Tipara St. Pauls Lutheran Cemetery


Data and Photos gathered and compiled by Faithe Jones


BARTEL Emma Maria 28.08.1876 24.10.1909   nee Sachse (german inscription)
BROADBENT Mary   09.12.1913 81 yrs Widow of Elijah
CLASOHM Lawrence Arthur   07.06.1965 72 yrs Husband of Rosa Irene Louise
CLASOHM Rosa Irene Louise   11.02.1988 95 yrs Wife of Lawrence Arthur
ELIX Launer Gladys 04.02.1907 17.06.1907   Daughter of A & A Elix
GERSCH Johann Hermann   23.10.1905 48 yrs  
HEINRICH Peter Crane 17.08.1981 17.08.1981   Infant son of Ron & Shirley
MEIER Ethelwyn   23.09.1956 79 yrs Wife of Gustav, mother of George & Harley.
MEIER Georg Friedrich Christian 12.12.1818 12.10.1909   German Inscription
SACHSE Anna   10.10.1912 75 yrs Unreadable
SACHSE Gottfried   12.08.1952 78 yrs Born in Germany
SCHILLING Anna Rosina   14.01.1926 89 yrs Wife of Johann Gottlieb
SCHILLING Antonia M D   23.12.1952 55 yrs Late of Toorak
SCHILLING Babe 25.10.1969 25.10.1969   Darling Babe of Barbara & Ashely
SCHILLING Clair Gottlieb Oscar   17.02.1993 93 yrs Husband of Mary Augusta, parents of Stanley, Audrey, Colin, Ashleym, Marilyn & Lorraine
SCHILLING Emilie Gertrude   26.04.1981 84 yrs Wife of Herbert Emily Benhardt Schilling, parents of Elva, Leslie, Mervyn & Doris
SCHILLING Fredrich Carl   05.09.1910 9 yrs  
SCHILLING Gottlieb Hermann   21.05.1939 73 yrs Husband of Matilda B Schilling
SCHILLING Herbert Emil Benhardt   20.01.1953 61 yrs Husband of Emilie Gertrude, parents of Elva, Leslie, Mervyn & Doris
SCHILLING Johann Gottlieb   23.11.1915 81 yrs Husband of A R Schilling, born in Germany, Colonist of 77 years
SCHILLING Mary Augusta   04.06.1988 85 yrs nee Dahlitz, wife of Clair Gottlieb Oscar SCHILLING, parents of Stanley, Audrey, Colin, Ashley, Marilyn & Lorraine
SCHILLING Matilda Bertha   23.07.1943 73 yrs Wife of Gottlieb Hermann Schilling
SCHILLING Verina Lina 24.08.1908 07.09.1999   Wife of William Edward, mother of Geoffrey, Leonie & John
SCHILLING William Edward 09.11.1909 15.01.1954   Husband of Lina, father of Geoffrey, Leonie & John

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