Hahndorf St. Paul Lutheran Church Cemetery

Mount Barker Road

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The Hahndorf St. Paul's Church Cemetery has been cleared.

It operated from 1858-1881

                    The present church (St. Paul's Lutheran) is located on Mount Barker Road, Hahndorf.

A plaque is present at the front of the grounds with names of those believed to be interred there.

In the late 1840's a split developed in the Hahndorf Congregation.  One part followed Pastor Fritzche and later Pastor Strempel. 

The other part of the congregation remained faithful to Pastor Kavel.  In the years following 1851 many of these members left and founded the congregations of Nain and Gruenberg in the the Barossa Valley.  The six or seven families who remained built the St. Paul's Church which was dedicated in 1858.  The building still stands and serves as the Louise Flierl Mission Museum.

In 1874 St. Paul's congregation merged with St. Michael's congregation - this union lasted for a little over a year.  St. Paul's congregation was reformed in 1875.

By the late 1880's the old church had become dilapidated; it was decided to build a new church rather than remove the old.

The foundation stone was laid on January 8, 1890; the dedication took place on September 14, 1890.

The cemeteries of both St. Paul's and St. John's congregations were used until 1883.

Few records of the early years survive.






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