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Payneham Cemetery Prominent South Australians of the 19th and 20th centuries lie here:

 Kate Cocks, one of the first women appointed as a police officer in the British Empire;  

The Twelftree family, eminent farmers and builders;

Edward Castres Gwynne, South Australian Attorney General in 1845 and later a Supreme Court Judge;  

The Cooper family, internationally famous brewers;  

Albert Molineux, South Australian agriculture's most dynamic mind and the father of modern agricultural co-operatives in this State;  

A.E. Gerard, entrepreneur and industrialist;

Heath Nash, a member of John McDouall Stuart's exploratory party that crossed Australia in 1862;  

The Darling family, merchants, politicians and benefactors;

The Cowan family, milling, mercantile and pastoral achievers;  

Sir Shirley William Jeffries, lawyer and State Attorney General;

James Marshall, the famous Rundle Street retailer;

Sir Edward Lucas, philanthropist and politician. 

All these and many more are evidence of the importance of Payneham Cemetery to our heritage.














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