Learmonth Cemetery


Data compiled by Carmel M Reynen


Anderson  Henry & Christina photo photo      
Anderson  Henry & Wallace photo photo      
Anderson  James & Christina photo photo      
Anderson  Jessie photo photo 84 Years 6th March 1956 wife of william
Anderson  William  photo photo 89? 30th ? 1954 husband of Jessie
Appleton  Elsie Isabella photo   86 years 25th June 1990 wife of William 
Appleton  Valerie Elizabeth  photo   21 Years 7th Feb 1959 daughter of Elsie and William  
Appleton  William Marshall photo   53 Years 14th Aug 1960  husband of Elsie
Archibald  Roy Newton  photo photo 11th Feb 1901 18th April 1977 husband of Violet Spence
Archibald  Violet Spence photo photo 9th Feb 1905 7th Oct 1989 wife of Roy Newton 
Bailey Robert photo photo 41 Years 20th Feb 1874 native Bleadon Sommersetshire England 
Bain  Angus McLellen photo   75 Years 28th Nov 1967 Husband of Elizabeth (an ANZAC)
Bain  Elizabeth May  photo   92 years 14th Dec 1987 wife of Angus 
Baird Beleita Floyd Gilmore photo   18th June 1918 9th April 1997 wife of Donald
Baird David   photo photo 78 years 3rd Feb 1960 Husband of Eliza Mary 
Baird Donald Neil  photo   21st Feb 1919 29th March 1992 husband of Beleita
Baird Eliza Mary photo photo 89 Years 18th March 1981 wife of David
Baird James photo photo 63 Years 9th June 1887 husband of Jane
Baird Jean photo photo 51 years  3rd March 1912 & William, John, James & Robert
Baird John  photo photo   28th May 1935 husband of Martha
Baird John  photo photo 5 years 7th April 1861 son of James & Jane at Rosebank, Learmonth
Baird Muriel photo photo 10 weeks 6th March 1888 daughter of John & Martha
Baird Robert Craig photo photo   22nd April 1915  
Baird William photo photo 10 years 23rd April 1865 son of James & Jane
Barnes  Frances H photo photo 51 years  1st March 1890 wife of Thomas C
Barnes  Thomas C photo photo 79 years 30th June 1906 Husband of Frances
Barnes    photo        
Baron  Ivor photo   65 years 18th July 1988 husband of Margaret
Bassett Charles photo photo 86 years 30th Dec 1860 with Samuel and Ann Turner
Batty Archibald Donald (Arch) photo photo 6th June 1925 28th June 2004 father of Sue and Marg
Batty Margaret Young  photo photo 63 Years 8th march 1963 wife of Reuben Abraham
Batty Reuben Abraham photo photo 77 years 20th May 1972 husband of Margaret Young
Beattie R.A photo photo 1869 1898 Rev. born Ireland
Beseler Amelia Susetta photo photo 33 years 20th April 1899 neice of Patrick Morgan
Beseler Fredrick photo photo 52  years 13th ? 1862 husband of Susette
Beseler Susette photo photo 50 years 29th Sept 1860 wife of Fredrick 
Betts Elizabeth S photo photo 84 Years 3rd Feb 1947 wife of Thomas 
Betts Thomas photo photo 80 Years 30th July 1935 husband of Elizabeth S
Blair Alexander photo photo 61 years 29th May 1921 of "Ballard" Addington 
Blair Donald Neil  photo photo 91 years 11th Dec 1943 "Ballard" Addington 
Blair Jessie  photo photo 96 years 7th Sept 1968 "Ballard" Addington 
Blair Neil photo photo 83 years 15th April 1940 with Alexander of Ballard
Boswell  James W photo photo 29 years 23rd June 1903 nephew of the McKerrows
Bowe Mar? photo photo 5? Years 10th Jan 1920  
Brewster George, Peter & John  photo photo infants   sons of William & Grace
Brewster Grace photo photo 27 Years 3rd March 1898 daughter of william & Grace
Brewster Grace Gordon Brewster photo photo 97 years 23rd Aug 1937 wife of William
Brewster Mary Winston  photo photo 98 years 22nd Aug 1980 daughter of william & Grace
Brewster William photo photo 86 years 19th Feb 1906 husband of Grace Gordon 
Brewster William photo photo 24 years 8th March 1890 son of William & Grace
Bridgewater Elizabeth Ann  photo photo 82 years 21st Dec 1940 also William
Bridgewater Emily Ann  photo photo 42 years 20th May 1870 also John 
Bridgewater Johanna photo photo   16th Feb 1906 with her sister Eliza Casey
Bridgewater John  photo photo 60 years 8th May 1888 also Emily ann 
Bridgewater William  photo photo 78 years 24th July 1941 also Elizabeth Ann
Bruce  Janet photo   56 years 12th March 1899 wife of William (Dumfries Scotland)
Bruce  William  photo   64 years 15th June 1895 husband of Janet (Sutherland shire Scotland) 
Burke Annie photo photo 73 years 11th June 1936 also Julia, Mary and Richard
Burke Annie Josephine photo photo 93 years 4th July 2003 with Blanche 
Burke Barbara Mary  photo photo 65 Years 31st Jan 1931 with John 
Burke Blanche Mabel Amy photo photo 82 Years 2nd Oct 1859 with Annie Josephine
Burke Bridget photo photo 85 Years 31st May 1920 with William 
Burke Christopher Alphonsos photo   79 years 29th July 1987 with David John 
Burke David John  photo   71 Years 22nd Sept 1977 with Christopher Alphonsos
Burke Francis Joseph photo   79 years 10th Jan 1991 with William Percy
Burke John  photo photo 85 Years 4th July 1946 with Barbara
Burke Julia, Mary & Richard photo photo     with Annie
Burke Simon photo photo 22 years 10th Jan 1949 with William 
Burke William photo photo 74 Years 2nd Aug 1942 with Simon 
Burke William   photo photo 65 Years 27th July 1899 with Bridget
Burke William Percy photo   73 years 10th October 1977 with Francis Joseph
Burrows Abram  photo photo 54 years 11th Feb 1880  
Burrows Elizabeth photo photo infant   daughter of Isaac and Margaret
Burrows Isaac Keam  photo photo 49 years 21st Sept 1907 husband of Margaret
Burrows Ivy Myrtle  photo   73 years 19th April 1973 wife of William Isaac Keam 
Burrows Margaret photo photo 53 years 14th Nov 1913 wife of Isaac Keam
Burrows Martha photo photo   1869 daughter of Abram & Martha
Burrows Martha photo photo 38 years 19th Dec 1876 wife of Abram 
Burrows Martha Jane  photo photo 65 Years 19th Oct 1943 with Samuel Edwin
Burrows Samuel Edwin  photo photo 21 yrs 3 mths 13th Feb 1887 son of Abram & Martha
Burrows Samuel Edwin  photo photo   29th Nov 1965 with Martha Jane & Isaac Keam
Burrows William Isaac Keam  photo   92 years 30th March 1987 husband of Ivy Myrtle
Cahill Reginald Frank  photo photo 60 years 21st Dec 1984  
Caley Joseph  photo photo 58 years 16th Jan 1965 in Rasdell grave
Campbell Anne photo photo 71 Years 6th Nov 1878 wife of Duncan
Campbell Duncan photo photo 45 years 24th Feb 1882 husband of Anne
Carey Isabella photo photo 46 years 8th Aug 1894 daughter of M.A. Lamphier
Carey Isabella photo photo     daughter of Isabella and gdaughter of Mary Ann Lamphier
Carey Joseph photo photo 65 Years 12th March 1909  
Carey  Mary Bernard photo photo infant   daughter of Michael
