Table Cape Lighthouse Lone Grave

near Wynyard Tasmania





From Wynyard follow the signs north towards the Cape along windy narrow sealed country lanes. Once on the Cape the road turns to gravel. The distance is 7 kilometres.

Less than three weeks after the opening of the light the headkeeper's son, Bertie died at the age of 14 months.

The cause is not known, but it is the cause of a sad entry in the lighthouse log book.

" Wind south. A strong breeze and misty weather. Employed in the lighthouse and cleaning up about station. At 5.10 p.m.

Bertie Jackson, son of the head lightkeeper, departed this life aged one year and two months ."

The undertaker struggled up from Wynyard on horse back with the small casket and after consultation with the clergy recommended that Bertie be buried near the lighthouse were his family could tend to his grave.

He was placed in a grave marked by a fuchsia bush. The bush has long since disappeared, but locals who knew the place have recently constructed a memorial.





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