Crystal Brook Cemetery


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Data compiled by Elizabeth Smart


741D 16 Oats Gladys Rubina 30.12.1953 b 5.10.1901 Penola D of Joseph Edwards/Ann Philby W of Ernest Charles C Bk 52 Y
287C 11 O'Brien Florence May 18.9.1968 daughter of William McAdam wife of Frederick Michael O'Brien. Crytal Bk 74 M
287A 11 O'Brien Frederick Michael 28.10.1951 son of John O'Brien husband of Florence May nee McAdam Crytal Brook 73 M
414D 6 O'Callaghan Agnes Mary. 20.3.1898 B 6-5-1889 Rochester. D of William O'Callaghan/Sarah nee McFall. C. Brook 8 Y
403D 6 O'Callaghan Edmund Joseph 17.6.1968 B 3-7-1886 Rochester S of William/Sarah McFall. H of Margaret   C. Bk/Pt Pirie 82 Y
75D 12 O'Callaghan Joan 11/02/2009 daughter of William James Pilkington/Ellen May Head. Wife of Miah C. Brook 86 Y
403B 6 O'Callaghan John Roger 12.10.2000 B 29-9-1916C. Bk Sof Edward/Margaret nee Maddigan. C. Brook/Queensland 84 Y
414B 6 O'Callaghan Margaret Anne 22.5.1936 B 19-9-1887 Norwood D of John Madigan/Kate Hogan W of Edmund. C. Brook 48 Y
75D 12 O'Callaghan Miah Patrick. 27.1.1984 b 15-3-1915 C. Bk Son of Edmund/Margaret Maddigan H of Joan ne Pilkington 68 Y
414B 6 O'Callaghan Sarah. 25.9.1922 daughter of Daniel McFall. married 1881 Kooringa. Husband of William. C. Bk 72 Y
414B 6 O'Callaghan William 9.8.1900 Son of Jeremiah. Husband of Sarah nee Mc Fall. Crystal Brook 54 Y
768B 12 Ockenden Catherine Clare 24.5.1932  Born 4-3-1873Kadina Daughter  of Sydney F. Bayley and Emma nee Ockenden 59 M
    Ockenden Catherine Clare   wife of Frank married 1900 Coromandel Valey  (he died 11-3-1951 at Magill)    
223B 10 O'Connell Daniel.Joseph 3.9.1965 H of Mary.  Crystal Brook 67 Y
223D 10 O'Connell Mary 28.1.1968 Born Hawker wife of Daniel. Mother of 1 SON. Died at Crystal Brook 62 Y
404D 5 O'Connor Michael 11.9.1927 Western Australia. Buried with the O'Donohue. 61 Y
95B 11 O'Dea Annie "Patricia" 11/02/2009 Daughter of William James Pilkington/Ellem May Head. Wife of Arthur "Stan" C B 95 Y
95B 11 O'Dea Arthur Stanley 10.11.1997 B 5-11-1910Terowie S of Martin/Margaret nee Halvey. H of Annie Patricia C. Bk 87 Y
241D 9 O'Dea Veronica Claire 11.10.2001 D of William JamesPilkington/Ellen May Head. W of Wilfred O'Dea. C. Brook 85 Y
241D 9 O'Dea Wilfred Michael 28-6-2007 B 29-9-1909 Terowie Sof Matthew MartinO'D/ Margaret nee Halvey H of Veronica 97 Y
413D 5 O'Donohue 3.6.1903 Born 17.9.1902 Child of John & Mary nee O'Connor. Crystal Brook. 3mnth Y
413D 5 O'Donohue Bridget 8.8.1894 Wife of Michael O'Donohue 66 Y
369B 5 O'Donohue John 31.1.1943 Born County Clare Ireland husband of Maria parents of seven surviving children 93 Y
404D 5 O'Donohue Margaret 1.9.1902 B 28-3-1899 C. Brook Daughter  of John/Mary nee O'Connor Crystal Brook 3yrs M
369D 5 O'Donohue Maria 8.12.1944 (Maria/Mary?)Born Ireland. S. A. 61yrs. Widow of John O'Donohue. C. Brook 83 Y
413A 5 O'Donohue Martin 8.1.1898 Born 26.8.1896 Son of John & Mary nee O'Connor. Crystal Brook. 17mths Y
404D 5 O'Donohue Michael John 9.12.1932 B 28-1-1892 Son of John and Mary nee O'Connor. Crystal Brook 40 Y
413B 5 O'Donohue Peter Henry 21.7.1898. Born 18.12.1897.Son of John & Mary nee O'Conner. Crystal Brook. 1.1/2 Y
413B 5 O'Donohue Thomas Patrick 12.7.1964 B 11-4-1890 Mundoora S of John/Mary nee O'Connor Single Railway Tce C. Bk 78 Y
438C 16 Oehms Francis Arthur 31.5.1954 B 15-5-1878 Hnd. of Gilbert. S of August/Annie nee Lange. H of Lillian. C.  Bk 78 Y
202D 13 Oehms Fred-k Gordon Lennox 4.11.1982 B 10-1-1911 Son of Francis Arthur/Lillian Elizabeth. H of Margaret. Crystal B. 71 Y
438A 16 Oehms Lillian Elizabeth 14.8.1946 B 25-2-1887 d of Peter Harvey/Georgina nee Barber. W of Francis Arthur.CB 58 Y
920 A                     19 Oehms Maxine Claire 14/05/2008 B 19-9-1950 D of Gordon Keech/Rhonda nee Vanstone. W of Greame C. Bk 57yrs Y
468C 15 Oehms Peter 15.6.1944 B 3-3-1913Hnd. Cameron S of Francis A./Lillian nee Harvey. H of Kathleen CB 31 M
439C 15 Oehms Rodney 24.11.1945 Born Crystal Brook son of Fredrick Gordon Leonard and Margaret nee Evans 20mths Y
164C 17 Oehms Victor Lincoln 24.5.1994 ''Jim'' father of Leonie and Kerry. Jamestown 67 Y
416D 8 O'Flaherty Dennis  12.4.1903 Husband of Annie nee Hayes.  Crystal Brook. 59 M
415A 6 O'Flaherty Ellen  6.8.1959 daughter of Patrick Angley. W of John O'Flaherty. Crystal Brook 72 Y
415C 6 O'Flaherty John 25.8.1954 son of Timothy O'Flarerty. H of Ellen nee Angley. Crystal Brook 69 Y
500C 5 Ogilvie Ada Isobel Ann 12.6.1955 wife of Max. G. Ogilvie. music teacher Brandis St Crystal Brook 72 M
500C 5 Ogilvie James 29.10.1951 B 15-6-1877 Belalie S of John/Margaret nee McLeod. H of Ada.Crytsal Brook 74 M
500C 5 Ogilvie Max Gilchrist 14.5.1925 B 15-5-1907 Snowtown son of Max G. Ogilvie/Ada nee Hall. Crystal Brook 17 M
331B 11 O'Halloran Joseph 5.8.1950 Born County Clare Ireland. SA 53 yrs. Single brother of Mary Anne abode C. Brook 73 M
331A 11 O'Halloran Mary Anne 6.10.1946 Born Kellaher Clare Ireland sister of Joseph single abode Crystal brook 71 M
582D 1 Old grave 582 B & D.   Possibly Sinclair Family    
189D 1 Old grave Keville pt189D/190B        
661D 8 Old grave.   unknown burial no identification    
415D 7 O'Leary Daniel James 7.5.1902 C. B. School teacher 22-1-1900/death. Father of six son's, left C.B. June 1902 52 M
402B 7 O'Loughlin Agnes  Annie 24.4.1931 Daughter of Terrence Sheridan. married Craddock 1902. H of Thomas S. c.brk 50 Y
216D 17 O'Loughlin Phillip Terence 13.4.1992 B, 25-4-1908 Son of Thomas S./Agnes Annie O'Loughlin. Single. Crystal Bk 82 Y
216D 17 O'Loughlin Thomas John. 30.7.1980 Son of Thomas S. /Agnes Annie O'Loughlin. Single. Crystal Brook 76 Y
402B 7 O'Loughlin Thomas Stephen 12-7-1947 B @ Marrabel. S of Thomas. H of Agnes Annie nee Sheridan. C. Brook 85 Y
261D 16 Olsen Dennis John. 6.10.1980 husband of Betty 47 Y
205C 16 O'Shaughnessy Adelaide Maud 5.8.1979 B 7-7-1889Wandearah. D of DavidMichael/Mary nee Watson. Wof Albert. C. Bk 89 Y
361B 4 O'Shaughnessy Agnes Eileen 24.11.1994 nee Noonan wife of Peter "Joseph"O'Shaughnessy C brook/Victor Harbor/Plympton 79 Y
205A 16 O'Shaughnessy Albert Laurence 6.1.1987 12-5-1891Wandearah. S ofJames/Rachel nee Sinclair.H of Adelaide. no issue CB 95 Y
728B 16 O'Shaughnessy Aveline Maud 29.3.1952 15-4-1887 Warnertown.D of John Reid/Ellen nee Donnely. W of Edward J. C. Bk 64 Y
412B 4 O'Shaughnessy David 20.9.1884 Born 18-9-1884 Wanderah Son of James/ Rachel nee Sinclair Wandearah 2 Days Y
728D 16 O'Shaughnessy Edward John 17.10.1973 6-1-1879 WandearahSof James/Rachel nee Sinclair. H of A. Maud. Wand/C. Bk 94 Y
307A 14 O'Shaughnessy G. Douglas R. 13-6-2002 B 7-5-1918 C. Brook. Son of John J./Mabel nee Ferme. Wandearah/C.Brook 84 Y
405B 4 O'Shaughnessy James 8.6.1946 Born 31-12-1847 Doonass Ireland S of Daniel James H of Rachel nee Sinclair 98.6yr Y
    O'Shaughnessy James   abode -- Hamilton -- Wandearah --- Crystal Brook    
741B 16 O'Shaughnessy James Stanley 1.5.2011 B 29.1.1913 Solomontown S of Edward/Maud nee Reid H of Joan Crystal Bk 98 Y
307A 14 O'Shaughnessy Joan Anzac 11.6.2012 B 14-3-1921Narridy D of Walter Hanson/Jean Weston Wof Doug Wandearah/C Bk 91 Y
741B 16 O'Shaughnessy Joan Bell 22.4.2001 18-6-1918 C. Bk.D of Henry Frith/A. Louisa nee Bell. W of James S. Ridgehaven 82 Y
292B 16 O'Shaughnessy John  Joseph 3.3.1977 B.31-1-1881 Wandearah. Son of James /Rachel. H of Mabel.Wandearah/C. Bk 96 Y
307C 14 O'Shaughnessy Kathryn Mary 10.4.1993 B 2-10-1950 nee Keech. wife of Deane O'Shaughnessy. Wandearah. 42 Y
307C 14 O'Shaughnessy Kingsley Deane 25.1.2011 Son of G.Douglas/Joan nee Weston. Hof Kathryn (dec) and Beverly Wandearah 64 Y
292D 16 O'Shaughnessy Mabel 9.6.1977 15-4-1886 Wandearah. D of George Ferme/Annie nee Shand. W of John. C. Bk 91 Y
412B 4 O'Shaughnessy Mary 17.5.1889 Born 18-9-1884 Wanderah Son of James/ Rachel nee Sinclair Wandearah 3wks Y
317D 4 O'Shaughnessy Mary 19.2.1973 nee Malone wife of Peter Sinclair O'Shaughnessy  Wandearah/C. Bk/Victor Harbor 86 Y
324B 4 O'Shaughnessy Mary Doreen 21.7.1925 B 10-4-1914 (called Mollie) Daughter of Peter Sinclair and Mary nee Malone C Bk 11 Y
405D 4 O'Shaughnessy Maud 21.12.1923 Daughter of Edward John O'shaughnessy and Aveline Maud nee Reid Wandearah 3 hrs Y
324D 4 O'Shaughnessy Peter Joseph 1.9.1999 Son of Peter Sinclair O'Shaughnessy/Mary nee Malone. H of Agnes Eileen.  83 Y
324B 4 O'Shaughnessy Peter Sinclair 28.9.1957 14-5-1876 Wandearah. S of James/Rachel nee Sinclair. H of Mary. C. Brook 81 Y
412B 4 O'Shaughnessy Rachel May 14.10.1887 B 21.-6-1997 d of James /Rachel nee Sinclair. Congenial Debility cause of death 4mnths Y
405D 4 o'Shaughnessy Rachel Tait 27.1.1928 Born12.10.1850 Orkney Is Scotland Dof Peter/Isabella nee Tait W of James CB 77 Y
394D 15 O'Shaughnessy Roy Douglas 8.8.1975 25-12-1882 Wandearah. S of James/Rachel nee Sinclair. H of Agnes nee Leys. 82 Y
317D 4 O'Shaughnessy.Mary 19.2.1973 nee Malone . Wife of Peter Sinclair O'Shaughnessy.C/B & Victor Harbour 86 Y
407C 2 O'Sullivan James 10.4.1894 Possibly son of Patrick. Crystal Brook 20 M
678C 10 Oxlade May. 29.11.1918 B 28-11-1918C Brook D of Henry John Oxlade/Ivy May nee Mathews. C. Brook 10hrs M
610C 17 Parker Frank 2.1.1998   67 N
717C 5 Parkham Lancelot Howard S 9.8.1896 Born 19.4.1895 Son of Joseph & Florence . nee Clack.   Crystal Brook. 1 M
717C 5 Parkham Marjory Florina Violet 20.5.1900 Born 26.10.1898 Daughter of Joseph & Florence nee Clack.  Crystal Brook. 18mths M
665C 4 Parkinson Dr John Taylor 29.1.1891 The first Doctor@Crystal Brook he died of ruptured blood vessel/Brain BrnScotland? 44 M
588D 6 Parkinson Francis Edward. 15.5.1943 B 26-7-1859Gawler. S of John/Sarah Wallace. H of Hannah Marie. Crystal Bk 83 Y
588D 6 Parkinson Hannah Marie 26.4.1947 (Anna?) D of Charles Lyons. wife of Francis Edward. Crystal Brook 91 Y
621B 6 Parkinson John 14.4.1894 husband of Sarah nee Wallace. father of Francis edward Parkinson. C. Brook 71 M
    Parkinson John   John Parkinson's occupation was a Farrier of Crystal Brook. died 1894.    