Carey  Michael photo photo 44 years 12th Oct 1918 father of Mary 
Casey Annie photo photo   28th Aug 1958 wife of Patrick John 
Casey Catherine photo photo 87 Years 20th Nov 1967 with Elizabeth
Casey Eliza photo photo   Nov-32 with her sister Johanna Bridgewater
Casey Elizabeth photo photo 84 Years 26th Feb 1970 With Catherine 
Casey Ellen photo photo   23rd July 1969 with William & Ellen
Casey Ellen photo photo     wife of William 
Casey Kevin photo photo 39 Years 13th May 1961 Late 2nd AIF
Casey Marion photo photo   23rd August 1960 wife of William 
Casey Martin  photo photo 53 Years 9th July 1973  
Casey Patrick John  photo photo 99 Years 8th Feb 1980 husband of Annie
Casey William  photo photo   19th Dec 1969 husband of Marion
Casey William  photo photo     husband of Ellen
Casey William Francis photo photo     son of William & Ellen
Casey  John Vincent (Vin)  photo   9th Feb 1914 18th March 1989  
Cash Bridget photo photo 24 years 27th Jan 1889 daughter of Thomas & Bridget
Cash John Thomas  photo photo infant   son of Thomas & Bridget
Cash Thomas photo photo 70 years 6th April 1894 husband of Margaret
Cathcart Alexander photo photo 66 Years 14th Sept 1940 husband of Margaret Dunlop
Cathcart Margaret Dunlop photo photo   7th June 1957 wife of Alexander
Chamberlain Annie photo photo   24th Feb 1918 Nee Quirk 
Charles John Andrew  photo photo 68 years 9th June 1951 husband of Maud Zeally
Charles Maud Zeally photo photo 84 Years 5th August 1966 wife of John Andrew
Charlmers John  photo photo 12 years 1911 grandson of William & Grace Brewster
Cheeseman Murial Rose photo photo 14 years 26th April 1924  
Chisholm  Alexander John  photo photo 52 Years 17th Sept 1913  
Chisholm  Donald Neil  photo photo 20 Years 2nd Sept 1915 son of Mary killed on board the Sutherland
Chisholm  Mary  photo photo 36 years 5th Nov 1899 mother of Donald and Miriam 
Chisholm  Miriam Stafford photo photo 85 Years 25th Nov 1979 daughter of Mary 
Cleghorn  Margaret Moore photo photo 3 years 18th April 1867 daughter of James & Catherine
Cleghorn  Mary Simpson  photo photo 11 years 2nd April 1867 daughter of James & Catherine
Collings Francis Edward photo   95 Years 11th August 1997 son of Frank and Rhoda
Collings Frank photo photo   4th Oct 1954  
Collings Leonard Courtney photo   76 years 15th August 1988 husband of Rita Joyce
Collings Rhoda photo photo   31st July 1946 wife of Frank Collings
Condon Bridget photo photo 1844 1899 wife of Daniel
Condon Catherine Jane photo photo infant   daughter of Daniel & Bridget
Condon Daniel photo photo 1842 1911 husband of Bridget
Connelly Bernard photo photo 19 Years 5th Oct 1918 with 8 others
Connelly Catherine photo photo 34 Years 21st Sept 1939  
Connelly Catherine  photo photo   28th Dec 1909 with 8 others 
Connelly Catherine H photo photo   19th April 1910 with 8 others
Connelly Cecilia photo photo   6th July 1908 with 8 others
Connelly James photo photo 39 Years 18th March 1916 with 8 others
Connelly James photo photo   5th Oct 1923 with 8 others
Connelly Lily photo photo 71 Years 19th August 1960 with R.T
Connelly Margaret photo photo 82 Years 4th April 1950 sister of Patrick
Connelly Mary Ann  photo photo   2nd Aug 1878 with 8 others
Connelly Michael photo photo   18th March 1907 with 8 others
Connelly Patrick  photo photo 67 Years 9th Feb 1937 brother of Margaret
Connelly R.T photo photo   27th July 1923 with Lily
Connelly Timothy  photo photo 72 Years 4th Nov 1948 with Edward Hannabry
Connelly William photo photo 45 years 9th April 1909 with 8 others
Coombs Ester photo photo   10th July 1950 wife of Peter Lamb 
Coombs George William  photo photo   27th Dec 1920 with Helen 
Coombs Helen Troke photo photo 27 Years   with George Willliam and un-named
Coombs Peter Lamb  photo photo 79 years 10th April 1944 Husband of Ester
Coombs Peter Stanley photo photo 29 years 9th May 1928 father of Peter husband of Kura?
Coombs un-named photo photo      
Corker Mary Ann  photo   14th Sept 1812 18th August 1889 mother of Mary Ann
Corker Mary Ann  photo   64 years 4th March 1903 daughter of Mary Ann
Coulter Catherine Mary  photo photo   1st Nov 1978 wife of Edwin Eric
Coulter Dorothea Mary photo photo 3 1/2 years 14th Feb 1928 daughter of Edwin & Mary
Coulter Edwin Eric photo photo   3rd Feb 1941 husband of Catherine Mary
Courtney   photo photo     wife of Charles, mother of Geoffrey, Patricia & others
Cowan  Mary  photo   90 years 6th May 1911 mother of Mary Gilmore
Cowley Rose  photo photo   8th Oct 1922 with Emma S Stephenson
Crawford Margaret photo   29th July 1858  6th July 1861 Memorial
Creelman Helen photo photo 1872 1942 wife of Robert James
Creelman Maisie photo photo infant   daughter of Robert & Helen
Creelman Robert James photo photo 1864 1924 husband of Helen
Creelman  Bessie photo photo 80 Years 20th May 1945 sister of Isabella
Creelman  Doris Ann photo photo 19th July 1900 26th July 1990 (Nee Pike) wife of Robert
Creelman  Isabella photo photo 70 years 11th July 1941 sister of Bessie
Creelman  James Swan photo   61 years 6th May 1964 husband of Margaret Emma
Creelman  Margaret Emma Violet photo   96 years 18th Feb 1999 wife of james Swan 
Creelman  Robert James Leslie photo photo 61 years 30th Oct 1960 husband of Doris Nee Pike
Crick  Charles Thomas photo photo   6th July 1965 husband of Margaret
Crick  Dorothy May  photo photo 73 years 17th June 1987 wife of Leslie Howard
Crick  Leslie Howard photo photo 45 years 30TH aug 1959 husband of Dorothy May
Crick  Margaret photo photo   28th Sept 1960 wife of Charles Thomas
Crick  Phyllis Jean  photo photo 87 years  25th Dec 2004  
Crowe Johanna Theresa  photo photo   4th Nov 1932  mother of Gerard Carey and wife of Thomas Crowe
Cruickshank George photo photo 64 years 11th Feb 1925  
Cumming Andreiona photo photo 72 yrs/ 1808 1880 wife of Andrew
Cumming Andrew photo photo 85 years/1808 1893 husband of Andreiona
Cumming Mary photo photo 79 years/ 1845 1924 daughter of Andrew & Andreiona
Curran Annie photo   65 Years 17th Aug 1941 wife of John Joseph
Curran Bernard photo photo 71 Years 11th May 1911 Husband of Bridget
Curran Bridget photo photo 84 Years 30th May 1922 wife of Bernard
Curran John (Jack) photo   74 years 23rd Jan 1992 husband of Vera
curran John Joseph photo     Feb-34 husband of Annie
Curran Julia A.  photo photo   10th Feb 1942 & Thomas P.
Curran Mary Margaret photo   5th Nov 1911 6th April 1991  
Curran Thomas P.  photo photo   15th July 1951 & Julia A.
