Crystal Brook Cemetery


A - F


Data compiled by Elizabeth Smart


336A 16 Abell Ethel Maud 1.9.1997 Born 7-10-1910 Tasmania nee Dodd. wife of Lindsay Kirk  Abell. Crystal Brook 86 Y
447- 7 Abell Frank Russell 12.12.1876 Born 17-7-1876 Nth Adelaide Son of William and Mary Ann Abell C. Brook 5mnth Y
772D 16 Abell Jessie Isabel 10.5.1960 Born 15-4-1877 C. Brook nee Wood. wife of William John Abell C.Brook 83 Y
772B  16 Abell Jessie Lulu 7.7.1962 Born 12-4-1907 Daughter of William and Mary Ann Abell. C. Brook 55 Y
336A 16 Abell Lindsay Kirk 11.1.1978 B 1-3-1902 C. Bk S of William/Jessie Isabel nee Wood. H of Ethel Maud Abell 75 Y
447- 7 Abell Lois Miles 31.7.1883 Born 11-2-1882 C. Brook. Son of William and Mary Ann Abell. C. Brook 17mnth Y
447A 7 Abell Mary Ann 30.7.1921 nee Doe. D of Leamon Doe. Wife of William John Abell Crystal Brook 76 Y
447C 7 Abell William 16.2.1925 Son of Henry E. Abel. H of Mary Ann. Crystal Brook 83 Y
447- 7 Abell William Gordon 27-1-1906 MEMORIAL Headstone. died Perth W. A. Grandson of William/Mary 1y 1m Y
772B 16 Abell William John 30.7.1954 B 5-5-1873 Nth Adelaide. Sof William Abell. H of Jessie Isabel. Crystal Brook 81 Y
856D 12 Adcock Flora 17.9.1932 B 30-9-1851 Adelaide. D of Robert Dennis. Wife of Orlando Merriton/C. Brook 81 Y
856B 12 Adcock Orlando 10.12.1935 B 1-11-1856 Williston S/Orlando H of Flora nee Dennis built home 19 Eyre Rd CBk 80 Y
665D 4 Allen  Percy Algernon  27.5.1871 Born at Gawler to William A & and Millicent Allen nee Hine.  9 Y
448D 6 Anderson Martin 26.6.1923 Born 3-2-1840 Norway. Arrived South Australia "Dochra" 1883. Crystal Brook 83 Y
    Anderson Martin   Martin was a single man, Labourer, died of Chronic nephritis at P.Pirie Hosp.    abode C. Brook    
333D 13 Anderson Una Olive 27.12.1966 D of John Boyce Hercus @ Stella Florence nee Coombes. W of Sydney.Abode? 50 Y
    Anderson Una Olive 27.12.1966 Widowed Stell Hercus later married Benjamin Cox of Crystal Brook    
490A 6 Andrew Benjamin 2.7.1924 B 13-2-1871 Moonta Son of James and Emily nee Semmens Beetaloo Valley 42 Y
895A 18 Andrew Clarence Semmens 3-3-2002 H of Marjorie nee Watson. died Laura hospital. abode Warnertown. 88 Y
394B 15 Andrew George Semmens 7.4.1975 B 26-1-1890 Adelaide. S of James/Emily. H of Olive Jessamine Beetaloo Valley 85 Y
459C 6 Andrew James 31.7.1927  B. --?--. Married 17-8-1867 Moonta Emily nee Semmens. Beetaloo Valley 82 M
895- 18 Andrew Marjorie        
394B 15 Andrew Olive Jessamine  5.6.1981 B 9-1-1894 Napperby D of Alfred Davies/Sophia Smith.W/George. Beetaloo V. 87 Y
751D 6 Andrew Solomon. 24.2.1897 B 23-10-1878 Son of James Andrew and Emily nee Semmens. Beetaloo Valy 18 M
    Andrew Solomon.   Solomon Andrew death caused from Typhoid Fever. Occupation --Laborer    
589A 7 Angel Thomas Henry 30.7.1896 Died 1888.Re-interment from Laura Cemetery.Eliz.Wife.Buried Warnertown 37 M
415A 7 Angley Emma 9.5.1923 D of James Connors. married 1873. W of Patrick Angley.   Crystal Brook. 74 Y
358A 7 Angley Mary Ann 3.01.1938 born Redhill. wife of Thomas Andrew Angley. no issue. C. Brook 58 Y
415C 7 Angley Patrick 6.11.1927 Son of James Angley married 14-4-1873 Gawler. H of Emma nee Connors CBk 85 Y
    Angley Patrick   Brn County Clare Ireland arr. 19-11-1866 "Peeress" 1880 to Redhill. 1924 C. Bk    
358C 7 Angley Thomas Andrew 26.3.1946 husband of Mary Ann Angley. no issue. Crystal Brook 63 Y
352B 13 Arbery Elaine Mary 30.6.1966 D. of Albert/Annie Button.CBk. wife of Keith Arbery,Bordertown. M of Sharon 29 Y
547D 9 Arbery Elizabeth Ann 18.2.1920 D of William Smith. Wife of Joseph Arbery. Crystal Brook 76 M
547B 9 Arbery Ella Jean 19.1.1924 Daughter of Selina and Charles Arthur Arbery. Crystal Brook 11 M
590C 8 Arbery Herbert Theodore 20.6.1909 B 19-6-1905 C,Brk S of Charles Arthur Arbery  and Selina nee Martin, C. Bk 1 day N
547A 9 Arbery Joseph 10.11.1913 2nd marriage to Elizabeth Ann Smith 1909 C. B. Father of Charles Arthur.C.B. 77 M
547B 9 Arbery Selina 14.8.1929 Daughter of Alfred Martin. Wife of Charles Arthur Arbery. Crystal Brook 53 M
352D 13 Arbery Sharon Mary 30.6.1966 Daughter of Elaine nee Button formerly C. B. and Keith of Bordertown 2.1/2y Y
  10 Arbon Anthony Charles        
527A 13 Arbon Charles Edward 7.6.1971 B 9-9-1891 C. B. Son of Frederick/Mary Parnham. H of Mabel. Crystal  Brook 78 Y
305A 16 Arbon Fanny Louisa. 16.10.1978 B 14-6-1898 nee Bunnett. wife of Beavis and Charles both deceased. C. B. 80 Y
36B 15 Arbon Gordon.Charles. 30.7.1994 B 18-4-1916 C. B. S of Charles E./Mabel nee Sloper. H of Desma Myrtle. C. Bk 78 Y
375A 11 Arbon Keith Francis 18.8.2011 B 18.3.1922 S of Thomas and Roseanna nee Cross. H of Therese. Narridy/C. Brook 89  
92D 14 Arbon Kenneth Joseph 20.7.2001 Born 4-9-1917 Naridy. 2/12th Infantry SX20179. Husband of Maureen C. Brook 83 Y
527C 13 Arbon Mabel. 9.1.1936 B 28-5-1894 Salter's Springs.D of Thomas Sloper. W of Chas. Edwin. C. Brook 40 Y
92B 14 Arbon Maureen Lucy 7.8.2005 B 10-9-1925Pt. Brghton D of Sydney Sclanders/Lucy nee Bickhoff W of "Ken" 79 Y
354B 11 Arbon Murray Charles 10/08/2012 B 28.8.1924 S of Thomas/Roseanna Veronica nee Cross. H of Myrtle Narridy/C.B 87 Y
354B 11 Arbon Myrtle Nora 1/05/2005 B 23.7.1917Bower D/Carl Theodore Thiele/Emma Clara Menz W/Murray Narridy/CB 87 Y
375 A 11 Arbon Roseanna Veronica 19.11.1964 Daughter of Samuel Cross. Wife of Thomas Arbon. Crystal Brook. 77 Y
375B 11 Arbon Thomas 17.5.1947 B 10-8-1881 Clare Son of Frederick /Mary nee Parnham. H of Roseanna C. Bk 66 Y
978 -- 19 Ashmeade Barbara Joyce 9.11.2010 B 27-2-1928 D of John Henry Cloock/Ethel Eva nee Gurney wife of Fred C. Brook 82 Y
978 -- 19 Ashmeade Frederick Leslie 14.3.2003 27-1 1921 S/ Frederick John LewisAshmeade/Florence May nee Townsend H of Barb. 82 Y
615 B 12 Avery Colin Harley 11.1.2013 B21.4.1921Orroroo S/Raymond Temple and Melinda Olive nee Toop H of Dulcie  CB 91 Y
615 B 12 Avery Gerald       Y
206D 17 Bailey Brian Robert 16.1.1979 B. 11-12-1951 S of Robert Howard Bailey and Joan. Crystal Brook 27 Y
94D 12 Bailey Paul.George. 5.3.1984 B 24-4-1966 Son of Arthur George Bailey and Joan. Crystal Brook 17 Y
592A 10 Bailey Thomas. 18.5.1929 no details on headstone. Crystal Brook 85 Y
485B 12 Baldwin Robert William 2.5.1930 infant son of Victor and Stella Baldwin, nee Mates Crystal Brook 2days M
376C 12 Baldwin Stella May 7.2.1995 B 26-6-1905Spalding. D of James Mates/Margaret McDonald W of Victor. C Bk 89 Y
376A 12 Baldwin Victor William 18.5.1963 B 17-6-1904 Petersburgh S of Francis/Elizabeth nee Haynes. H of Stella C. Bk 59 Y
592C 10 Barington Emily 13.8.1929 Crystal Brook. 81 M
503C 8 Barker Agnes Rose 3.8.1909 B 15-6-1872 Hope Valley. D of Joseph Youngman. Wife of Henry Barker. C. Bk 37 Y
708C 5 Barker Albert. 20.1.1908 Child of Henry Barker & Rose nee Youngman 7mths M
708C 5 Barker Eva Myrtle  16.11.1898 B 11-1-1895 C. Bk to Henry and Agnes Rose Barker. Crystal Brook 3 M
503C 8 Barker Henry 10.3.1932 B 17-9-1851 Adelaide William B./Mary Coulter. H of Agnes Rose. Crystal  Bk. 82 Y
717A 5 Barker Henry. 12.5.1896 B3-5-1896 Crystal Brook to Henry and Agnes Rose Barker. Crystal Brook 9days M
    Barker Henry.   Henry Barker's death was attributed to his premature birth    
717A 5 Barker Hilda May 19.9.1898 B 1-8-1897 Crystal Brook to Henry and Agnes Rose Barker. Crystal Brook. 13mths M
503C 8 Barker John Edward. 11.1.1900 Birth not recorded. Son of Henry and Agnes Rose Barker, nee Youngman. 6mths Y
717A 5 Barker Ross  17.1.1905 B 22-4-1904. C. B. Son of Henry Barker and Agnes Rose nee Youngman. C. Bk 8mths M
708C 5 Barker Walter  27.2.1903 Born 10.1.1903. Crystal Brook.Son of Henry & Rose Nee Youngman  6wks M
?? ? Barker William 29.11.1880 Father of Sarah Stuckley. Died at Crystal Bk. Burial Crystal Bk Cem unknown 80 N
717A 5 Barker Wm. Henry  6.1.1900 B 11-10-1899 Crystal Brook to Henry and Agnes Rose nee Youngman. C. Brook 2mths M
832B 13 Barnes Horace James 18.4.1957 Son of John William Barnes. H of Violet May nee Just. Clement's Gap 48 M
728C 16 Bartrum Alfred George  7.5.1953 B 11-3-1881 C. Bk. Son of Joseph and Martha nee Roe. Crystal Brook 72 Y
766A 10 Bartrum Joseph. 22.12.1946 B 12-6-1857 McLaren Vale to Joshua/Sarah Rosindale. H of Martha. Crystal Bk 89 M
766C 10 Bartrum Martha 5.6.1930 B 22-4-1854 Balhana to George/Elizabeth Gray. W of Joseph. Crystal Brook 76 M
36C 15 Baverstock Trevor.Douglas. 28.1.1994 B 27.11.1937 Burra S of Horace and Nelva Martha nee Muller. H of Kathryn C.Brook 56 Y
633A 9 Beck Gwendoline. 20 10.1906 Born 1904 at Merriton to Herbert H & Mary E nee Pryor. 2 M
288D 12 Beck Lionel William 20.5.1962 Son of Oscar William Beck. known as Bill. H of Susan. Crystal Brook 36 Y
699B 14 Beck Oscar William 13.5.1951 B. 1881 C. Bk. to Thomas/Elizabeth nee Vessy. H of Hazel Violet nee Martin. 62 Y
504C 9 Beck Selina Sarah. 20.1.1920 B18-7-1833nee CowledWife of Thomas (interred Clare 1893)GawlerClare/C. Bk 86 Y
288D 12 Beck Susan Wylie 20.5.1962 Wife of Lionel William mother of David and Margaret. Crystal Brook 40 Y
747D 10 Beck Thomas. 27.12.1912 Son of Frederick. H of Elizabeth nee Vessy. Crystal Brook. 58 M
    Beck Thomas.   Thomas Beck was an emplyee of Forgan Foundry many yrs. died Pirie Hosp    
586B 4 Behenna Charles 20.2.1912 B10-11-1844 Cornwall/mother was Ann nee Clyma H of Susanna.Wandearah   67 Y
525C 15 Behenna Charles Thomas 17.7.1944 B 22-5-1882 C. B. to Charles/Susanna Jarvis. H of Henrietta M. Koolunga. 62 Y
423D 15 Behenna Charles Thomas. 31.10.1974 B 29-1-1914 C. B. Charles/Henrietta. H of Gertrude A. nee Kirchner Koolunga 60 Y
656D 13 Behenna Diane 19.6.1948 B 11-6-1948 Crystal Bk Daughter of Herbert Alfred BehennaMelva nee Lindner 1wk Y
711B 2 Behenna Edward. 1.8.1900 B in Cornwall. Brother to Charles. Mother Ann nee Clyma. not married C. Bk 73 M
423D 15 Behenna Gertrude Anastacia 17.7.2010 25.6.1914Blyth dist D/Franz Anton Kirchner/Mary Malycha W of CharlesT.Koolunga 96 Y
525A 15 Behenna Henrietta Milley 14.12.1950 B 7-1-1886 Wandearah to Thomas Vanstone. W of Charles Thomas Snr. C. Bk 66 Y
536A 4 Behenna Herbert George 17.1.1933 B 28-6-1885 C. B. to Charles/Susanna. H of Jane May. Crystal Brook 47 Y
