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The cemetery was constituted by a trust deed dated 1 st August 1857 , the trustees under it being Thomas Hurd Matthews, Alexander Cumming, Alexander Murray-Edwin White Kernot and Joseph Turner.

The land was donated by Thomas Matthews, who about the same time gave an area of land for the purpose of a school. The trust deed was registered in the General Registry Office, and was delivered to Alexander Murray by Messrs. Know and Hargrave in 1861, but cannot now be found.

For many years the cemetery was controlled by the District Council of Clarendon, but when the District Council of Meadows took over the District Council of Clarendon about 1934, it assumed control of the cemetery because Joseph Turner, the last surviving trustee, had died in 1929.

In 1950 the cemetery had a trust has been constituted by the District Council of Meadows and City of Mitcham . The first meeting of the new trust was held on 7 th September 1950 .

The cemetery is now controlled by the District Council of Onkaparinga.

The first burial recorded in the cemetery was that of Henry Hunt, aged 22 years on 10 th July 1853 , four years prior to the first trust deed.


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