Curran Veronica Mary (Vera) photo   8th Sept 1922 24th June 2004 wife of Jack 
Currie Henry Alan K.B.M.C photo   74 years 10th Oct 1942 husband of Muriel, of Ercildourne, Burrumbeet
Currie James  photo photo   22nd Jan 1915 uncle of Sarah Reid
Currie Muriel photo     24th Oct 1962 wife of Henry Allen of Ercildourne
Cuthbertson Beth photo photo   14th Feb 1942 Lieut. Sr. Killed at Banka Island
Cuthbertson Lilian B  photo photo   22nd July 1956 with William M 
Cuthbertson William M  photo photo   3rd Sept 1967 with Lilian B
Dalgleish Archibald John  photo photo   1918 of Lake Bolac, b. Roxburchshire Scotland
Dalgliesh Allan  photo photo 68 years October died at Bothwell
Dalgliesh Andrew  photo photo 62 Years 17th April 1884 native of Roxburchshire, Scotland. Died at his residence Salwick Hall Learmonth
Dalgliesh Robert Elliot photo photo 81 years Apr-14 At Salwick Hall, Learmonth
Davenport Ellen Jane photo photo 61 years 16th Nov 1899 wife of Richard
Davenport Richard photo photo 89 years 16th Dec 1922 husband of Ellen Jane
Davey Frances Margaret photo photo infant 21st Dec 1917 daughter of Michael & Margaret
Davey John  photo photo infant 19th Dec 1949 son of Dorothea & James 
Davey Margaret photo photo 93 years 5th May 1980 wife of Michael
Davey Mary photo photo 69 years 20th July 1911 wife of Patrick
Davey Matilda photo photo 70 years 25th Nov 1950 & Patrick
Davey Michael photo photo 79  years 26th Aug 1956 Husband of Margaret
Davey Patrick photo photo 66 Years 18th Dec 1942 & Matilda
Davey Patrick photo photo 48 years 5th Dec 1882 husband of Mary
Davey Patrick Francis photo   1919 1995  
Davidson  Donald photo photo 66 Years 30th Aug 1938 with son George Lloyd 
Davidson  Ethel Jean  photo photo 21 Years 8th Feb 1917 With William and Mary 
Davidson  George photo photo 1836 1911 Native of Bannffshire, Scotland, husband of Margaret
Davidson  George Lloyd photo photo 20 years Feb-39 with father Donald
Davidson  Lizzie P.M.  photo photo 91 years 6th Nov 1984  
Davidson  Margaret photo photo 1846 1924 wife of George 
Davidson  Mary photo photo   5th October 1954 with William and Ethel Jean 
Davidson  William  photo photo 77 years 10th July 1941 with Mary and Ethel Jean
Dean Alan photo photo 14mths 1899 son of Robert & Celina
Dean Celina  photo photo 73 years 27th March 1938 wife of Robert
Dean Celina  photo photo 2 mths 3rd May 1890 daughter of Robert & Celina
Dean Charles Theodore photo photo 70 years 24th Dec 1943 father of Allen, Mavis? & Leslie
Dean Eunice May  photo photo   8th May 1964  
Dean Mavis Jean  photo   69 Years 23rd Sept 1988 wife of Les 
Dean Robert William photo photo 41 Years 1st Nov 1899 husband of Celina
Dean Theodore Leslie  photo   81 years 13th Jan 1997 husband of Mavis Jean 
Dean  Albert Ernest  photo photo 71 Years 10th Sept 1911 husband of Ethel
Dean  Bruce James photo   6mths 15th July 1957 son of Janet & James
Dean  Ethel Mary Ann  photo photo 75 Years 6th July 1954  
Dean  Ethel Sarah  photo photo 40 years 28th Nov 1917 wife of Albert Ernest
Dean  George A   photo photo 62 Years 16th July 1927 husband of Susetta
Dean  James Albert photo   83 years 28th Dec 1994 husb of Janet, father of Margaret
Dean  Janet Margaret photo   67 years 25th Jan 1987 wife of James Albert
Dean  Susetta photo photo 76 years 2nd Sept 1942 wife of George A
Dickerson  Baby  photo   infant   with her grandparents
Dickie Catherine  photo photo 65 Years 20th June 1955 wife of Henry Anderson 
Dickie Douglas  photo photo 54 years 22nd April 1976 with Stanley Dickie
Dickie Eileen May  photo        
Dickie Henry Anderson  photo photo 94 years 7th Oct 1976 husband of Catherine 
Dickie Stanley  photo photo 57 years 26th Sept 1977 with Douglas Dickie
Dixon  Christina photo photo 75 years 2nd Nov 1904 wife of Robert
Dixon  Robert photo photo 53 years 11th Nov 1885 husband of Christina 
Dobson Bessie  photo photo 81 years 26th Feb 1980 & brother George Weightman
Dobson Clara photo photo   1946 & Elizabeth
Dobson Elizabeth photo photo   1896 & Clara
Dobson George Weightman photo photo 60 years 1st June 1956 & sister Bessie
Dobson Helen photo photo   1862 & James & Mary Jane
Dobson Henry photo photo   1897 & Robert John 
Dobson Isabella photo photo   1901 & William James
Dobson James photo photo   1861 & Helen & Mary Jane
Dobson Mary Jane  photo photo   1868 & James & Helen
Dobson Robert John  photo photo   1906 & Henry
Dobson William James photo photo   1932 & Isabella
Dodds Darling Margaret photo photo 59 years 5th Sept 1959 sister of Isabella
Dodds Isabella photo photo   2nd July 1959 sister of Darling Margaret
Donoghue F.P photo photo 67 Years 31st May 1971 Major
Donovan Alan Raymond photo   18th May 1939 4th Nov 1996 Husband of Elizabeth
Donovan Bridget photo photo 103 years 22nd Oct 1976 wife of Patrick
Donovan Eileen Patricia photo photo 27 Years 17th June 1974 daughter of Patrick and Eileen 
Donovan Harriet & Catherine photo photo     daughters of Patrick
Donovan John  photo photo 3rd Aug 1912 16th July 1990 husaband of Winifred Agnes
Donovan Julia photo photo 80 Years 16th Aug 1926 wife of Patrick
Donovan Mary photo photo   7th March 1989 wife of Michael
Donovan Michael photo photo   29th Dec 1923 Husband of Mary
Donovan Patrick photo photo 70 years 1/12/1913 late of Cork Ireland, 
Donovan Patrick photo photo 70 years 21st May 1944 husband of Bridget son of Patrick and Julia
Donovan Winifred Agnes photo photo 13th March 1912 27th Aug 1988 wife of John 
Doolan John  photo photo   28th Oct 1979 son of Mary husband of Mary
Doolan John  photo photo infant   son of John and Mary
Doolan Martin  photo photo   5th Nov 1909 son of Mary Brother of John 
Doolan Mary  photo photo   13th Dec 1934 wife of John 
Doolan Mary  photo photo   22nd Feb 1910 mother of John 
Dowler Alexander  photo photo 60 years 20th May 1956  
Dowler Bernard  Paul  photo   27th July 1970 4th Feb 1988 son of Bill and Bernadette 
Dowler Florence photo photo 51 years  23rd Nov 1941 wife of Robert
Dowler Jane Mary  photo   34 Years 14th Sept 1890 wife of william mother of Thomas and William
Dowler Jeffory Patrick photo photo 77 years 8th Sept 1989 son of Thomas & Lottie
Dowler Lottie Matilda photo photo 65 Years 16th June 1936 wife of Thomas
Dowler Mary Loretta  photo   25th Oct 1908 3rd Sept 2000 wife of William 
Dowler Robert Alexander photo photo 72 Years 2nd Oct 1956 husband of Florence Dowler
Dowler Ronald William  photo   71 years 10th June 1988 Husband of Ruth Mary 
Dowler Thomas photo photo 87 years 28th Aug 1948 husband of Lottie Matilda
Dowler Thomas James photo   6 years  23rd June 1888 son of Jane and William
Dowler William photo   18 years 16th Dec 1894 son of Jane and William
Dowler William  photo   49 years 10th Jan 1897 husband of Jane father of Thomas and William 
Dowler William Henry photo   18th May 1906 24th March 1999 husband of Mary
Draffin  Ann  photo photo   1st Sept 1932 wife of John Andrew
Draffin  James Leslie photo photo 60 years 14th March 1962  
Draffin  John Andrew  photo photo   24th April 1946 husband of Ann 
Draffin  Joseph  photo photo 45 years 9th July 1920 husband of May
Draffin  Joyce Constance photo photo 69 Years 12th Feb 1983 Wife of Malcolm Gordon
Draffin  Malcolm Gordon photo photo 77 years 15th March 1988 husband of Joyce and Amy
Draffin  may photo photo 45 years 18th Dec 1923 wife of Joseph
Dyer Catherine photo photo 59 years    
Dyer Emmilin photo photo 83 years 8th feb 1930 wife of William
Dyer L.J photo   87 years 5th April 2003 Husband of June 
Dyer Thomas William photo photo 64 years    
Dyer William  photo photo 62 Years 17th Jan 1906 husband of Emmilin
East William photo photo 37 years 28th Jan 1873 husband of Sarah
East William & Samuel  photo photo infants   sons of William & Sarah
Edwards  Annabella photo photo 29 years April 1898 wife of Peter M, daughter-in-law of William & Sarah
Edwards  Clive Graham photo   20th April 1928 12th Feb 1997 husband of Lyla
Edwards  Edward Bruce  photo   72 Years 19th April 1999 husband of Myrtle
Edwards  Sarah Swale photo photo 84 years 31st Dec 1906 Beloved wife of W. Edwards, who died Weatherboard Hill
Edwards  William  photo photo 77 years 10th Oct 1907 atStawell St, Kew, residents of the district for 50 years
Feery Ellen photo   78 years 9th May 1917 & Michael, Rose, Mary, Michael
Feery Mary Ann  photo   26 years 4th Feb 1894 & Micheal, Rose, Michael, & Ellen
Feery Michael photo   8mths 12th Sept 1877 & Rose, Mary, Michael & Ellen
Feery Michael photo   55 years 24th April 1894 & Michael, Rose, Mary, & Ellen
Feery Rose photo   4 yrs   8th May 1878 & Michael, Mary, Michael & Ellen
Feery John  photo photo 45 years 1927 husband of Julia
Feery Julia photo photo 72 Years 1955 wife of John 
Findlay Alexander photo photo 81 years 10th Dec 1909 husband of Isabella
Findlay Alexander Richmond photo photo 63 Years 23rd Dec 1965 husband of Murial Ada
Findlay Annie photo photo 71 Years 8th July 1946 wife of Robert
Findlay Annie Isabella photo photo 84 Years 15th Nov 1988 sister of James Richmond
Findlay Elizabeth photo photo 21 Years 17th Feb 1945 daughter of Robert & Annie
Findlay Four Infant children photo photo infants   children of Alexandr & Isabella
Findlay Isabella photo photo 83 years 21st June 1925 wife of Alexander
Findlay James Richmond photo photo 73 years 19th Nov 1985 Brother of Annie Isabella
Findlay Janet photo photo 70 years 3rd July 1859 wife of George of Moray shire Scotland
Findlay Murial Ada photo photo 56 years 2nd July 1968 wife of Alexander Richmond
Findlay Robert photo photo 71 Years 14th Sept 1934 husband of Annie
Findlay Robert Alexander photo photo 8th Nov 1935 16th Nov 2004 Husband of Margaret
Foran Allan Shaw?? photo photo     & William 
Foran Doris May photo photo 11mths 17th April 1903 with Patrick Morgan
Foran Irene Augusta photo photo 10mths 14th Jan 1899 neice of Patrick Morgan
Foran Sophia Augusta photo photo 61 years 18th May 1929 wife of William
Foran William photo photo 54 years 28th March 1918 husband of Sophia
Foran William  photo photo     & Allan ???