202B 13 Behenna Herbert.Alfred. 11.7.1983 Born 14-6-1918 C. Brook. R. A. A. F. 47794 Flight Sergeant. H. of Melva. C. Bk 65 Y
536C 4 Behenna Jane May 24.12.1964 B 1-12-1882 Long Plains nee Michael. Wife of Herbert George Behenna. C. Bk 82 Y
579D 4 Behenna Susanna 4.3.1937 B 1-1-1857 Wistow to Thomas Jarvis/Mary Duffield. H of Charles.Wandearah 80 Y
484B 13 Behenna William James 30.11.1938 B14-4-1880 to Charles/Susanna. H of Florence May ( nee Ward b .Koolunga) 58 Y
711A 2 Behenna.John Alfred Broughton . 11.12.1897 B 30-8-1894 Wandearah. S of Charles/Susanna died cancer of Eye. Wandearah 3 M
447B 7 Beland Annie Keturah 10.8.1935 B 1853 Guernsey Channel Island lived S.A. 81 yrs W of Brazillia Bye he in Interred Jamestown 82 Y
447D 7 Beland Blanch Boadicea 2.3.1906 Born Jamestown to Brazillie Bye & Annie nee Barret. Crystal Brook. 17 Y
447D 7 Beland Hurtle Providance 9.3.1976 B 11-8-1887 Dawson Son  of Brazillia Bye and Annie nee Barret. C. Brook 89 Y
niche wall   Bell Ernest Thomas "Tom" 7.4.2015  B22-4-1939 H of Barbara. Darbon Tce C Brook 75 Y
349B 16 Bentley Harriet Alice 19.6.1987 B 28-12-1888 Watervale nee Perrin. W of Murray. Koolunga/Crystal Brook 98 Y
336D 16 Bentley Murry Charles. 18.10.1971 B 22-11-1884 Koolunga Sof George/Harriet Fuller. H of Harriet Koolunga/C. B. 87 Y
937 .   Berry John Joseph 23.10.2012 Born 19-1-1927 86 Y
571A 12 Bettison Sarah. 30.4.1932 B1-9-1854 Adealaide William Hillier/Mary Parkham. W of William Crystal Bk. 74 M
571C 12 Bettison William.Elias. 24.7.1903 B 18-4-1860 Bagot's Well to Moses/ Louisa Harvey. H of Sarah. Crystal Brook 74 M
118D 13 Bilney Ronald Hartley. 26.8.1994 H of Colleen. Kadina 54 M
118B 13 Bilney Rosemarie Annette. 11.3.1986 B 29-7-1970 Daughter of Ronald Hartley Bilney and Colleen. Crystal Brook 15 Y
487d D 9 Binney George. 30.6.1905 S of Charles. 1st H of Alice Eliza nee Watson(2nd Henry Dayman) Rocky River 38 Y
504D 9 Binney Honor 11.12.1916 B5-11-1843Willunga D of Thomas Marshall/Honor Williams W of William C Bk 73 Y
661B 8 Binney Mary Jane 17.7.1908 B 9-4-1852 Willunga. D of James Binney/Elizabeth nee Boundy. C. Bk 67 M
504B 9 Binney William Henry. 19.7.1909 B 12-10-1884 Willunga S of James/ Elizabeth nee Boundy. H of Honor. C. B. 66 Y
724A 12 Bird Alice Elizabeth 21.7.1952 B 18-5-1870 Stirling to David Shepherd/ Sarah Mayer. W/James Crystal Brook 82 Y
niche wall 1 D Bird Emma Matilda 12/02/1961 nee Altman born 2-7-1887 Wilmington Wof Frederick Bird, interred Pt Augusta 74 Y
    Bird Emma Matilda   Frederich Bird b13-3-1880 Kersbrook H of Emma nee Altman. Interred Pt Augusta    
724C 12 Bird James 18.9.1952 B 22-9-1859 Ward Farm to John/ Mary Ayres. H of Alice. Crystal Brook 92 Y
724C 12 Bird Thomas Arthur 20-9-1940 Memorial. Born 10-7-1910 Laura. Son of James Bird and Alice nee Shepherd 30 Y
860B 16 Birmingham Arthur Edward 22.1.1959 father of Gwendoline Marjory Newitt. grave no. 135D. retired to Crystal Brook 78 M
449D 5 Black Henry. 28.7.1925 B 4-6-1861 Munno Para. S of Samuel/Ann nee Stow. Crysral Brook 64 M
867- 19 Bland Ronald George 26-9-2005 B 29-9-1922 Medindie Son of Thomas/Myrtle nee Uzzell. H of Valma. Pt. Pirie 83 Y
867 - 19 Bland Valma Pearl 12/12/2015   88 Y
510C 15 Blowes Clara Louise 20.10.1992 B 28-9-1896 P. Lincoln D of Alfred Oswald. wife of Percival Arthur. C. Brook 96 Y
510C 15 Blowes Percival Arthur 8.8.1947 Son of Frederick. H of Clara Louise nee Oswald. married Tumby B. C. Brook 43 Y
    Blowes Percival Arthur   Percival b.Saddleworth.He was the Railway Station Master C Brook at death --Heart    
575A 8 Boehm Amanda Emily 15.6.1917 B 29-1-1897 Mingary D of John and Mary nee Arbery. Crystal Brook 20 M
546C 8 Boehm Charles Fred 10.1.1911 Born 19-9-1909 C. Brook son of John Boehm and Mary nee Arbery. C. Brook 15mths M
546C 8 Boehm John 9.9.1938 S of George. H of Mary. Cast Iron Marker. Crystal Brook 83 M
503A 8 Boehm John Talbot  3.7.1943 B 26-9-1889 Hopetown. S of John/Mary nee Arbery. Pt. Pirie West 52 M
503A 8 Boehm Lorna Selma 9.4.1919 B 21-8-1918 C. Bk. D of John Talbot Boehm / Linda Muriel nee Farmilo. C Bk 11mths M
573A 8 Boehm Lynda Muriel 14.6.1942 B at Laura D of Job Farmilio/Harriet Martlew. Wife John Talbot Boehm of C  Brook 50 M
546A  8 Boehm Mary 19.10.1915 B 24-12-1864 Mt. Gullett D of Joseph Arbery/Eliz. nee Smith. W of John. C. B. 51 M
33D 12 Bolton Avilda Doreen  31.7.1984 B 7-1-1919 C. Bk. D of Peter Meyers/Margaret ne Siviour. W.A.A.F.     Hawker 65 Y
175D 15 Borgmeyer Clara 5.7.1983 Daughter of Ferdinand Zilm married at Maitland to Oscar Bormeyer Crystal Bk 90 Y
175D 15 Borgmeyer Oscar (Memorial ) 16.4.1943 B 9-3-1893 Son of Charles and Sophia nee Isaacson Interred at Pt. Lincoln 50 Y
504A 9 Both RaymondWilliamSamuel 4.6.1917 Son of Robert Samuel die Private Hospital C.Brook. Abode Merriton( Railways) 10 M
595D 13 Bowden Horace Edwin 11.11.1934 Born at Hawker Son of Henry & Fanny nee Coote. Crystal Brook. 49 M
598D 16 Bowes Flora Elda 19.12.1996. B 29-8-1915 daughter of Albert P. Tucker. wife of Maxwell S. Bowes. C. Brook 81 Y
598D 16 Bowes Maxwell Bruce 18.8.1971 B 11-2-1944 C. Bk son of Maxwell Samuel Bowes/ Flora Elda nee Tucker. 27 Y
598D 16 Bowes Maxwell Samuel 15.7.1983 Born 24-4 1910 Jamestown. 2/10th Infantry SX443. Husband of Flora C. Brook 73 Y
597C 15 Bown Betty Constance 4.12.2000 Wife of William Bown. Formerly Mrs. Maurice Munday Crystal Brook 78 Y
249A 17 Bown William John 11-5-2004 B 18-10-1928 H of Mary (dec) and Betty formerly Mrs Munday C. Brook 86 Y
397B 12 Braddock Arthur Benjamin 24.10.1972 B 31-5-1886 C. B. Son of Edwin/Minnie. H of Rosinna. Crystal Brook 86 Y
632A 8 Braddock Edwin 2.1.1924 son of William. H of Minna nee Hillegeist. Crystal Brook 87 Y
413C 5 Braddock Ellen Theresa 25.11.1945 Daughter of Martin McGowan. wife of William Edwin Braddock. Crystal Bk 77 Y
632A 8 Braddock Minna 2.3.1893 nee Hillegeist. married 1863 Yadlamalka. W of Edwin. Crystal Brook 46 Y
397D 12 Braddock Rosina 29.12.1960 B 29-12-1900 C. Bk D of Henry Barker/Agnes nee Youngman. W of Arthur.C. Bk 60 Y
266B 11 Bradley Charles Bruce.  24.3.1954 B1937single died/Concussion/abrasions to face at Crystal Brook Hosp.  Wandearah 17 M
441B 13 Bradock Charles Thomas 6.05.1956 B 5.5.1869 Quorn S of Edwin and Minna nee Hillegeist. Died Pt Pirie Hosp. Single of C. Brook 87 Y
niche wall Bradock Daphne "Dawn" 30.1.2004 B 16-10-1925 C. Brook D of John James Bradock @ Emily Adelaide neeStacey 88 Y
786C 15 Bradock Emily Adelaide 11.5.1968 B 12-8-1885 Jamestown D of Walter Stacey. Wife of John James. Crystal Brook 82 Y
413C 5 Bradock Ernest Charles 18.2.1895 Born 21.3.1893 Son of William & Ellen nee McGowan. Crystal Brook. 22mths Y
786A 15 Bradock John James 31.7.1954 B 5-2-1879 Pichi Richi Sof Edwin. H of Emily. Adelaide 77 Y
334A 14 Bradock Lenard 24.6.1968 B 14-4-1927 C. Bk S of John James Bradock/Emily Stacey H of Barbara. Yacka 41 Y
852C 8 Brechin Charles 19.4.1880 B 6.10.1877 at Edinsurgh. Son of Peter and Margaret nee McGregor. Wandearah 2.1/2 Y
    Brechin Charles   Charles Brechin died of Scalds to Legs and Abdomen at Wandearah    
    Brechin Charles   Peter, Margaret @ other  children Isabella and Angus buried at Wanderah cemetery    
550D 12 Bridgman Beverly Brian 30.3.1930 B 4-7-1918 Balaclava S of John H./Ethel nee Letts.Eudunda Farmers Crystal B 11 Y
36D 15 Brine Mabel Eveleen. 2.8.1993 B22-12-1902 Telowie D of George Richter/Agnes nee Bonham.Wof William.Pirie 90 Y
    Brine Mabel Eveleen.   William Hilton Brine Born 5-1-1896 Napperby. Died 29-3-1997 buried Centenial Pk    
122D 17 Brinkley Gary Shaun. 29.4.1970 son of Malcom and Valda Brinkley nee Skipworth. Crystal Brook 3 Y
131A                      17 Brinkley Malcolm Lyall 27/08/2008 B 16-4-1938 Snowtown Reginald J./Ida L.G.nee MacGregor. H of Valda. C. Bk 70 Y
699D 14 Bristow Hazel Violet 28.1.1969 B18-3-1897 C.B.nee Martin/formerly Mrs Oscar Beck/Wof Leonard.Walkerville 70 Y
niche w E2 Broadbear Lily Ella 0-0-1990 B 24-7-1904Williamstwn D of ArthurJ.Vinall/Alice nee Edmonds.W of Owen CB 86 Y
niche w E1 Broadbear Owen Lawrence 0-0-1993 B 29-7-1906 Pt. Germein S of Samuel/Florence nee Crittenden H of Lily. C. Bk 87 Y
701B 12 Broadbent Mary Hill. 7.1.1931 Exhumed .Buried with Husband At Whyalla 1936.  Beetaloo 65 Y
199A 10 Broekx Gerardus Martinus 24.3.1970 B 21-10-1914 Holland Husband of Kathe. Arrive S.A. 8-3-1954. Crystal Brook 55 Y
199A 10 Broekx Kathe (Katie) 24.9.2001 B 17-1-1912 Germany. nee Hofmann. ArrIve S.A. 8-3-1954. Wife of Gerardus.CB  89 Y
597B 15 Brown  Eleanor Elizabeth 20.5.1947 Born 6.4.1873 TeaTree Gully.D of David Steele and Elizabeth nee McGilton   71 M
706B 7 Brown Andrew 1.3.1886 Son of Andrew. second marriage 1876 Balhanna to Mary Ann Bryson C. Bk 43 Y
834A 11 Brown Donald 1.6.1925 Infant son of David Thomas Brown,  Tailor of Crystal Brook 4hrs M
    Brown Eleanor Elizabeth   Married1910Koolunga at D. Steele home to William Henry Brown(dec)  Gawler    
niche wall 7E Brown Fay 6/01/2015 Born 4-10-1927 wife of Bill 87 Y
706B 7 Brown Mary Ann. 4.5.1906 D of ThomasMount.2nd W of Andrew Brown.M. of T.M,R.J,J.F.Bryson Narridy 66 Y
200A 11 Browne Thomas 10.9.1966 B 2-2-1886 Narridy. H of Mary nee Kirchner who is interred Adelaide 2000 80 Y
445A 9 Bryant John 15.10.1905 A Sailor who died of Heart failure whilst at Crystal Bk no family.Bk24 page 415 75 M
483A 14 Bryden Adam Jedden 22.12.1941 B. Hoyleton. Son  of William .married Mary Ann at Booleroo. abode Laura 84 Y
421A 13 Bryden Florence Ferrol 7.10.1992 30-9-1908 C. Bk D of WilliamJ.Abell/Jessie nee Wood Wof HoraceC.B/MtGambr 83 Y
421A 13 Bryden Horace Elmo  17.1.1962 B 8-7-1900 Muraytown S of Adam. Hof Ferrol 61 Y
483A 14 Bryden Mary Ann 29.8.1929 B25-5-1857 Evanstown nee Mildren D of William. W of Adam. Crystal Brook 73 Y
421A 13 Bryden William Mostyn (Ashes) 22.4.1978 Born 14-2-1937 C. Brook son of Horace/ Ferrol nee Abell. Adelaide. 41 Y
810C 10 Bryson Eleanore E  0.0.1947 D of Robert Bryson and Emma nee Williams 71 M
703D 10 Bryson John Leslie Fife 2.12.1912 H/ Rose.Son of Robert & Mary Ann nee Mount.  Born Balhanna. 47 Y