621B 6 Parkinson Sarah. 17.7.1899 widow of John Parkinson, mother of F.E. Parkinson the informate of C. Brook 76 M
206C 17 Parks James 11.10.1905 Died of drowning at C. Bk. Fruitier of C. Bk. no relatives to register death 62 M
    Parks James   Pirie Gazette Dec. 1877 report James Parks of London purchase business C. Bk    
406A 3 Patterson James Joseph 5.10.1970 B 30-11-1887 C.Bk. S of John Joseph/Margaret Ann nee Garrigan. Crystal Bk 82 M
406A 3 Patterson Margaret Ann 12.8.1893 D of Myles Garrigan/Margaret Mary nee?.married 1886 C. Brk to John Patterson 34 M
623A 4 Pavy Ada Margaret 13.11.1933 daughter of Richard and Caroline Sophia Pavy nee Combe Crystal Brook ? Y
623C  4 Pavy Caroline Sophia 10.5.1938 daughter of Matthew Combe.married Myponga 1861 W. of Richard Pavy C. Bk 99 Y
466A 13 Pavy Elsie Doreen 24.3.1933 ''Doreen" daughter of W. J. and L. Pavy. Crystal Brook and Owen 30 Y
611D 16 Pavy Frances Eba 29.6.1949 B 4-8-1863 Myponga D of Ethelbert Hewett. W of Harry H. Pavy. Crystal Bk 85 Y
422D 14 Pavy Grace Mary 5.2.1976 B 26-1-1889 Coralbignie D of Maurice Hiern/Annie Henery. W of Matthew C. Bk 87 Y
912 19 Pavy Graham Deane 17/01/2009 B 7-3-1952 C.Bk S of Harry and Lois nee Hewett husband of Anthea nee Crouch CB 56 Y
911 18 Pavy Harry Deane 13/01/2009 B 15.12.1925 C. Bk S of Roland @ Ivy May nee Behenna H of Lois nee Hewett CBk 83 Y
611B 16 Pavy Harry Hutton 17.2.1947 B 6-4-1868 Milang. H of Frances Eba nee Kennett. Crystal Brook 78 Y
577A 9 Pavy Harry Kingsley. 15.10.1919 Born 23.6.1902 to Harry H Pavy & Frances nee Hewett 16 Y
588A 6 Pavy Horace Hargrave. 10.12.1897 B 25.4.1895. Son of Harry & Frances nee HewettCrystal Brook 2 Y
308C 13 Pavy Ivy "May" 18.7.1994 B 10-5-1906 D of Willaim Behenna/Florence Ward. W of Roland Pavy. C. Brook 88 Y
911 18 Pavy Lois Margaret 8.6.2010  8.5.1928 Pt BrghtonD of Leslie Hewett@Olive nee Richards W of Harry Deane C.B 82 Y
422B 14 Pavy Mathew Percival 27.1.1965 B 9-5-1878 Napperby S of Richard/Caroline nee Combe. H of Grace Mary C. B. 86 Y
623A 4 Pavy Peter 19.2.1932 B 8-2-1932 C. Bk Son of Roland Hewett Pavy and Ivy"May" nee Behenna 1wk. M
623A 4 Pavy Richard. 19.5.1920 S of Benjamin arr SA 1850 "Francis Ridley" married 1861 Caroline nee Combe 78 Y
    Pavy Richard.   1873 Pioneer of Crystal Brook. Caroline arr 1858 "General Hewett" Myponga first    
308A 13 Pavy Roland Hewett 24.9.1963 B 23-6-1902 C. Bk S of Harry H./Frances nee Hewett. H of Ivy"May" C Brook 61 Y
308C 13 Pavy Russell Glen 30-5-1984 B 12-2-1936 C. Bk S of Roland Hewett Pavy/Ivy"May" nee Behenna Single C. Bk 48 Y
623C 4 Pavy Sawle Kieth  15.9.1894 b 29-10-1893 C. Bk. Son of Julius A./Elizabeth nee Radford. Crystal Brook 10mths Y
566B 16 Peake Arthur Herbert 24.2.1971 B 6-9-1884C. Bk. S of Henry/Thiriza nee Reid. H of Annie  no issue. C. Bk 86 Y
659D 16 Peake Henry. 10.1.1919 Son of Henry. Husband of Thiriza nee Read.  Pioneer farmer Crystal Brook 74 Y
566D 10 Peake Isabella Ann (Annie) 4.3.1979 B 4-2-1886C. B. d of James O'Shaughnessy/Rachel Sinclair.W of Herbert. C. B 93 Y
659B 16 Peake Thiriza 5.1.1933 daughter/Frederick Read married at her Home1876 WaterlooPlains. W of Henry 84 Y
    Pearce  Ellen (Nell Sedgman )   buried with Tom of Narridy P.O. wife of Duncan Pearce dec at Parralowie    
198A 9 Pearce Ellen Agnes 19.4.2009 B 2.11.1913 C. Bk D of Richard Stevens/Ellen nee  Meaney wife of Tom Sedgman @ 95 Y
135B 10 Pearson Elvira ''Linda'' 29.8.1997 B 5-6-1910 Loxton D of Johann Pfeiffer/Lydia nee Hennig. W of William C.Brook 82 Y
135B 13 Pearson William Charles B 29.7.1985 Son of Bertie Pearson H of ''Linda'' Brandis St. Crystal Brook 77 Y
505C 13 Pengilly Neil Weston  30.4.1929 Son of Walter Leslie Pengilly and Isabella Merle nee Weston born Crystal Brook 9days M
585A 10 Penrose   Child.Unknown details. Cast Iron Headstone. ? Y
622B 5 Perry Ann 15.6.1911 D of James Forrest and Janet nee Semple. H of Charles. Cattle Track C. Brook 79 Y
622D 5 Perry Charles. 6.7.1894 Born c. 1820 England S of William. Victoria to S. A. H. of Ann. Cattle Track. 73 Y
632B 8 Perry Emma.old grave. 2.12.1893 Daughter of John & Tamar nee Williams.     Crystal Brook. 2hrs M
587D 5 Perry James 5.6.1895 Son of Charles & Ann Born Adelaide 20.5.1855.       Crystal Brook.  40 Y
785A 16 Perry Leslie Horrace 25-7-2003 B 2-3-1925 Pirie South S of Charles T. Perry/Evelyn nee Warner. H of Yvonne. 78 Y
785C 16 Perry Suzanne June 8.10.1954 Born 6-7-1954 Crystal Brook daughter of Yvonne and Leslie H. Perry 3mths Y
785A 16 Perry Yvonne June 23/06/2011 B 29.11.1933 C. Bk D of Keith Jarmyn/ Robina nee Lambert W of L. H. Perry C Bk 77 Y
535A 5 Petrie Emily 10.8.1925 D of Henry Tonkin. m. 1872 Adelaide. W of William Petrie Jnr.Beetaloo Resvor 74 M
460C 7 Phillis Kathleen Mary. 30.5.1922. B 2-10-1907 Daughter of Isaac Edwin Phillis. Crystal Brook 14 M
439D 15 Phillis Margaret 22.7.1940 Third wife of Isaac Edward Phillis who died 25-9-1960 at Norwood, no issue survive 64 M
400B 9 Pilkington Edmund 27.6.1924 B 26-6-1924 Crystal Brook S of John Francis Pengilly/Mary Jane nee Head 2 M
242D 10 Pilkington Ellen May 24.6.1964 B 7-5-1888 C. Bk D of Ambrose Head/Annie nee Myatt. W of William Pilkington 76 Y
417A 9 Pilkington un named infant 30.10.1930 stillborn infant S.B. N
372D 8 Pilkington William. 7.2.1930 Son of William Thomas Pilkington and Ellen nee Head S.B. M
242B 10 Pilkington WilliamThomas 4.11.1962 B 27-5-1883 C. B. Son of James. Husband of Ellen May. Redhill/C. Brook 79 Y
219C 14 Pix Alma Jean 17.5.1987. born 22-8-1908 Daught./ Albert E. Hobbs/Lillian M.nee Cook.Wof WilliamC.B. 78 Y
219A 14 Pix William.Robert 20.5.1968 B 17-6-1894 Norwood S of Robert/Elizabeth nee Thomas. H of Alma Jean. C. Bk 74 Y
551C 13 Pointon Elizabeth Ann 8.6.1954 B 14-9-1869 Templers. D of William Whitting/Angelina Evans. W of Zacharia 84 Y
551A 13 Pointon Zachariah. 12.9.1936 B 2-12-1859 Aldinga S of Jeremiah/Frances nee Brown. H of Elizabeth. C Bk 76 Y
467D 14 Pomeroy Alfred James 20.4.1941 B 25-8-1875 Laura S of James H./Sarah nee Meedham. H of Rose. Crystal Bk 66 Y
406A 3 Poole Elizabeth Mary 3.2.1892 Daughter of Myles  and Margaret Mary Garrigan.W of Henry Died Heart disease 38 M
411A 3 Poole Margaret Jane 28.10.1902 B 10-2-1885 daughter of Henry Poole/ Elizabeth nee Garrington Crystal Bk 18 M
942 - 19 Poore Joan Charlotte Elizabeth 19-7-2006 born at Birdwood nee Thomas wife of Allan Poore 77 Y
942 - 19 Poore Leslie "Allan" 28.2.2015   86 Y
678D 10 Pope Edmund. 19.1.1916 H of Sophia.  Crystal Brook. 82 Y
612C 15 Pope Lina 30.12.1944 B 30-11-1896 Belalie. Dof Ben Weston/Rhoda Bairstow. W of Eric William Pope 48 Y
678D 10 Pope Sophia 22.4.1887 W of Edmund.  Crystal Brook ? Y
555A 17 Porter Jason Victor 31.12.1995 born 17-6-1972 only son of Victor and Rae Porter. Crystal Brook 23 Y
niche wall Preiss Gladys Olive Jeane 14-10-2000 born 15-4-1918 C. Bk nee Lambert wife of Henry Preiss. C. Bk/Whyalla 82 Y
niche wall Preiss Henry        
333C 13 Preiss Louisa Anna 2.11.1975 B 5-2-1882 Baroota D of August Fuss/Louisa Tuhan. W of Syney Fred. Crystal B. 93 Y
333A 13 Preiss Sydney Frederick 6.5.1966 b 28-5-1881Gawler S of Henry August/Ellen nee Baker. H of Louisa. CrystalBk 85 Y
495A 1 Priaulx Amelia Matilda 10.1.1885 B5-12-1866 Pt. McDonnel. D of George H./Mary nee Sarre. Brandis St Crystal Bk 18 Y
495B 1 Priaulx George Hieaume 8.8.1898 Storekeeper of Crystal Brook Husband of Mary nee Sarre.  72 Y
495D 1 Priaulx George Sarre 1.11.1894 B 23-6-1856 Adelaide. Son of George H./Mary nee Sarre Brandis St C. Brook 38 Y
495C 1 Priaulx Georgina 6.3.1882 B 14-12-1854 Adelaide. D of George H./Mary nee Sarre. Brandis St C. Brook 26 Y
  1 Priaulx John Alfred 4.11.1884 B 21-5-1862 Adelaide Son of George H./Mary nee Sarre. Brandis St C. Brook 22 Y
495A 1 Priaulx Mary 21.1.1898 W of George H.  nee Sarre.  Crystal Brook. 66 Y
495C 1 Priaulx Mary Ann 12.5.1901 B 28-1-1853 Adelaide D of George H./Mary nee Sarre. Brandis St. C. Brook 48 Y
903- 20 Price Clifford Gordon 24-5-2006 B8-3-1914 TumbyBay Son of Harry/Gertrude Gardner. H of Irene  Narridy/C.Bk 92 Y
855A 11 Price Harry Munro 15.1.1929 born C. Bk Son of Harry Reginald Price and Kathleen Alice nee Growden 1day M
902- 20 Price Irene Mabel 23/10/2013   92  
855A 11 Price Kathleen Joy. 31.10.1933 daughter of Harry Reginald Price and Kathleen Alice nee Growden C. Bk 3 Y
449B 5 Pridham Agnes Namutal 31.3.1899 B 3-8-1892 C. Bk. daughter of John/Emma Grace Pridham. Crystal Brook 6 Y
450D 4 Pridham Annie Grace 23.12.1899 B10-3-1895 C. B. daughter of John/Emma Grace Pridham. Crystal Brook 4 Y
457B 4 Pridham Emma Grace 7.9.1922 wife of John 69 Y
583C 1 Pridham Jasper 14.6.1904 B 4-3-1819 Devon Eng. H of Mary nee Pennington  farmer Merriton/C. Bk district 85 Y
457D 4 Pridham John Winlade 24.8.1950 H of Emma.  Son of Jasper & Mary nee Pennington.    Crystal Brook. 97 Y
583C 1 Pridham Mary  21.7.1890 B 5-4-1827 Somerset Eng. nee Pennington wife of Jasper Merriton/C/ Bk distrt 63 Y
450B 4 Pridham Mary "Elsie" 4.9.1990 B 19-10-1899 C. Brook. daughter of John/Emma Grace Pridham. Crystal Bk 90 Y
584A 2 Pridham Ruben 16.6.1898. B 21-10-1856 Aldinga. S of Jasper/Mary nee Pennington. Crystal Brook 41 Y
773B 17 Pridham Thomas Jasper. 22.1.1958 B 17-8-1855 Son of Jasper/Mary nee Pennington. Crystal Brook 79 Y
448B 6 Prime William. 19.10.1912 B 28-2-1857 Eng S of Philip/Jane Ward. Employed by Venning family @ C. Brook 55 Y
683C 15 Prosser Mabel Irene 4.10.1948 B 26-1-1907 Quorn D of Thomas Stewart Jackson/Loveday Jane nee Carter 41 Y
    Prosser Mabel Irene   Married 1936 Wandearah Rex Wilbur Prosser. died North Ad. Kallaminga W.A.    
