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The Chapel was built in 1851 by Moses Bendle Garlick and named after his place of birth in Gloucestershire.


Uleybury lies North - East of Adelaide, South Australia, within the Mount Lofty Ranges . It is a picturesque area and to add to it's poetic beauty it also fast becoming a new wine growing area.
Uleybury was named after Moses Bendle Garlick, a weaver who migrated from the village of Uley in Gloucestershire, England in 1837. Garlick was a pioneer settler and lay preacher and is buried within the cemetery.

This hills district reminded him of his native cotswold and he settled in the area. Garlick named the area Uleybury - Uley being after his home village and bury being the name used in Gloucestershire for a tree-covered plateau.

In 1851 Garlick built the Baptist church known as Uley Chapel at a cost of 400 pounds. Sadly the chapel and graves were vandalised quite badly during the 1970's and 1980's. On March 10, 1981, the church was demolished and today only a few headstones remain. The front boundary wall that encloses the cemetery was made from the stone of the demolished chapel. Garlick and early pioneers such as Barritt, Bowman, Ifould and McKenzie were buried in the cemetery.



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