"New" Westside Cemetery

Old Taracoola Road
Port Augusta


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The new Westside cemetery is located Old Tarcoola Road and approximately opened in 1924, apparently it is believed that some of the deceased from the old PAW Cemetery were exhumed and reburied at the new PAW cemetery, however, we do not have any record of this.  From our records though for the new PAW cemetery, (from 1924 up to approx. the mid 1940's) the only details we have of burials is a surname, initials and presumably the year of death, as at that time there must have been two separate registers for the new PAW and the new PA Cemetery. However on the odd occasion we did find some of the new PAW burials written in the new Port Augusta Cemetery register, and then eventually all burials for PAW were written in the same register up until the mid/late 1940's (1940's recorded burials for PAW are quite erratic) we presume all/most of these records were lost in the Town Hall fire or misplaced and that the details we do have within these years have been taken from the existing headstones. Burials are still undertaken at this cemetery and Council and Council's Contractor - clear rubbish, prune roses, etc, surrounding the new West Side Cemetery.  Families of deceased are responsible for caring and maintaining their relative's burial plot. At the new West Side Cemetery there are four sections which are : Afghan/Mohammed, Roman Catholic, Un-leased Protestant and Cremated Remains.

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