703B 10 Bryson Rose. 26.8.1961 B 3-6-1875 Belalie. D of William Wilkin/Ellen Wood. Wof John F. Bryson 82 Y
810C 10 Bryson William John Kay 1.2.1921 Son of Robert James Bryson & Emma nee  Williams 20 Y
546B 8 Budd William Alfred 1.9.1910. son of Edward Haywood Budd. 1st wife unknown, no record of her death SA 83 Y
    Budd William Alfred   2nd wife Mrs. Eliza Maynard nee Cowled at Merriton 1882. Early pioneer C. Bk    
542C 4 Bullock Nancy Baronia 24.1.1941 Wife of John Graham  Bullock Daughter of G & Florence Simmonds 26 Y
859C 15 Bunnett Peggy Lorraine 6.6.1959 Born 25.7.1949.  Daughter of Thomas & Letty Bunnett 9 Y
859A 15 Bunnett Thomas Gordon Charles 2.9.1985 Born 19-8-1920 Mt. Barker. 2/4th Armoured Reg. SX23285 Husband of Lettie 65 Y
225C 8 Burford Clifford.Albert. 18.12.1992 Born 20-4-1922 Blyth. 2/1st Armoured Brigade. Husband of Lila. C. Brook 70 Y
225C 8 Burford Lila Grace 16.4.1999 B 27-9-1923 Hnd of Blyth D of Henry Charles Wilkins/Elizabeth nee Brereton 75 Y
    Burford Lila Grace   Lila Grace Burford wife of Clifford Burforf of C. Bk    
949C 18 Burgess Bernice "Joan"     88  
949C 18 Burgess Neil Hamilton 14.7.2000 B 17-8-1919. husband of Bernice Joan Burgess. Gulnare/Crystal  Brook 80 Y
711A 2 Burgess Sarah Anne 25.2.1889 B 1855 Wistow D/Thomas Jarvis/MaryA.nee Duffield H of George Burgess 6 children 33 M
854A 10 Burns Juanita Victoria  25.1.1925 born 16-9-1887 Wandearah D. of Richard James Dennis W of Samuel G Burns 38 Y
861C 17 Burton Geoffry Alan 27-7-1951 Son of Hector Maurice Burton. Railway Ganger of Merriton 11wks M
395B 14 Busbridge Alfred James. 11.10.1968 B 19-9-1883 MudlaWirra S/James/Sarah nee Harvey Hof Mary Alice nee Luxon @ 85 Y
    Busbridge Alfred James.   Mrytle Olive D of James Reid m 1929 Brompton. Mrytle deceased at Clare    
291A 15 Button Albert Bly 1.11.1973 B 15-4-1898 hnd Pirie. S of John/Elizabeth Crouch. H of A. E. "Rose" C.Bk 75 Y
291A 15 Button Annie Elizabeth "Rose" 6-5-1998 19-12-1902 Laura. D/Ernest Maywald/Mary Baldock. W of Albert. CB/Somerton 95 Y
217A 16 Button Doris Mabel 30.4.2009 B 9.6.1914 D of John J O'Shaughnessy/Mabel Ferme. W of Rex. Mundoora CBk 94 Y
306A 15 Button Dossie Agnes Alice 15.6.1981 B23-6-1896 Mundoora. D of Walter Button and Eleanor nee McGilton.Adelaide  85 Y
509A 14 Button Eleanor 29.10.1941 B24-8-1873 Redhill. D of Hugh McGilton. W of Walter. Crystal Brook 69 Y
676B 8 Button Elizabeth 10.7.1935 B29-5-1860 Paracombe. D of Stephen Crouch. W of John. Crystal Brook 75 M
723B 11 Button Harry 13.3.1921 B 9-3-1921 son of Walter Henry Button and Ida Ann nee Pritchard. 4days M
    Button Harry   Died at Flinders Hospital (C. Brook) due to persistant Duetus Arteriosus/Cyanosis    
811A 11 Button Ivan. 21.6.1924 B 6-6-1924 C. B. son of  Donald A. Button and Selina nee Hart Crystal Brook 14days M
676D 8 Button John 22.6.1942 B 18-1-1859 Aldinga. S of William/Margaret Flanagan. H of Elizabeth C. Bk 84 M
538D 2 Button Murry John 2.3.1946 Son of John McFarlene Button /Caretaker Beetaloo Valley. 14 Y
217A 16 Button Rex Howard. 15.9.1977 B 22-11-1914 Husband of Doris Mabel nee O'Shaughnessy. Mundoora. 62 Y
502B 7 Button Ruby Lorna. 9.7.1925 B 9-6-1923 Pirie West. D of Harry Benjamin Thomas Button/ Ruby nee Davidson 2 M
509C 14 Button Walter John 7.8.1959 B14-10-1867 Lyndock. S of Edwin and Ann nee Earle. H of Eleanor Crystal Bk 91 Y
370D 6 Cain Charles 7.5.1910 Son of Edward. Husband of Margaret nee Quinlivan. Crystal Brook 69 Y
329A 9 Cain Cyril Francis 22.4.1929 B 19-6-1896 Pt. Wakefield. Sof Thomas. H of Margaret nee Sauntry. C. Brook 32 Y
370B 6 Cain Margeret 29.12.1917 daughter of Daniel Quinlivan. wife of Charles Cain Crystal Brook 73 Y
329C 9 Cain Thomas 4.9.1929 B 15-12-1849 Adelaide. S of Thomas/Jane  Gribble. H of Margaret. C. BK 79 Y
767A 11 Cameron Leslie Roy 24.6.1945 Premature twin son of Simkin Cameron, C. Brook 24hrs M
767A 11 Cameron Trevor John. 24.6.1945 Premature twin son of Simkin Cameron. C. Brook 8 hrs M
673B 5 Campbell Fred John Thomas 27.1.1914 B 19-10-1913 Huddleston Son of William Campbell and Harriett nee Lambert 3mths M
461C 8 Campbell Frederick Lionel 13.8.1911 B 27-7-1852 Adelaide S of CharlesJ.F. maried in 1880to Janet nee Enock.C.Bk 59 Y
439A 15 Campbell Robert Staveley 8-1-1940 born/died Crystal Bk. Son of Donald Max Campbell of Redhill 18days M
269C 8 Canny Nicholas William 12.11.1997 B 23-9-1928 Orroroo Son of William/Mary Marron.Catholic Preist @ C. Brook 69 Y
 110A 5 Canny Thomas 28.5.1909 Born County Clare Ireland. 66yrs inSA.unmarried. Died of heart failure at C. Bk 77 No
    Canny Thomas   Thomas Canny death reported by a brother-in-law. unreadable surname of C. B    
865C   Carr Michael Dominic. 17.4.1929 Son of Andy Carr & Elizabeth nee Carling. Below the fence line.C/Brook 68 No
672D 4 Carter Albert Brook 28.5.1934 B 5-2-1877 C. B. S of John/Hannah nee Condon. H of Ethel Nellie. C. Brook 56 Y
672C 4 Carter Anne (or Johanna/Hannah?) 5-1-1894 Born Ireland. D of John Condon. Wife of John Carter. Crystal Brook 59 M
672D 4 Carter Annie Gertrude. 13.5.1897 B 14-9-1871 D. of John Crossley/Elizabeth Haywood. 1st wife of Richard Henry 25 M
672A 4 Carter Colin Russell 10.4.1904 Son of Richard J H. & Elizabeth Carter.nee McMartin. 3mths M
672D 4 Carter Ethel Nellie 21.5.1958 Wife of Albert Brooks Carter.D. of Abel Rice & Rebeccanee Ward 77 Y
628D 4 Carter John. 15.7.1915 Born North Ireland. S of Robert. H of Ann nee Condon. Crystal brook 79 M
310B 11 Case Elizabeth Ann 30.7.1961 Daughter of John Higgins. wife of Herbert S. J. Case. Crystal  Brook ? Y
310A 11 Case Herbert Seth Joseph 5.5.1949 B 20-3-1886 Jamestown. S of Isaac P./Naomi Silverthorne. H. of Elizabeth. CB 63 Y
niche w A2 Castledine Dorothy Joyce 9-4-1990 B 1-9-1920 Adelaide D of Edward W./Daisy Amy Duance. W of Stafford Gerald 69 Y
249B 17 Cavenagh  Martin 15.6.1934. Birth not found in SA 71 M
719C 7 Chambers Ada Lilian 12.10.1888 B 28-6-1888 Pt. Pirie daughter of John Chambers/Louisa nee Crouch C, Brook 3mths Y
719C 7 Chambers John Benjamin 26.10.1892 B 19-9-1885 C. Brook son of John Chambers/Louisa nee Crouch. C. Brook 7yrs Y
719C 7 Chambers Leonard John 15.11.1916 Memorial. B. 25-6-1898 C. Brook son of John/Louisa nee Crouch. Died France 18 Y
850A 6 Chesson Arthur Bowman 19.5.1901  Born 24.10.1899 at Crystal Brook Son of John & Emma nee Hugo. 1 M
400C 9 Clancy Edward M 14-2-1921 B 9-2-1921 Narridy Son of Francis Maurice Clancy/Miriam nee Turley Narridy 9days M
400A 9 Clancy Jean Louvain 28.4.1922 B26-5-1915 Hund of Moody. D. Francis Maurice and Miriam nee Turley. Narridy 7 M
373B 9 Clancy Maud Alice 3.11.1925 B 19-2-1911 Narridy D of Francis Maurice Clancey/Miriam nee Turley. Narridy 14 M
702A 11 Claridge Robert McMurtrie 25.12.1920 born 9-6-1920 C. Brook Son of Mervyn @ Christina nee McMurtrie. C. Brook 6mths M
484D 13 Clark Majory Nell 19.10.1936 daughter of Mark Weston. W of Montmorency Sydney Clark,  HamleyBridge 38 Y
463B 10 Clarke Angus 27.9.1912 Born 12-9-1828 Jurby on Isle of Man Scotland. Arr SA April 1885"White Cloud" 83 Y
    Clarke Angus   to Crystal Bk in 1896. husband of Harriett nee Rice. Broth A.E.Sunter Clarke     
636A 12 Clarke Annie. 5.11.1933 Born 12-6-1898 Narridy. Daughter of James and Elizabeth Clarke. Findon 36 Y
463D 10 Clarke Edward McQarrie 5.3.1922 Son of Amy and Alfred Edward Sunter Clarke. Crytsal Brook 3yrs Y
463D 10 Clarke Harriet S 14.6.1918 Born Sheffield 1838 daughter of John Rice. wif eof Angus Clarke C. Brook 80 Y
655B 14 Clarke James Alexander 20.2.1948 Son of James Henry Clarke and Margaret nee Herrick. Warnertown 16 Y
393C 16 Clarke James Henry 6.3.1981  4-6-1891Pirie distSofThomasHenry/Margaret ForemanH/Margaret AlisonWarntw 89 Y
niche wall 15C Clarke Lois Maise 22/10/2003  10-9-1931 D of Roy Lines/Maise nee Martens of Gladstone. W of Robert Warn twn 72 Y
655D 14 Clarke Margaret 7.12.1950 Born Clare     daughter of Henry Foreman       Wife of Thomas F. Clarke of       Warnertown 83 Y
393A 16 Clarke Margaret Alison 2-5-1977 B 13-3-1892 Sellicks D of Edward Herrick. Wof James Henry.Warnertown 85 Y
niche wall 14C Clarke Robert Andrew 1/12/2006 Born 22-12-1925 H of Lois Maise nee Lines farmer of Warnertown 80 Y
481D 16 Clarke Shirley Margaret 21.3.1944 Born C. Brook. daughter of Alfred Clarke (aSoldier) died of Scarletina 1yr10m M
682B 14 Clarke Thomas Francis 29-4-1958 Husband of Margaret Clarke nee Foreman of Warnertown 85 Y
505B 10 Cliff Archibald 2.6.1929 Born 22-7-1877 Baroota Son of Henry Cliff and Christina nee Beyer 42 Y
610D 17 Cliff Lillian Daisy 10.7.1966  27-3-1891 Pirie Dsict. D of Charles Mathews/Ann nee Rivett W of S.Saint/R.Cliff 75 Y
610B 17 Cliff Randal Leslie 26.6.1984 B 24-7-1894 Noarlunga S of William/Agnes nee Beyer. 2nd H of Lillian. C. Brook 89 Y
664D 5 Clinton Emily Caroline 18.7.1951 born 27-9-1868 C. Brook D of Heinrich F. Slater and Jane nee Shuttleworth 84 M
    Clinton Emily Caroline   Married Joseph Flavel 1st. Later married John Edward Clinton. Crystal Brook    
50C 14 Clinton Horace Thomas 24.12.1991 B 23-9-1909 S of John  E. Clinton/Emily H of Laura Myra (Bridie) Crystal Bk 81 Y
752B 5 Clinton John Edward. 10.6.1930 H of Emily C. Born in Ireland.  Father of Vera Symons 78 M
50C 14 Clinton Laura Myra Bridie 20.3.2001 B 1-3-1907 Laura D of George Kidd/Clara nee Boehm. W of Horace Crystal Bk 94 Y
496C 1 Clinton Mary. 16.1.1903 Is Mary the mother/John Edward Clinton, his father was John/as was her husband? 66 M
568A 15 Close Charles.Berry. 7.6.1945 B 21-6-1889 Moonta Sof William/Ellen nee Gusling. H of Emma nee Clarke. CB 55 Y
568C 15 Close Emma 5.5.1967 b.10-2-1888 Wirrabara D of Cornelius Clarke/Lavinia Drury. W of Charles C. B 79 Y
708B 5 Close Eva.Emma 27.11.1930 daughter of Arthur Phillips. wif eof Charles Henry Close Crystal Brook 69 Y
708B 5 Close Ivy Florence. 28.10.1898 B 30-8-1893 Adelaide D of James Henry Close/ Eva Emma nee Phillips. C. Bk 5 Y
708D 5 Close James Henry 5.9.1914 son of James. married 1884 Eudunda.H. of  Eva Emma nee Phillips C. Bk 56 Y
    Close Kathleen May   Wife of Mr. Leslie Eddy (deceased C. Bk) and Stanley Clarkson Close.    