441B 13 Quick Neil Hartley 22.11.1932  22-4-1928 Norwood S/ Lawrence/Florence ne McFarlane Re buried Enfield Cem 4 N
722- 10 Quinlan Priscilla (Memorial only) 23.3.1918 B 24-4-1873Redbanks. D of WiliamThreadgold/Annie Wright. Wof ?Adelaide 45 Y
330D 10 Quinlivan Catherine T 4.2.1924 Crystal Brook 78 M
355B 10 Quinlivan Daniel Joseph 4.3.1921 Born at Marrabel. laborer of Mitchell St. C. Brook Renal  and heart failure 49 M
418D 10 Quinlivan irene Gertrude 5.5.1909 B28-11-1907 C. Bk D of Thomas Stephen/Margaret M. W. nee Barry. Crystal Bk 1.7yrs M
355B 10 Quinlivan Michael James 5.11.1947 Born at Tarcowie single abode Crystal brook 76 M
418C 10 Quinlivan Michael leo 30.12.1915 B 17-7-1914 C. Bk S of Thomas Stephen/M. Mary W. ne Barry. Crystal Bk 1.7yrs M
418B 10 Quinlivan Veronica May 31.1.1911 B 24-5-1909 C. Bk D of Thomas Stephen/Margaret M. Winifred nee Barry C. Bk 1.9yrs M
415B 7 Rabbitt Daniel 31.10.1923 B1-10-1889 Lucindale S/ Daniel/Mary Campbell. H of Elizabeth. Naridy school 34 Y
470D 17 Rae Florence Edith 26.9.1991 Born 11-2-1898 wife of William John Crystal Brook and St. Peter's 93 Y
470B 17 Rae William John 29.9.1960 B 18-7-1896 Cockburn Sof Thomas/Mary S. nee Nance. H of Edith Crystal Bk 63 Y
173C 17 Rainsford Barbara 28.4.2010 Born Dongara West Aust wife of Cecil "Geoffrey" Rainsford of Railway Tce C. Brook 79  
173C 17 Rainsford Cecil "Geoffrey" 9.11.1999 H of Barbara.  Crystal Brook. 69 Y
223A 10 Rainsford James Managhan 16.6.1967 B at Wallaroo. S of George Hof Beatrice Mary nee Moyse (of Warnertown) C. Brook 74 Y
202C 13 Reed Doris Margaret 7.8.1974 wife of Steve Norman Reed. Crystal Brook 70 M
nich w D2 Reed Hartley M. 26-3-2000 husband of Freda. R. A. A. F. 26617 Sargent. Forgan St. Crystal Brook 90 Y
202C 13 Reed Steve Norman 25.5.1983 B 1-8-1906 Redruth. S of John/Susan M. Both. H of Doris Margaret. C. Bk 76 M
501C 6 Reid Alexander Stewart 16.8.1961 B 29-2-1880Gladstne S of James/Margaret Stewart. H of Mabel neeVenningC.B. 81 M
534B 6 Reid Elizabeth Agnes 18.7.1929 B 28-2-1886 Peterborough. D of James Reid/Margaret  nee Stewart Pt. Pirie 43 Y
534B 6 Reid James 25.1.1923 B 1845 Ireland S of Hugh Reid m Pt Adelaide 1877 Margaret nee Stewart C Bk 78 Y
501A 6 Reid Mabel Adeline 26.8.1919 B 14-9-1884 Auburn D of John Venning/Eliza Spackman. W of Alexander. C. B. 35 M
501D 6 Reid Margaret 21.12.1921 Born  7-1-1852  Adelaide Daughter of Alexander Stewart wife of James Reid C Bk 70 Y
790B 11 Reid Neville 14.4.1924 Crystal Brook 54 M
261A 16 Reid Verlie Mary. 10.7.1978 B 7-2-1927 Kadina D of Clarence Rodda/Essie nee White W of KemmyWanderh 51 Y
memorial 8 Reinke J. R.  0-01943 Born 1917 Son of John Carl Reinke and Agnes. 2/33 A. I. F. 29 Y
401A 8 Reinke John Carl. 6.5.1925 Son of William H of Agnes nee Browne (Daughter of Michael)    Narridy 44 Y
memorial 8 Reinke W. H.  0.0.1943 Born 1920 Son of John Carl Reinke and Agnes. 2/10 A. I. F.  23 Y
216B 17 Renshaw Albert George 4.10.1978 B 10-2-1909 Bundaleer Sof Arthur/Mabel nee Stacey. H/ Phillis. Narridy/C. Bk 69 M
654D 15 Renshaw Barry Ernest 29.4.1950 Son af Albert George and Phillis nee Bushell. Narridy and Crystal Brook 10 M
216B 17 Renshaw Phillis May 31.1.1997 B 17-11-1908 Alberton D of Alfred Bushell/Bridget nee Hurst. W of Albert G. 88 M
807C 7 Reynolds Roy Ivor  11.10.1911 Son of Martin Reynolds and Louisa Ann nee Darley. Narridy store keeper 3 M
631D 7 Rice  Rebecca. 22.9.1914 D of Thomas Ward married 1872 Gawler W of Abel Rice, 17yrs C. Brook 69 M
    Rice  Rebecca.   arrived SA 1848"The Mariner", Kapunda/Gawler with parents 7 children 6surviv    
751A 6 Rice  un-named baby. 16.5.1907 Cast Iron Marker. old grave. Baby S.B. M
662D 7 Rice Abel 28.5.1892 B 7-10-1839 Son of John. Husband of Rebecca nee Ward. Pioneer of Merriton 52 M
675B 7 Rice Fred Stanley 5.11.1898 Born 29.5.1888 at Crystal Brook son of Abel & Rebecca nee Ward. 10 M
787B 14 Richards Ernest Edward 9.3.1968 born Stone Hut H of ruby Victoria . M 82 Y
544C 6 Richards George Henry 15.7.1901 Son of Thomas & Mary Ann.  Crystal Brook. 2 Y
814B 14 Richards Mary 13-3-2003 B 11-7-1919 d. of Matthew/Grace Pavy. W of Edward W.Richards.Narridy/CB 93 Y
544C 6 Richards Mary Ann 1.12.1898 1-10-1859 Pine Creek D of William Robinson/Catherine O'Connor. Wof Thomas 39 Y
787D 14 Richards Ruby Victoria 13.6.1955 B 20-6-1886 Kapunda D of William Bettison/Sarah nee Hillier. W of Ernest. C. B 68 Y
831B 14 Richards Samuel Leigh 12.8.1985 son of Robert Richards and Helen nee Lehmann. Crystal Brook 35mths Y
544C 6 Richards Thomas 22.9.1933 son of John Richards. husband of Mary Ann nee Robinson. C. Bk/Alberton 75 Y
814B 14 Richards. Edward William 12.10.1993 son of Ernest Edward/Ruby V. nee Bettison. H of Mary nee Pavy.   Narridy 81 Y
967- 19 Richardson Francis Henry 22-11-2004 b2-12-1914 H of Sheila and Esma (both dec.) Gisela. Crystal Brook 89 Y
967- 19 Richardson Giesla Elfriede 23.3.2011 B 16.12.1928 at? -----1st husband ---- Bird 2nd husband Francis Richardson C Bk 82 Y
482B 15 Richter Agnes Mary 5.5.1963 daughter of Abraham Bonham--Telowie. W of George H. L. Richter C. Brook 81 Y
308D 13 Richter Claude 28.12.1964 B 20-2-1909 Telowie Son of George/Agnes Mary nee Bonham Crystal Brook 55 Y
817B 17 Richter Doris Marjory 21-10-2005 B 28-3-1916 W of Herbert Richter Pt Pirie 89 Y
482D 15 Richter George Heinrich L. 1.6.1943 B 12-12-1862Reeves Plns  S of Martin/Johanna nee Martens. H of Agnes.C Bk 80 Y
817B  17 Richter Herbert (twin) 12.7.1999 B19-2-1907 Telowie S of George/Agnes Mary nee Bonham. C. Brook-Pt. Pirie 96 Y
784D 17 Richter Walter (twin) 21.9.1960 B 19-2-1907 Telowie S of George/Agnes Mary nee Bonham. Crystal Brook 52 Y
503B 8 Ritchie James Arch  7.5.1919 Died at School House Merriton. Husband of Adeline Ritchie.  61 Y
626A 1 Roberts  Elizabeth. 4.8.1934 B 9-6-1850Willunga. D of Jasper Pridham/Mary. W of John Roberts. C. Brk 83 Y
631B 7 Roberts Clarice Mary. 23.5.1892 B 17-12-1891 C. Brook D of John Roberts/Elizabeth nee Pridham 6mths Y
    Roberts Gwen ----died at the ---   FLINDER'S HOSPITAL C. Bk of acute intestinal intoxication for 14 days    
591C 9 Roberts Gwen. 3.4.1920 B 27-6-1918 C. Bk D of Percival John/Ruby Millicent nee Main. Crystal Bk 1yr9mn M
598B 16 Roberts Herbert Emmanuel. 10.2.1947 B 17-3-1880 Narridy S of John /Elizabeth nee Gilmore. H of Ada. Crystal Brook 66 Y
631B 7 Roberts John. 23.6.1923 Husband of Elizabeth nee Pridham F of Clarice and Stanley (dec.C. Bk Cem) 79 Y
631B 7 Roberts Stanley Jasper. 16.3.1903 B 2.4.1886 Southwark Son of John Roberts/Elizabeth nee Pridham C Brook 15 Y
767B 11 Robertson ? Leased but No details.   Baby ?. ? N
52D 12 Robinson Brenda Millyard 28-3-2007 B 12-7-1927 D of Leyshon P.M.Jones/Christina Millyard. W of Edwin. C. Bk 81 Y
52B 12 Robinson Edwin.Latta 17.4.1984 Born 9-6-1923 Crystal Brook R. A. A. F. 417283 Officer. H. of Brenda. C. Brook 60 Y
684D 16 Robinson Elizabeth Pearce 8.3.1951 Wife of William Thomas Robinson.  24 Y
334D 14 Roe Allan James 7.9.1974 B 2-3-1898 Wandearah. S of Richard/Bridget nee Gannan. H of Eva Lucy C. Bk 76 Y
334D 14 Roe Eva Lucy 14.9.1994 daughter of Foster Williams. W of Allan James Roe. Crystal Brook 86 Y
619D 8 Roe George. 11.4.1898 B 19=12-1893 Telowie. Son of Richard/Bridget nee Jones. Wandearah 4 M
588B 6 Roe T. 18.11.1896 A drover found deceased no further details on his death certificate . Near C. Brook ? M
78B 15 Rogers Audrey Irene 25.10.1993 Wife of Cliff. Crystal Brook. 65 Y
78 B 16 Rogers Clifford James 2.12.2010 14.9.1927 Solomontown S of Clifford Benjamin/Mavis Laurel nee Crocker H /Audrey 82 Y
771A 15 Rowe Arthur John Pascoe 9.4.1954 H of Janet nee Roberts (Narridy cemetery) and Florence Elizabeth. Narridy 79 Y
260A 17 Rowe Edna Jean 24.3.2013 B 12.7.1933    
461B 8 Rowe Ethel Mary 15.10.1929 w of George Dunstone.  Crystal Brook. 49 Y
771C 15 Rowe Florence Elizabeth. 7.8.1970 second wife of Arthur John Pascoe Rowe. Clare 85 Y
461D 8 Rowe George Dunstone. 30.4.1968 B 1-11-1881 Moonta S of Stephen Rowe/Jenifer Dunstan. H of Ethel Crystal Bk 86 Y
260A 17 Rowe Stafford Milton 17.3.1998 B 26-8-1922 Parilla S of Eugene Albert/Eva nee Hucks. H of Edna. Crysal Bk 75 Y
877B 18 Rowen George John 2/01/2010 B 12.4.1934Streaky B. S of Andrew Peter/Bessie Linnet. H of Yvonne nee Eosanko 75 Y
Niche wall Rowlands E. Hillary 4-7-1976 Born Wales/England H of Mavis nee Darley C. Brook   Y
Niche wall Rowlands Mavis Lorraine 7-10-2004 B 15-5-1916 Narridy D of James W. Darley/Eliza nee Gale. W of Hillary. C. Bk 88 Y
378A 14 Rudd George Arthur 2.2.1983 B 3-5-1902 H of Hilda Sophia. F of Helene Ferme. Pt. Pirie @ Gulnare 80 Y
334B 14 Rudd Hilda Sophie 30.8.1974 B 27-1-1903 nee Graetz. Wife of George Arthur. Pt Pirie @ Gulnare 71 Y
378C 17 Russell baby daughter 10/02/1975 Born 10-2-1975 infant of Barbara nee Lambert and Trevor Russell of Crystal Brook S.B. Y
260C 17 Rutjens Louis Johan. 31.10.1995 Born Holland H of Heather L. nee Smart. 58 Mitchell St Crystal Brook 65 Y
106C 1 Ryan John 6.7.1879. B 1880 Ireland ar SA 1855 "Buclephalus" H of Susan nee Kennedy Father of 7.Truro Cbrook 61 Y
    Ryan John   Mary Ryan nee Kennedy died Coonatto 9-7-1890 Interred at Hamond Cemetery 70  
285A 9 Ryan John James 16.2.1948 Born 20-6-1873 nr Wakefield Son of John and Mary nee Hillary Single.C. Brk 74 Y
285C 9 Ryan Joseph Andrew 2.12.1951 Born 6-10-1880 Naridy Son of John and Mary nee Hillary Single Crystal Brook 71 Y
285A 9 Ryan Mary Ann 6.10.1945 Born 5-3-1876 daughter of John/ Mary Hillary. Single. Crystal Brook 69 Y
348A 17 Sache Colin Leslie  l b19-10-1920 Ardrossan husband of Hilda Matilda Sachse. Mercowie Rd C. Bk 84 Y
348A 17 Sache Hilda Matilda 23.11.1997. B 5-8-1911 Kapunda nee Jackman. wife of Colin Sachse. Mercowie Rd. C. Bk 86 Y
760A 4 Sage Charles Forbes 2.4.1905 born 6-10-1885 Hackney Son of Samuel and Helen nee Forbes. Crystal Brook 19 Y
581A 2 Saint Caroline Louisa 4.9.1921 B 10-6-1866 D of Henry Miell. wife of William Saint. Crystal Brook 55 Y
581A 2 Saint Hubert Powell 6.9.1903 B 20-6-1900 C. Brook Son of William Saint  and Caroline nee Miell. C. Brook 3 Y
763B 7 Saint Isabella Rachel Tait 10.10.1951 B14-1-1862 Nairne D of James Lawrence Watson/Janet Sinclair of Riverton 89 Y
    Saint Isabella Rachel Tait   Isabella; wife of John Saint Jnr.(Janet Sinclair is sister of Edward Tait Sinclair)    
763D 7 Saint John 29.4.1937 B2-10-1858 Balaklava S 0f John /Mary nee Smith. H of Isabella Rachael. C.Bk 78 Y
653A 16 Saint Sylvan William Lindsay 15.8.1950 B15-7-1889C. B. Sof William/Carolina Louisa nee Miell. H of Daisy nee Mathews 61 Y
540A  2 Saint William 7.5.1919 B 2-1-1861Virginia. S of John /Mary nee Smith. H of Caroline L. nee Miell C. B. 58 Y
396C 13 Saltmarsh Edith Alice May 28.11.1963 B 25-10-1902 Glenburnie D of Arthur Mathews/Eva nee Milnes. W of Keith CB 62 Y
396A 13 Saltmarsh Keith Douglas S 25.8.1962 B 10-2-1900 Lake Plains S of Alfred/ Elizabeth nee Prouton. H of Edith. C. Bk 62 Y
264A 13 Sandercock Cyril Charles 15.7.1974 B 2-5-1903 Adelaide. Son of Charles. H of Eva Alice nee Jasper. Crystal Brook 71 Y