Forbes Ann  photo photo 25 years ?8th Dec 1870 daughter of Roderick and Mary
Forster Eddie photo photo 10 mths 6th april 1902 son of Edmund and Mary Ann
Forster Edmund photo photo 40 years  6th April 1902 husband of Mary Ann & Father of Eddie
Forster Mary Ann  photo photo 82 years 6th Aug 1982 wife of Edmund and mother of Eddie
Fraser Elspeth photo photo     with Violet
Fraser Isabella photo photo 66 Years 29th March 1899 wife of William
Fraser Peter photo photo     & Donald Ross
Fraser Violet photo photo   21st August  with Elizabeth
Fraser William photo photo 74 Years 22nd April 1901 husband of Isabella
Furniss Margaret Leonora  photo   98 Years 13th Oct 1998 Mother of seven
Gallagher Nola Maree photo   66 Years 27th October 2004 wife of Jim 
Gilmore Jessie Gowan  photo photo   23rd March 1953 with William Andrew
Gilmore John  photo   31 years 11th Aug 1909 died NZ son of william & mary 
Gilmore Joseph  photo photo   23rd May 1954 with William and Jessie
Gilmore Mary  photo   80 Years 15th May 1913 wife of William (Born Dumfries, Scotland) 
Gilmore Mary Maud  photo    9 weeks 17th May 1883 daughter of William & Mary
Gilmore William  photo   55yrs  30th Jan 1888 born Ballyferris, County Down, Ireland. Husband of Mary 
Gilmore William Andrew photo photo 69 years 12th July 1950 son of William & Mary Gilmore
Glasscoth Susan Emily photo photo 68 years October 1894 sister of Arthur Beverly Ussher
Goad  Mary Jane  photo photo 1884 1980 wife of William Thomas
Goad  William Thomas photo photo 1862 1940 Husband of Mary Jane
Goldsmith  Eleanor Beatrice (Lea) photo   11th Oct 1919 24th July 2004 wife of Nugget
Goldsmith  Reginald Lawrence (Nugget) photo   27th Sept 1915 29th Nov 1994 husband of Lea
Goldsmith  William Francis photo photo 77 years 3rd Dec 1951  
Grant  Enuel Findlay photo photo 7 years   17th March 1872 with George & James
Grant  George photo photo 19 years  21st Jan 1875 with James 
Grant  James photo photo 86 years 12th July 1874 with George
Griffin  Jean Elizabeth photo   26th Aug 1937 14th Dec 1993 wife of John 
Grundy Flora Young photo photo 81 years 21th July 1984 wife of William 
Grundy William Ward photo photo 80 Years 9th Feb 1966 husband of Flora
Hall   photo photo      
Hallam H. photo     6th May 1921 9th Battalion
Hamilton  Barbara photo photo 44 years 1878 wife of Robert
Hamilton  Mary (Nee Moriarty) photo photo   20th Jun 1870 wife of John
Hamilton  William Joseph photo photo 6mths 12th Aug 1871 son of Mary and John
Hamilton    photo        
Hannabry Edward photo photo 46 years 3rd June 1949 with Timothy Connelly
Harris  Alfred Abraham photo photo     my be just the grave of his children
Harris  Fanny Eliza photo photo 2 years July 1868 sister of Stephen Kershaw
Harris  Stephen Kershaw photo photo 15 years July 1867 Brother of Fanny Eliza
Hatcher Margaret photo photo 53 years 30th March 1948  
Hatcher  Charles Oswald photo photo 10th Dec 1886 3rd May 1965 husband of Margaret
Hayward John Ronald  photo photo 22 years 4th August 1959  
Hayward R.G. photo photo 68 years 16th Jan 1990 with R.R, Hayward
Hayward R.R photo photo 64 years 14th Sept 1992 with R.G Hayward
Henderson Charles Thomas photo photo 78 years 3rd Sept 1942 husband of Violet Spence
Henderson George M  photo   41 Years 3rd Aug 1934 husband of Millicent Ann 
Henderson John William photo photo 33 years 26th Feb 1929 son of Violet and Charles
Henderson Joyce Elizabeth photo   80 Years 16th April 2002 wife of Lionel 
Henderson Mary  photo photo 68 years 31st March 1966  
Henderson Millicent Ann  photo   1898 1964 wife of George M 
Henderson Shaun A  photo   17 years  6th March 1998 son of Charlie & Karen 
Henderson Violet Spence photo photo 86 years 16th Jan 1964 wife of Charles Thomas?
Henderson William Gordon  photo photo 29 years 22nd March 1932 son of Violet and Charles
Henderson  Ellen Martha photo photo 66 Years 27th Oct 1927 wife of John 
Henderson  Graeme Leslie photo photo infant   grandson of Ellen & John 
Henderson  John  photo photo 72 Years 25th Feb 1952 husband of Ellen
Henderson  Sarah Ann  photo photo 7 years   3rd June 1901 daughter of Ellen & John 
Hepple Charlotte photo photo 56 years 27th Aug 1928 with John, Joseph and mary Hulme
Hinchcliffe Annie photo photo 91 years 23rd Jan 1952 wife of Walter
Hinchcliffe Ernest H photo   77 years 29th Nov 1996 husband of Elizabeth
Hinchcliffe Walter photo photo 81 years 14th Sept 1940 husband of Annie
Hobson  Albert E photo photo 1881 1968 husband of Catherine F
Hobson  Catherine F photo photo 20th July 1898 2nd June 1979 wife of Albert E
Horgan  John  Robert photo   72 years 1st Feb 1996 Husband of Sheila 
Horran   photo photo      
Hossack Isabella Cumming photo photo 76 years 19th April 1883 wife of James
Hossack James photo photo 61 years 16th Feb 1861 husband of Isabella
Hourigan Daniel photo photo     with father Richard
Hourigan Irene photo photo     with father Richard
Hourigan Richard photo photo     with children Daniel, Thomas & Irene
Hourigan Thomas photo photo     with father Richard
Hucker Lois Dawn  photo   50 years 22nd Feb 1991 wife of Keith
Hughes Henry Thomas photo photo 65 Years 9th Sept 1913 husband of Lucy
Hughes Lucy photo photo 66 Years 22nd Aug 1912 wife of Henry Thomas
Hulme John  photo photo 40 years 15th April 1960 with Joseph Mary & Charlotte Hepple
Hulme Joseph photo photo 64 years 23rd May 1953 with John May & Charlotte Hepple
Hulme Mary  photo photo 35 Years 4th April 1927 with John, Joseph and Charlotte Hepple
James  Stella May photo photo     loved mother of Colles & John 
Jones Mary A. photo   71 Years 24th May 1910 wife of G.T Jones C.E
Jordan Ada Laura  photo   91 Years 11th Nov 1991 daughter of Frank & rhoda Collings
Josif Joyce Louise photo photo 29th Nov 1924 1st June 1995  
Kay Isabella photo photo 24 years 9th June 1918 sister of James Alexander
Kay James Alexander photo photo 24 years 1917 Brother of Isabella Killed in Action
Kelly Danielle Mary  photo photo 14 years 19th June 1981 daughter of Bob & Eileen
Kelly Robert John  photo photo 52 Years 12th March 1992 husband of Eileen, Father of Danielle, Theresa & Gerrard
Kennedy Mary  photo photo 21 Years 5th Sept 1865 Erected by William Kennedy in memory of his wife
Kennedy Michael photo photo 22 years 24th March 1881 son of Bridget and Michael
Kennedy William photo photo 19 Years 22nd May 1883 son of Bridget and Michael
Kerr Alfred Gordon  photo   1870 1954 husband of Ethel 
Kerr Alfred John  photo photo 65 Years 3rd June 1981 father of Maxwell John 
Kerr Annie photo photo 52 Years 4th Feb 1913 also Archibald 
Kerr Archibald photo photo 77 years 1st Jan 1904 died at springfield
Kerr Archibald  photo photo 54 years 26th July 1911 also Annie Kerr
Kerr Ethel Doris  photo photo 54 years 24th Dec 1965  
Kerr George  photo photo 1876 1952 husband of Jean 
Kerr Jane Mitchell photo photo 69 years 3rd Aug 1900 wife of Archibald "Springfield"
Kerr Jeannie photo photo 51 years  22nd Feb 1918  
Kerr John  photo photo 91 years 30th May 1951 with Archibald
Kerr Maxwell John  photo photo 14 years 16th May 1965 son of Alfred John
Kerr   photo        
Kerr  Ethel Ann Bailey photo   1884 1968 wife of alfred gordon
Kinnersley  Agnes Margaret  photo   66 Years 18th Nov 1952 wife of Edgar J
Kinnersley  Albert Ernest  photo photo 73 years 3rd June 1943  