204B 15 Close Kathleen May. 27.6.1989 B 16-4-1908Merriton D. of Edward Joseph Kiely and Mary Ann Keane. C. Bk 81 Y
niche A14 Close Kevin Dean 5-5-1991 B 19-5-1924 C. Bk son of Charles Berry Close/Emma nee Clarke. H of Nancy 67 Y
niche wall   Close Nancy Elizabeth 16/05/2009 Born 30-5-1924 wife of Kevin Deane. Died Queensland -- fomerly of Adelaide 84 Y
204B 15 Close Stanley Clarkson 28.7.1990 B 25-5-1911. S of Charles B. Close. 2nd. H of Kathleen May(Eddy) C. Brook 79 Y
218D 15 Clothier Fanny Helen Dorothy. 27.11.1970 daughter of John Andrew. Wife of Frederick James Clothier.   Rosscommon 72 Y
745C 12 Clothier Florence Robina 27.7.1953 B 7-8-1874 Julia Creek D of John Inglis/Robina nee Miller. W of Isaac C. Brook 78 Y
218B 15 Clothier Frederick James. 19.1.1969 b 15-9-1895 Wokurna Sof John/Rosina Anderson. H of Fanny Rosscommon CB 73 Y
745A 12 Clothier Isaac Battison 30.8.1955.  B 26-5-1879 Hilton son  of John/Elizabeth nee Wood. H of Florence. C. Brook 75 Y
893- 18 Clothier James Eric 3.3.2000 Son of Michael and Anne. Crystal Brook. 14 Y
627C 1 Combe Agnes Eliza 5.3.1891 B 14-8-1870 Myponga D of Henry G.Combe/Eliza Dunstan "Azile"  Merriton 20 Y
    Combe Agnes Eliza   Agnes Eliza Combe died of Pulmonary Tuberculosis, 6 yrs duration    
627B 1 Combe Eliza. 14.7.1887 b 6-2-1844 Cornwall. D of William @ Mary Dunstan. W of HenryGeorge Merriton 43 Y
627 C 1 Combe Ernest Dunstan  30.9.1868 Memorial. B 9-9-1867 Myponga. Buried Myponga. S of Henry George/Eliza 1yr Y
637B 13 Combe Florence May 24.10.1934 25-7-1873 Kadina D of Thomas Beck/Selina nee Cowled. W of J. Cam. Combe 61 Y
696A 17 Combe Gary 30-3-2003 born 30-3-1952 C. Bk. son of Laurence and Maxine. H of Judy. Townsville 51 Y
773A 17 Combe Graham Lindsay M. 18-4-2004 B.19-11-1941S.of Mervyn/Pearl Schuller Wof Vivienne nee Jackson.Merriton.CB 62 Y
627D 1 Combe Henry George 10.12.1934 B 17-8-1840 Kent Eng. S of Matthew/Irene nee Manser. H of Eliza. Merriton CB 94 Y
    Combe Henry George   Arrived SA 13-9-1853, Myponga, to Merriton 1873 Pioneers of District    
637D 13 Combe James Campbell 24.7.1956 H of Florence May.Son of Henry George & Eliza nee Dunston Crystal Brook. 81 Y
337C 17 Combe James Noel 20.4.1996 Born 25-12-1912 Ardrossan. R. A. A. F. 27659.Flight Sergeant. H. of Joy.C. Bk 83 Y
337C 17 Combe Joy 26.8.1999 B 1-8-1917 D of Matthew P. Pavy. wife of James Noel Combe. C.B no issue 82 Y
596A 14 Combe Julius Francis 2.9.1961  B 7-6-1884 C. B. son of Henry G./Eliza Dunstan. H of Winifred. Merriton 78 Y
696A 17 Combe Laurence Wilson. 17.12.1996 Born 20-5-1926C. Bk.Son of Julius/Winifred nee Wilson. H of Maxine. Merriton 70 Y
627C 1 Combe Mary "Jane"  Idonia 15.6.1885 B 29-1-1869 Myponga D of Henry G. Combe and Eliza nee Dunstan Merriton 16 Y
181C 9 Combe Mervyn George. 20.9.1993 B. 27-10-1912 C. Bk. R. A. A. F. 27466 Sergeant. H. of Pearl .Merriton/C. Brook 80 Y
181A 9 Combe Pearl Elizabeth 8-5-1994 B11-4-1909 D of Herman A. Schuller/Ruth E. Inglis. W of Mervyn Merriton C. B. 85 Y
306C 15 Combe Rachel Edna 29.11.1973 B 18-10-1901 Norwood D of Henry Gadd/Rachel nee Filsell W of Reg Combe CB 72 Y
306C 15 Combe Reginal Campbell Henry 28.5.1981 B 4-7-1903Ardrossan S of J.Campbell Combe/Florence ne Beck.H/Rachel E. CB 77 Y
829A 16 Combe Sarah More 10.7.1957 B 16-6-1884 C. B. D. of George Moore Wilson/Davidson. W of William Combe 73 Y
627A 1 Combe W H  11.6.1910 infant son of William Henry and Sarah Moore Combe nee Wilson. Merriton SB M
829C 16 Combe William Henry 25.5.1973 B 18-12-1877 C. B. S. of Henry G./Eliza nee Dunstan. H of Sarah. Merriton. 95 Y
596C 14 Combe Winifred Mary. 26.5.1944 B 31-5-1899Merriton D of George Wilson/MaryA.nee Davidson W of Julius C. Bk 47 Y
641A 17 Cope Charles William 11.12.1996 BORN 19-10-1932 husband of Maye nee Roach. E.W.@ S. Crysatl Brook 64 Y
641A 17 Cope Mabel  (May) 29/07/2012   73  
547A 9 Cornwall Mary 19.11.1927 B21-1-1879Belalie Dof David Longbottom/Mary nee Coope.H of George. Redhill 49 Y
812D 12 Cornwell "Lilly" 30.10.1937 B at Semaphore. Eliza Ann Thomas Cockerill Cornwell. C. Bk/Pt Pirie 59 Y
    Cornwell "Lilly"   widow of Jack Cornwell of 6 Afford Rd Pt. Pirie. 2 daughters    
531A 9 Cornwell Bessie (Twin) 30.11.1919 B 29-11-1919 C. Bk D of George Graham Cornwell/ Mary nee Longbottom C. Bk 2hrs Y
812D 12 Cornwell Gwendolyn Muriel 11-9-1978 daughter of Jack and Lily, sister of ILVA Cornwell 69 Y
812B 12 Cornwell John (Jack) 14.11.1932 Crystal Brook. 58 Y
531A 9 Cornwell Nellie (Twin) 2.12.1919 B 29-11-1919 C. Bk. D of George Graham Cornell/ Mary nee Longbottom. C. Bk 2days Y
531A 9 Cornwell Winifred Hazel 27.1.1921 B 12.11.1909 C. Bk D of George Graham and Mary nee Longbottom     
806D 6 Cottle John Mason. 22.3.1904 B 26-5-1862 Kooringa S of Samuel /Rachel Bolston. H of Marrianna. C. Brook 41 Y
806D 6 Cottle Marianna 19.12.1928 B 17-10-1859 Macclesfield. D of william Lister/Ruth Sheard. H of John C. Bk 69 Y
niche  wall Cottle Warren Lister 2-2-2002 B 15.7.1930 C. Brook S of Horace Cottle, Brandis St C. Brook H of Helen nee Lyon 71 Y
941 19 Cousins Andrew James 20.9.2014 B 26-8-1926 Burra Sa of Patrick/Hanora   husband of Patricia Spalding/Jamestown 88 Y
941 . 19 Cousins Patricia Mary 11/05/2012 B 3-12-1927 Alberton D of David Fitzgerald/Annie Crighton W/Andrew Spalding CB 84 Y
437A 17 Cousins Susanne Lorraine 6.3.1997 W of Peter. Crystal Brook 37 Y
77B   Couzner Jean May 7.12.2013 husband of Ronald of Jamestown 86  
50A 14 Couzner Margaret Mary Ann Pearl 8/04/2009 Born 12-10-1936 wife of Oswald of Brandis St Crystal Bk -- midwife @ Hospital 72 Y
50A 14 Couzner Oswald James 2.5.1992 B 20-2-1938 Husband of Margaret C. Brook 54 Y
51C 13 Couzner Paul James. 22.3.1991 Son of Ronald Brian and Jean. Jamestown was working Mt Tom Price West Aust 28 Y
77B   Couzner Ronald Brian 9.8.2009 husband of Jean. Father of Paul James. Jamestown 82  
590A? 8 Coventry Dorothy Elsie Violet 3-11-1919 Daughter of William Charles Coventry 2y 4m N
34D 13 Coventry Florence EvelynEliza 6-3-2006 B 27-10-1919C.Bk D of John Henry Talbot/ElizaMary Oxlade. W of Robey. C. Bk 86 Y
590A 8 Coventry Herbert 0/9/1919. Baby.Crystal Brook. ? M
34D 13 Coventry Roby Charles. 12.2.1988 B 1-8-1913 son of William Charles Coventry. H of Florence. Crystal Brook 74 Y
niche wall Cowey Cyril Edwin 16.2.2009 Born 19.2.1921 husband of Gladys                                                          C Bk 87 Y
niche wall Cowey Gladys 14-4-2005 Born 7.7.1920 wife of Cyril Edwin Cowey                                                  C Bk 84 Y
446C 8 Cowled Margarette ''Maggy'' 25.7.1908 B 27.9.1871 Mallala D of Alexander Lawson/Eliza Brown wife of Oswald Harold 37 Y
758- 2 Cox Albert George Henry 00.00.1891 B 12-8-1883 C. Bk. Son of Edward/Augusta Wilimenia Christina nee Reese 8 M
411B 3 Cox Alfred Henry 14.10.1915 Husband of Mary Marcella.Son of Luke Cox & Hannah nee Saunders. 56 M
411A 3 Cox Alfred Myles 27.1.1939 B 29-6-1900 S of Alfred Henry Cox/Mary Marcella nee Garrigan. Crystal Brook 38 M
411A 3 Cox Annie 5.1.1961 daughter of John Alexander Houston. W of Thomas Henry Cox. Crystal Brook 61 M
806A 6 Cox Augusta Wilhelmine Christine 3.3.1908. Born 27.9.1846 Holzumden Germany Daughter of Conrad Fried Anton Reece  @ 64 Y
    Cox Augusta Wilhelmine Christine    @ Caroline Alwine nee Hencke. Wife of Edward John Cox of Crystal Brook    
758- 2 Cox Benjamin 6-4-1890 B 3.11.1832Eng S/John/Eliza Baxter H/Harriet(Flavel) Tea Tree Gully/Crystal Bk 67 Y
440C 14 Cox Cecil Frederick 15.7.1942 B 7-7-1885 C. Brook. S of Frederick C. /Mary Anne Kennett. H. of Edith C. Bk 57 Y
305C 16 Cox Clara Ellen 1.6.1974  B 3-8-1882 nee Satchell. wife of Herbert Cox Narridy/Crystal Brook 91 Y
580A 3 Cox Clement Crystal  14.5.1932 B 2-2-1883 C. Bk son of Frederick/Mary Ann nee Kennett. Single.    C. Brook 49 Y
806C 6 Cox Edward John 30-9-1909 B 29-9-1843 Launceston. S of John/Eliza. H of Augusta W. C. Cox. C. B. 66 Y
758- 2 Cox Ellen 23.8.1946 B22-1-1868Tea Tree Gully D of Benjamin Cox and Harriett nee Flavel Crystal Bk 78 Y
440A 14 Cox Frederick 24.2.1945 B 4-4-1860 Fullarton. S of Benjamin/Harriet Flavel. H of Mary nee Kennett CB 85 Y
    Cox Frederick James Collins 0-0-1903 B1903 Crystal Brook,died C. B. son of William Thomas Cox/Ada E.Millard ? N
758- 2 Cox Harriet 19.4.1899 B25.1.1835Eng D of John Flavel/Sarah nee Cox. W of Benjamin. T.T.Gully/CB 64 Y
761D 5 Cox Herbert 15.6.1929 C/B. H of Clara Ellen. Son of Ben & Harriet nee Flavel.Born Tea Tree Gully. 55 Y
830B 15 Cox Herbert Benjamin 25.11.1992 B 24-4-1909 C. B. S of Herbert Cox/ Clara  H. of Hilda. Narridy/C. Brook 83 Y
830D 15 Cox Hilda Frances 5.5.1987 B 13-3-1915 Caltowie D of John L. Batten W of Herbert B. Cox Narridy/C. B. 72 Y
796D 5 Cox Laura Lois 23.6.2010 B5-10-1926 D of George and Sarah Pedler  of  Koolunga. W of Perc of Narridy 83 Y
830D 15 Cox Margaret Ann 16.9.1958 B 1-4-1941 C. Brook Daughter  of Herbert Cox/Hilda nee Batten. Narridy 17 Y
406B 3 Cox Margaret Mary 6.10.1961 B 11-8-1893 C. B. daughter of Alfred H. Cox/Mary Marcella nee Garrigan C.B. 68 M