niche wall   Sandercock Donald        
264C 13 Sandercock Eva Alice 25.7.1966 B 6-1-1906 C. B. Daught of William Jasper/Edith nee Francis. W of Cyril. C. B. 60 Y
niche wall   Sandercock Margaret Lorraine 7/02/2016     Y
741C 16 Sanders Ruby Ethel 14.4.1967 W of William.  Crystal Brook 76 Y
741A 16 Sanders William Herbert 7.9.1953 Born Booleroo to William & Sarah Ann nee Piggott     Crystal Brook 66 Y
508D 13 Sandow Douglas Gilbert 19.4.1960 B15-4-1882 Son of George/Mary Trestrail. H of Ruby nee Hill.Narridy Crystal Bk 78 Y
552A 14 Sandow Olive May 28.2.1943  27-9-1877 Goodwood D of Alfred/Niemann/Mary Crettendon.W/Sydney.narridy 65 Y
508B 13 Sandow Ruby. 25.10.1933 B11-1-1886nr Georgtwn D of Thomas Hill/Mary Cleggett. W of Douglas. Narridy 47 Y
552C 14 Sandow Sydney Arthur 6.11.1959 B 3-5-1874 S of Gorge /Mary Trestrail.H of Olive May nee Niemann. Narridy 80 Y
489A 7 Sandow.George Thomas. 19.12.1924 B 17-2-1924 C. Bk S of Douglas and Ruby nee Hill. Narridy 10mths Y
983A 19 Sargent Angas Victor 28/08/2010 B 4-10-1923 C. Bk Son of Henry and Linda nee Davidson. H of Una nee RobertsC. B 86 Y
533A 7 Sargent Eliza Elvy 13.4.1953 B 12-7-1866 D of Richard Piggott/Eliza Beaumont. W of George Crystal Bk 86 Y
502C 7 Sargent George 5.4.1941 B 8-5-1863 Saddlewrth. S of Henry/Elizbth McDougall. H of Eliza E.Crystal Bk 78 Y
352C 13 Sargent Henry Victor 4.10.1971 B 10-2-1888 Appila S of George/Eliza Elvey Piggott. H  of Linda Agnes. C. Bk 83 Y
352C 13 Sargent Linda Agnes 23.8.1973 B 13-6-1890 Wandearh D of George Davidson/Isabella Baird. W of Henry. C. Bk 83 Y
352A 13 Sargent Lloyd George  11.9.1968 son of Henry Victor and Linda Agnes nee Sargent. single Crystal Brook 50 Y
983A 19 Sargent Una        
533C 7 Sargent William Herbert 21.6.1920 B 22-5-1892 Wirrabara Son of George/Elizabeth.Husband of Violet. Naracoorte 28 Y
747B 10 Saunders Daphne Jean 20.9.1919 B 2-8-1919 C. Bk D of Charles William and Amy B. nee Beck. Crystal Brook 7wks M
51B 13 Sawyer Glenn Terence Kenneth 0-0-2000 B 9.6.1950 Hampshire Eng S of Kenneth/Jean nee KelsonH of JoannaBarossa dist 50 Y
    Sawyer Glenn Terence Kenneth   This memorial for Glenn Sawyer, placed with his Grandmother Florence Harrison    
321D 1 Schapel Margaret Ellen 9.2.1902 Daughter of Carl E H & Elizabeth nee McNamara. Huddleston. 2 Y
173D 17 Schmidt Kevin John 2.12.1980 Crystal Brook. 38 M
630A 6 Schonberg Karl H. "Julius" 4.6.1904 H of Theodora Wilhelma Rosamunde (died 29-5-1879 Crystal Brook aged 66yrs) 87 Y
218A 15 Schuller Albert. 7.10.1976 B 31-12-1904 son of Herman B. A. Schuller. H of Elvie Grace nee ButtonC Brok 71 Y
218A 15 Schuller Elvie Grace 4.7.1992 B18-1-1908 Mundoora. D of Charles Button/Louisa nee Hill W of Albert.Merriton 84 Y
304B 17 Schuller Samuel Oswald 15.1.1972 son of Herman Bethold Albert Schuller. H of Violet nee Myers. Wandearah 60 Y
304B 17 Schuller Violet Greta 19.11.1992 B31-1-1911Merriton. D of Peter Meyers/Margaret Siviour W of SamuelWanderah 81 Y
634A 10 Schultz Alvina August Maye 20.1.1916 14-12-1899 C. Bk Badly burnt when her clothes caught a fire at copper.August 16 M
659A 10 Schultz Amelia Louisa G. 8.5.1947 Amelia Louisa Georgeena Antoinette nee Cox. W of Augasta Fred. Ludwig !! 71 M
762C 6 Schultz Arnold Melvin Palmer  24.2.1906  B 24-6-1905 Crystal Bk S of August F. L. /Amelia L.G.A. nee Cox Crystal Bk 8mths M
634C 10 Schultz Audrey Maye 14.3.1941 Daughter of Aubry Wilfred Harold Schultz. died meningitis.  Crystal Brook 8 M
659C 10 Schultz Augusta Frederick L 18.8.1948 Born Germany. S.A. 64 yrs. H of Amelia nee Cox. C. Brook and Pt. Pirie 88 M
762B 6 Schultz Edgar Wilfred Harold 30.12.1901 B18-10-1901 Crystal Bk S of August F. L./Amelia L. G. A. nee Cox. Crystal Bk 9wks M
173A 17 Schultz Elsie.May. 2.8.1994 W of Godfrey Conrad Edgar.  96 Y
246A 14 Schultz Godfrey Conrad Edgar 20.1.1968 B 7-1-1898 C. Bk S of Augusta F. L./Amelia L. G. A. H of Elsie May. C. Brook 70 Y
698A 15 Schulz Dianne Sheryl. 5.3.1951 Crystal Brook daughter of Boyce Oliver and Elizabeth Schulz, pneumonia 9wks Y
336B 16 Schunke John Anderson. 19.4.1974 B 28-12-1907 Nairne S of William /Emily ne Anderson. H of Marjory.C Brook 66 Y
336B 16 Schunke Marjory 1.8.1991. wife of John Anderson Schunke.   Y
582A 1 Scobie Alexander 24.6.1919 B 1844 Scotland Husb   of Mary nee Clarke, she is interred at Maree Cemetery 77 Y
666A 3 Scotcher Alfred James 28.10.1891 B 17-6-1875 nr Clare.S of Edward/ Matilda nee Binney Scotcher. Crystal Brook 16 Y
671A 3 Scotcher Charlotte 23.12.1893 Wife of Henry Scotcher C. Brook 75 Y
671B 3 Scotcher Charlotte Eliza 18.2.1888 ''Eliza"  Daughter of Henry dies of Septecemia due to Tumor at Crystal Brook 36 Y
666B 3 Scotcher Henry 23.9.1891 Husband of Charlotte Scotcher. 73 Y
77A 14 Scott Dorothy Eileen 4-9-2002 B 2-6-1909 Laura D of Ernest F. Maywald/Mary A.nee Baldock W of William C.B 93 Y
973 .   Scott Glenda Mavis 11.8.2014   76 Y
831A 14 Scott Herbert Donald 30/05/1957 B 29-1-1921 C. Bk son of William and Tottie Mabel nee Clifford C. Brook 36 Y
  14 Scott Herbert Donald   Gunner 2/3rd Australian Tank Attach Regiment SX27493    
788D 13 Scott Tottie Mabel 23.10.1963 B 1-3-1894 Uroona D of Harry Clifford/Lucy nee Hillary. H of William. C. Bk 69 M
788B 13 Scott William 29.5.1956 husband of Tottie Mabel Crystal Brook 81 M
77C 14 Scott William Richard 14.2.2004 B 25-10-1910 Hundred Pirie Sof Francis/Lucy nee Palmer. H of Dorothy. C. Bk 93 Y
500B 5 Searle Hedley Andrew 21.7.1928 B 24-12-1885 Wandrah. son of Richard/Caroline Marie nee Jeffries Wandearah 42 Y
    Searle Hedley Andrew   Hedley was the first husband of Everlyn nee Eagle    
582B 1 Searle Unknown 30.10.1900 Daughter of John Jeffries. wife of Richard Searle. Wandearah 53 M
198C 9 Sedgman Thomas William. 19.7.1971 first husband of Nell nee Stevens later Mrs Pearce (of Paralowie) C. Bk Narridy 71 Y
707D 6 Seidel Anna Rosina 14.10.1899 nee Nitschke. Wife of Christian Seidel. 66 Y
549A 11 Seidel Auguste Friericke 10.3.1940 B 22-1-1865Tanunda D of August Noll/Johanne Nitschke. W of Carl H.Warntown 75 Y
907-  18 Seidel Caleb Liam 5-7-2005 born 8-3-2005 W@ACH son of Graham and Sharon nee Jenke C. Brook 17wk Y
529B 11 Seidel Carl Heinrich  11.9.1922 B17-2-1859 S of Chritian/Anna nee Nitschke. H of Auguste nee Noll. Napperby 63 Y
49 B 15 Seidel Dexter 22/06/2008 Born 25-2-1922 S of Heinrich and Maria nee Matuschke H of Rita Nurom @ C Bk 86 Y
180D 10 Seidel Dora Freiderieke 30.8.1999 born 16-2-1916 wife of Louis Hermann Seidel Nurom.C./Brook 83 Y
244A 12 Seidel Heinrich Arthur 20.3.1970 B 30-9-1892 C. B. S of Hermann/Sophie nee Noll. H of Marie Caroline. C. Brk 77 Y
593A 11 Seidel Johann Fred. Wilhelm 19.5.1917 B4-10-1853 Son of Christian/Anna R. Nitschke H ofMaria Martha. Crystal Brook 64 Y
549A 11 Seidel Julius Hermann 1.9.1921 B 21-1-1854 S of Christian/Anna nee Nitschke. H of Sophia nee Noll. Napperby 65 Y
697B 16 Seidel Julius Oscar. 26.5.1951 B 9-9-1882 Wasleys. S of Julius Seidel/Sophie Noll. Hof Maria Charlotte Nurom 68 Y
180D 10 Seidel Louis Hermann 12.12.1992 B 26-9-1909 C. Brook S of Julius/Marie nee Schulze. H of  Dora.  Nurom/C. Bk 83 Y
697D 16 Seidel Maria Charlotte D. 1.5.1978 W of Julius Oscar.  Nurom. Born 25.2.1882. 96 Y
593B 11 Seidel Maria Martha  9.1.1919 daughter of August Noll. W of Johann Fredrick Wilhelm Seidel Crystal Brk 60 Y
244C 12 Seidel Marie Caroline 20/01/1964 B 31-1-1895 Roseberry Victoria nee Matuschke W of Heinrich Arthur Nurom/C Bk 63 Y
549B 11 Seidel Sophie Henrietta 1.7.1941 B2-9-1862 Tanunda D of August Noll/Helene nee Nitschke W of Julius Napperby 78 Y
614C 13 Sewell George William. 5.12.1934 Born in N.S.W. Piano Tuner of Gladstone. 2 children. died C. Bk hospital 74 M
487a A 9 Shaw John. 23.3.1911 Born India. in SA 70 yrs. married 40yrs. H of M. A. Shaw 4 children Crystal B 94 Y
533B   Shaw Mary Ann-- memorial only 22-12-1011 B 1843 Yorkshire Eng. Wife of John. Parents/6, 4 surviving 1911. Pt Pirie Cemty   Y
    Shea Joyce  2-1-1916 B 10-5-1915 C. Bk daughter of Isabell Shea. Crystal Brook 8mths M
533B 7 Shearer Murray Henry 31.5.1922 B 21-12-1908 Mundoora S of James Henry/ Mary Ann nee Liston. Crystal Bk 13 M
512C 17 Sheppard David Herbert 12.10.1998 Husband of Jean 77 Y
810D 10 Sherriff Olive 12.2.1887 Daughter of John & Elizabeth nee  Long  9 Y
638B 14 Shetlat Frederick August 10.8.1937 born France. son of F. A. and Annie P. Shetlat  nee Kirchner. Warnertown 81 M
721 B 9 Shuter Elizabeth 0-0-1890 B  2-6-1881 C Brook daughter of John and Lydia Kate nee Wallage. C. Brook 9 M
721D 9 Shuter John 20.6.1900 H of Lydia Kate nee Wallace.Parents of 9 Children.   Crystal Brook 65 M
721B 9 Shuter William Hugh 0-0-1891 B 6-10-1880 C. Brook son of John and Lydia Kate Shuter. Crytsal Brook 8mnth M
465B 12 Siebert Carl Frederick Edwin 20.12.1930 Private 3312. 32nd Batalion. H of Matilda Lydia. Crystal Brook. 35 Y
442D 12 Siebert Matilda Lydia 2.9.1939 born Terowie. wife of Carl Frederick Edwin Siebert Crystal Brook 43 Y
380C 16 Siebum Aleida Maria 4.12.1989 W of Johannes Willem.  Crystal Brook 72 Y
380A 16 Siebum Arnold  27.9.1959 Intered in Holland. Son of J W & A M Siebum ? Y
380A 16 Siebum Johannes Willem. 2.4.1990 H of Aledia Maria.  Crystal Brook 73 Y
380A 16 Siebum Paul Christian 2.6.1975 Son of J W & A M SiebumCrystal Brook 18 Y
579A  4 Simmonda Florence Isabel 23.9.1950 Born 19-6-1874 Pt Adelaide Daughter of Arthur Russell and Barbara nee Hincks 76 Y
    Simmonds Florence Isabel   Married James Baker 1897. also wife of George Simmonds. Pt. Pirie    
579A 4 Simmonds George 7.2.1900 Son of George Silas Simmonds H. of Florence Isabel nee Russell (Baker) Pirie 68 Y
740A 17 Simounds Eliza Gertrude 13.7.1994 second wife of Henry Walter Alfred Simounds Crystal Brook 92 Y
742C 15 Simounds Henry Walter Alfred 18.10.1982 Son  of Peter Husband of Victoria May and Eliza Gertrude Crystal Brook 79 Y
742A 15 Simounds Victoria May. 19.10.1952 Born Normanville D of John Hutchinson 1st wife of Henry Walter Alfred Simounds 52 Y
861D 17 Simpson Baby 28-8-1962 infant of Lurline nee McPherson and Ian Simpson of Narridy. S. B.  Y
356B 9 Sims Albert John 11.9.1957 birth record not found. husband of Ellen nee Mitchell. Huddleston 79 M
 440D 14 Sims Charles 20.3.1945 B.12-1-1874 Hurtle Vale. son of John Sims and Charlotte nee Cox. Gladstone 71 Y
355A 10 Sims Dennis John 31.8.1938 born Crystal Brook. son of Edward John Sims of Gulnare 1mth M
356D 9 Sims Ellen 18.5.1955  18-10-1879Kangaroo Flat. Dof W. Mitchell/Mary A.Daeth. W of Albert. Hudlstn 75 M
440D 14 Sims Grace Jane 28-12-1958 B 10-2-1880 D of Archibald Kirk/Mary nee Ellery. H of Charles. C Brook 78 Y
356C 9 Sims Kathleen Mary 19.7.1922 B 22-11-1911 Snowtown D of Albert Sims and Ellen nee Mitchell. Huddleston 10 M
857D 13 Sims Myrtle Alice 18.2.1959 B 9-7-1897 C. Bk D of James Syms/Clara Johns. W of Thomas Cox Sims C. Bk 61 Y
857B 13 Sims Thomas Cox 23.10.1957 B.23-1-1890Redhill. son of John Sims and Charlotte. H. of Myrtle Alice.C. B. 67 Y
