Dawson Lone Grave




This lone grave is located about 30 metres outside the south eastern corner of the Dawson Cemetery . Attempts to identify the deceased have been unsuccessful. The local story is that the grave is one of a murderer.

In 1896 Joseph Thyer killed his wife Catherine and five of their children (they are all entered in Dawson Cem. data base). There is no evidence to say that the grave is his, but locals believe it could be.

Burial records do not prove that Joseph is buried in the graveyard, although there is a headstone there for him. It was placed by his mother, Hannah. She also placed the stones for "C E Thyer and five little ones", who were her daughter-in-law and grandchildren.

After the deaths of Catherine and the children Joseph hanged himself. His suicide could also be a reason for burial outside the graveyard. This theory could be wrong because there are other suicides, buried within the graveyard.



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