440A 14 Cox Mary Ann  14.8.1937. B 6-12-1863 Peachey Belt. D of William Kennett/Mary White. W of Frederick 73 Y
411B 3 Cox Mary Marcella 9.9.1926 daughter of Myles Garrington. wife of Alfred Henry Cox. Crytsal Brook 64 M
681D 13 Cox Maud Mary 7.7.1959 B 7-5-1879Koolunga D of Henry Bentley/Harriett Fuller.W of Richard Cox C. Bk 80 Y
  5 Cox Percival   Memorial. Ashes at his farm Narridy. Husband of Laura   Y
758 2 Cox Sarah 24.7.1878 Born 11.4.1858. Walkerville Daughter of Ben & Harrietnee Flavel 20 Y
758 2 Cox Sarah Harriet 26.7.1901 Born 22.1.1894 at Wallaroo to Frederick Cox & Mary Ann,nee Kennett. 7 Y
333B 13 Cox Stella Florence 6-11-1978 2nd  wife of Benjamin Cox. nee Coombes Mother of Una (Anderson)Eyre Rd  89 Y
    Cox Stella Florence 6-11-1978 B10-12-1889KentTown Dof Robert J. Coombes/MaryChambers 1st.W of J.Hercus    
411B 3 Cox Thomas Henry 10.9.1964 Born 28.1.1896 Son of Alfred H & Mary M nee Garrigan. 68 M
158A 11 Cox Thomas.Joseph. 26.10.1972 Crystal Brook 40 M
758- 2 Cox Winnie 13.2.1918 B 12-2-1918 C. Brook D of Cecil Frederick Cox/ Edith Ellen nee Cowley C. Bk 6hrs M
681B 13 Cox. Richard 4.6.1949 B 13-11-1866 Morphet Vale. S of Daniel/Fanny nee Savour. H of Maud Mary 82 Y
806B 6 Crane George 27.6.1903 Died of Pneumonia. Listed as a Gentleman of Crystal  Brook. no next of Kin 76 M
51D 13 Crawford Mavis Irene 3/09/2012 B 24.4.1921 Pirie D of Thomas Cox Sims/Myrtle Alice nee Syms W of Ray Gulnare 91 Y
51D 13 Crawford Ray Colin 6.10.1990 B6-4-1918Jamestown S of Allen/Katie nee Burgess. H of Mavis nee SimsGulnare 72 Y
754C 3 Crispe Charles Howard  5.4.1880 B 27-12-1878 C. B. son of Edward Crispe/Sarah Ann nee Wingate. C Brook 15mths Y
754A 3 Crispe Indiana Maxwell 18.9.1881 Widow of Clement Crispe of Gawler. Mother of Edward Crispe Crystal Brook 65 Y
293B 17 Crispin Edna Elizabeth 3.2.1971  4-11-1907Adelaide D of John Cook/Eliz. Penaluna.W/Albert (interr Pt. Pirie )CB 63 Y
705A 8 Crouch  Stephen 22.9.1887 Born Sussex Eng. S of Issac and Harriett nee Russell. H of Charlotte Merriton 67 Y
    Crouch  Stephen   Cause of death of Stephen was listed as Pnuemonia. Died at Merriton    
720A 8 Crouch Benjamin Joshua 19.6.1941 12-1-1858Paracombe S/Stephen H of Florence Croft @ Naomi Holder. Clem Gap 84 Y
306D 15 Crouch Bertha Rose 2.5.1979 1-11-1886Bordertwn. D Andrew Marshall/Sarah Milnes. W of Clement. Merriton 92 Y
676A 8 Crouch Charlotte 25.4.1900 B 1819 Sussex Eng. D of Thomas Brook/Frances Martin. W of Stephen Merriton 82 Y
306B 15 Crouch Clement Lewis 8.8.1969 B 23-9-1884 C. Bk son of Henry/Louisa nee Beck. H of Bertha Rose. Merriton 85 Y
351D 14 Crouch Constance Linda Mary 17.3.1969 Born Perth W.A. wife of Gordon Donald Crouch. Clement's Gap 55 Y
705A 8 Crouch Cyril Melton 1.3.1901 B 13-11-1900 Crystal Brook son of Henry Crouch and Louisa nee Beck.C. Bk 4mths M
725D 13 Crouch Dennis Robert 8.9.1954 son of Robert Crouch and Beryl nee Eagle of Wandearah. 18mths Y
245A 13 Crouch Eric Harold 16-3-1967 Born 24-1-1914 Crystal Bk. 2/4th Field Ambulance Husband of Melva C. Brook 53 Y
351B 14 Crouch Gordon Donnell 15.11.1991 B 19-11-1913Caltowie.Sof Benj'in Joshua/Naomi nee Holder. H.of Constance 77 Y
613C 14 Crouch Henry. 29.1.1943 B 22-7-1854 S of Stephen/Charlotte nee Brooke H of Louisa. Merriton/C. Bk 88 Y
306B 15 Crouch Ivan Clement 24.5.2011      
613A 14 Crouch Louisa Ann. 1.8.1944 B31-10-1858 Gawler D of Thomas Beck/Selina nee Cowled W of Henry Merriton 85 Y
350D 15 Crouch Malcolm Aubrey 29.9.1999 B 5-3-1905 Merriton S of Henry/Louisa nee Beck. H of Winifred. Merriton/CB 94 Y
705C 8 Crouch Mary. 17-1-1927 B 17-1-1925 Daughter of Wesley Harold Crouch/Hannah Elsie nee Wilkin. C. Bk S.B. M
245C 13 Crouch Melva Jean 9.10.1998 Born 7-12-1917 Pt. Broughton nee Sims. Wife of Eric Harold Crouch C. Bk 80 Y
244B 12 Crouch Naomi 7.7.1967 Daughter of Ebenizer Holder and Eliza nee Donnell 94 Y
    Crouch Naomi   Second wife of Benjamin Crouch Clement Gap and Crystal Brook    
948- 19 Crouch Recklaw Osborn 9.5.1997 6-12-1922 S of Lance/Dorrie nee Tucker Hof Joan Lorraine nee Merritt. Merriton 74 Y
705C 8 Crouch Richard Stephen 13.4.1887 Son of Stephen and Charlotte nee Brooke. Merriton. 31 Y
350D 15 Crouch Winifred Barbara 13.3.1981 B 4-8-1906Pt. Elliston D of Charles Doley/Mary nee Inkster. W of Malcolm C Bk 74 Y
773D 17 Crute Samuel 2.8.1959 Born Doncaster England in SA 46yrs Batchelor/laborer  Beetaloo Valley 76 M
424C 16 Cunningham Ellen Louisa 25.8.1982 B 17-9-1907 Telowie D of Sydney Preiss/Louisa nee Kaehler W of Walter C. Brk 74 Y
424A 16 Cunningham Walter John 17.7.1986 B 4-2-1906 Nelshaby S of John/Annie Louisa nee Fuss H of Ellen nePreiss C.B. 80 Y
639C 16 Curnow Esther 13.6.1945 BornWallaroo. wife of Thomas Francis Jacob Curnow of Crystal Bk. Issue 5 66 Y
62D 2 Curtin Catherine 27.12.1900 3-8-1896 Bramfield Dof Michael Enright/Catherine Duck Wof Cornelius. Beetloo 45 M
62B 2 Curtin Catherine Mary 28.12.1900 Born 26.6.1892. Daughter of Cornelius & Catherine nee Enright.Beetaloo 8 M
62D 2 Curtin Charles Martin 25.5.1882 B 16-8-1881 Crystal Brook. Son of Cornelius/Catherine nee Enright. Beetaloo. 10mnth M
329D 9 Curtin Cornelius  7.6.1943 B10-1-1898 C.Bk S/Cornelius/Cath Enright H of Marina ne Thompson Beetaloo 60 Y
312B 9 Curtin Gertrude Rachel 24.12.1991 B 10-1-1898 C B. D. of Ambrose Head/Annie Myatt. W of Patrick Beetaloo CB 90 Y
62D 2 Curtin Michael 4.5.1882 Son of Cornelius Curtin and Catherine nee Enright. Beetaloo Valley 3yrs M
312B 9 Curtin Patrick  14.12.1960 B16-3-1890 C.B. S of Cornelius/Catherine Enright. H of Gertrude Beetaloo CB 71 Y
285D 9 Curtin Rita Catherine 29/06/2008 B 6-6-1919 Kent Town D of Cornelius Curtin/Marina nee Thompson. Beetaloo/C.Bk 89 years Y
285B 9 Curtin Rosmary Desma 11.2.1991 Daughter of Patrick Curtin  and Gertrude nee Head. Crystal Brook 54 Y
159C 12 Curtis Lily Doris 13.6.1992 B 5-4-1912 Sutherlands D of John Johnson/Ida nee Seiboth W of Maurice C. Bk 80 Y
159A 12 Curtis Maurice Francis 5.11.1977 B England S of Leonard Charles H of Lily Doris nee Johnson Crystal Brook 71 Y
365D 1 Daer Patrick Joseph 3.8.1887 1st Police Trooper/C. Brook H of Bridget nee ForanD.of Catherine marryGeorgetown 37 Y
    Daer Patrick Joseph   s of Michael James Daer of Geelong Born Thomas Daer also a --    
    Daer Patrick Joseph    Police Officer he recorded Patrick's death. Thomas died Victoria    
974B 19 Daley Noel William 9.10.2013 Born 30-1-1944 Son of William and  Beryl Father of Ashley Daley Crystal Brook 69 Y
451A 3 Darbon Charles.Henry. 20.7.1907 son of George and Lydia. H of Rosamond nee Wood. Crystal Brook 68 Y
453D 1 Darbon George 4.6.1881 Born @ married England. H of Lydia. F of George. Auburn/Crystal Brook 66 Y
453B 1 Darbon Lydia 24.9.1898 Born @ married England Wife of George. Auburn @ Crystal Brook 81 Y
451B 3 Darbon Rosamond 17.5.1941 B 24-4-1844 England D of John Wood/Hannah nee Palin. W of V\Charles C. Bk 97 Y
840C 5 Darley Albert Ernest 22.5.1970 born 24-12-1901 Son of James @ Eliza nee Gale. Husband of Olive Ross C. Bk 78 Y
807A 7 Darley Ann 22.2.1908 nee Eaddy. second wife of John Darley Narridy 82 Y
309B 12 Darley Bruce Edward 27.10.1960 born 16-5-1909 Son of James William Darley H of Lorna nee Bills. C. Brook 51 Y
135C 13 Darley Eileen Rose 1.6.1982 born 5-11-1911 nee Rogers. Wife of Sydney Chester Darley. C. Brook 71 Y
849A 5 Darley Eliza Ann 21.6.1956 born 15-1-1867 Nairne D of Richard Gale. Wife of James Darley.Narridy/C. Bk. 89 Y
248C 16 Darley Gladys Isobel Beatrice 7.2.1976 born 28-10-1906 Redhill. D. of William Dick/Mary nee Siviour.W of Richard 69 Y
849C 7 Darley James 15.7.1924 born 6-1-1861 Bugle Range. Husband of Eliza nee Gale. Narridy/C. Brook 68 M
807C 7 Darley James Martin 18.3.1922 born 17-3-1922 Narridy Son of James William Darley @ Myrtle nee Harris 2days Y
599B 17 Darley James William. 17.10.1960 born 18-6-1886 Naridy Son of James Darley  and Eliza nee Gale C. Brook 74 Y
849C 5 Darley John Wilford 2.3.1894 born 30-9-1888 Narridy Son of James Darley and Eliza nee Gale. Narridy 6 Y
807A 7 Darley John. 16.8.1898 B 2-8-1815England. H of Elizabeth (Mt.Barker cemty) Ann (Eaddy) Narridy 82 Y
309D 12 Darley Lorna Lottie May 14-5-2005 B 25-5-1915 Orroroo D of Fred. Bills/Florence nee Bowen W of Bruce. C. Brook 89 Y
599D 17 Darley Myrtle Beatrice. 1.5.1959 B. 25-1-1887 C. B. d of Charles Harris @ Eliza nee Hill. W of James William C. B 72 Y
840A 5 Darley Olive Ross 22.2.1967 born 14-4-1891 Yarcowie D of Fred Brooks/Mary nee Ross. W of Albert E. c.b. 75 Y
248A 16 Darley Richard Samuel 30.12.1992 born 28-12-1894 Narridy Son of James. H of Gladys nee Dick. Narridy/C. B. 98 Y
849C 5 Darley Stanley K I  20.9.1925 born 26-5-1904 Narridy Son of James and Eliza Darley. Narridy 21 Y
135C 13 Darley Sydney Chester 12-8-1992 B 8-8-1909 Narridy S of James /Eliza nee Gale H of Eileen Rose nee Rodgers CB 83 Y
309B 12 Darley Trevor Edward 29.10.2015 B 31-7-1943 C. Bk. S of Bruce Edward Darley and Lorna L.M. nee Bills. Eyre Rd Crystal Bk 72  