33B 12 SimsDouglas Cecil 20-11-2002 B 15-9-1918 C. Bk S of Charles/Grace nee Kirk. H of Valma and 84 Y
457C 4 Sinclair  12.12.1926 Baby.   Crystal Brook S.B. Y
582C 1 Sinclair Agnes 21.6.1929. Daughter of John Miller of Merriton      wife of John    Merriton/Orroroo/C/ Bk 80 Y
539B 1 Sinclair Agnes Martha 22.4.1897 B 17-8-1872 Sixth Creek D. of Allan and Annie Maria nee Jennings. C. Bk 24 Y
539A 1 Sinclair Allan 3.3.1911 Husband of Annie Maria.( SINCLAIR and ALLAN St.) Darbon Tce. C. B. 72 Y
539D 1 Sinclair Anne Maria 1.4.1922 nee Jennings wife of Allan Sinclair. Darbon Tce.(ie.  JENNINGS ST) C. B. 78 Y
539D 1 Sinclair Annie Christina 30.8.1942 B. 12-4-1868 Sixth Creek. D. of Allan and Annie Maria nee Jennings.C. B. 74 Y
539B 1 Sinclair Archibald Broughton 2.10.1943 B.11-2-1878 C. Brook. S. of Allan and Annie Maria. Single. Darbon Tce. 65 Y
    Sinclair Archibald Broughton   Archibald Sinclair first enrollment @ Crystal Brook Public School 1875    
539B 1 Sinclair Christina 14.5.1887 Widow of John Sinclair a farmer of Morialta. Mother of Allan Sinclair C. Brook 86 Y
860A 16 Sinclair Crystal Mary 29.12.1960 B 8-10-1882 C. Brook D. of Allan and Annie Maria nee Jennings. Darbon Tce 78 Y
683A 15 Sinclair Edith Esther Ruth 12.12.1947 14-7-1877Golden Gr. D of William Roberts/Louisa Gregory. W of Peter.Wandrah 70 Y
394A 15 Sinclair Edward Tait 2.7.1990 B. 4-1-1897 Merriton Son of Peter/Edith. Hus  Florence nee Munday. C. Brook 93 Y
457A 4 Sinclair Edward Tait 6.1.1919 Born Orkney Island 1-3-1838 Son of Peter Sinclair and Isabella nee Tait.SA 1854 81 Y
    Sinclair Edward Tait   H of Elizabeth E. nee Wade. farmer Peter's Hill(Riverton) Tarlee @ Wandearah    
394C 15 Sinclair Eleanor" Frances" 9.10.1976 B 26-12-1895Wandearah D of William Munday/Emma Fidge W of Edward(Jnr) 80 Y
361D 4 Sinclair Elizabeth Ellen 16.3.1929 B 26-12-1850 Hamilton D of John Wade W of Edward (Snr) mother of Peter 78 Y
860A 16 Sinclair Jessie Margaret 29.12.1960 B. 3-12-1884 C. Brook D. of Allan Sinclair and Annie Maria nee JenningsC.B. 76 Y
582A 1 Sinclair John 31-8-1929 Son of John married 1871 Athelston H of Agnes nee Miller Orroroo/C.Bk 85 Y
583A 1 Sinclair John  31.8.1929 Husband of Agnes nee Miller. C. B. and Orroroo. 85 Y
539B 1 Sinclair John Charles 22.2.1908 B. 20-10-1866 Sixth Creek. S. of Allan Sinclair and Annie Maria. Single. C. B. 41 Y
539B 1 Sinclair Mary Emma 14.3.1882 B. 3-11-1874 Sixth Creek. D. of Allan Sinclair/Annie Maria nee Jennings. C. B. 7 Y
368B 4 Sinclair Peter. 5.2.1903 B. 9-3-1870 Tarlee. Son of Peter/Elizabeth (Wade). Husb of Edith nee Roberts 32 Y
745D 12 Sinclair Ronald  Bruce. 29.2.1932 B 11-3-1931 C. Brook Son of Peter Sinclair and Eleanore Ena nee Wilson 10mths M
499A 4 Siviour  Ellen Mary  18.12.1923 B 10-3-1904 Mundoora. daughter of Frank Siviour/Mary Jane nee Stephens.cb 18 Y
135A 13 Siviour Albert Arthur  3.2.1993 B 11-9-1909 C. B. S of Frank/Mary nee Stephens. H of A. Eileen. MerritonCB 83 Y
118C 13 Siviour Alice ''Eileen'' 7-4-2001 daughter of Albert John Sims/Ellen nee Mitchell. W of Albert Merriton C.Brook 90 Y
700B 13 Siviour Frank. 16.8.1950 B 13-4-1865 Blankiston S of Henry/Catherine nee Dungey. H of Mary Jane 84 Y
700D 13 Siviour Mary Jane 13.6.1958 B 14-1-1877 Mundoora D of Richard Stephens/Josephine nee Toll. w of Frank 81 Y
499C 4 Siviour Mostyn Barry. 25.5.1939 B Crystal B. eldest child of Howard (Lindsay) and Grace M. nee Woodhouse 4mths Y
440B 14 Siviour Reg Douglas 24-12-1933  S of Douglas Stephen Siviour and Eileen Gladys Strawbridge   C. Bk/ Rudall 5mths M
niche w A4 Siviour Richard Cecil 15-6-1987 3-11-1912 C. B. S of Frank/Mary nee Stephens. H of Gracia Lnee Pascoe Gawler 87 Y
378D 14 Slann Eva Myrtle. 21.3.1970 B 2-8-1905 C. Bk D of Arthur Matthews/Eva Milnes. W of George E. Crystal Bk 65 Y
378B 14 Slann George Edward 26.10.1973 B 17-6-1899 PtBroughton S of George/Edith nee Starks H of Eva Myrtle C Brook 74 Y
654C 15 Slater Alice Mable Sayer 22.12.1951 B 19-8-1876 Warnertown D of Ethelbert Hewett. W of Robert Slater. C. Brook 75 Y
717D 5 Slater Heinrich Freidrich 17.6.1916 Born   26.12.1835 Germany arrived in  SA 1850 "Leontine" H of Jane C Bk 82 Y
717B 5 Slater Jane Vera 24.9.1907 B 1834   nee Shuttleworth       wife of Hrinrich Freidrich          C Brook 73 Y
654A 15 Slater Kathleen Ailsa 16/05/1988 ashes placed 77  
654A 15 Slater Leonard Bruce 28/05/1971 ashes placed 75  
654A 15 Slater Robert Bruce 30.6.1949 B 27-4-1874 Laurs Son of Robert/Elizabeth nee Campbell. H of Alice. C. Brook 74 Y
416A 8 Slattery Hannah 27.3.1910 B 26-3-1910 C. Bk D of Edward Slattery/Hannah Elizabeth nee Hogan. 1/2 hr M
312C 9 Slattery James David 8.8.1943 son of John Slattery. husband of Winifred Magdalene nee Kennedy. Crystal Bk 64 Y
284A 8 Slattery Madge Patricia 1.9.1998 B15-10-1916Laura D/JamesVincent Higgins/Ellen ne McConnachy. W/Michael 81 Y
416C 8 Slattery Michael 9.4.1907 Born 2-4-1907 Crystal  Brook son of Edward/Hannah Elizabeth nee Hogan 2days M
284A 8 Slattery Michael James 28-5-2003 B 23-5-1911Laura S of William/Elizabeth M. nee Murphy. H of Madge Crystal Bk 92 Y
312A 9 Slattery.Winifred Magdalene 20.1.1979 daughter of John Kenedy. wife of James David Slattery. Cowandilla 96 Y
260D 17 Sloan Edgar Ernest 8-1-1979 B 17-2-1895Laura S of John/Ellen nee Lawry. H of Gladys. C Brook 83 Y
260D 17 Sloan Gladys 5.7.1985 Wife of Edgar Sloan. Birth not found Crystal Brook 84 Y
327C 7 Smart Annie Elizabeth 8.2.1984 Born 5-2-1896 nee Head. Wife of Maxwell Otto Smart. Narridy/Crystal Brook 87 Y
684A 16 Smart Arthur Emanual 16.10.1950 B 3-8-1879 Narridy S of Robert/Elizabeth A. nee Roberts. H of Dora Narridy/C B 71 Y
684C 16 Smart Dora  23.8.1965 Born 6-11-1898 Gulnare nee Story. Wife of Arthur Emanuel. Crystal Brook 67 Y
422C 14 Smart Dorothy Elaine 12.6.1986 Born 16-11-1900 nee Travers. Wife of Thomas Roberts Smart Crystal Brook 85 Y
92A 14 Smart Gweneth Effie Miriam 17.12.1998 Born Jan. 1912 Narridy nee Darley. Wife of Percival H. Narridy Crystal Brook 86 Y
  19 Smart Lance Elliot 20/12/2012 B 24-12-1930 Redhill Son of Thomas Roberts Smart/Dorothy E nee Travers Hof Patricia C Bk 83 Y
327A 7 Smart Maxwell "Otto" 5.7.1968 Born 18-4-1892 Redhill. Husband of Annie Elizabeth. Narridy/Crystal Brook 76 Y
  19 Smart Patricia Mary 5/09/2015 B     
92A 14 Smart Percival Henwood. 26.8.1988 Born 14-4-1907 Redhill. Husband of Gwen. Narridy/Fulham/Crystal Brook 81 Y
422A 14 Smart Thomas Roberts 28.7.1969 Born 30-7-1900 Koolunga. Husband of Dorothy. Died at Laura Hospital 69 Y
769A 13 Smith Andrew Hamilton. 5.7.1954 B7-4-1888Huddleston Sof A.V.and Margaret neMcEwin H of Gladys. Huddleston 66 Y
769C 13 Smith Gladys Hiles 24.7.1975 B29-8-1891Terowie D of William Roach/Emma Hiles W of Andrew. Glengowrie 83 Y
203D 14 Smith Ivy "Pearl" 24.8.1994 B 20-3-1897 Magill D of George Pike/Eliza nee Stevens. Wife of Joseph C. Bk 97 Y
770D 14 Smith Jessie Logan 8.11.1990 daughter of John McNeil. wife of John Smith. Huddleston 99 Y
    Smith John 15-3-1881 brother of William farmer Napperby. died from Fibroid Puthises Exhaustion 36 no
770B 14 Smith John.. 28.6.1954 son of Andrew Valance Smith. H of Jessie Logan nee McNeil. Huddleston 72 Y
203B 14 Smith Joseph 28.11.1982 H of Ivy Pearl.  Crystal Brook 89 Y
523C 6 Smith Kenneth George 3.8.1941 B 31-8-1920 Norwood S of Walter H./Rene nee Weston.          Interred Tobruk 21 Y
575C 17 Smith Milton Howard 4.7.1996 B 23-10-1910 Solmontwn S of William/Annie nee Loveridge. H of Thelma C Bk 85 Y
501B 8 Smith Olive 16.12.1908 Crystal Brook 11mths M
393B 6 Smith Rena Bailey 7.1.1925 B10-10-1889 Narridy. D of George Weston/Hannah ne Smart. mother/ Kenneth 38 Y
  16 Smith Robert Francis Ralph 22.4.1996 B 23-9-1929 husband of Heather of Kingscote Kangaroo Island 66 Y
873   Smith Roma Jean 9/09/2011 20.8.1927Orroroo D/Lawrence James Wilson/Grace Marjorie Mathews W of ColinCB 84  
523A 17 Smith Thelma Jean 28-11-2003 B20-5-1914 Wilmington D of Fred.Bird/Emma nee Altman. wife of Milton C. Bk 89 Y
493A 3 Soloman George Arnall 22.3.1922 H of Eliza.   Crystal Brook. 82 Y
493B 3 Solomon Eliza 15.11.1907 nee Bunbury arrived SA by 1881 with husband George and 2 children all lived C Bk 67 Y
498A 3 Solomon Grace Reed 7.11.1960 Daughter of George and Eliza Soloman Sister of Thomas. Single Crysatl Brook 92 Y
498B 3 Solomon Thomas Augustine  27.6.1901 Son of George/Eliza. Brother of Grace. Partner of Edith Emily Fisk. Crystal Bk 30 Y
675D 7 Springbett Edward 25.2.1898 Son of Samuel/Sarah nee Lawes H of Eliza Rogers and Martha Hearsey issue 8 70 M
    Springbett Martha 13.7.1888 D of James Hearsey. B Baraba. m at Lydoch 1869Pressume buried with husband ? No
813B 13 Steele David Edgar Gilton 7.12.1956 B 19.9.1884 Redhill S of David/Elizabeth McGilton H of Grace Koolunga/Redhill 72 Y
813D 13 Steele Grace Gertrude Maud 24.5.1977 Daughter od George Hutchins wife of David Edgar Gilton Steele---- birth not found 82 Y
591B 9 Steer William James 7.7.1922 Possibly son of Charles & Elizabeth nee Clements.  Crystal Brook. 42 M
224C 9 Stevens Ellen 18.1.1960 daughter of Thomas Meaney. married Kapunda 1906 W of Richard Stevens  84 Y
348D 17 Stevens Elsie Agnes 1.8.1978 W of John James.  Crystal Brook 60 Y
267C 10 Stevens James Walter 14.10.1956 B 5-8-1872Middleton S of William/Ann Docking. 1st H of Florence nee Bailey 81 Y
828C 17 Stevens Janet Gaye 23.3.1961 Daughter of John and Rhonda nee Hatch. Crystal Brook 1 day M
348D 17 Stevens John James 28.1.1987 B11-1-1912C. Bk S of Richard/Ellen nee Meanay. H of Elsie Agnes. Crystal Bk 75 Y
224A 9 Stevens Richard 30.6.1968 B 12-2-1877 MtRemarkable. S of Walter/Margaret nee Kennedy. H of Ellen C. Bk 91 Y
868A 18 Stevens Sylvia May 8-7-2007 B 4-3-1936 C.Bk D of George E.Talbot/Clarice nee Oehms W of Lawrie C. Bk 71 Y
304C 17 Stier Pansy Maude 2.4.1998 Born 30-7-1933 Partner of Mervyn. Crystal Brook and Spadd St. Albert Park 64 Y
442A 12 Stodden Arnold Eric 31-10-1913 B 28-8-1913 C. Brook. Son of Arnold and Arabella nee Degenhard. crystal Bk 2mnth no
632A 8 Stoneham Caroline. 5.11.1899 nee Kill. Widow of John a laborer of AUBURN.  died at C. Brook 70 M
576A 7 Story Alfred 12.12.1905 Children of William & Sarah Jane nee Badman.   Crystal Brook .Twins. 3 days Y
576B 7 Story Arch 22.8.1916 Memorial Killed in France Son of William & Sarah nee Badman. 24 Y
576A 7 Story Edgar 12.12.1905 Infant twin of William/Sarah Jane nee Badman Crystal Brook 3 days Y
545A 7 Story Sarah Jane. 28/8/1916. B 30-1-1864. D of George Badman/Mary nee Ireland. W of William. C.B/Adelaid 52 Y
576A 7 Story William 2.3.1914 B. 6-3-1859 Glen Osmond. son of William/Caroline (Kitto) H. of Sarah JaneC. B 56 Y
468B 15 Strawbridge Ernest Leslie Robert 17.8.1965 B. 4-3-1891 Terowie. son of William and Jane (Hams) H of Ethel . C. B,. 74 Y
468D 15 Strawbridge Ethel 5.11.1942 B 2-7-1890 Burra D of William Bennett/Clara nee Bagg. W of Ernest. Crystal Bk 52 Y
    Strickland William Edward 21-6-1880 Son of Edward farmer of C. Bk died of congenital debility Burial unknown 10wks no