Kinnersley  Bertha Annette photo photo 56 years 9th May 1906 & David
Kinnersley  David photo photo 61 years 27th Jan 1885 & Bertha
Kinnersley  Edgar J photo   72 Years 7th April 1942 husband of Agnes Margaret
Kinnersley  Jessie photo photo 20 Years 20th July 1888 wife of Sampson
Kinnersley  Percy Clement photo photo 26 years 17th Feb 1902 & Wilfred
Kinnersley  Sampson  photo photo   27th Nov 1941 husband of Jessie
Kinnersley  Wilfred David  photo photo 73 years 5th Jan 1958 & Percy
Kinnersley    photo        
Lamb Annie Jane photo photo 25 years 20th March 1923 daughter of William J also Stuarts
Lamb John  photo photo 21 Years 29th Sept 1917 son of William 
Lamb William J photo photo 63 Years 12th Nov 1928 father of Annie Jane also Stuarts
Lamphier Mary Ann  photo photo 83 years 28th Aug 1903 daughter & gdaughter, Isabella Carey
Lange Francis John  photo photo 28th May 1908 3rd Jan 1982 m Mary Ellen 16th April 1932
Lange Henry photo photo 69 Years 31st Jan 1961 with Kathleen Veronica
Lange Henry  photo photo 82 years 15th May 1943 & Mary, Sophia & Julia
Lange Julia   photo photo 100 years 6th Jan 1989 & Mary, Henry & Sophia
Lange Kathleen Veronica photo photo 82 Years 5th Sept 1986 with Henry Lange
Lange Mary Angela photo photo 6 yrs   26th July 1906 & Henry, Sophia & Julia
Lange Mary Ellen photo photo 16th June 1906 16th Oct 1966 m Francis John 16th April 1932
Lange Sophia   photo photo 92 years 2nd Sept 1985 & Mary, Henry, Sophia & Julia
Lange Sophia Cecilia photo photo 91 years 13th June 1955 & Mary, Henry, Sophia & Julia
Lawrence Frank Ian  photo   77 years 5th Oct 1998 husband of Nancy 
Leibhardt Victor Thomas photo   21st Nov 1930 28th April 2000 son of Vistor and May 
Loader Angus Gordon   photo photo 63 Years 18th June 1956 with Vhine 
Loader Vhine photo photo 72 Years 8th Feb 1971 with Angus Gordon 
Lynch Katherine photo photo 55 years 7th June 1915 wife of Patrick
Lynch Mary Mabel photo photo 70 years 7th Dec 1953 wife of Stanley Nugent
Lynch Patrick photo photo 65 Years 28th March 1929 husband of Katherine
Lynch Stanley Nugent photo photo 75 years 24th March 1958 husband of Mary Mabel
Lyttle Norman Stanley photo   85 Years 26th Nov 2003 Husband of Jean 
MacKenzie Gladys Dalziel  photo photo 1888 1966 nee Weatherly wife of Harry headstone from trawalla
MacKenzie Harry Ponsonby photo photo 1870 1948 of Trawalla
Madden Bridget photo photo   22nd July 1955 sister of William 
Madden Ellen photo photo 52 Years 17th Feb 1897 wife of Michael
Madden Grace photo photo   6th July 1927 daughter of Michael & Ellen
Madden Joseph Daniel photo   66 Years 22nd Jun 1992 husband of Rita Mary 
Madden Julia Ann  photo     27th July 1961 wife of Michael
Madden Mary photo photo   9th Dec 1940 daughter of Michael & Ellen
Madden Michael photo photo 71 yrs 2nd Nov 1910 Husband of Ellen
Madden Michael photo     8th March 1952 husband of Julia
Madden Timothy  photo photo 5 years   son of Michael & Ellen
Madden William Francis photo photo   4th Sept 1955 brother of Bridget
Maibacker Alice Emily  photo photo 44 years 13th Dec 1931 With Catherine 
Maibacker Annie photo photo   30th Aug 1972 with John Fredrick
Maibacker Catherine  photo photo 62 years 20th Jan 1966 with Alice Emily
Maibacker Fredrick photo photo 15 yrs 11 mths 2nd Oct 1938  
Maibacker Jacob William  photo photo     With his mother?
Maibacker John Fredrick  photo photo 73 years 8th Sept 1943 with Annie
Mainard Florence photo photo 77 years 12th June 1962 wife of Francis
Mainard Florence May  photo photo 77 years 12th June 1862 wife of Francis Walter
Mainard Francis Walter photo photo 79 years 1st Sept 1959 husband of Florence
Mainard Francis Walter photo photo 79 years 1st Sept 1959 Husband of Florence May
Maisey Noel Robert photo   6th June 1967 9th April 1989 son of Neil & Judith 
Martin  Kathleen photo photo 31 years 25th March 1931  
Mason  Thomas photo photo 60 years 18th May 1902 there is also someone died aged 91 in 1923
Mathieson Janet photo photo 87 years 2nd Oct 1889 Native of Donnock Scotland, mother of Margaret
McAuley Ellen photo photo 67 years 5th April 1970  
McAuley John  photo photo 85 Years 5th dec 1950 husband of Mary 
McAuley Mary  photo photo 66 Years 3rd July 1933 wife of John 
McCarthy George photo photo 65 Years Sept 1861 & Hanorah
McCarthy Hanorah photo photo 6 mths 10th Feb 1864 daughter of Patrick M
McClure George photo photo 68 years 7th Dec 1945 husband of Olive
McClure Olive Maud photo photo 62 Years 28th Nov 1945 George 
McCowan Arch photo photo 53 years 3rd march 1886 husband of Sarah (native of Comnock Scotland)
McCowan Sarah photo photo 71 years 13th June 1891 wife of Arch (native of Comnock Scotland)
McCowan William  photo photo 34 years 23rd July 1880 Killed at Gympie, son of Arch & Sarah
McCubbin Alexander photo photo 70 years 15th April 1901 husband of Elizabeth
McCubbin Catherine  photo photo   31st Aug 1919 wife of William
McCubbin Elizabeth photo photo 87 years 4th July 1921 wife of Alexander
McCubbin Rose photo photo 38 years 25th Jan 1907 wife of William 
McCubbin William photo photo   22nd March 1911 husband of Catherine
McDonald William  photo   38 years 2? April 1860  
McFarlan Catherine J  photo   91 years 11th Sept 1995 wife of Norm 
McIntosh Henry photo photo 90 years 20th May 1994 husband of Margery
McIntosh Henry photo   95 years 30th April 1967 husband of Mary
McIntosh Margaret photo   64 years 10th July 1958 wife of Henry
McIntosh William Ivor photo photo 3rd May 1905 28th Sept 1909 son of Henry & Margaret
McIntyre Andrew  photo photo 34 Years 24th Dec 1864 died at Ercildourne, Father of Thomas
McIntyre Andrew  photo photo 81 years 7th August 1946 husband of Hannah
McIntyre Hannah photo photo 65 Years 22nd Dec 1938 wife of Andrew
McIntyre Robert photo photo 30 years 20th Aug 1943 son of Andrew & Hannah ex POW Malaya
McIntyre Thomas photo photo 27 Years 7th Jan 1884 son of Andrew 
McIntyre William  photo photo 31 years 24th Sept 1945 son of Andrew & Hannah died Boganville
McJannet Agnes Nevin  photo photo 42 years 23rd Jan 1870 wife of William 
McKenzie John Alexander photo   43 years 6th June 1892  
McKenzie Murdock  photo photo 64 years 19th Aug 1896 Of Greenock Scotland, died Melbourne
McKenzie William photo photo     of Greenock Scotland, died Hampton
McKerrow Arthur photo photo infant 18th Feb 1893 grandson of John & Penelope
McKerrow John  photo photo 60 years 2nd April 1888 husband of Penelope, native of old cumnock, Ayeshire, Scotland
McKerrow John  photo photo 88 years 30th July 1944 husband of Mary
McKerrow Mary  photo photo 86 years 25th May 1948 wife of John 
McKerrow Penelope photo photo 61 years 5th May 1901 of Spring Point
McKerrow William F photo photo 27 Years 4th May 1918 Cpl. Killed in Palestine. Grandson of John & Penelope, 
McQueen Charlotte photo photo 57 years 12th Octo 1924 daughter of George & Charlotte
McQueen Charlotte photo photo 71 Years 29th Dec 1907 wife of George
McQueen George photo photo 35 Years 30th April 1871 husband of Charlotte
McQueen Isabella photo photo 37 years 1st July 1849 wife of Peter  
McQueen Jane  photo photo 5 mths 25th June 1859 daughter of Peter & Isabella Native of Perthshire Scotland
McQueen Jean photo photo 97 years 26th March 1904  
McQueen Peter photo photo 39 Years 18th August 1866 husband of Isabella