313D 8 Davey Antonia Hedwig "Tonni" 6/01/2009 Daughter of Gerardus and Kathe Broekx of C. Brk formerly Treloar. Modbury 62  
535C 5 Davidson Albert Weir 4.2.1928 B 8-7-1869 Lake Plains S of James/Caroline Weir. H of Mary. Crystal Brook 58 Y
627Bb 2 Davidson Caroline 7.11.1891 nee Weir. Wife of James Davidson Merriton 60 Y
134C 14 Davidson Cecil Graham 18.11.1988 B3-2-1895 C. Brook S of Thomas/Julia nee Dennis. H of Thelma. C. Brook 93 Y
    Davidson Cecil Graham   Sapper 3rd Light Horse 3553 Australian Army    
594B 12 Davidson Clifton. 16.12.1905 B 13-12-1905 C. B. Son  of George/ Sarah Redpath nee Forder. C. Brook 2days Y
570D 13 Davidson Emily Grace. 29.10.1945 B 15-5-1862 Mudla Wirra D of John Trengrove. Wife of Richard J. C. Brook 83 M
    Davidson George   1856 to South Aust on "Black Swan" 1883 to Merriton hus of Isabella nee Baird    
594D 12 Davidson George Miller. 5.09.1935 B 6-10-1872 Angas Plains. S of George/Margaret nee Miller. H of Sarah. C. Bk 62 Y
613D 14 Davidson George. 29.4.1938 B1854 Carlisle Cambridgeshire England. In 1856 to Sydney on "Shaftsbury" then-- 83 Y
594C 12 Davidson Hedley 2.4.1934  B 23-2-1886 Wandearah. S of Richard and Sarah nee Ward. Adelaide. 47 M
595B 13 Davidson Hurtle Roy 23.1.1945 B 22-12-1890 Wand. S of Richard James/ Emily nee Trengrove. Wandearah E 54 M
919A 18 Davidson Ian Graham 28.1.2010 B 2-3-1927 C. Bk S of Cecil and Thelma nee Pavy. H of Pamela. Merriton @ C. Bk 82 Y
613B 14 Davidson Isabella. 26.1.1939 born Langhorn Creek nee Baird. wife of George Davidson. issue of 5 Crystal Bk 78 Y
627Aa 2 Davidson James 28.6.1889 Husband of Caroline nee Weir. father of Albert Weir Davidson Merriton 57 Y
543A 5 Davidson Mary Rounsevell 7.5.1932 B 13-10-1868 Mt Gambier D of James Robertson/Annie nee Turner W of Albert 62 Y
502D 7 Davidson Percy Weir. 27.5.1925 son of Albert Weir Davidson and Mary nee Robertson. Husband of Lena 30 Y
545B 7 Davidson Richard 25.4.1916 B29-10-1853 S/George/Jane nee Graham H of Sarah Ann nee Ward.Wandearah 63 M
570B 13 Davidson Richard.James 30.1.1937 B 26-5-1862 Strathalbyn.S of James/Caroline nee Weir. H of Emily. Wandearah 74 M
545B 7 Davidson Sarah Ann. 7.6.1941 28-2-1861 Gawler Plns. Dof Thomas Ward/Sarah Hilsdon. Wof Richard. wandrh 80 M
594B 12 Davidson Sarah Redpath 20.9.1959 B 29-7-1871Redruth. D. of Auguatus Forder/E. nee Daniel. W of George. C. Bk 88 Y
134C 14 Davidson Thelma Daphne 24.7.1989 B 2-1-1897 C. Bk. D of HarryPavy/Frances nee Hewett. Wof Cecil. Merriton.C. Bk 92 Y
459D 6 Davidson Thomas. 14/12/1959 B 25-11-1863 Stoneridge(Strathalbyn) Son of James and Caroline nee Weir 62 Y
624A 3 Davis Donald Kitchener 26.4.1901 Born 25.6.1900 to Herbert Davis  & Ethel Maud nee Symons. Crystal Brook. 10mths M
585B 3 Davis Ethel Maud 24.12.1902 30-8-1876Gladstn Dof Joseph Symons/Sophia Cock. W of Herbert Broken Hill 26 M
789B 12 Davis George Morphet. 19.10.1932 B 26-4-1932 Islington. S of Charles/Mary nee Nick. H of Mary A. Wandearah 79 Y
789C 12 Davis Harold Stuart 1.4.1964 B 16-12-1887 Tarlee. S of George Morphett and Mary Ann nee Badman.Wandrh 76 Y
789A 12 Davis Leonard George 5.1.1957 B 21-1-1884 Tarlee. Son of George M. Davis and Mary Ann nee Badman. Pt. Pr 72 Y
467A 14 Davis Mary 30-6-1941 Dof Alexander Lawson. Wife of Edmund Ebenezer Davis. Crystal Brook 82 Y
789D 12 Davis Mary Ann 13.10.1933 B 26-7-1856 Unley. D of Archibald Badman/Hannah nee Cox. Wof George C. Bk 76 Y
467C 14 Davis Olive Mary 7.6.1954 B 16-1-1887 Tarlee. D of Edmund Davis/Mary nee Lawson. Kilcardy 67 Y
548B 9 Dawes Amelia 11.9.1952 B 31-8-1863 Clare. D of James Hugo/Alice nee Dickson. W of Charles. C. Brk 89 Y
548D 9 Dawes Charles 3.1.1927 B 8-1-1862Nth Adelaide. Son of William/Agnes nee Kemp. H of Amelia. C Brk 63 Y
    Dawes Frederick Charles 23-3-1881 Son of Chas Fred Dawes. died cancer of leg at C. B. a gardener of C. Bk 53 no
204C 15 Dawes Reginald Charles. 1.4.1974 B21-1-1897 Jamestown. Son of Charles and Amelia nee Hugo. Single. C. Brk 76 Y
Niche wall De Gooyer Guert 26/11/2008 Born 5-7-1915  Holland  Son of Johannis Husband  of Jannetje  Crystal Brook 93 Y
Niche wall De Gooyer Jannetje 10-11-2003 Born 30-4-1916 Holland nee Davelaar wife of Guert Crystal Brook 87 Y
459B 6 Deane Kora May June 21.11.1925 can not locate details of Kora Deane 55 M
449A 5 Deer Kora May Irene 1.12.1911 B 18-1-1911Rocky River D of William James Deer/Lottie May nee McMartin 10mths Y
449A 5 Deer William Glen 11.4.1924 B 8-2-1924 Blyth. S of William James Deer/Lottoe May McMartin. Rocky River 9wks Y
303D   Demell Ian 16.8.2014      
835A 10 Dennis Amelia 13.6.1914 B. 23-8-1852 D of Jabez Grimble/Sophia nee Felgate. W of Richard James C. B. 61 Y
525D 15 Dennis Amelia Mary  1.8.1943 B 21-6-1875C B. D. of Charles Behenna/S. Jarvis. W of Norman Gilbert Dennis 65 Y
701A 12 Dennis David  George. 13-4-1949 born 8-1-1948 C. B. son of Donald George Dennis/Pearl nee Hobbs C. Brook 15mths M
204D 15 Dennis Donald George 13.12.1979 10-1-1913 C.B. sonof James W./Jane Noyce. H of Pearl Grace nee Hobbs.C. B.  66 M
623B 4 Dennis Elizabeth Estelle 11.10.1910 B 28-10-1842 Mt. Anna D of Henry Watson/Mary nee Harris Wof Henry Darlington Merriton 67 M
623D 4 Dennis Emma Jane. 26.1.1894 11-2-1876 daughter of Henry Darlington Dennis/Elizabeth nee Watson Merriton 17 Y
511C 16 Dennis Ernest "Reginald" 10.7.1971 B 7-5-1899. S of Richard @ Jane nee Davidson. H of Mary Eliza. Merriton 72 Y
623B 4 Dennis Henry Darlington. 28.11.1922 B 14-7-1839 Adelaide S ofHenry @ Charlotte nee Flack.H of Elizabeth Merriton 83 Y
636B 12 Dennis James William Watson. 15.11.1930 B 8-3-1873  Waitpinga S of Henry D./Elizabeth H.Dennis   H of Jane ne Noyce 57 Y
636D 12 Dennis Jane Ada 24.7.1947  5-12-1882 RedHill D of George Noyce/Jane Ward. Wof James W. Dennis. C. B. 64 Y
511A 16 Dennis Mary Elizabeth 17.1.1946 B 23-5-1898 D of Arthur Murdock/Christena McKenzie W of E."Reg". Merriton 48 Y
525B 15 Dennis Norman Charles 17.5.1945 11-1-1909 Son of Norman Gilbert Dennis/Amelia nee Behenna single.Wanderah 36 Y
835C 10 Dennis Richard James 1.6.1931 B9-6-1843 Adelaide S of Robert/Charlotte nee Flack. H of Amelia nee Grimble 88 Y
511B 16 Dennis Richard Thomas 21.8.1945 B6-1-1865 Bald Hills.S/ Henry/Elizabeth ne Watson. H/Sarah neYoung Merriton 80 Y
511D 16 Dennis Sarah 13.11.1946 14-2-1865 Innman Vlly. D of Fred. Young/Eliza. Milton. W of Richard T. Dennis 81 M
623A 4 Dennis Sarah. 3.3.1917 B 23-7-1876 D of John Cox/Fanny Siviour. W of Charles Barnes/John Dennis 41 Y
249B 17 Dick Philip Edger John. 11.2.1971 B. 25-1-1902 Collinsfield. S of William @ Mary Ann nee Siviour. C. Brook 68 Y
610A 17 Dietman Crystal Annene 30.6.1998 B 24-8-1932 D of Henry John Willington. wife of Malcolm Arthur. Crystal Bk 65 Y
610A 17 Dietman Malcolm Arthur 19.11.1996 H of Crystal Annene. Crystal Brook 60 Y
490D 6 D'Nesi Mary. 23.2.1927 Daughter of James Waller. Wife of Giovanni De Nesi. Crystal Brook 78 M
328A 8 Dohnt Teresa Anne 16.3.1960 Infant of Kevin Dohnt 10hrs Y
834B 11 Downing Annette Elizabeth 25.11.1999  born 9-4-1945 D. of Charles /Mavis Nunan. Warnertown. M of Clinton/Leanne 54 Y
915B   Driver David Harold 27/12/2012 B 1-4-1935 Adelaide S of Harold William/Florence Linda "Marjory" nee Harvey 77 Y
    Driver David Harold   husband of Glenda J nee Forgan of Blesing Drive Whyalla Playford     
574B 9 Drury Edna Iris May 11.5.1908 Born 24-2-1908 C. Bk D of Henry H. Drury/Alice Saint Gray. Crystal Brook 11wks Y
579B  4 Duffield Agnes 3.5.1972 Born 3.11.1878 at C/Brook to John & Jemima  93 Y
542B 4 Duffield Alice Edith 16.7.1975 Born 19.6.1880 to John & Jemima nee Hamlyn Crystal Brook. 95 Y
579B 4 Duffield Arthur Leslie 9.10.1913 Born 10.8.1879 to John & Jemima nee Hamlyn .  Crystal Brook 16 Y
663B 6 Duffield Elsie Amelia 22-6-1891 Born 1884 daughter of John Abbs Duffield and Jemmima nee Hamlyn 7 M
542D 4 Duffield Emily 3.10.1972 Born 11.2.1882 to John Duffiel & Jemima nee Hamlyn.  90 Y
663D 6 Duffield James Henry. 12.5.1896 Born 11.5.1896 to John & Jemima. nee Hamlyn. Port Pirie. 1day M
579D 4 Duffield Jemima 28.5.1934 27-5-1885 Langhorn's Ck. D of Langdon/Julia Hamlyn. W of John Abbs Duffield 79 Y
579B 4 Duffield John Abbs 3.9.1914 B1-10-1886Koolunga. S of Richard/Sarah nee Little. H of Jemmima. C. Brk 61 Y
417D 9 Dugan Irene 10.2.1912 B 4.5.1906. Merriton. Daughter of Thomas Dugan & Margaret C.neeNichols 5 M
417D 9 Dugan Thomas. 23.4.1907 Husband of Margaret  nee Nicholls formerly Mrs Murphey. Crystal Brook 51 M
491A 5 Dunsford Alice Maud 17.5.1922 B 31-3-1884 Koolunga D of John Pengilly/Janet Chambers Wof Thomas Henry 38 Y
543B 5 Dunsford Emma Florence 15.3.1959 B 31-3-1889 Narridy daughter of Thomas Dunsford and Mary nee Brown C. B. 69 Y
491C 5 Dunsford John Robert 24.1.1990 Memorial headstone ---- Son of Thomas and Alice  nee Pedler ---  H of Lucie 79 Y
491C 5 Dunsford Lucie 2.2.2011 Memorial headstone wife of John Robert----  "Jack" Dunsford 94 Y
