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One acre of land in Section 2191, between Lots 82 and 85, and situated between Church Street and Mary Street were conveyed to the Bishop of Adelaide by John Harvey, for the token sum of ten shillings on 8th November 1850. It was not until 17th August of 1858, however, that the Church reached the foundation stage. Designed in the Gothic style the building is 77 feet long, including at 17 feet chancel and 30 feet broad. The wall height is 22 feet rising to 45 feet at the peak of the roof.  A surmounting bell turret brings the extreme height to 56 feet and six inches. On 11th May 1865 the Church was opened for service. On this occasion the weather was reported as 'unpropitious', but a 'goodly number' attended.




The Church has resently been restored after being gutted by fire.


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