Bruny Island Quarantine Station Cemetery

816 Killora Road

North Bruny


Associated with the worldwide outbreak of influenza "Spanish Influenza Pandemic" in 1918 it was necessary to quarantine returning First World War troups. Quarantine regulations were inroduced in February of 1919 . Maritime quarantine was conducted at Barnes Bay as its isolation was conducive to containment. The Station had capacity for 300 people at its peak with male and female wards, fumigation section, steerage and first class passengers quarters. The period February to August 1919 saw 9,000 troops passing through the station .


In 1919 the influenza pandemic claimed the lives of two men from the S. S. Oonah

Charles Loaney, a steward aboard Oonah - aged 33 - Died 17 April 1919
John Johanson, a fireman aboard Oonah - aged 58 Died 17 th April 1919



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