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The Church of St George the Martyr is situated on the southern side of the city of Adelaide, South Australia, about four kilometres from the city centre. Built and consecrated in 1903, the church, with its adjacent rectory, stands in attractive well-kept grounds and has been carefully maintained throughout its history.

St George's has been regarded always as having adhered to the catholic faith and practice of the Anglican church, which have been exemplified by the devotion and loyalty of its people and the continued use of dignified ritual and ceremonial.
The strong faith, spirituality and generosity of its parishioners cannot be too strongly emphasised.
There have been, over the years, a succession of fine priests who have served St George's with distinction and it is expected that this will continue.

The interior of the church is impressive for it contains many fine ornaments and carvings which are well placed to add lustre to the inspiring architecture. There is an excellent two-manual pipe organ of some thirty two stops, an experienced choir and several competent organists to support a wide range of music used for the principal mass on Sundays and also at other times. The new English Hymnal is used.

While not a wealthy parish, St George's has no debt and has always paid its diocesan and other accounts promptly and in full.
The generosity of St George's people has been remarked previously. This is not limited to their giving solely to parish funds, but extends much beyond to missions, places of education where new schools need help, to Diocesan aid agencies and to local people who seek aid and other necessities.

St George's is a vibrant community whose lives are enriched and empowered by their love of God and all the blessings that love brings.



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