McQueen Peter photo photo 55 years 7th June 1908 son of Peter
Medwell Alice photo photo 82 years 5th July 1952 wife of Richard Havelock
Medwell Alice, Gilbert & Claude photo photo     children of Alice & Richard Lovelock
Medwell Annie photo photo 80 Years   Native of Dunferniline Scotland
Medwell Catherine  photo photo 53 years 18th May 1929 wife of Charles
Medwell Charles photo photo   7th June 1918 husband of Catherine
Medwell Charles Victor photo   77 years 5th August 2005  
Medwell Claude Haywood  photo photo 23 years 7th Nov 1919  
Medwell Ethel May  photo photo 25 years 27th April 1917 wife of Gilbert
Medwell Eunice Margaret photo photo 90 years 11th March 1976 wife of John Victor
Medwell Gilbert photo photo 26 years 5th May 1919 husband of Ethel May
Medwell Gwenth Ida  photo   85 Years 16th Sept 2004 wife of Jack 
Medwell Jack photo   69 years 1st Nov 1994 husband of Gwen
Medwell Jessie Isobell photo photo 34 Years 7th March 1926 daughter of John & Louisa
Medwell John  photo photo 64 years 11th Dec 1918 husband of Louisa 
Medwell John Victor photo photo 49 years 5th Oct 1936 husband of Eunice Margaret
Medwell Lewis photo photo 1 mth 1898 son of John & Louisa 
Medwell Louisa  photo photo 32 years 21st March 1898 wife of John 
Medwell Richard Lovelock photo photo 52 Years 2nd May 1919 Husband of Alice
Medwell William James photo photo 28 years 26th June 1897  
Middlemiss Robert photo photo 32 years 17th Feb 1909 son of A & J Middlemiss
Miller Annie  photo photo 79 years 11th Jan 1943  
Miller Emma photo photo 62 Years 29th May 1925 wife of John 
Miller Harold photo photo   12th Jan 1862 with Thomas
Miller Joes? photo photo   13th M? with Margaret
Miller John Morton  photo photo 83 years 17th May 1941 husband of Emma
Miller Margaret photo photo 87 years 1st Dec 1946 with Joes?
Miller Thomas photo photo   21st April 1958 & Harrold Miller
Mitchell Christina photo photo 66 Years 9th May 1947 a loving sister and aunt
Mitchell Ellen photo photo 77 years 16th March 1933 wife of Shaw
Mitchell George photo photo 77 years 28th March 1922 with Lamphier
Mitchell James  photo photo 77 years 30th Jan 1936 husband of Margaret 
Mitchell James Donald  photo   65 Years 10th Dec 1965 Husband of Jean 
Mitchell Jean  photo   61 years 1st April 1971 wife of James 
Mitchell Margaret Jane  photo photo 67 years 20th June 1935 wife of James
Mitchell Neil Douglas  photo   4th July 1944 25th August 2001 husband of Dennise
Mitchell Neil Shaw photo photo 25 years 9th August 1918 seargent, killed in Action 
Mitchell Shaw photo photo 72 Years 26th Sept 1926 husband of Ellen
Moncrieff Alison photo   85 Years 5th March 1911 wife of James
Moncrieff George photo   29 years 10 March 1893 at Coolgardie
Moncrieff James photo   73 years 24th Sept 1905 husband of Alison
Moncrieff James photo   7 years 27th May 1872 & George
Moncrieff Margaret photo   80 Years 11th March 1939 daughter of James & Alison
Moodie Josephine  photo   33 years 4th June 1988 daughter of Vin and Margaret
Morgan Albert John  photo photo 83 years 2nd July 1976 husband of Isabella
Morgan Catherine  photo photo 1883 1919 Nee Davey wife of John 
Morgan Ellen photo photo     with Henry  
Morgan Gwendoline photo photo 25 years 16th June 1945 with Hannah & Patrick
Morgan Hannah photo photo 85 Years 17th Jan 1836 wife of Patrick, native of Co, Clare Ireland
Morgan Henry  photo photo     with Ellen
Morgan Isabella  photo photo 79 years 1st April 1970 mother of Gwendoline
Morgan Isabelle photo   89 years 2nd April 2005 daughter of Albert John & Isabella
Morgan John  photo photo 1885 1964 husband of Catherine
Morgan Patrick photo photo 65 Years 8th Dec 1897 native of Down Ireland, husband of Hannah
Morgan  A.J photo   82 years 14th Oct 2003 son of Albert John & Isabella
Morrell Eunice Patricia photo   19th Nov 1919 8th June 1987 nee Pat Burke
Morton Frances photo photo 75 years 7th Feb 1900 wife of G.G Morton
Mulcahy Ann  photo       & Hugh
Mulcahy Hugh photo   45 years 16th Aug 1919 & Ann
Mulcahy John  photo photo     brother of Daniel
Munro Christina photo photo 87 years 1st March 1913  
Munro Duncan photo photo 80years 17th Sept 1911 & Margaret
Munro Margaret photo photo 60 years 23rd May 1898 & Duncan
Neary Catherine photo photo 1824 1900 native Co. Kilkenny Ireland, wife of Michael
Neary Michael photo photo 1823 1906 Native of Co. Kilkenny Ireland, hus of Catherine
Neary Patrick photo photo 1855 1923 son of Michael & Catherine 
O'Brien  Mother, Father & sister Mary photo photo      
O'Neil  Bessie photo photo     wife of Daniel
O'Neil  Daniel photo photo     husband of Bessie
O'Neil  Daniel Raymond photo   79 years 26th Dec 2001 Father of Carolyn 
O'Neil  Ernest photo photo 83 years 14th Aug 1999 husband of Olive
O'Neil  Hazel photo photo     daughter of Bessie & Daniel
O'Neil  Olive photo photo 62 Years 10th Aug 1973 wife of Ernest
Orr Alfred Fulton  photo photo 11th dec 1941 19th Feb 1946  
Orr Arch Fulton  photo photo 80 Years 15th Oct 1931 husband of Ellen
Orr Archibald Fulton  photo photo 88 years Mar-67 son of Arch & Ellen
Orr Ellen photo photo 86 years 19th Aug 1944 wife of Arch Fulton
Orr Mary Scott photo photo 86 years J? 1977 with Arch *
Paterson  John James  photo photo 68 years 3rd May 1964 husaband of Theresa Maude 
Paterson  Theresa Maude  photo photo 71 Years 30th Oct 1968 wife of John James 
Patterson Archibald photo photo 86 years 2nd jan 1948 husband of Jane
Patterson Family photo        
Patterson Florence Lea Maud photo   68 years 19th May 1951 wife of William Arthur
Patterson Jane  photo photo 79 years 22nd Jan 1947 wife of Archibald
Patterson William Arthur photo   68 years 17th Dec 1939 Husband of Florence 
Perkins Fredrick photo photo 31 years 26th Feb 1897 Late of Victorian Mounted Police
Potter  John  photo photo 96 years 2nd Nov 1950  
Powell Christina Margaret photo photo 75 years 25th Nov 1987 wife of David
Powell David Henry  photo photo 86 years 28th July 1982 husband of Christina 
Powell Doris Alma photo photo 74 Years 13th April 1980 wife of william
Powell Elizabeth Charlotte photo photo 2 years 10mths 13th Aug 1942 daughter of Christina and David 
Powell Francis  photo photo   29th Oct 1910 Husband of Mary Jane
Powell George Francis  photo photo 90 years 3rd Jun 1976 husband of Jessie
Powell Jessie Elizabeth photo photo   10th Nov 1965 wife of George Francis
Powell Mary Jane  photo photo 79 years 24th July 1942 wife of Francis
Powell William photo photo 72 years 30th Jan 1965 Husband of Doris Alma
Prentice Arthur photo   75 years 21st June 1987  
Prest Catherine Emelda  photo   11th Dec 1948 16th March 2000 wife of Colin 
Purcell Catherine photo photo   Jun-10 & nicholas & Julia
Purcell Ellen photo photo   13th Feb 1908 wife of Michael
Purcell Essie photo   48 years 5th Jan 1913 wife of Richard
Purcell John  photo photo   1885 & nicholas & Julia
Purcell Julia   photo photo 81 years 5th June 1912 with Nicholas
Purcell Michael photo photo   18th August 1928 husband of Ellen
Purcell Nicholas photo photo 74 Years 12th March 1946 & William 
Purcell Nicholas photo photo 73 years 7th August 1891 with Julia
Purcell Richard photo   73 years 31st Oct 1936 husband of Essie
Purcell William photo photo 75 years 22nd July 1982 & Nicholas
Quinlivan  Ann photo photo 1824 1885 with Daniel