951- 19 Stringer Corey Leon 14-7-2002 B 26-5-1983 Son of Martin and Dianne. brother to Kirby. Crystal Brook 19 Y
122D 16 Stringer Roslyn 19-8-1965 born 19-8-1965 Crystal Brook daughter of Lindsay Leon/Janet 'Faye' nee Arbon 1hr Y
714A 2 Strudwick Albert Thomas Lenard 15.3.1880 Born Keilli 20-5-1878. son of George W. Strudwick/Rhoda nee Hewett. C. Bk 1yr 10m Y
714B 2 Strudwick Amy Alberta 8.11.1881 Born at Crystal Brook 10-3-1881 D of George W. Strudwick/Rhoda nee Hewett 8mths Y
714B 2 Strudwick Bertha Jane 24.4.1879 B15-8-1862 at Myponga D of George W. Strudwick/Rhoda nee Hewett. C. Bk 16 Y
550A 12 Strudwick Clifford Max 11.3.1932 B 13-5-1899 C.Bk son of Jabez/Selina nee Maynard (Beck). H of Ivy nee Goulter 33 Y
832C 13 Strudwick Emily Mary. 15.1.1970 b 19-2-1881  C. Bk D of William J. Kennett/Hannah nee Trott. W of John A. c.bk 88 Y
755A 2 Strudwick Esther Mary 14.7.1940 B 1867 Myponga D.  of George W. Strudwick/Rhoda nee Hewett. C. Brook 73 Y
714A 2 Strudwick George William 17.8.1915 B 12-2-1842 Kent England. S of George and Mary Ann ne Cox.Myponga/C. Bk 72 Y
    Strudwick George William   Husband of Rhoda nee Hewett. Arrive S.A. 1851    
550C 12 Strudwick Ivy Ida Marion 23.12.1945  B3-10-1902 . D of Allan Goulter/Marion nee Greig. W of Clifford Strudwick CB 43 Y
759B 3 Strudwick Jabez James 10.6.1928 B 26-9-1858 Son of George/Rhoda ne Hewett. H of Selina Alice(Mrs Beck)CBk 69 Y
832A 13 Strudwick John Augustine 9.1.1957 b 29-9-1882 C. Brook S of George W./Rhoda nee Hewett. H of Emily Mary. C. B. 74 Y
832A 13 Strudwick Phillis Hannah 11.9.1996 B 1-2-1906 Perth. D of John A.Strudwick @ Emily Mary nee Kennet. Crystal Bk 90 Y
714B 2 Strudwick Rhoda Augusta N. 2.7.1926 Daughter of Charles Thomas Hewett @ Hannah Jane nee Moore. W of George 86 Y
    Strudwick Rhoda Augusta N.   B 15-9-1839 aboard ''Duchess of Northumberland" Rhoda A. Northumberland    
759A 3 Strudwick Selina Alice 17.3.1903 10-7-1853 D of Thomas Maynard. formerly Mrs Beck. W/Jabez James Strudwck 44 Y
    Strudwick Selina Alice   Born 10-7-1858 is Daughter of Thomas Maynard/Eliza Ada Ann ne Cowled     
    Stuckey Edwin 18.2.1880 Died at Crystal Brook, diarohea. Born, lived Keilli, son Noah/Sarah nee Barker 2yr 10m N
    Stuckey Matilda Maud 8.11.1883 Born Pt Pirie  to Noah & Sarah nee Barker. 2 N
160A 13 Stutley Alfred 13.7.1972 Born 9.12.1893. Son of William & Sara nee Cox    Crystal Brook 79 Y
160C 13 Stutley Beatrice Alice 5.3.1984 Wife of Alfred.      Crystal Brook 82 Y
615D 12 Sullivan Arthur Monks. 2.12.1930 son of Richard William Sullivan. H of Eliza Dobbs (D of Thomas) Crystal Bk 71 Y
800C 1 Summerton Edward Joseph 22.3.1877 B 6-3-1849 Auburn S of George @ Elizabeth  nee Skeers. Drowned Rocky River  30 Y
    Summerton Edward Joseph   leaving wife Mary Ann nee Boughan and 3 infants Merriton commun gave Headstone    
770C 14 Sutcliffe Ellen Maud Maggie 7.3.1962 B 23-1-1890 C. Bk D of Alex. K. Lawson/Jane nee Miell. W of Thomas C. Bk 72 Y
218C 15 Sutcliffe Henry Rex 25.6.1977 Born 13-3-1915 C. Bk. 2/31st Infantry Bat. SX18934. H. of Lorna Merle.C. Brook 62 Y
218C 15 Sutcliffe Lorna Merle 1.7.1997 B14-9-1922 Pt P. dist D of Leslie G.Richter/Dorothy M. nee Thornton C. Brook 74 yrs Y
770A 14 Sutcliffe Thomas Treloar 12.12.1953 B 13-5-1889 Blinman S of Henry/Elizabeth nee Henderson. H of Ellen. C. B 64 Y
624B 3 Symons A E Florence     9.4.1889 B 1878Palmer. Daughter of Joseph Cox Symons/Sophia nee Cock. C. Brook 10 Y
442B 12 Symons James Morris. 20.5.1946 B 1889 Morgan Son pf James and Maud nee Vigar. Crytsal Brook 48 Y
481A 16 Symons Janette 11.10.1948 D of James Gilles. married Yatina 1901. W of John Symons. Crystal Brook 75 Y
481C 16 Symons John. 22.6.1953 B 15.9.1876 Yatina S of Henry /Elizabeth nee Thomas. H of Janet. C. Brook 76 Y
614B 13 Symons Lyall Robert. 1.7.1947 Born at Crystal Brook 1947 died of suffacation son of ArthurJohn Symons of C Bk 10weeks Y
624B 3 Symons Muriel Travana.   6.7.1897 B 1880. Palmer. D of Joseph Cox Symons. CXrystal Brook 17 Y
116A 11 Symons Peter Richard 14.7.2013   80 Y
117D 12 Symons Robert Brian 2-5-2007 B 8-4-1928 C. Bk Son of Stanley Richard and Vera J. Clinton. Brandis St C. Bk 79 Y
136D 12 Symons Stanley Richard 31.10.1989  B 26-2-1892 Laura. Son of William/Mary nee Martin. H of Vera nee Clinton. C. B 97 Y
136D   Symons Stanley Richard   Richard Stanley Symons Gunner 4191   11th Field Artillary    
136B 12 Symons Vera Jane 5/12/2008 B 23-6-1906 C.Brook D /John Clinton/Emily Flavel nee Slater. W of S. Richard. CB 102 YRS Y
36A 15 Talbot Albert Charles (memorial) 26/11/1970     Y
332B 14 Talbot Alfred 1.2.1961 B 13-9-1909 C. Bk S of Charles /Ellen nee Braddock. H of Hazel Crystal Brook 51 Y
817A 17 Talbot Ashley Scott 28-6-2004 Son of Trevor George/Joylene Marion nee Hornby. Crystal Brook/Loxton 31 Y
655A 14 Talbot Charles 24.5.1944 Son of Henry. m. 1891 @ C. Bk to Ellen nee Braddock. Crystal Brook 89 M
174B 16 Talbot Clarice Wilma 10.5.2001 B 18-5-1906 daughter of Francis Arthur Oehms. W of George Edward. C Brook 94 Y
632C 8 Talbot Eliza Alice 5.6.1981 B 1.9.1895 Bowden D of Henry Oxlade/Edith Clarke. W of John Henry Talbot 86 Y
632C 8 Talbot Ellen. 1.2.1938 B6-5-1872 Wintabtinyana St. D of Edwin Braddock. W of Charles. C Brook 65 M
174B 16 Talbot George Edward 5.7.1983 B 1-11-1899C. B. S of Charles/Ellen nee Braddock. H of  Clarice Wilma. C. B. 83 Y
811B 11 Talbot George. 12.10.1924 B 12.10.1924 Crystal Brook S of John Henry Talbot/Eliza Alice nee Oxlade 3hrs M
334B 14 Talbot Gladys 30-8-1988 wife of Perry Gordon Talbot. Beetaloo 76 Y
332D 12 Talbot Hazel Irene 28.12.1980 B 2-6-1915 Broken Hill  d. of Cyril Dunstan/Eva Achin. W of Alfred C. Brook 65 Y
638C 14 Talbot Henry. 5.10.1943 Born Jamestown single abode Crystal Brook 91 M
727B 15 Talbot John Henry 29.7.1952 b 4-8-1893 Huddleston. S of Charles/Ellen nee Braddock. H of Eliza Alice. CB 59 Y
638D 14 Talbot Kevin John. 31-3-1940 Son of John/Mary nee Case. John is son of John Henry/Eliza Alice nee Oxlade CBk 6hrs M
36A 15 Talbot Margaruite. 18.2.1994 W of Albert.  Grange.  Born 28.4.1906 88 Y
334B 14 Talbot Perry Gordon. 6.9.1968 B 8-9-1906 Hallett S of George /Annie nee Foggater. H of Gladys. Beetaloo 61 Y
    Talbot Ronald Clive 14/09/2013   78 Y
131B 17 Talbot Sherree Annette 26/03/1973 infant daughter of Jenny and Allen Talbot. Crystal Brook 1Day Y
909B 19 Talbot Stephen Maxwell 24/03/2008 B 16-12-1925 C, Bk S of Albert/Margarute nee Gaffney. Adelaide 82 years Y
    Talbot Stephen Maxwell   Stephen Talbot husband of Rene Talbot. Leading Aircraftman no 152325 R.A.A.F.    
77D 14 Talbot Trevor George 24.6.1991 B 14-11-1938 C. Bk. S of George/Clarrice nee Oehms. H of Joylene Marion. C. B 52 Y
    Talbot Walter David 6-11-1891 Son of Charles and Ellen Braddock of Beetaloo. Died of premature birth.Burial unknown 2day 2days no
630A 6 Taylor Frederick George. 27.6.1893 B 29.12.1830 Yorkshire Eng S of Edward/Gertrude nee Duckett H of E. BridgetC Bk 63 Y
    Taylor Frederick George.   ElizabethBridgetTaylor D13-9-1903 Buried24th PtPirie Catholic reserve plot23grave1 66 Y
497A 17 Taylor Harold "Bruce" 4.5.1995 B 26-12-1938 C. Bk Son of H. Eric and Beryl. H of Gerrie nee De Gooyer. C Bk 56 Y
niche wall wall Taylor Harold "Eric"   B 20.6.1920 C Bk S of Herbert William/Alberta Grace nee Flavel H of Beryl C Bk 92 Y
492A 4 Taylor Ralph Barnet 5.1.1923 B 4-1-1923 Crystal Brook S of Herbert William/Alberta May nee Flavel SB Y
  2 Teakle Grace 14.3.1923 B 5-4-1845. D of George Vening. W of widower Issac Teakle of Gulnare 77 Y
    Teakle Grace   SA "Oliver "1850" Mt.Barker. to C. Bk aPrivate Hospital 34Brandis Stbeforemarriage    
441A 13 Telfer Doris Maud. 13.12.1912 Born 15-9-1912 Pt. Pirie. daughter of Millicent Agnes Telfer Crystal Brook 3mths M
921A 18 Tessman Gunter Karl Heinz (George) 26/01/2008 B 7-4-1931 Berlin Germany H of Iris Burgoyne of Pt Lincoln. George of C. Brook 76 years Y
397C 12 Thomas Adeline Lucy Maud 7.4.1979 W of Albert Edward.  Crytstal Brook. 91 Y
397A 12 Thomas Albert Edward 30.9.1963 H of Adeline Lucy Maud.   83 Y
524D 16 Thomas Alice Maud Mary 3.10.1945 B 15-11-1876 Rocky River. D of James and Alice Thomas.Sister William G. A. 68 Y
567B 16 Thomas Annie Blanche 3-3-1984 B 27.11.1885 Orroroo Dof William Stewart and Catherine Ferguson nee GordonC Bk 98 Y
  16 Thomas Richard 18-8-1943     Y
567B 16 Thomas Stewart James 17.11.1946 Son of Thomas (Bill) Thomas/Annie. Killed by lightening in paddock 20 Y
567B 16 Thomas Thomas Walter(Bill) 28-12-1960 B 17-1-1878 Gladstone dist. S of James/Alice Thomas. H of Annie  82 Y
524B 16 Thomas William George Andrew ?.12.1958 B 5-5-1884 Rocky River. Son of James/Alice Thomas. Brother to Alice. C. Bk 74 Y
708A 5 Thompson Charles James 22/12/1913 Born 20-12-1913 C. Bk son of Robert Percival and Margaret Elsie nee Reid 3hrs M
377B 13 Thomson Bruce Hubert 7/11/1974 B 21-1-1916 Verran S of Hubert Reg./Zenobia Ida nee Long H of Kathleen.Clare 58 Y
377D 13 Thomson Kathlene Clare 22/01/1962 W of Bruce Herbert.  Crystal Brook 45 Y
795B 6 Threadgold Elizabeth 18.8.1889 Wife of Thomas Snr. Died Narridy (Presume buried with husband) 78 M
480D 17 Threadgold Ethel Maud 10.10.1965 B 12-1-1885 C. Brook D of Thomas Brown/Frances Dawes. W of Samuel C. Bk 93 Y
480B 17 Threadgold Smauel John 5/03/1962 B 28-9-1881 Yongala S of Alfred/Susan nee Sargent. H of Ethel Maud. C. Bk 78 yrs Y
787A 14 Thredgold Alfred Edward 28-2-1955 B 25-4-1880 Narridy S of Thomas/ Mary Ann Shipway H of Fanny C. Bk 74 Y
332C 12 Thredgold Amy Catherine 22/01/1962 B 25-9-1892 Narridy D of Thomas Thredgold/Mary Ann nee Shipway. Narridy/C. Bk 87yrs Y
722- 10 Thredgold Ann Jane 7.10.1913 Daughter of Rev. Thomas Wright. Wife of William Threadgold. Wandearah 72 Y
722- 10 Thredgold Arthur Edward 26.6.1900 B  24-7-1875   Redbanks Son of William/Ann Jane nee Wright. Wallaroo 25 Y
722- 10 Thredgold Edmund Yhomas 14.7.1966 B 16-8-1882 Narridy S of Thomas/Mary Ann nee Shipway. Narridy/C. Bk 83 Y
726D 14 Thredgold Edna Ivy 28.1.1952 D of Douglas G. Sandow. first wife of Leslie Thredgold Narridy and Prospect 31 Y
332C 12 Thredgold Elsie Elizabeth 3/08/1980 B 3-7-1887 Narridy Daughter of Thomas/Mary Ann nee Shipway. Crystal Bk 78yrs Y
787C 14 Thredgold Fanny Catherine 21.2.1955 D/ Marmaduke Powell Lorymer/Mary Elizabeth nee Shipway W of Albert of Caltowie 72 Y
332A 12 Thredgold Harry Ernest 7/12/1978 B 30-10-1889 Narridy Son of Thomas/Mary Ann nee Shipway Narridy/C. B 72 yrs Y
722- 10 Thredgold Mary Ann. 16.4.1933 B aboard'Cheapside" 1849 D ofJohn Shipway/Cath. Innes. W of Thomas. Naridy 83 Y
722- 10 Thredgold Mary Ellen 12.2.1940 B 23-3-1878 Narridy daughter of ThomasThredgold/Mary nee Shipway. Narridy 61 Y
  10 Thredgold Thomas 31.8.1897 Memorial. Buried Wanderah son of William Thredgold and Ann Jane nee Wright 26 Y
795D 6 Thredgold Thomas 22.5.1903 Husband of Elizabeth. Pioneer farmer Hnd of Narridy 93 M
722- 10 Thredgold Thomas. 11.1.1916 Born Clarenden. Son of Thomas/Elizabeth  H of Mary Ann nee Shipway Narridy 66 Y
