Ramco Cemetery


Data and Photos gathered and compiled by Faithe Jones


BELL Dorothea Maria   18.12.1943 79 yrs Our dear mother, beloved wife of John BELL  
BLIZARD Caroline   26.08.1929 90 yrs Widow of the late C W BLIZARD (late of Chelsea)  
BOEHM August Carl   09.07.1978 97 yrs Husband of Elsa Meta Dorothea and father  
BOEHM Elsa Meta Dorothea   11.12.1979 84 yrs Wife of August Carl, mother  
BOEHM H C   09.09.1942 19 yrs H5453 Aircraftman 1   
BORROUGHS Murray Evan 28.05.1929 29.01.2000   Husband of Melba, father of Helen, Donald, William & Barbara  
BORROUGHS Melba Florence 03.04.1928     Wife of Murray, mother of Helen, Donald, William & Barbara may not be deceased as no death date engraved
BROWN Archie Ernest   23.04.1927 51 yrs Husband of Marian M Brown, father of Gordon Maurice Murray, Aileen Shepherd  
BURROUGHS Charles   06.10.1929 74 yrs Beloved father  
BURROUGHS Donald 22.12.1954     Beloved special son of Murray & Melba, loved brother of Helen, William & Barbara  
BURROUGHS Lucy   25.11.1984 86 yrs Parents of Roy & Gwen, Murray & Melba.  Last of original pioneers  
BURROUGHS Edward Thomas   22.05.1985 94 yrs Parents of Roy & Gwen, Murray & Melba.  Last of original pioneers  
BURROUGHS Sarah Emily   21.11.1927 73 yrs Beloved Wife and Mother  
BUTCHER George 1929 1976   Beloved Husband and Father  
BUTCHER Stephen George   11.09.1985 30 yrs Husband of Jenny, father of Scott & Leah  
CABOT Bert Cyril Rowan   11.05.1989 73 yrs Father of Donald, Bruce, Gary, Beil and Gerladine  
CABOT Gary John   09.09.1946 3 yrs 3 mths Beloved son of B C & E M CABOT  
CARPENTER Alice   21.07.1977 85 yrs Devoted mother of Frank,??, Pansy, Clarrie, Murray, Daphne, Bill & Rose  
CARPENTER William   08.02.2001 66 yrs Loved son of John and Alice  
CARROL Edward         No details
CHENEY Patricia 07.07.1948 07.07.1948   Beloved daugher of Ross & Rita  
CHENEY Clara Margaret   02.02.1995      
CRAIG Frederick James   09.08.1926 82 yrs Late of Kapunda  
CROCKER Claude Adelaide 22.02.1971 79 yrs Late 1st AIF, husband of Mary, father of Eric Digital records available www.naa.gov.au place of enlistment Adelaide, next of kin Lavina Crocker, mother  Sern 6056
CROCKER Mary   02.02.1980 82 yrs Dear Mother of Eric  
CROCKER Colin Leslie 26.01.1922 Ramco, SA 09.09.1996 74 yrs SX13884 Private 2/6th Battalion No digital records available, enlisted Adelaide SA next of kin Leslie CROCKER
CROCKER Colin Leselie   09.09.1996 74 yrs Husband of Brenda Joyce, father of Janice, Lynette & Ian, Grandpa of Peter & Zoe, Nicole & Ben, Melanie & Darren  
CROCKER Daisy   30.08.1964 73 yrs Dear wife & Mother  
CROCKER Leslie   01.08.1945 63 yrs Dear Husband and Father  
DARLING Lawrence Charles   1979 87 yrs Husband of Alma Laura Gertrude, Early Pioneers of this District 1912-1940  
DARLING Alma Laura Gertrude   1964 76 yrs Wife of Lawrence Charles, Early Pioneers of this district 1912-1940  
DARLING Lindsay Gordon   28.08.2002 81 yrs Husband of Gweneth Vera, father of Gillian & Denise  
DARLING Maxwell Dudley   30.05.1996 73 yrs Husband of Lyla, father of Debra & Rick, Grandpa of Shannon, Zoe & Samuel  
DAVIES Elaine Rosalie   12.02.1987 41 yrs Wife of Keith, mother of Sharon, Michael, Kathie & Andrew  
DOECKE nee IRRGANG Gertud 04.06.1903 03.05.1925      
EBERT John 06.12.1960 22.06.1962   Loved infant son and brother  
ELLIOTT Bruce George   30.07.1998 55 yrs Husband of Christine, father of Simone, Shaun & Chad  
ELLIOTT George Edgar 25.12.1911 26.10.1996   Husband of Laurel, father of Judith, Bruce (dcd) & Ross  
ELLIOTT Laurel Catherine 10.06.1918     Wife of George, mother of Judith, Bruce (dcd) & Ross may not be deceased as no death date engraved
GILGEN Clement Ernest (Knobby)   09.12.1981 68 yrs Dear husband, father & grandfather  
GILGEN Ernst   07.09.1973 92 yrs    
GILGEN Emma Emilie   13.01.1981 94 yrs    
GONZALEZ Aurea   16.06.1986   Wife of Domingo, mother of Maria Del Pilar, motherinlaw of Jose Antonio, granda of Jose Antonio & ???  
