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Alberton Cemetery is located at the end of Parker Street, Alberton.  Parker Street is a very short street which runs off Port Road, between the old alberton Baptist and Alberton Uniting Churches (neither now used as churches).  The cemetery is no longer used for burials, and has been made into a public park, with some gravestones still evident.

On 17thNovember 1847 the governor of South Australia granted 4 acres of land to St. Paul's Church of England for burials although the land was used for burials before that date. The cemetery was closed on 15th January 1874, with the last official burial being conducted in 1922.  The land was transferred to the Port Adelaide Council in 1938 and developed as a park in 1994. 

Details of the approximate 3,000 people interred are available from The Anglican Diocesan of Adelaide Archives.

The Anglican Diocesan of Adelaide Archives
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