  10 Thredgold William 12/12/1907 Memorial         William is  buried Wandearah       husband of Ann Jane nee Wright 68 Y
392D 17 Tiller Florencia Mary 1.1.1995. B 16-3-1907Strathalbyn D of Donald Murray/Elizabeth Burgess. W of Hurtle. C. B 88 Y
425B 17 Tiller Hurtle George 26.12.1975 B 6-4-1905 Mallala S of William/Sophia nee Forby. H of Florencia. C. Bk 70 Y
697C 16 Townsend Emily 24.7.1971 B 25-2-1880C. B. D. of Aaron Hamlyn/Louisa. W of Richard Townsend. C. B. 91 Y
697A 16 Townsend Richard 24.12.1950 B 11.7.1874 Mt Torrens S of Richard and Martha nee Rogers. Fractured R hip abode C. Brook 76 Y
617A 10 Trenaman Horace Arthur 24.8.1929 husband of Marion D. E. Treanaman. Crystal Brook 44 M
617A 10 Trenaman Marion Delia Emily 7.7.1936 born Adelaide wife of Horace Arthur Trenaman  parents of 4 children 50 M
640B 16 Tucker Albert Percival 1.2.1950 B 28-8-1884 Mannanarie. S of William/Emma nee Robinson H of Martha C. B 65 Y
640D 16 Tucker Martha 22.9.1950 daughter of Herbert Lange. married 1908 Caltowie. W of Albert Percival. C. Bk 68 Y
264D 13 Turner Angelina H Glasson 24.9.1963 Born Baroota. wife of Harold Ernest James Turner. "Earl Turner" C. Bk 68 Y
586D 4 Turner Ellen 30.7.1898 18-1-1852 D. of William Teague/Susannah nee Pascoe. W of Thomas Napperby 47 M
335D 15 Turner Frederick James  9.8.1969 B22-1-1917 Pt. Germein S/Albert Ernest/Ellen Maria nee Dyer. 2/10th Battalion 52 Y
264B 13 Turner Harold Ernest J.  "Earl" 29.8.1978 B 9-1-1897 Bangor. S of Thomas/Emily nee Chancellor. H of Angelina.Freeling 81 Y
740C 17 Turner Mervyn Charles 29.3.2001 B 22-4-1925 C. B. Son  of Earle/Angelina Turner. Laura and Pt. Broughton 75 Y
586D 4 Turner Thomas Brown 2.3.1936 B 11-2-1851 Litle Parra. S of Thomas/Elizabeth nee Rowe. H of Ellen Lockleys 85 M
615A 12 Twining John 18.8.1934 Born 1851 Black Forest son of  Henry & Sarah nee Booker.  Crystal Brook 83 M
615C 12 Twining Martha Jane 3.5.1939 born Mt Baker D of John Venning/Jane nee Bath. W of John Twining C. Bk 85 M
590D 8 Twining Sarah Jane.   Daughter of John Twinning & Martha nee VenningCrystal Brook. 16 M
407A   Unknown   unknown grave used   M
488A 8 Unknown 17-11-1898 An old headstone has now disintergrated   M
357A 8 Urquart  (Lynch) Mary Olive 28.8.1962 Wife of James Henry Lynch and Andew Urquart. Crystal Brook 78 Y
357A 8 Urquart Mary Olive 27.8.1962 wife of Andrew Urquart (not interred C. BK) formerly Mrs (James ) Lynch 78 Y
    Urquart Mary Olive   Mary was born C. Brook as indicated on death certificate     
480A 17 Vandenburgh John Cornelious 14.4.1996 B 13-3-1955. Husband of Suzanne. S A Water. Crystal Brook 41 Y
813A 13 Vanstone Albert 24.1.1963 B 25-3-1872 Willunga S of John/Margaret Mathews. H of Emily. Wandearah East 90 Y
552D 14 Vanstone Edith Amy 13.9.1965 B 23-6-1872 Redbanks.D of Edwin Eagle/Mary Bottrill. W of Walter. Wandearah 88 Y
813C 13 Vanstone Emily Evangaline 17.9.1956 B 3-2-1875 D of Edwin Eagle/Mary Bottrill. W of Albert Vanstone Wandearh 81 Y
573B 10 Vanstone Esther 10.10.1922 b 30-4-1857 Dry Creek. D of Willm Gregory/Henrieta Westphal. W of Thomas. 65 Y
851B 7 Vanstone James Bennetts 9.1.1884 Son of John and Margaret nee Mathews Single of Wandearah 26 Y
851B 7 Vanstone John. 26.10.1933 H of Margaret. The OLDEST person buried in the Crystal Brook Cemetery 105 Y
851B 7 Vanstone Margaret 9.9.1910 nee Mathews. married 26-3-1854 Willunga. wife of John Vanstone. Wandearah 77 Y
573D 10 Vanstone Thomas 17.6.1938 son of William. husband of Esther nee Gregory. Wandearah 83 Y
552B 14 Vanstone Walter. 18.2.1940 b 16-12-1874 Willunga S of John/Margaret. H of Edith Amy nee Eagle. Waderah Wandearah 65 Y
901- 18 Vehlow Anna 19.8.2013 B 13.8.1922 Germany H of John 91 Y
901- 18 Vehlow John 10/10/2014 B 15-7-1929 Germany -- (Joachin Adalbert Vehlow) H of Anna.abode Mais Tce C Brook 85 Y
247A 15 Venning Ashley Edward 18.3.1974 3-6-1957 C. Brook Son of Dudley Boyd/Dulcie Muriel nee Saltmarsh. C. Brook 16 Y
523C 17 Venning Bevan Ellery 29.6.2009 B 25-10-1938 C Brook S of Edward John/May nee Kirk H of Daphne nee Dixon 80 Y
247A 15 Venning Dudley Boyd 18.2.2014 B 20.6.1925 C Bk S of Edward John and Eliza "May" nee Kirk H of Dulcie  C. Bk 88  
523B 17 Venning Edward John 13.5.1962 B 30-10-1881 C. Brk. son of John Venning. H of Eliza May. C. Brook 80 Y
523D 17 Venning Eliza May 17.8.1960 B9-5-1883 D of Archibald Kirk.W of Edward John Venning. Crystal Brook 77 Y
494B 2 Venning Grace 12.9.1908 B 18-12-1813England nee Jasper. W of George who intered Callington.Gulnare 95 Y
570C 13 Venning Howard 3/06/1941 B 27-8-1878 C. Brook son of George Venning/Grace.H of Olive Ann. C. Brk 62 Y
595A 13 Venning Howard Maxwell 2/06/1995 B 5-4-1915 C. Brook. S of Howard Venning. H of Shirley nee Fuller. C. Brook 80 Y
76C 13 Venning Ida "Doreen" 1.7.2012 B 2-9-1919 Weymouth England to S.A.1924 nee Threadgold W of Rex Gill Venning.Crystal Bk 92 Y
A 11 niche Venning John Edward 12.10.2010 B 9-4-1926 C Brook S of Howard @ Olive nee Sargent H of Marjorie. Adelaide 83 Y
291C 15 Venning Leila Sarah May 28.3.1941 Born 28-11-1899 nee Bird wife of Wilfred Bath Venning C. Brook 77 Y
A 11 niche Venning Marjorie Ruth 12.10.2010 B 6-8-1927 C Brook D of Horace Cottle Wife of John Edward Venning. Adelaide 83 Y
494A 2 Venning Mary 28.8.1933 B 8-8-1852 Woodside nee Inglis. W of William Jasper Venning. C. Brook 88 Y
615C 12 Venning Mary Bath   B 22-3-1850 Mt. Barker. D of John @ Jenny Venning nee Bath. Crystal Bk. 83 M
76C 13 Venning Rex Gill 14/02/1991 B10-12-1913C. Brk. son of Edward J. Vening. H. of Doreen. Crystal Brook 77 Y
595C 13 Venning Shirley Olive 22/04/2007 B2-2-1922Adelaide D of Frank and Edith Fuller wife of Howard "Montrose" CBk 85 Y
751C 6 Venning Thomas. 28.4.1908 B 7-5-1896 Warnertown. S of John Cheapside Venning/Eliza nee Spackman 36 hrs M
751C 6 Venning Violet Susan 9/01/1979 B 6-6-1887 D of John Cheapside Venning/ Eliza nee Spackman. C. Brook 20 M
291C 15 Venning Wilfred John Bath 14.10.1922 B 16-6-1896Koolunga. S of John B. Venning/Louisa nee Henry. H. of Leila. C B 82 Y
  2 Venning William Jasper 5.5.1922 W of Mary.  Parents of William, Howard, George, Elsie, Maxwell & Mary. 82 Y
746B 11 Vivian Albert John 5.2.1897 B 3-5-1922 Son of Albert Ernest Vivian and Rose Ellen nee McAveney. C, Brook 1day M
    Vivian Thomas 23.1.1897 Died of suicide. buried as destitute. informate Mounted Costble F.G. Burton 38? N
577D 9 Voight William Christopher 6.9.1961 Farmer of Huddleston. died of Heart disease. H.Stone is Cast Iron marker 73 M
117C 12 Vonow Daphne Elsa 6.7.1994 B 26-8-1931 Denial Bay. nee HANDTKE. Wife of Stanley 50 Y
381C 17 Vonow Dene Hartley 8.2.1972 B 16-8-1932 C. Brook. Sof Herrman @ Frida. H of Edna nee Schubert Warnertwn 61 Y
512D 17 Vonow Frida Minna 11.11.1961 B 31-12-1893 New Mecklenburg S A. nee Neuman. W of Herrman (Harry) 78 Y
512B 17 Vonow Herrman Paul(Harry) 16.4.1988 B 10-10-1877 Warnertown Sof Konrad Vonow. H of Frida 73 Y
828C 17 Vonow Kelvin 17.6.1982 B 6-9-1961 C. Brook. Son of Stanley and Daphne nee Handtke S. B. M
117C 12 Vonow Stanley Clemens 21.5.1899 B 29-6-1919 C. Brook. Son of Harry @ Frida. H of Daphne Elsa 68 Y
414C 6 Voumard Edward Stanley   Born 7.3.1899 Son of Henry & Catherine nee Byrne of Beetaloo Valley. 10wks M
861C 17 Wagner Mavis Elsie 21.8.1948 Daughter of Ernest Augustine Wagner of Redhill 1Hr. M
448A 6 Wait William. 15.3.1924 Beetaloo 43 M
586C 4 Wake Crystal Ivy 27.12.1894 B 24-4-1894 C. B. daughter of Morgan Wake/Augusta nee Klopper. Crystal B. 8mths M
500B 5 Wall Evelyn Mona 9.11.1973 B 11-7-1889 Wandearah D of Herbert Albert Eagle and Minna  nee Joyce 84 Y
500B   Wall Evelyn Mona   wife of Hedley Andrew Searle and -----Wall. buried with H.A. Searle(1928)    
311A 10 Wallace Robert Michael 19.2.1953 Born 12.7.1951 of Crystal Brook 19mths Y
311D 10 Walsh Charles W. 10.2.1938 born Fitzroy Victoria. Single. A.I.F. Pte. no. 3652. Beetaloo Valley. 69 Y
230A 3 Walsh E. 8.8.1897 No Details.   N
752C 5 Walter Frederick. 18.10.1898 Born 7.8.1865 at Peachy Belt 19 M
855B 11 Ward Arnold Eldro Elno 9.11.1898 Born 10.2.1897 Son of Henry W & Sarah Gifford.  Crystal Brook 21mths M
706A 7 Ward Donald Vivian 31.5.1989 B 6-6-1912 S of Stirling Vivian Ward. H of Hettie E. M. Ward. Crystal Brook 76 Y
706C 7 Ward Hettie Elizabeth Matilda 8.1.1988  Born 4.3.1911. Wife of Donald V Ward. 76 Y
706A 7 Ward Sarah 22.12.1898   79 M
589C 7 Warner Maria 1.6.1896 Widow of Thomas Warner. died of Chronic Nephritis. Died at Merriton 70 M
411B 3 Watson Catherine Mary 27.5.1893 Dof Myles Garrigan. 1st wife of Issac Watson who intered with 2nd Lilly 492A 36 M
492C 4 Watson Isaac James 25.5.1922 son of William Watson. H of Catherine Mary (Garrigan) and Lilly May. C. Brook ? Y
411B 3 Watson John 22.5.1893 son of Isaac and Catherine Watson nee Garrigan. Crystal Brook 2days M
492C 4 Watson Lilly May 8.5.1934 second wife of Isaac Watson. mother of nine children. Pt. Pirie. 53 Y
50D 14 Watt John James 21.6.1991 Scotland, Copley and Willochra Home Crystal Brook. 77 Y
611C 16 Watts Eva Myrtle Roe 20.9.1961 daughter of Joseph Bartrum. W of Walter Cliff Watts. C. Brook. Bordertown 67 Y
201C 12 Watts Florence Myrtle 26.7.1982 B 15-1-1901 Solomontown D of Amos Horace Watts/Frances nee HodgshonC. B 80 Y
765B 9 Watts Helen 30.11.1892 Wife of Walter James Watts.  Nee Holman. 36 Y
611A 16 Watts Walter Cliff 28.2.1947 son of Walter James Watts. H of Eva Myrtle nee Bartrum. Crystal Brook 62 Y
161D 14 Weber Clara "Doreen" 21-10-2007 B 22-10-1921 D of William and Clara Trimper. W of Norman of Nurom School. C. Bk 86 Y
161B 14 Weber Norman Victor. 17.7.1986 B 11-8-1908 Angaston S of Gustav/Johanne Pumpa. H of Clara 'Doreen" C. B. 77 Y
581B 2 Wehmuth Louis 31.8.1895 H of Mary.Died at Moonta. 65 Y
581B 2 Wehmuth Mary 6.11.1899 W of Louis. 64 Y
489B 7 Weidenhofer Florence E.Albina 30.9.1924 Born Pt.Pirie. Wife of Diedrich George (Electrician) of C. Bk died childbirth 28 M
554C 16 Welbourn Sarah 15.3.1962 Born 15-6-1890 Peterborough D of Cornelius Skehah/MaryHoward W of TomNarridy 70 Y
554A 16 Welbourn Thomas Renner 22.10.1948 B 13-7-1890 Petersburg. S of Albert /Annie nee Renner. H of Sarah. Narridy 58 Y
136C 12 Welch Lorna Jean 8.10.1993 B6-8-1911 Moonta D/ Lionel G. Thomson/Eva nee Brinkworth. Wof William C.B 82 Y
136A 12 Welch William George 30.10.1978 B 3-6-1912 Pt. Pirie Son of Edwin Boucher/Elizabeth nee Johns.Crystal Brk 66 Y
638A 14 Wells John Charles 4.3.1943 Son of Samuel & Elizabeth nee Parson.   Gladstone. 58 M
588C 6 Weston Barbara. 3.3.1895 Daughter of Benjamin & Rhoda. nee Bairstow.Crystal Brook. 5hrs Y
544B 6 Weston Benjamin 16.11.1950 B24-5-1866 Gawler. S of Marcus/Florence nee Hewett. Husb of Rhoda. C. Bk 84 Y
569B 14 Weston Florence Jane 15.7.1962 B 14-9-1870 Myponga. D of EthelbertH. Hewett. Wife of Mark. C. Brook 91 Y
569D 14 Weston Marcus 22.7.1940 B1-8-1862 Gawler. Son of Mark/Mary nee Bailey. Husb of Florence. C. Brook 77 Y
199B 10 Weston Marcus Dudley. 1..8.1990 B 6-9-1904 C. Brook. Son of Marcus/Florence nee Hewett. Single. C. Brook 85 Y