GREEN Bruce Kenneth 26.01.1930 06.11.2001 71 yrs    
GREEN Maurice William 30.05.1926       may not be deceased as no death date engraved
GREEN Isabel Louise   04.12.1949 93 yrs Wife of William George Green  
HANTON Helen Kathleen   08.10.1995 54 yrs Wife of Ron  
HARRIS J George H   01.11.1995 84 yrs Husband of Dardy, father of Robin & Peter  
HARTWIG Alfred Edgar 03.08.1907 13.07.1946   Beloved Husband and Father  
HARTWIG Alfred Edgar   13.07.1946 39 yrs Father, Mother, Brothers & Sisters  
HARTWIG Carl August   28.08.1965 89 yrs    
HARTWIG Anna Elizabeth   23.08.1971 91 yrs    
HARTWIG Edgar Clarrence 10.09.1907 11.09.1991      
HARTWIG Ernestine Pauline   06.08.1966 80 yrs   Photo
HARTWIG Johann Friedrich Wilhlem   16.08.1963 88 yrs   Photo
HARTWIG Florence Vera Elma   06.04.1949 38 yrs Beloved daughter, sister & Auntie  
HARTWIG Frederick Alfred Norman   12.01.1970 60 yrs Husband of Mary, father of Dorothy, Keith, Bruce.  Grandpa of Lynette, Julie, Cherie &  Kathryn  
HARTWIG Mary Agnes   24.04.2006 94 yrs Mother of Dorothy, Keith & Burce, rand of Lynette, Julie, Cherie, Kathryn, Tim  
HARTWIG Friedrich Gottholt   11.06.1965 81 yrs    
HARTWIG Gladys   10.01.1920 4 yrs Dear Daughter  
HARTWIG Guss   18.05.1916 28 yrs My dearly beloved husband  
HARTWIG Harold Edwin 21.03.2006 24.09.2006   Only Lent  
HARTWIG Lorna         No details
HARTWIG Ronald Herbert 14.08.1922 30.07.1997      
HARTWIG Wayne 16.06.1953 04.10.1955 2 yrs    
KASSEBAUM Johannes Franz   29.09.1955 63 yrs Father of Rex  
KASSEBAUM Hedwig Dorothea   26.08.1967 66 yrs Parents of Peter, Dean & Ross  
KASSEBAUM Rex         No details
KLUGE Emma F   06.12.1954 89 yrs    
KRAUSE Christiana   26.06.1935 91 yrs Our dear mother  
LESKE Edwin Hugo 01.02.1908 24.06.1993 85 yrs Husband of Norma Edna Nita, parents of Kevin & Joylene (both dec), Poppa and Nanna of Christine, Steven, Jennifer & Craig  
LESKE Norma Edna Nita 14.03.1913 14.08.1998 85 yrs Wife of Edwin Hugo, parents of Kevin & Joylene (both dec), Poppa and Nanna of Christine, Steven, Jennifer & Craig  
LESKE Kevin Ross   12.08.1964 27 yrs Husband of Dorothy, father of Christine  
LEWER Thomas   29.09.1905 78 yrs Grandpa of Ted Borroughs, one of the pioneers  
LEWIS Albert         No details
LEWIS Alfred   28.02.1925 73 yrs    
LEWIS Clive 08.07.1923 08.02.2004   Brother of Leslie & Keith  - A rifleman sleeping  
LEWIS Elizabeth         No details
LEWIS Frank   15.12.1958 72 yrs Husband of Mary C, father of Clive, Leslie & Keith  
LEWIS Gilbert Southwark SA 15.08.1978 84 yrs AIF Private 2060 32nd Bn digital records available www.naa.gov.au, englisted Adelaide, SA, next of kin Alfred Lewis, father
LEWIS Joseph Andrew   06.11.1944 60 yrs Husband of Mathilda Emma Lewis, father of Norman, Elliot, Victor, Helen, Rita & Dulcie  
LEWIS Margaret Elise 15.06.1957 24.12.1976   (Peggy), daughter of Bob & Alice, sister to Judith, Robyn, Kathryn & Allison  