Quinlivan  Daniel photo photo 16mths 18th July 1871 son of Mary & Patrick
Quinlivan  Daniel photo photo 11 mths 23rd April 1868 son of Thomas & Ellen
Quinlivan  Daniel photo photo 57 years 5th May 1867 late of Co Clare Ireland
Quinlivan  Ellen photo photo 1841 1906 wife of Thomas 
Quinlivan  Thomas photo photo 1848 1920 son of Ann 
Quirk Andrew  photo photo 27 Years 12th Aug 1916 killed in France, brother of Thos and Andrew 
Quirk Frank photo photo 21 Years 31st Nov 1916 brother of Thomas and Andrew
Quirk Herbert photo photo 39 Years 27th July 1937 with sister Annie Chamberlain
Quirk Thomas photo photo 23 years 8th August 1914 brother of Frank and Andrew
Rain  Johanna photo photo 63 Years 2nd Nov 1911 wife of William 
Rain  Margaret photo photo 68 years 8th July 1957 MBE. Daughter of Johanna & William
Rain  William  photo photo 90 years 11th May 1930 husband of Johanna
Ramsey Sarah & John  photo photo      
Rankin  John  photo photo     of Ball? Ayshire?
Rasdell Alfred Leslie photo photo 29 years 9th Sept 1942 husband of Dulcie Patricia
Rasdell Dulcie Patricia  photo photo 87 years 27th Dec 2003 wife of Alfred Leslie
Rasdell Rose Ann  photo photo 73 years 16th July 1946 wife of William F
Rasdell William F photo photo 76 years 4th May 1945 husband of Rose Ann 
Redfern Elizabeth Smith  photo photo 1828 1912 wife of Thomas
Redfern Fanny  photo photo 1859 1919 daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth
Redfern Thomas photo photo 1832 1917 husband of Elizabeth Smith
Rees Eliza Leigh photo photo   1907 wife of John 
Rees John  photo photo   28th May 1896 husband of Eliza Leigh
Reid Sarah photo photo   14th Feb 1927 neice of James Currie
Rennie George photo photo 73 years 29th Sept 1898 husband of Jannett
Rennie Jannett photo photo 70 years 29th Jan 1894 wife of George
Richmond James photo   39 Years 29th Dec 1879 husband of Annie
Robertson  Alexander photo photo 75 years 12th March 1937 husband of Annie
Robertson  Alexander Thomas photo photo infant   son of Annie & Alexander
Robertson  Annie photo photo 59 years 30th Sept 1923 wife of Alexander
Robertson  Annie Elizabeth photo photo infant   daughter of Annie & Alexander
Robertson  Elspeth photo photo infant   daughter of Annie & Alexander
Robertson  Francis Steele photo photo infant   son of Annie & Alexander
Robertson  George  photo photo infant   son of Annie & Alexander
Robertson  Isabella Melvin, photo photo infant   daughter of Annie & Alexander
Robertson  Peter Lorne  photo photo 21 Years 9th May 1918 Pte, Killed in Action, France
Robertson  Thomas Lindsay  photo   71 Years 1902 Husband of Shirley
Robinson  Margaret photo photo 81 years 30th Oct 1984  
Ross  Donald photo photo     & Peter Fraser
Rupp Charles L. Herman photo photo 79 years Michealmas eve 1912 husband of Racheal 
Rupp Racheal Emma Tillery photo photo 63 Years 30th Sept 1902 died at the Parsonage, wife of Rev. CLHRupp
Russell Andrew Chequer photo photo 54 yrs 7 mths    
Ryan Annie photo photo 87 Years 3rd Oct 1945 wife of Edward mother of Annie
Ryan Annie photo photo 32 years 9th Oct 1928 daughter of Edward and Annie
Ryan Bridget photo photo 75 years 13th July 1943 wife of Patrick
Ryan Daniel photo photo 74 Years 27th July 1966 husband of Ellen Eliza
Ryan Edward photo photo 86 years 21st May 1846 husband of Annie, father of Annie
Ryan Eileen Johanna photo photo   16th June 1992 wife of Matthew Thomas
Ryan Eileen Mary photo photo   1st May 1859  
Ryan Ellen Eliza photo photo 52 Years 3rd Sept 1944 wife of Daniel
Ryan Gertrude  photo photo 96 years 3rd July 2005 wife of Joseph
Ryan Helen photo photo 8 months 14th Oct 1926 daughter of Daniel & Helen
Ryan John Patrick  photo photo   31st Dec 1954 husb of Rose, father of 6
Ryan Joseph Leo photo photo 89 years 10th June 1992 husband of Gertrude
Ryan Margaret Agnes photo photo 1872 1912 & Matthew
Ryan Mary Bernard photo photo   27th Nov 1950 & Rev. Fr Vincent Ryan
Ryan Matthew John  photo photo   22nd April 1954 & Margaret
Ryan Matthew Thomas photo photo   8th Feb 1962 husband of Eileen
Ryan Patrick photo photo 80 Years 23rd Feb 1941 husband of Bridget
Ryan Rose photo photo   30th April 1984 wife of John Patrick mother of 6
Ryan Vincent Ryan photo photo   13th June 1958 Rev. Fr. P.P. & Mary
Ryan William James Aphonsus (fon) photo photo 8th April 1902 5th May 1994 husband for 51 years of Geradine
Sanders   photo photo      
Sellwood Evelyn Irene  photo photo 65 Years 4th Sept 1985 wife of Joseph Lloyd George 
Sellwood Joseph Lloyd George  photo photo 46 years 3rd July 1963 husband of Evelyn Irene
Shalders Edward Joseph  photo photo 72 Years Mar-82 husband  of Madge Jessie
Shalders Madge Jessie photo photo 86 Years 22nd August 1997 wife of Edward Joseph
Sharp  Harold Edwin  photo photo 1 year 3rd May 1908 son of Robert & Sarah
Sharp  Robert photo photo 77 years 18th July 1849 wife of Sarah Maud
Sharp  Robert Stanley  photo photo     Killed in Action France
Sharp  Sarah Maud photo photo 68 years 29th April 1938 wife of Robert
Shaw Grace photo photo   19th June 1961 wife of James
Shaw James photo photo   20th July 1960 husband of Grace
Shearer Elspeth photo photo 54 years 31st July 1921 wife of James
Shearer James photo photo 63 Years 6th Aug 1963 husband of Elspeth
Shearer James M photo photo 39 Years 7th Dec 1943 son of James & Elspeth, POW
Smart    photo photo      
Smith  Albert Edward photo photo 55 years 31st Dec 1966 husband of Margaret
Smith  Daughter photo photo infant   daughter of Albert & Margaret
Smith  Eleanor photo photo     with Robt & Margt
Smith  Fredrick Richmond photo photo 64 years 22nd Dec 1944  
Smith  James photo photo 69 years 2nd Oct 1886 husband of Mary, died at Green Vale Villa, Learmonth
Smith  James  photo photo 5 years   son of James & mary
Smith  Margaret photo photo 56 years 2nd April 1891 wife of Robert
Smith  Margaret photo photo 7 months   dau of James & Mary
Smith  Margaret Jean  photo photo 80 Years 5th Nov 2000 wife of Albert Edward
Smith  Mary  photo photo 70 years 3rd July 1898 wife of James Sydney Smith
Smith  Robert photo photo 35 years 3rd July 1867 at Burrumbeet, husb of Margaret
Smith  Robert photo photo 25 years 9th April 1891 son of Robt & Margt
Spiers Rose photo   84 Years 7th Oct 1981 daughter of David and Rose Spiers
Spiers Rose  photo photo 63 Years 11th May 1938 mother of Thomas, Robert, Andrew and Rose
Stafford Agnes photo photo 75 Years 2nd August 1936 wife of Thomas Henry 
Stafford Thomas Henry  photo photo 76 years 23rd Oct 1913 husband of Agnes
Stafford William photo photo 67 years 20th Nov 1896  
Stephenson Emma S photo photo 82 years 26th Jan 1949 with Rose Cowley
Stewart Agnes photo photo   7th Sept 1941  daughter of John & Helen 
Stewart Ann photo photo 67 years 21st April 1909 wife of Peter
Stewart George photo photo 66 Years 7th Dec 1859 of Bellater Aberdeenshire, husband of Jane
Stewart George  photo photo 29 years 25th April 1858 M.A. At Sandhurst son of Isabella & Robert
Stewart George L. photo   69 years 18th Dec 1834 husband of Jane
Stewart Isabella Grant photo photo 66 Years 28th 1870 widow of Robert of Morayshire, Scotland
Stewart James photo photo 75 Years 2nd Oct 1954 husband of Robin
Stewart James William Grant photo photo 50 years 20th Feb 1882 son of Robert & Isabella
Stewart Jane photo   89 years 9th Jan 1957 wife of George L. 