543B 5 Dunsford Mary 26.8.1940 B 25-7-1876 Terowie. D of Michael Browne/Esther nee Martin. W of Thomas C. B 74 Y
niche  B15 Dunsford Mary "Margaret" 10/11/2008 B 23-3-1916 D of George Tiller/Mary Margaret nee Bateup. W of Raydon Redhill 92 Y
niche  B14 Dunsford Raydon Henry 21-2-1995 B 8-2-1914 Narridy S of Thomas/Alice nee Pengilly H of M.M. nee Tiller Redhill 81 Y
772A 16 Dunsford Richard "Horace" 30.1.1957 B12-8-1890 Narridy. S of Thomas/Mary nee Browne. H of Ruby. C. B rk 66 Y
772C 16 Dunsford Ruby Florence 21.3.1954 daughter of George Grimwood. wife Richard ''Horace" Dunsford Crystal Brook 61 Y
535D 5 Dunsford Thomas 2.6.1929 son of Richard Dunsford. H of Mary nee Browne. Crystal Brook 68 Y
491C 5 Dunsford Thomas Henry 10.2.1972 B 1-4-1886 Pirie district.S of Thomas/Mary nee Browne. H of Alice.C.BAlberton 85 Y
249D 17 Dunsford William Colin. 24.11.1980 son of Horace Dunsford.Redhill. H of Eunice Fay nee Pearce of Crystal Bk 56 Y
    Dunstan William Herbert Edw 24-4-1880 Son of Edward Dunstan a farmer of C. Bk died from diarrhoea.Burial unknown 1yr no
553A 15 Eagle Arnold Ernest Fuller 21.3.1978 Born 12-4-1911 Pt. Pirie. Son of Edwin John Eagle and Bertha nee Fuller. 66 Y
553A 15 Eagle Edwin Victor 18.5.1945 B 19-10-1900 Wandearah. Sof John/Bertha. H of Emma. Wandearah. 44 Y
217B 16 Eagle John Westley 4.9.1974 B 25-5-1903 Wandearah. S of John/Bertha nee Fuller. H of Mavis. Gulnare. 72 Y
288A 12 Eagle Liley Alice 2.12.1962 B6-11-1893C. Bk D/George Davis/Mary Anee Badman.H of W."Spen"Wandearah 69 Y
217D 16 Eagle Mavis Irene Annie 22.9.1969 B 7-10-1903 D/Albert W.Davidson/Mary Robertson Wof John Westley Gulnare 66 Y
288A 12 Eagle William Spencer 3.11.1982  B 9-5-1898 Wandearah. S of John/Bertha. H of Liley Alice. Wandearah. 84 Y
? ? Eason Robert 24-11-1875 a laborer of Gawler work a C. Bk. died concusion brain and spine accident CB 57 no
897 - 19 Eberhard Robert Max 4-7-2004 B 8-12-1926 Gladstone S of Walter and Olive nee Gale. H of Eileen C. Brook 77 Y
506B 11 Eckert Johann Paul 19.10.1925   64 M
242A 10 Eddy Leslie 13.11.1956 11-2-1901 Moonta. Sof Michael/Elizabeth nee Facooray. H of Kathleen (Close) 55 Y
379A 15 Eglinton John Rowe 29.4.1985 B 29-4-1913 Pt Broughton S of John Charles/Ada nee Phillips. H of Thelma 71 Y
379C 15 Eglinton Thelma 26.5.1971 W of John Rowe. Wandearah 57 Y
311D 10 Eiffe Christopher James 24.12.1952 Born C. Brook Hospital. infant son of Cyril John of Motor Garage Georgetown 10hrs M
524A 16 Ellis Alfred George 3.10.1980 B 2-8-1888 Stansbury. Son of Robert/Mary nee Coram. H of Hulda. C Brook 92 Y
524C 16 Ellis Beryl Joy 8/09/2008 B 24-8-1922Jamestown D of Arthur/Ester Matthews H of Douglas John Mais TceC.B 86yr Y
524A                     16 Ellis Douglas John  (Jack) 1/04/2008 B 22-1-1921 Angaston S of Alfred G./Hulda nee Anderson. H of Beryl Mais Tce C.B 87 yr Y
524A 16 Ellis Helen Joy 19.10.1948 B 19-5-1948 C. B. daughter of Douglas John and Beryl nee Matthews C. Brook 5mths Y
524C 16 Ellis Hulda Juliana 15.11.1959 24-4-1894 Burra disct D of John Anderson/Sarah nee Collett. Wof Alfred(Jack) 65 Y
177B 13 Ellis John Charles 29.4.1988 19-2-1907 Edithburgh S/FrederickH./Ellen ne O'Brien H of Mary ne Darling C.B 81 Y
177B 13 Ellis Mary Estelle 3-7-2004 Daughter of John Darling. wife of John Charles Ellis. Eyre Rd. Crystal Brook 97 Y
177D 13 Ellis Patricia Maud 26.10.1990 Daughter of John Charles and Mary Ellis Eyre Road Crystal Brook 55 Y
374A 10 Estick Percival Charles 12.11.1931 Husband of Annie nee King who is Interred at Pt. Pirie Cemetery. Crystal Brook 42 M
539A 1 Estick Rena Merle ( frmly Forgan) 11.5.2011 Wife of George William Forgan and       Estick 96  
399C 10 Evans Baby 7.3.1918 Evans Baby.  Son of Daniel Evans. S.B. M
401D 8 Evans Daniel David 14.12.1951 son of David Evans. Husband of Elizabeth Mary Crystal brook 72 Y
416B 8 Evans Elizabeth Mary. 19.11.1923 B 10-11-1883 Napperby D of Patrick Johnson/Hanorah Madigan. W of Daniel CB 37 Y
337B 17 Evans Ethel May 14.7.1981 No Details. Loved Mother and Nanna 81 Y
831C 14 Evans Florence Jubilee 5.7.1957 B 7-8-1897 C. Brook D of Charles Talbot and Ellen T. nee Braddock. C Brook 59 M
679 A 11 Everes Matilda. 17.8.1933. Daughter of Edward Little. Wife of William. Crystal Brook 85 M
679A 11 Everes William. 26.3.1918 son of James. married Milang 1868. H of Matilda nee Edwards. Crystal Brook 74 M
881B                        18 Everett Robert George 15/06/2008 B 24-3-1922 Blyth S of George L./Dorothy I. nee Hadlow. H of Beryl. Narridy/C. Bk 86 years Y
807 D 7 Eyre   No Details.   M
807D 7 Eyre Mary Ann 22.3.1901 Mary Eyre is wife of William, listed as Mason of Crystal Brook. The informate 57 M
    Eyre Mary Ann   is listed at her death as Son-in-law James Dick--related to Darley family.    
    Eyre Mary Ann   It is highly probable husband William is also Buried next to Mary, both fenced    
438B 16 Fairhead John George 5.6.1942 Son of Jack West Fairhead of Georgetown. 5days M
336C 16 Faulkner Edith Melvina 11-11-1997 Wjfe of George Allan Faulkner.     Crystal Brook 90 Y
336C 16 Faulkner George Allan 14.8.1981 H of Edith Melvina.  Hawker / Crystal Brook 77 Y
372B 8 Fenech Patricia Margaret 30-1-2004 B 24-10-1921 C. Bk D of Daniel Evans/Elizabeth nee Johnson W of Vince C. Bk 82 yr Y
372B 8 Fenech Vincent Paul Carmel 30/12/2007 B 31-1-1924 Malta H of Pat and parents of Elizabeth (Lizzie) Bowman St   C. Bk 83 yr Y
532A 8 Ferguson Baby 11-9-1909 Born 9-9-1909 son of Charles James and Fanny Evevlyn nee Heaslip Napperby 3days Y
765 9 Ferguson Charles Cliff 20.4.1882 Husband of Hellen nee Murdock father of Charles James Cliff. 54 Y
765 9 Ferguson Charles James. 11.3.1919 B 5-9-1871 Stockport son of Charles C./ Hellen. H of Fanny E. nee Heaslip 47 Y
765 9 Ferguson Hellen 8.1.1922 nee Murdock wife of Charles Cliff Ferguson 88 Y
629C 5 Fergusson Andrew. 4.6.1917 H of Helen.Son of Alexander & Margaret nee Fergusson.    Crystal Brook. 70 Y
629C 5 Fergusson Douglas Andrew. 1.8.1908 B 22-11-1891 C. B. S of Andrew Ferguson /Helen nee Badcock Crystal Brook 16 Y
629A 5 Fergusson Helen 12.3.1945 B 12-11-1857 Watervale D of James Badcock/Eliz Croft. W of Andrew C. Bk 87 M
629C 5 Fergusson Wallace James. 18.2.1945 B 7-3-1898 C. Brook. S of Andrew Ferguson/ Helen nee Badcock. C. Brook 47 Y
904- 18 Ferme Albert George 24-11-2002 B.20-2-1934.Sof Nelson/Florence of Wandearah. H of Helene nee Rudd Gulnare 68 Y
265C 12 Ferme Florence Gertrude 17.6.1968 B 9-12-1896Wandearah D of Albert W.Davidson/Mary.W of Nelson. Wandearah 71 Y
172A 18 Ferme Howard Nelson 19.6.2012 B 8.10.1935 Pt Pirie S of Nelson/Florence Wandearah H of Jeanne nee Hornby 76  
986- 19 Ferme Lindsay Ray "Sam" 30-9-2005 B 24-9-1944 Pt. Pirie S of David C./V. Jean nee Ide H of Sue Wandearah/C. Bk 61 Y
905- 18 Ferme Mervyn Weir 20.1.2001 b19-5-1926 Pirie Distct. S of Nelson/Florence H of Verlie Wandearah/Crystal Bk 74 Y
265A 12 Ferme Nelson Reid 5.3.1963 B 7-2-1891 Wandearah Sof George/Annie nee Shand H of Florence Wandearah 72 Y
179A 11 Ferres George Frederick  30.6.1982 B 21-9-1908 Sof Walter B. and Susan nee Egan H of Louisa Jean. Crystal Bk 73 Y
179A 11 Ferres Louisa Jean 8.8.1970 W of George Frederick. 58 Y
596D 14 Fidge Benjamin. 15.11.1939 B 12-5-1867 MtGambier S of Stephen/Ellen ne Ware. H of Elizbth. Wandearah 72 Y
263A 14 Fidge Effie Olive 7.12.1990 B 30.1.1896Wandearah Dof Benjamin Fidge and Elizabeth Jane nee BallWandearah 94 Y
596B 14 Fidge Elizabeth Jane 4.8.1955 B30-8-1863Willunga D of ThomasBall/Charlotte nee King. W of Ben. Wandearah 90 Y
633B 9 Fidge Ellen 9.6.1921 D. of Jacob Ware. Married Trinity Ch North Tce. W Stephen Fidge Adelaide 84 Y
263A 14 Fidge Gordon Thomas   Memorial died Buried France Son of Wilfred T. /Effie Olive Fidge   Y
633D 9 Fidge Stephen. 20.12.1905 B 16-3-1834 Englnd Son of John/Harriett nee Bourn. H of Ellen. C Brook 73 Y
263A 14 Fidge Wilfred Tennyson 28.6.1975   76 Y
23A 1 Finnigan Catherine 2.4.1917 wife of John Finnigan a farmer of near Pt. Pirie. died of Pauemonia. 29 Y
23A 1 Finnigan.John Joseph   Old Grave 7.1.1910 Son of Stephen married 1872 Salisbury   Catherine Charlotte Feeleey D of Michael 74 Y
566C 17 Fisscher Gerhardus Johannes A 16.11.1999 B 22-7-1932 Holland. H of Joanna. Crystal Brook 67 Y
62A 2 Fitzgerald Alice Marianna 24.4.1893 Daughter of John & Mary Ellen nee FinniganPort Pirie 6 No
62A 2 Fitzgerald Esther Annie  6.12.1902 Born 19.2.1885.Daughter of John & Mary Finnigan.Port Pirie 17 No
23A 1 Fitzgerald Mary Ellen 2.4.1917 daughter of Stephen Finnigan. wife of John Joseph Fitzgerald Pt. Pirie 23 Y
622C 5 Flavel Beatrice Jane Elveta 8.7.1894 Daughter of Owen Richard Flavel and Charlotte nee Slater. Rocky River 9 M
682A 14 Flavel Edith May 20.4.1949 B 30-4-1889 C. Brook D of Fred. Arbon/Mary neeParham. Wife of Percival C. Bk 59 Y
305B 16 Flavel Frank Roy 25.11.1965 B 24-11-1894 C. B. Son of Joseph/Emily nee Slater. H of Vera. Crystal Brook 75 Y
664B 5 Flavel Joseph 13.12.1897 17-6-1861 T.T.Gully Sof Fredrich/Margaret nee Hanretty.1st H of Emily (Slater) 36 Y