LEWIS Matilda Emma   02.07.1959 71 yrs Our loved Mother  
LEWIS Robert Alfred 07.07.1931 26.09.1995   (Jinks), husband of Alice, father of Judith, Margaret (dec), Robyn, Kathryn & Allison.  Grandpa of Bradley, Nikki & Lauren  
LEWIS Vera May   21.02.1981 83 yrs Wife of Gilbert, parents of Gwen & Bob  
LEWIS Gilbert   15.08.1978 84 yrs Husband of Vera May, parents of Gwen & Bob  
LEWIS, Walter James   31.08.1966   (Jim) husband of Sarah, remembered by his step-daughter Grace Sneath & family  
LINKE Fay 25.06.1945 25.06.1945      
LOCHERT Emil   06.04.1983 82 yrs Husband of Joan, father of Lorraine, John, Robert, Helen, Russell & Janet  
LOCHERT Joan Milne   01.07.1995 86 yrs Wife of Emily, mother of Lorraine, John, Robert, Helen, Russell & Janet  
LOCHERT Anna Marie   23.01.1956 85 yrs    
LOCHERT Martin   10.06.1943 77 yrs Beloved Husband and Father  
LYNNE           No details
MACKERETH nee STANLEY Lynda May   22.02.1995 44 YRS Wife of Kevin, mother of Brett & Craig  
MATTHEWS Colin Alfred 28.06.1933 27.09.2005   Loved father of Vivian, Jeff and Karen.  Adored Pa of Kylie, Joshua, Kate, Jaye & Jesse  
MENZIE T       Mr No details
MODISTACH Christoph Hermann   22.11.1942 79 yrs Beloved husband of Theresa Modistach  
MODISTACH Theresa   03.06.1970 85 yrs    
MODISTACH Eric   26.06.1951 6 yrs    
MODISTACH Beverley   30.06.1958 11 yrs    
MODISTACH Anthony   27.01.1959   Lived 1 day  
MODISTACH Eveline Flora   05.10.1969 75 yrs    
MODISTACH Carl Wilhelm   15.05.1973 81 yrs    
MODISTACH Helen Marjory   19.01.1920 3 yrs 11 mths    
MODISTACH Johannes Richard   20.05.1965 66 yrs Husband of Ida  
MODISTACH Elsa Ida   ??.10.1994   Wife of Johannes  
MODISTACH Loranz Friedrich 08.08.1859 03.12.1919   Our beloved Husband & Father  
MODISTACH Louise         No details
MODISTACH Maria Louise   13.10.1930 77 yrs Wife of the late Lorenz Friedrich MODISTACH  
MODISTACH Nellie Margaret   28.11.1992 69 yrs Wife of Gilmour Edgar, mother of Michael & Margaret  
MODISTACH Gilmour Edgar   06.01.1994 70 yrs Father of Michael & Margaret  
MODISTACH Otto Rudulph   07.04.1974 81 yrs Husband of Ada May, father of 10 children  
MODISTACH Ada May   27.09.1977 82 yrs Wife of Otto Rudolph  
MODISTACH Raymond E   26.12.1980 57 yrs (Joe), husband and father  
MODISTACH Simon   25.02.1924 69 yrs    
MORGAN Alfred Lawrence   29.07.1972 65 yrs Husband of Alma Gwendoline, father of Kevin & Glenyss  
MORGAN Alma Gwendoline   18.06.1982 70 yrs Mother of Kevin & Glenyss  
MORGAN Sylvia Lavinia   26.06.1913 1 yr 5 mths Daughter of W H & R C Morgan  
MURPHY nee CARMEN Patricia Anne         may not be deceased as no death date engraved
MURPHY John Desmond 17.11.1950 26.06.2004 53 yrs Husband of Patricia, married 04.11.1972 together 32 yrs and in spririt for eternity  
NISSEN Arthur   09.04.1944 77 yrs Beloved son of W R & F C Maag  
