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Overland Corner

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This cemetery is located about 100m up the hill on the opposite side of the road to the Overland Corner Hotel.  It contains three graves.  This is the oldest cemetery in the area.  Notice the two children's graves, reflecting the greater hazards of last century.  May died of infectious diseases like consumption, influenza and dysentery.  Aboriginal people suffered the most.  Terrible epidemics of new diseases raged through the region form the New South Wales colony beginning may years before first contact with Europeans in this sate, and decimated their population.  The Overland Corner Hotel historic building was built in 1859 by the Brand Brothers for pioneer pastoralist James Chambers of Cobdogla Station, to cater for the overland drovers and provide a staging point for the coach route from NSW to Adelaide.  It was delicensed in 1898 but continued as a general store and post office for many years until 1965, when it was purchased by the National Trust of SA.  Initially administered by a consortium of Riverland Branches of the National Trust, in 1968 the Barmera Branch assumed responsibility.  It was completely restored with Commonwealth and locally raised funds, and was relicensed in 1987.




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