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The township when it was proclaimed on 31st August 1876, was officially given the name of Wauraltee, but it was never called anything but Port Victoria.

Port Victoria became a major wheat port.  It was the only protected harbour south of Wallaroo, and the grain clippers preferred to anchor in the shelter of the island and be fed by ketches form all the other ports.

The following local identities of Port Victoria are buried within the cemetery

FRASER, Andrew Knox & Mary

Andrew Knox Fraser was born in Scotland in 1829, and became a lawyer.  He was to become an Order of the Queen but decided to leave England and come out to Australia.  Mr. Fraser arrived on the ship 'Oceloas' in 1851. He followed the occupation of Farmer in the Clarendon and Mount Barker districts before coming to the Yorke Peninsula where he selected Section 31 in 1875.  While at Clarendon he married Mary McLeod in 1866.  The couple had five children.  The Fraser family went to Port Victoria in 1879, where Mr Fraser became a carpenter and part time fisherman.  He died at the age of 77 in 1906.

LISTER, Thomas

Thomas Lister was born in Port Victoria in 1876 and his wife was also born there in 1885.  For most of his life, Thomas worked as a Wheat lumper and did general work in the wheat yards.  All of the six Lister children were born in the town and attended the local school.  Thomas died in 1935 and his wife in 1967.

MENZ, Friedrich Peter

Friedrich Peter Menz, born in 1815, came to Port Victoria in 1876 with his wife and son (also named Friedrich Peter) with his wife and son William, aged three years.  They settled on Section 74, one mile out of the town and, being masons, erected a stone house. They cleared land and cropped without the aid of machinery and kept sheep, cows and pigs.  This farm was owned by the Menz family until 1960-1961, four generations following the original pioneers.

WILLISS, James Burgess & Lucy Ann

A family of three sons and three daughters were born on Yorke Peninsula to James Burgess & Lucy Ann Williss (nee Thyer).  In the 1890's they obtained Sections 19W, 22 and 23 in Wauraltee.  Besides farming, Mr Williss and this three sons built a number of farm and shearing sheds such as one on their property which their neighbors also used.  James died in 1924 and Lucy Ann died in 1917 aged 68 years.  Mr & Mrs. Williss were responsible for the organization of the Wauraltee Methodist Sunday School. 



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