NUTCHEY Ivan William 19.04.1937 05.04.2003   Husband of Janette, father & fatherinlaw of Wayne, Nicole, Craig, Susan.  Pop of Rachel, Adam, Chelsea & Ryan  
NUTCHEY Maurice John   09.12.1985 56 yrs Husband of Norma, Father of Keryn & David  
NUTCHEY Violet G   25.12.1950 45 yrs Wife of John Albert  
NUTCHEY John Albert   15.02.1973 69 yrs Husband of Violet G  
ODGERS Clara         No details
ODGERS John         No details
ODGERS Lesette         No details
ODGERS Kathleen         Daughter of John & Lessette
ODGERS Doris         Daughter of John & Lessette
OUTRIDGE Phyllis May   13.08.1980 55 yrs    
PASCHKE Neil Kevin 25.07.1944 12.10.2002   Husband of Joyleen, father of Michael, Cheryl & Louise  
PAULSON Elsie May   08.09.1997 76 yrs Wife of Fred, mother of Donald, Bruce, Gary, Neil & Geraldine  
PENGELLY Horace Clarence 09.03.1909 Broken Hill, NSW 08.04.1966 57 yrs AIF Private SX 4668 Army Medical Corps, husband of Daisy, father of Jeffery, Lindsay & Robin Enlisted Adelaide, SA, next of kin Eila Pengelly, no digital records availabe at www.naa.gov.au
PERRY Albert Edwin 1902 1972   Husband of Marjory, father of Malcolm & Helen  
PERRY Marjory Doris 1908 1988   Wife oa Albert, mother of Malcolm & Helen  
PERRY Florence Irene W 1933 1997   Wife of Malcolm, mother of Michael, Trevor, Leslie & Wayne  
PIETSCH Child         No details
PIKE Miss         No details
ROGERS Gladys Leona   04.11.1992 91 yrs Wife of Harry, mother of Boyce  
ROGERS Harry Phillip   19.06.1981 82 yrs Husband of Gladys, father of Boyce  
ROHRLACH Amy Agnes   01.01.1941 31 yrs  Wife of Edgar Rohrlach  
ROHRLACH Arthur Edgar   10.07.1985 85 yrs Husband of Elvira, father of Elaine, Geoffrey & Cheryl  
ROHRLACH Barry Terrance         Unreadable
ROHRLACH Heinrich Ernst   19.10.1946 76 yrs Our Dear Father  
ROHRLACH Anna Mathilda   17.11.1946 75 yrs    
ROHRLACH Herbert Martin   28.06.1935 9 yrs Son and Brother  
ROHRLACH Leon Melvyn   25.01.1966 21 yrs Accident Drowned, only son of Anna & Edwin, brother of Janice  
ROHRLACH R Edwin   01.09.1983 80 yrs Husband of Anna, parents of Janice & Leon  
ROHRLACH Anna C   19.07.1993 86 yrs Wife of Edwin, parents of Janice & Leon  
SCHILLER Brian Maxwell 13.06.1948 08.01.1945      
SCHILLER Herbert Valentine 08.11.1907 17.06.1993   Husband of Johanna, father of Ken, Devin, Dennis, Joyleen & Brian (dec)  
SCHILLER Johanna Hermine 18.03.1908 13.03.1992   Wife of Herbert, mother of Ken, Kevin, Dennis, Joyleen & Brian (dec)  
SCOTT Kim Maree 03.09.1968 26.09.1998 30 yrs Daughter of Rodney & Veronica, sister of Carolyn, Mark & Families Photo
SMITH nee MODISTACH Dorothy Jean 16.09.1921 Adelaide, SA 08.09.1978 57 yrs AIF SF84168 Sig/woman 10th L of C Signals, A W A S, wife of Hugh William Enlisted Wayville SA, next of kin H SMITH, no digital records available at www.naa.gov.au