534D 6 Weston Rhoda 29.12.1928 B 25-7-1865 MtBarker. D of Abraham Bairstow/Fanny Moulton W of Benjamin 63 Y
399D 10 Wheadon Clifford Carthew 3.1.1913 Born 15-12-1912 at Craystal Brook        Son of George and Mary Ann nee Sullivan  2wks. M
niche wall B4 Whiltshire Ruby Marion 13-11-1996 3-2-1907 Ardr's'an D of JamesC.Combe/Florence nee Beck.W of Walter Adelaide 89 Y
462A 9 Whitbread Annie Maud 22.9.1905 B 15-7-1905 C. B. D of William Charles Whitbread/Annie nee Smith.C. Bk 3mths M
630C 6 White Edward. 29.6.1893 Son of Hugh. Husband of Louisa nee Hart School Teacher of Merriton 51 Y
922B 18 Whiteford Catherine 28-7-2007 Born England 10-10-1933 wife of Robert Duncan nee Makuch           Crystal Brook 73 Y
922B 18 Whiteford Robert Duncan 21.2.2013 Born England 31-1-1929 husband of Catherine              15 Lyons St Crystal Brook 84 Y
288B 12 Whitford Elsie Myrtle 14.7.1971 Born 24-5-1892 Adelaide D of George Nappier/Mary Treloar W of William C. Brook ? Y
265D 12 Whitford William Charles 27.11.1961 B 13-11-1884Blinman S of William/Caroline nee Roberts. H of elsie 77 Y
491D 5 Wild Mary 8.10.1927 D of Issac J. Watson/Catherine Mary nee Garrigan W of Robert B. Gladstone 37 Y
491D 5 Wild Robert Benjamin 20.12.1942 B 22-9-1887 Laura Son of William/Mary Ann Smith. H of Mary. Gladstone. 55 Y
554B 16 Wilkin Edith Margaret 11-11-1946 Married Merriton 5-5-1916. nee Dennis wife of Wilfred Broughton WilkinC. B. 53 Y
446B 8 Wilkin Ellen 18-5-1928 B 24-9-1848 England. D of John/Hannah Wood. wife of William H. Wilkin.C. B 78 Y
545D 7 Wilkin Leonard Sydney 29-12-1900 B. 27-12-1900 C. Brook. son of Sydney Arthur Wilkin/Ethel May nee Ward 2days M
536B 4 Wilkin Myrtle Cope 16-6-1915 B. Redhill nee Treloar. 1st wife of Horace Wood Wilkin. Crystal Brook 32 Y
444C 10 Wilkin Robert Charles 14-1-1916 B 14-1-1916 Merriton. son of William Stanley Wilkin/Ethel Maud nee Ward 10hrs M
554D 16 Wilkin Wilfred Broughton. 19.10.1979 B 10-3-1891C. Brook Son of WilliamWilkin/Ellen nee Wood. C. Brook 88 Y
446D 8 Wilkin William Henry 11-2-1932 B 20-5-1847 Nth Adelaide Husband of Ellen Wilkin nee Wood, C. Brook 83 Y
34A 13 Wilkin William Richard 21.8.1990 B. 15-12-1924 Merriton son of Wilfred Wilkin. H of Burnice C. Bk/Glenelg 65 Y
725C 13 Will Anna Amelia Hulda 10.12 1953 daughter of August Noll/Caroline Seidel. Wof Fredrich Will. Beetaloo 71 Y
725A 13 Will Frerich Theodor 14.10.1952 B 23-3-1876 s of Fredrich/Pai\uline Karger. H of Anna Amelia Will. Beetaloo 76 Y
510A 15 Williams Ada Hettie Milly 27.9.1909 B 26-2-1886 C. Brook.D of William Williams/Tamar nee Roe. Lower Broughton 23 Y
614D 13 Williams Arthur 26.9.1934 ?B 25-5-1870 Harrogate. S of Arhur/Charlotte nee Simpler.? Gladstone 64 M
685C 17 Williams Fairlie Allison 11.3.2001 Born 3-9-1929 Victoria. wife of Laurence Tasman Williams of Terowie. 71 M
393D 16 Williams John McDonald 18-11-1991 Born 27-6-1938. husband of Doris. Pt. Pirie 53 Y
810A 10 Williams Rosa Loveday 16.10.1905 B 25-9-1905 Wandearah D of George Williams/Margaret nee Smith Wandearah 3wks M
791A 10 Williams Tamar 20.9.1912 B26-3-1844Tasmania. D of George Roe. W of William Williams. Lower Brought 68 Y
791C 10 Williams William. 17.11.1901 B1-12-1842 Oakbank. H of Tamar nee Roe.C. Brook/ Lower Broughton 59 Y
740D 17 Willington Evelyn Alice 16.11.1959 B 14-8-1895 Thebarton D of Lois Perriam/Loveday Bennett. W of Henry C. Bk 64 Y
740B 17 Willington Henry John 11.2.1959 B 14-2-1896 Dry Creek. Sof Thomas/Annie Cochrane. H of Evelyn Crystal Bk 63 Y
841B 4 Wills Mary Catherine 23.9.1878 Arrived S.A.1840 "JAVA"  D of John Wills/Elizabeth Germein.   Baroota/C.Bk 23 Y
    Wills Mary Catherine   Mary Wills died of Typhoid fever at C. B. Informate is John Pengelly undertaker    
496B 1 Wilson Amelia Munro 4.8.1883 Widow of William Wilson who was a Miner of Glasgow, Scotland 76 Y
    Wilson Amelia Munro   Amelia was the mother of Agnes Dickinson Forgan (Mrs John Forgan)died C. B    
121A 16 Wilson Amy Catherine 1.1.1980 Daughter of Neville Kevin and Maxine Fay Wilson nee Brown. Merriton S.B. Y
220A 13 Wilson Archibald Graham 18.10.1966 B 21-11-1885 Merriton S/George Moore/Mary Ann nee Davidson.Meriton/C. Bk 80 Y
161A 14 Wilson Archie Kevin 6.3.1987 Born16-9-1920PtBroughton.2/9thAust.Armed Reg.SX23546 H/Jean Merriton/CB 66 Y
458B 5 Wilson David Baird. 20.5.1929 Born Scotland son of David/ElizabethMunro nee Dunlop H of Margaret O'Sh--y 58 Y
133A 15 Wilson David James 24.5.1989 Born 23-4-1914 C. Brook. Army S23917. H. of Sylvia nee Longmire. C. Brook 75 Y
161 14 Wilson Edith "Jean" 30.1.2015   99  
220C 13 Wilson Ethel "Pearl" 25.5.1967 B 19-1-1893 Wokurna D of James Ireland/Ellen Arbon. W of Archibald G. 74 Y
929A 19 Wilson Geoffrey Roy 18.2.2013 B 4.9.1923 S of Leonard D.Wilson/Johanna nee Kiely H of Madge Milne nee Crouch 89  
929A   Wilson Herbert Richard 26-4-1880 Son of Thomas Wilson Bootmaker of C. Bk died diarrhoea Burial unknown 9mnth no
289D 13 Wilson Johanna Maria 3.2.1982 B 27-3-1897 C. Brk. D of Edward Kiely/Mary Kearne. W of Leonard Wilson 84 Y
221B 12 Wilson Lawrence.James 10.6.1965 ''Laurie' B 29-4-1905 Walloway dist.S of James Esther ne Macgaw. H of M. G. 60 Y
289B 13 Wilson Leonard Davidson  18.8.1964 B17-11-1894Redhill S of George M./Mary nee Davidson. 32 Battalion H Johanna 69 Y
458D 5 Wilson Margaret 29.11.1959 B 9-8-1874 Wandrh. D of James/Rachel O'Shaughnessy. W of David B. C. Bk 88 Y
221D 12 Wilson Marjorie Grace 18.3.2000 B5-12-1908 D of Edward Mathews/Margaret Whitbread. W of Lawrence.C B. 91 Y
246C 14 Wilson Peter James. 31/12/1989 Son of     Michael and Mavis Wilson of Crystal Brook 17 Y
308B 13 Wilson Phoebe Kate 7.1.1974 Daughter of Peter Graham @ Betty Patricia Wilson nee Meier. Merriton 3mths Y
587D 5 Wilson Phyllis 24.1.1942 B 1-12-1860 Pewsy Vale D of Peter Wilson/ Sarah nee Moore.single C. Brk 81 Y
587B 5 Wilson Sarah  19.11.1897 B 9-2-1869 Kanmantoo. D of Charles/Ann Perry. W of John(West Tce Cem 1927) 28 M
133A 15 Wilson Sylvia 1.9.2010 B 15.7.1922 Redhill D of Henry E Longmire/Annie M nee Sandery W of David J. C. Bk 88 Y
119A 14 Window Effie Louise Ellen 23.5.1989 daughter of Herman Frederick Fuss. Wof Leonard Frederick Window. C. Brook 83 Y
119A 14 Window Leonard Frederick 13.1.1989 son of Samuel Edward John Window. H of Effie nee Fuss. C. Brook 80 Y
niche wall D5 Window Ronald Leonard 17.2.2014 B 27.12.1941 C Bk S of Leonard F. and Effie Louisa E. nee Fuss H of      Carol CB 72 Y
918A 18 Withers Geoffrey George 1.3.2010 B 3.8.1935 72 Y
niche wall   Wohling John Allan 27.5.2010 B 3.3.1930 S of Gus and Stella nee Moxham H of Jennifer Knight nee Baldwin C Bk 80 Y
928- 19 Wood Aileen Therese 10.7.2010 B21.10.1935C.Bk D Martin Andrew O'Donohue/Dorothy Eva neeHarrison H of Alvyn 74 Y
727C 15 Wood Alice Jessie 16.12.1951 B 6-8-1951 Redhill. D of David Steele. Wife of Edward John Wood. C. Brook 69 Y
928- 19 Wood Alvyn McGilton 21.3.2011 B 9-10-1932 S of Gilton E. and Elizabeth J nee Lock. H of Aileen. C. Brook 78 Y
923- 18 Wood Bevan Stanley 19-7-2002 Born 3-7-1910 husband of Lola Elizabeth Wood. C. Bk and Adeliade 92 Y
727A 15 Wood Edward John 26.8.1957 B 18-9-1880C. Brook Son of George/Isabella nee Kirkj. H of Alice. C. Brook 78 Y
201A 12 Wood Elizabeth Jane 1.10.1996 B  6-10-1909Orroroo, nee Lock. Wife of Gilton Edward Wood. Crystal Brook 86 Y
452B 2 Wood George Edward 11.1.1925 B 4-2-1846 Essex England. Son of John/Hannah. H of Isabella. C. Brook 78 Y
201A 12 Wood Gilton.Edward. 6.6.1995 B 15-9-1908 Crystal Brook. Son of Edward/Alice Wood. H of Elizabeth Jane. CB 86 Y
455A 2 Wood Hannah 19.12.1902 B 9-9-1823 England. nee Palin. wife of John Wood. Crystal Brook 79 Y
458C 5 Wood Hartly John. 12.11.1951 B 5-10-1916 C. Brook son of Edward John/Alice nee Steele. single C. Brook 35 Y
452A 2 Wood Isabella 23.7.1901 B 20-1-1850. D of Robert Kirk/Ellen nee Thomas. Wife of George C. Brook 51 Y
178C 12 Wood Janet 1.4.1977 B 20-8-1938 C. Brook. nee Curtis. wife of Rusell Steven Wood. Crystal Brook 38 Y
455B 2 Wood John. 3.8.1908 B1816 Essex England. H of Hannah F of George Edward Wood C. Brook 93 Y
923- 18 Wood Lola Elizabeth 25-3-2000 B 31-12- 1912 Wallaroo. nee Heath. wife of Bevan S. Wood. C. B./Adelaide 87 Y
458A 5 Wood Russell David 14.1.1913 B 30-6-1912 Crystal Brook. Son of Edward/Alice WOOD. C Brook 6mths Y
178A 12 Wood Russell Stephen 17.10.1979 B 18-3-1934 C. Brook. Son of Gilton/Elizabeth nee Lock. H of Janet. C. Brook 45 Y
94A 12 Wright Ernest.Gordon. 30-1-1985 Born 11-4-1895 Weymouth England. H of Gladys nee Baohm. Sinclair St. C Bk 89 Y
94C 12 Wright Gladys Ester. 25.7.1985 B 18-11-1903 Laura D of David Baohm/Clara Venebles. W of Ernest C. Brook 81 Y
    Yahn Martin 8-8-1886 Died at Crystal Brook. no burial record. I noticed his death at Clare register 81 no
750A 7 Yandell Margaret Ann   22.9.1933 nee Crouch w/Benjamin who died 21-2-1884 (36yr)at Crystal Brook.buried CB? 80 M
420C 12 Yates Annie Louisa 23.10.1972 B 14-6-1895 Wilmington D of Louis Frick/Fanny nee Lines. W of George C. Bk 77 Y
420A 12 Yates George Phillipson 30.4.1963 B 12-11-1891 Melrose S of George/Mary Rankin. H of Anna Louisa. C. Brk 71 Y
599A 17 Yeates Kenneth John 11.8.1996 B 6-1-1928. birth not recorded S. A. husband of Shirley Dawn Yeates. C. Bk 68 Y
599A 17 Yeates Shirley Dawn 3-7-2004 wife of Kenneth John Yeates Crystal Brook 76 N
465C 12 Yon Agnes 4-2-1891 Died from Broncho pneumonia. Daughter of Charles Yon at Crystal Brook 10mnth no
465C 12 Yon Charles 18.11.1916 husband of Mary nee Stoneham deceased Laura 1900. Laura/Crystal Brook 67 M
465C 12 Yon Lyle Stephen. 28.8.1915 B 28-10-1914 Nth Adelaide S of Rita Martha Yon. G.Son of Charles Yon. C Bk 9mths M
680D 12 Young Beryl Adelaide 23.1.1958 Daughter of Alexander @ Sarah McLean. W.of Francis Norman YoungWarntwn 64 Y
620C 7 Young Caroline. 15.2.1892 D of Issac and Hester Nott. Widow of Samuel Perren Young Warnertown 67 Y
    Young Caroline.   Caroline Young died of Influenza. Husband Samuel interred at Penwortham    
456B 3 Young Emma. 12.10.1929 nee Vince. wife of John George Young(School teacher) mother of 6. C. Brook 93 M
657B 12 Young Francis 20.6.1945 B.17-12-1868Skilligolee.son/Samuel/Caroline. H of Mary nee FergusonWarnt 76 Y
658B 11 Young Francis Alexander. 7.3.1990 B. 27-12-1926 son of Francis Norman. H of Gwendoline nee Andrew.Warntwn 63 Y
680B 12 Young Francis Norman. 26.10.1955. B 9-12-1895 son of Francis @ Mary Young. H. of Beryl. Warnertown 59 Y
658B 11 Young Gwendoline Emily 27.8.2010 9-6-1923C.Bk D of George Semmens Andrew/Olive Jasmin nee Davies Wof Francis 87 Y
456A 3 Young John George 26.5.1908 B. England. C. B. Schoolteacher 1878-1896. H. of Emma. Crystal Brook 78 M
78D 15 Young Kayla Lorraine  5.5.1994 born 11-7-1993 Crystal Brook. Daughter of Rodney and Helen nee Joyce. C. Brk 9 mths. Y
631A 7 Young Mary Louisa 8.9.1890 D/James Holman.B 23-7-1860 Yankalila.W. of Henry Young interedWarnertown 30 Y
657D 12 Young Mary Rankin 26.12.1930 B 9-7-1869 Weetulta nee Ferguson. wife of Francis Young. Warnertown 60 Y


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