, a boundary rider. The deceased was paralysed on one side. It is thought that he fell into the dam -while trying to get water. The money and valuables in the hut were undisturbed. An inquiry into the occurrence will be held.






Andrew Allan MEDLIN

Born 11-2-1870

Died 1 January 1998




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