SMITH Dorothy Jean 16.09.1921 08.09.1978   Wife of H W Smith  
SMITH H W   14.04.2002 Bacchus Marsh   AIF NX20604 Spr 2nd Bor Sect 2/9 Field Coy,  Reunited with Jean.  Middle East Veteran  
SMITH Joylene Dawn   25.06.1982 41 yrs Wife of Bill, mother of Steven, Jennifer & Craig  
SMITH Juanita Eileen   27.06.1997 80 yrs Loved by all families  
TATLER Arnold Ernest 05.04.1922 23.02.1978   Beloved Husband, father & grandpa  
TATLER Georgina 29.02.1924 23.02.2004   Beloved Wife, mother, grandmother & great grandmother  
THIEL Dennis John 17.04.1937 01.05.2002   Husband of Margaret, father of Kym & Craig  
TRIMBLE Dianne         No details
UNREADABLE 1 Unknown         Unreadable
UNREADABLE 2 Unknown         Unreadable
UNREADABLE Racheal   1977     Unreadable
UNREADABLE Walter 1908 1967   Father of Max & Willy  
VAUGHAN Dorothy         No details
WARD Darren Barrie   22.12.1975 5 mths Baby son of Debbie & Barrie  
WEBSTER Dorothy Alice 08.08.1903 28.06.1977   Wife of Berry, mother of Brenda, Rex & Nancy  
WEBSTER Berry 10.08.1901 08.11.1979   Husbandof Dorothy Alice, father of Brenda, Rex & Nancy  
WILKSCH Carl Bernard   09.06.1954 80 yrs Beloved Husband, father & grandfather  
WILKSCH Anna Elizabeth   12.09.1968 81 yrs Beloved mother, & grandmother  
WILKSCH George Victor   04.11.1979 68 yrs Uncle George, husband of Frieda Photo
WILKSCH Viola Frieda   02.04.1995 82 yrs Wife of George  
WILLIAMS Grant Evan 05.01.1952 06.07.2000   Son of Blue  
WILSON Leslie   16.10.1986 61 yrs Husband of Evelyn, father of Andrew, Jeff, Karen, Ken, Heather & Tania  
WILSON Margaret Sylvia   04.05.1959 39 yrs Beloved wife & mother  
WYLD Margareta Teresa 24.05.1916 18.01.2000   Wife of Charles, mother of Bob & John, grandma of Stephen & Eugene, loved inlaw of Valma & Leonie  
WYLD Charles Thomas 10.02.1907 04.08.1985   Husband of Reta, father of Bob & John, grandpa of Stephen & Eugene, inlaw of Valma & Leonie  
ZIEGELER Deanna   03.04.1950 2 1/2 yrs    
ZIEGELER Desmond   06.12.1954 15 yrs Result of Accident  
ZIEGELER Erna   15.08.1997 81 yrs Wife of Norm  
ZIEGELER Norman   15.01.1989 75 yrs Husband of Erna  
ZIEGELER Herrman Johannes   17.03.1981 89 yrs    
ZIEGELER Ottilie Elsa   14.07.1979 84 yrs    
ZIEGLER Colin Maxwell   01.05.1976 48 yrs Eldest son of late Hermann & Meta, brother of Doreen, Edna, Laurie & Desmond  
ZIEGLER Otillie Meta   16.12.1972 71 yrs Wife of Hermann Rudolph, parents of Doreen, Colin, Edna, Laurie & Desmond  
ZIEGLER Hermann Rudolph   01.04.1974 79 yrs Husband of Ottillie Meta, father of Doreen, Colin, Edna Laurie & Desmond  
ZIMMERMANN Theodor Erwin 22.03.1915 Angaston, SA 21.01.1998 82 yrs AIF SX17829 Corporal 2/48 Infantry Battalion, husband of Laurel (Honey) and stepfather of Janne & Kerry Enlisted Wayville, SA,  next of kin Emma ZIMMERMANN, no digital records availabe at www.naa.gov.au

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