Walker Flat Cemetery


Current Headstone List 2007


Data and Photos gathered and compiled by Faithe Jones


BOND Ian Murray 19.09.1929 10.07.2004   Dearly loved & loving husband of Mirlene. Devoted father of Sandra, Chris & Robyn  
BROWN Eva Mary   15.11.1989 82 yrs Beloved wife of Frederick John  
BROWN Frederick John   25.10.1998 92 yrs Husband of Eva Mary  
HETTNER Alice Melva 18.10.1921 29.03.2000      
HETTNER Amanda Hermine    20.04.1971 89 yrs    
HETTNER Anna Emlie Lisette   17.12.1915 63 yrs    
HETTNER Anna Ernstine   20.01.1905 29 yrs    
HETTNER Carl Gottlieb   27.02.1914 21 yrs    
HETTNER Ernest Richard   13.04.1986 69 yrs    
HETTNER Ernst Gottlieb   13.11.1913 63 yrs    
HETTNER Friederich Wilhelm   27.08.1953 70 yrs    
HETTNER Sydney Alfred   29.04.1982 62 yrs    
KNUCKEY Ethel Christina May   08.09.1976 65 yrs Beloved wife of Laurence John  
KNUCKEY Laurence John   14.01.1978 72 yrs Husband of Ethel Christina May Masonic symbol
LANGSFORD Sidney Ernest 06.02.1918 14.07.1995   Meter Maker Extraordinaire.  Resident of Scrubby Flat.  Uncle of Joy, Fay and Douglas  
McQUIRK Liidia Rose 01.12.1978 14.02.2005   Died Tragically.  Lovingly remembered by Peter Engelmann, families and friends.  
SCADDING Arthur Benjamin 31.01.1919 16.07.1927      
SOUTH Charles Arthur Norman    15.11.1995 75 yrs PA 1380 Petty Officer R.A.N. Reserve.  Awarded the DSM.  Dearly beloved husband of Shirley Joyce, loved father of Leonard & Karen.  

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