487D 10 Flavel Lionel Richard. 5.10.1926 B 3-4-1920 Pirie South. S of Richard Francis and Maude nee Lloyd Crystal BK 6 M
817C 17 Flavel Mary Veronica  (Molly) 24-11-2004 Wife of late Horace Flavel (interred at Tumby Bay Cemetery) Crystal Brook 92 Y
682C 14 Flavel Percival Joseph. 21.6.1963 B 12-6-1889 C. B. S  of Joseph/Emily C. nee Slater. H of Edith May. C. Brook 74 Y
305B 16 Flavel Roger Miller 7.5.1985 B 1-10-1922 C. Bk S of Frank Roy/Vera Irene nee Wilson. Crystal Brook 62 Y
305B 16 Flavel Vera Irene Littlejohn 17.5.1985 b 3-8-1896Mile End D of Arthur Wilson/Mary nee Miller. W of Frank Flavel. C. B 88 Y
654B 15 Ford Judith & Margaret  30.6.1945 Mother Yvonne  nee Annear.   Twins .   Crystal Brook ? M
816D 16 Forder Elizabeth Jane 18.5.1955 B 14-1-1877 C. B. D of Aaron Hamlyn/Louisa. W of Arthur Herbert Forder. C. B 73 Y
496B 1 Forgan Agnes 22.6.1923 B 6-1-1835 Scotland. nee Wilson. Wife of John Forgan. Cyrstal Brook. 88 Y
496B 1 Forgan Agnes Dickinson W. 5-7-1887 B 30-6-1887 Crystal Brook. Daughter of John and Agnes Forgan. Crystal Brook 5day Y
833D 12 Forgan Alexander Bruce 23.8.1933 Son of Robert Forgan. Husb. of Ivy Constance and then Jessie. Crystal Brook. 49 Y
539- 1 Forgan Bertha Rosa 10-2-1973 B. 7-4-1883 nee Hancock. Wife of Thomas W. R. Forgan Crystal Brook 89 Y
454D 1 Forgan Catherine 25.8.1884 B 18-3-1880 at Crytsal Brook D  of Robert Forgan and Mary nee O'Donogh 4 Y
539- 1 Forgan David Latta. 3.8.1906 B13-12-1872Gawler S of Robert/Mary Ann ne McDonogh. H of Alice Sarah. CB 33 Y
496D 1 Forgan Donald Thomson 29.9.1901 B 6-4-1901 Crystal Brook. Son of William and Ellen May. Crystal Brook. 5mths Y
539- 1 Forgan Douglas Howard 0-0-1990 B 29-9-1911 C. Brook Son of Thomas W. R. and Bertha Rose nee Hancock 89 Y
539- 1 Forgan Ellen May. 9-11-1932 B 11-11-1860. nee Richardson. Wife of William 71 Y
539- 1 Forgan Elva Eleanor 14.4.1944 Born 10-5-1897 nee Munday. 1st Wife of David M. Forgan. Crystal Brook 47 Y
641D 17 Forgan Esther Mabel 7.5.1969 B3-12-1844 C. Brk.D of John/Eliza Venning.W of William W. Forgan. C. Brook 84 Y
539A 1 Forgan George William 22.11.1965 B 1914. Husband  of Rena. Son of Hugh and Lavenia. Stone Hut. 51 Y
539A 1 Forgan Georgea Merle 5.5.1939 B 28-4-1939. Daughter of George and Rena. Crystal Brook. 8days Y
539A 1 Forgan Gweneth Ivy 8-8-2002 B 21-12-1918 daughter of Albert Stanley Kirk. W of John.  C.Brook /Adelaide 84 Y
539A 1 Forgan Hugh Latta 13-7-1973 H OF Lavinia. Father of George, John, Travis Forgan. Ashes interred 83 Y
578B 5 Forgan Ivy Constance  16.8.1929 nee Russell. 1st wife of Alexander B. Forgan of Pt. Pirie 43 Y
496B 1 Forgan Janet Latta 6-6-1882 B 12-9-1881 at Crystal Brook. D of John and Agnes Forgan nee Dickenson 9mnth Y
496- 1 Forgan John 4.10.1986 B 3-2-1917. Hof Gweneth nee Kirk. Son of Hugh and Lavenia. Ashes. Adelaide. 70 Y
496D 1 Forgan John 31.3.1903 B 12.6.1853 Scotland  Husband of Agnes nee Wilson Brother of Robert Forgan 67 Y
539A 1 Forgan John. 15.2.1915 Born 22-12-1882 second child of William and Ellen May Forgan C. Brook 32 Y
539A 1 Forgan Lavinia B. J. 31-5-1975 nee deLaine. wife of Hugh Latta Forgan. Ashes interred. Adelaide. 86 Y
454B 1 Forgan Mary Ann Decourcy 13.6.1926 nee McDonough. 2nd. Wife of  Robert Forgan. Crystal Brook. 80 Y
652B 16 Forgan Maurice Stewart 15.2.1985 Born16-1-1912 Crystal Brook. R. A. A. F. 27842 H. of Audrey.  Crystal Brook  73 Y
454C 1 Forgan Neville Roger. 24.4.1912. B 8-12-1909 C. Brook Son of James and Emma Louise nee Bayly. Crystal Bk 2 M
539A 1 Forgan remarried Estick Rena Merle   see Estick details ----    
454A 1 Forgan Robert. 3.2.1885 B 5-3-1838 Scotland. H of Margaret(Gray) and Mary Ann (McDonogh) C. Brook. 47 Y
454D 1 Forgan Robert. 30.8.1884 B 11-3-1882 at Crystal Brook. son of Robert and Mary Ann nee O'Donogh 2 Y
niche wall Forgan Ronald Richardson 2-1-1995 2-8-1914 C. B. S of William W./Esther nee Venning. H of Brenda nee Reynolds 80 Y
539- 1 Forgan Ross Trevor 0-0-1996 B 31-1-1924 Crystal B. son of Thomas W. R. and Bertha Rose nee Hancock 72 Y
539- 1 Forgan Thomas William R 2.7.1934 B 6-7-1885C.Bk S of William/Ellen May ne Richardson. H of Bertha Rose. C. Bk 49 Y
539A 1 Forgan Travis de Laine 25.3.1928 B .6.1925 C.Bk s of George William and Rena Merle brother of Georgea Merle 2 Y
496A 1 Forgan William. 26.11.1905 B 6-7-1857 Glasgow. Hof Ellen May. Son of John and Agnes. Crystal Brook. 48 Y
641B 17 Forgan.William Wilson 25.3.1958 B 8-2-1884 C.Bk S of William/Ellen ne Richardson. H of Esther ne Venning CB 74 Y
537A 3 Forrester John  14.1.1900 Husband of Anna Wilhemina D of Henry Klopper Napperby (or Warnertown?) 53 Y
164D 17 Fradd Dean Sydney (memorial)  26 -8  -2006 B 115-8-1950 son of Sydney "Rex" / Thelma Mavis Fradd. Interr PtPirie Cemtry 56 Y
785D 16 Fradd Edith Maud 18.1.1966 B 1-6-1893 Laura D of Abraham Hill/Ada Mathews. W of Herbert Fradd   C. B. 72 Y
785B 16 Fradd Herbert William 20.3.1955 B 22-11-1887 Black Springs S of William P./Hannah Tasker. H of Ethel C Bk 66 Y
652C 17 Fradd Kenneth Maxwell 29-12-1996 born 10-11-1929 Son of Herbert/Edith Fradd. Husband  of Joy. Crystal Brook 67 Y
164D 17 Fradd Sydney ''Rex'' 24-10-2005 B 24-1-1925 Solomontown S of Herbert/ethel Maud nee Hill. H of Thelma C Bk 80 Y
164D 17 Fradd Thelma Mavis 6.1.1983 B18-11-1921 Redhill D of Peter Meyers/Margaret ne Siviour. W of S. Rex. C. B 61 Y
635A 11 Francis Elizabeth Ann 16-8-1923 D of James Hooper. Memorial. Interred Payneham Cemetery. wife of Nicholas 80 Y
94B 12 Francis Irene Ruth 13-10-2003 born 20-4-1912. Wife of John Joseph Francis. Crysatal Brook. 91 Y
94B 12 Francis John Joseph. 10.5.1985 born 20-11 1903. Husband of Irene Ruth Francis. Crystal Brook 81 Y
635A 11 Francis Nicholas John. 17.5.1899 son of Nicholas Francis. married 1868 Nth Adelaide. H of Elizabeth Ann C. Bk 59 Y
480C 17 Fraser Dorothy Pearl 17.1.2012 Daughter of Kenneth Phillips and Violet nee Bywater. Wife of Erwin    
480C 17 Fraser Erwin John 6.1.1997 H of Dorothy. Crystal Brook. 62 Y
305D 16 Freeman Aubrey Thomas 17.8.1974 B 25-10-1892Sharpe'sWell S of Thomas/Bertha nee Longmire H of Mary Narridy 81 Y
305D 16 Freeman Mary 21.2.1984 B24-11-1898Redbanks D of John Crook/Elizabeth nee Parkyn.W of Aubrey 82 Y
415B 7 Frick Elizabeth 27.12.1991 formerly Mrs. Daniel Rabbitt. 2nd wife of Walter Frick. Narridy/C. Brook 95 Y
526D 14 Frick Ivy 15-6-1939 B4-6-1895Wilmington Dof William Masterman/Clara Cornego WofWalter Narridy 44 Y
526B 14 Frick Walter Frederick 15.8.1978 B10-9-1893 Wilmington S of Louis/Fannie Lyons H of Ivy and Elizabeth Narridy 84 Y
    Frick Walter Frederick   A.I.F. 2313 Private 3rd Light Horse Regiment     
420B 12 Fridd Dora Elizabeth 3.11.1976 B 30-12-1907 Snowtown Dght of Walter Frederick/ Marie Elizabeth nee Welke 68 Y
424D 16 Fridd Ethel Lorna Doris  9.12.1969 Born Pt Pirie. Wife of Herbert Frederdick Fridd. C. Brook 52 Y
424B 16 Fridd Herbert Frederick 20.2.1995 B 1-6-1911Koolunga S of Walter F./Marie nee Welke. H of Ethel Lorna.Crystal B 83 Y
niche  wall Fridd Mabel Gertrude 30-9-2002 born 23-3-1909 daughter of Walter and Marie Fridd. Crystal Brook/Adelaide 93 Y
483D 14 Fridd Marie Elizabeth Lydia 12.9.1952 B 26-2-1880 D of Johann Welke/Emma nee Kirchner. W of Walter Fridd. C. B. 72 Y
483B 14 Fridd Walter Frederick 6.7.1940 B 19-6-1882 Dalkey S of Richard/Catherine Roots. H of Marie E. L. crystal bk 58 Y
531D 9 Frith Edmund. 7.1.1918 B. England. S of William /Emma ne Gilding. H. of Eliza. "Heywood" C. Brook 72 Y
531B 9 Frith Eliza. 16.4.1909 baptised 6-3-1842 Cornwall. D of John Fidock (deceased in Cornwall and 65 Y
    Frith Eliza.   Eliza nee Harris, remarried to John Odgers. W of Edmund Frith "Heywood"    
134A 14 Frith Eunice "Merle" 30-11-2004 B 13-11-1918Naracoorte D/Alfred Whittenbury/Ellen ne Ross. W of 'Bill' FrithCB 86 Y
162D 15 Frith Leta Gertrude 25.5.1993 B 6-4-1920 Blyth. D of ErnestJames Pearce/Clara Mugge. W of Nevill"Heywood" 73 Y
175B 15 Frith Nevill Freeman 28.5.2006 B 5-5-1917 C. Brk. S of Henry J./A. Louisa nee Bell. H. of Leta. ''Heywood"C.B.  89 Y
134A 14 Frith William Lithgow 19.8.2001 B 9-8-1914 C. Bk. S of Henry J./A. Louisa nee Bell   H of E. Merle. C. Brook 87 Y
niche w B5 Frost Alec Crestwell 2-1-1995 Husband of Annette 68 Y
122D 16 Frost Gregory Shane 21.5.1965 B. Adelaide.  Son of Albert John Frost       Railway Ganger of Crystal Brook 14mths. M
570A 13 Fulwood Annie Olive 3.7.1978 B 14-2-1920 Murraytown nee Sargent. 1st H. Howard Venning Snr. C. Brk 88 Y
510D 15 Fulwood Miriam 28.5.1943 wife of George Gribble and Thomas Fulwood. mother of Howard Gribble.c. bk 54 Y
    Fulwood Miriam   Miriam born at Burra     
510B 15 Fulwood Thomas 15.8.1959 H of Miriam. Son of George P & Sarah J nee Coad.  Crystal Brook. 69 Y
598C 16 Fuss Emily Caroline. 12.9.1966 B 2-9-1874 Gawler D of Henry Preiss/Ellen nee Baker. W of Fredreick H. C.Bk 92 Y
598A 16 Fuss Frederick Herman 17.4.1948 Born Germany. lived Australia 74yrs. Husband of Emily Caroline. C. Brook 79 Y


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