Talia New Cemetery


Data and Photos gathered and compiled by Tanya Wittwer & Deadra Peak


Surname Given Names Photo Birth date Death Date Age Location Remarks
Baird Susan Gordon   1822 17/2/1896 73 years East Row 1 Born in Scotland; died at Bellvue, Talia (same grave as Mary Cameron)
Baird William     01-August-1937 71 years East Row 1 In loving memory of our uncle
Barnard Alfred Charles     19-October-1951 69 years East Row 2  
Barnard Edwin     30-September-1918 78 years East Row 1  
Barnard Sarah     18-November-1939 79 years East Row 1  
Brougham Trevor Keith
      East Row 1 Loving memories of Trev, Son of Phyl and Harold, brother of Des, Bev & Jeff, Proud father of sons Chris, Kym, Des & Brett and daughter-in-law Kay.  Aviator & world record holder; Dearly loved husband of Nancy; son-in-law of Olive (same grave as Charles Fry)
Brown         East Row 1  
Cameron Mary
3/7/1856 22/2/1894 37 years East Row 1 Born at Koppio; died at Witera (same grave as Susan Baird)
Colbert Baby     1949   East Row 2  
Cooke L W      26-November-1950   East Row 2  
Dodgson Edith Victoria     16-November-1918 22 years East Row 1  
Dodgson Ethel Muriel     28-May-1961 77 years East Row 1 Wife of George Harold Dodgson
Dodgson George Harold     18-June-1953 69 years East Row 1  
Dodgson Gertrude Anna     14-May-1970 76 years East Row 2 Loved mother of Gladys, Elza, Edith, Bill & Alma
Dodgson James William   12/5/1879 09-May-1962   East Row 2 Beloved husband of Gertrude
Dodgson Marjorie Edith     17-August-1920 6 years East Row 1  Beloved daughter of EM & GH Dodgson
Dolphin Angus William     25-August-1952 64 years East Row 1 In loving memory of our uncle
Dolphin Charles Thomas     13-July-1945 66 years East Row 1 Beloved husband of Sylvia Pearl Dolphin; father of Donald, Stewart, Isabel, Murdoch & Melva
Dolphin Edgar Leslie     21-October-1953 62 years East Row 1 43rd battalion; Loved husband of Gladys, dear Father of Colin and Leslie
Dolphin George     14-June-1916 68 years (possibly 88 years) East Row 1  
Dolphin Murdoch William   05-April-1920 28-April-2002   East Row 1 Dearly loved husband of Audrey; Father of Charles & Maria; William & Denise; Lorraine & Bill; Cynthia & Bill; Fay & Chris
Dolphin Sylvia Pearl     29-May-1969 77 years East Row 1 Wife of Charles Thomas Dolphin
Dolphin Valda Joy (nee Wheaton)   01-October-1927 08-December-2001 74 years Centre Loved daughter of Frank & Margaret, Wife of Jim, Loved mother of Kevin, Beverley, Gary & Louise and families.
Dolphin William George     08-August-1939 65 years East Row 1  
Dutton Selma   1849 1933   East Row 1  
Fraser Emma   1838 1891   West  
Fraser John Autie   1862 1942   West  
Fry Charles B     02-August-1949 44 years East Row 2 Beloved husband of Olive (same grave as Trevor Brougham)
Graham Arthur Hugh   1915 1930   West (shared memorial with John and Margaret Mary)
Graham John   1883 1945   West (shared memorial with Arthur and Margaret Mary)
Graham Margaret Mary   1889 1963   West (shared memorial with John and Arthur)
Gunn Charles Donald   2/5/1872 29-April-1923   East Row 2  
Gunn Mabel Eliza    22/9/1884 22-October-1932   East Row 2 Wife of Charles Donald Gunn
Higgins Daniel     27-July-1907 90 years West  
Hill Ivy       78 years East Row 3 Loved mother of Gordon, Clem & Alice
Lewis Francis     18-December-1939 68 years East Row 1 Beloved husband of Mary Lewis
Little Elizabeth     17-November-1935 79 years West (same grave as Thomas Little)
Little Elizabeth Agnes     10-March-1981 90 years West  
Little Frank Thomas     01-January-1933 48 years West Husband of E Little; Accidentally drowned at Venus Bay
Little James     06-October-1963 80 years West (same grave as Margaret Mary Little)
Little Jane Louisa     June-1913 16 years West Youngest daughter of T & E Little
Little Margaret Mary     17-January-1951   West Wife of Jas Little
Little Max     27-August-1927   West Beloved Son of Jas & Margaret Little
Little Nellie     28-May-1903 21 years West  
Little Thomas     06-October-1919 73 years West (same grave as Elizabeth Little)
McBeath William James     02-July-1923 57 years West  
McKenzie James McGregor     26-January-1943 92 years East Row 2 Beloved husband of Mary McKenzie
McKenzie Mary     11-September-1937 81 years East Row 2 Beloved wife of James McGregor McKenzie
Moir Douglas William     1933 3 weeks East Row 1  
Mullins Emma Jane     25-June-1914 44 years East Row 1  
Robinson Frederick Arthur     27-February-1908 25 years East Row 2 Beloved son of A & K Robinson
Sjoblom A E      30-January-1934 42 years East Row 1  
Thomson Allan William Arthur     13-June-1949 35 years East Row 3 Beloved husband of Silvy Joyce Thomson
Thomson Baby         East Row 2 (next to graves of William and Margaret)
Thomson F D (Frank)     02-October-1962 46 years East Row 3 Beloved husband of Alma, devoted father of Dianne, John & Francis
Thomson John     2/5/1893 55 years East Row 1  
Thomson Margaret Leitch     29-March-1904   East Row 2 Widow of the late William Thomson [Digger gives age as 50 years]
Thomson Peter Allan     21-March-1939 54 years East Row 3 Dearly loved husband of Ruth Kate Thomson
Thomson William     03-August-1903   East Row 2 Dearly loved husband of M L Thomson; second son of the late John Thomson of Glasgow [Digger gives age as 76 years]
Tree Peter Eliot     21-December-1975 19 years East Row 3 Loved eldest son of Dorothy & Eliot Tree, brother of Vicky, Keith & Nita.  Accidentally killed.
Turbill Donald L     08-October-1957 5 weeks East Row 2  
Weston Grace     24-March-1932 87 years East Row 1  
Wheaton Alvena     11-July-1932 13 years 1 month East Row 2 Dearly beloved youngest daughter of RH & RAF Wheaton

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