Stewart Jane Lachlan photo photo 66 Years 13th Feb 1865 wife of George
Stewart John  photo photo 65 Years 4th Sept 1946 with James & Robin
Stewart Peter photo photo 9 mths 28th May 1868 son of Peter & Ann
Stewart Peter photo photo 62 Years 4th April 1901 husband of Ann
Stewart Robert  photo photo 57 years 16th Dec 1856 died at Lower Plenty, husband of Isabella Grant
Stewart Robin photo photo 97 years 21st Feb 1980 wife of James
Stowe Ada   photo photo 63 Years 13th April 1942 wife of Raynor T
Stowe Albert  photo photo 58 years 16th March 1969 husband of Lilian and Dorothy
Stowe Gordon Henry  photo photo 71 Years 29th May 1987 Husband of May Catherine
Stowe Ian  photo photo infant 28th Sept 1953 son of Ronald and Dulcie
Stowe Lilian  photo photo 28 years 21st Sept 1947 wife of Albert
Stowe May Catherine  photo photo 67 years 27th May 1990 wife of Gordon Henry
Stowe Neville David  photo photo 33 years 12th Sept 1985 husband of Janet Mary and father of Clinton & Bianca
Stowe Raynor T photo photo 82 years 18th March 1954 husband of Ada
Stowe Ronald Joseph photo photo 62 Years 16th Nov 1984 Husband of Dulcie Christina
Stowe Stanley Gordon  photo photo 22 years 14th June 1968 accidently killed, son of Gordon & May 
Strachen  Neil A photo     7th Dec 1990 husband of Isabella
Stuart Jane photo photo 71 Years 19th Sept 1905 wife of William
Stuart William photo photo 79 years 2nd April 1888 husband of Jane
Sutherland Catherine photo photo 3 mths 27th Aug 1863 daughter of Henry and Margaret
Sutherland Catherine Edith photo photo 69 years 9th Oct 1941 wife of Thomas
Sutherland Duncan photo photo infant 3rd Feb 1908 son of Thomas & Catherine
Sutherland Margaret Ann  photo photo 1 mth 22nd Aug 1879 daughter of Henry and Margaret
Sutherland Myrtle Johanna  photo photo 51 years  15th Sept 1962 daugt of Thomas & Catherine
Sutherland Thomas photo photo 90 years 26th Sept 1961 husband of Catherine 
Swan Ethel photo photo 1878 1927 sister of Harriet
Swan Harriet photo photo 1867 1911 wife of Robert
Swan Robert photo photo 1859 1921 husband of Harriet
Taylor Alexander Harry photo photo 4 yrs 11 mth 27th June 1909 accidently killed Burrumbeet, son of H.J & A Taylor
Templeton  Ernest Arthur photo   19th June 1910 29th May 1989 husband of Ruby 
Templeton  Ruby  photo   27th july 1917 19th July 1989 wife of Ernest Arthur
Thomas Estella Mason  photo photo 73 years 17th Dec 1962 with Rueben and George Andrew
Thomas George Andrew  photo photo 1 yr 9 mths 13th June 1923 with Rueben and Estella
Thomas Rueben Herbert photo photo 59 years 2nd Oct 1943 with Estella Mason and George Andrew 
Thompson  John  photo photo      
Thompson  Margaret & John  photo photo     also an infant
Tregent Edith photo   child   daughter of Ellen & George
Tregent Ellen Agnes photo   70 years 20th May 1908 relect of the late George Tregent
Turner Ann photo photo 85 Years 15th Jan 1908 wife of Samuel, with Charles Bassett
Turner Samuel photo photo 85 Years 12th Aug 1898 husband of Ann with Charles Bassett
Tynan Ada Rebecca photo photo 63 Years 22nd April 1924  2nd daught of Thomas and Ada Barnes
Unknown Andrew photo photo      
Ussher Arthur Beverly  photo photo   11th July 1889 brother of Susan Emily Glasscoth
Vallance Mary  photo photo 1832 1879 wife of William, native of Kingarth Scotland
Vallance William  photo photo 1832 1924 husband of Mary, Native of Cumnock Scotland
Vaughan Agnes Catherine photo photo 24th Feb 1872 24th Feb 1948 died Sydney
Vaughan Ann Gifford photo photo 28 years 23rd Feb 1865 wife of Stephen
Vaughan Ann Gifford photo photo 17 days 4th March 1865 daughter of Ann & Stephen twin of Banche
Vaughan Blanche   photo photo 15 days 2nd March 1865 daughter of Ann & Stephen twin of Ann 
Vaughan Hannah Elizabeth photo photo   27th March 1955 wife of William
Vaughan Miriam Ann  photo photo 70years 1st Aug 1909 & Hannah
Vaughan Thomas photo photo 37 years 2nd Feb 1907 killed at Gondon, husband of Agnes
Vaughan William  photo photo 84 Years 27th June 1950 son of William & Mirriam hushand of H.E.
Vaughan William  photo photo 94 years 28th Jan 1919 & William
Vinecombe Willliam Laurence photo photo 14th May 1913 26th June 1985 husband of Mavis
Vurlow Jean I  photo photo 25th Jan 1928 8th July 2002 partner of Alan Eagles
Walker Alice photo photo 75 years 22nd Dec 1937 wife of Henry 
Walker Amy photo photo     daughter of William & Annie
Walker Andrew C. photo photo 75 Years 13th Jan 1948 husband of Florence
Walker Annie Maria  photo photo 84 Years 30th May 1945 wife of William Wilson 
Walker David photo photo 61 years 29th July 1927  
Walker Elsie E. H.  photo photo 6 yrs 11 mths 13th May 1920 daughter of Andrew & Florence
Walker Emily photo photo 25 years 1st April 1889 daughter of Rev Samuel Walker
Walker Florence photo photo 54 years 6th Aug 1935 wife of Andrew
Walker Florence  photo photo     daughter of William & Annie
Walker Henry photo photo 56 years 1st July 1917 husband of Alice
Walker Mary photo photo 59 years 6th Sept 1886 wife of the Rev Samuel Walker
Walker Myrtle photo photo 15 years 2nd July 1909 daughter of Henry and alice
Walker Samuel photo photo 69 years July 1893 vicar of Learmonth husband of Mary
Walker Sylvia S photo photo 64 years 16th Feb 1969 wife of Wilson W
Walker William Wilson  photo photo 60 years 30th Aug 1917 husband of Annie Maria
Walker Wilson W photo photo 51 years  28th April 1946 husband of Sylvia S
Walter Esther photo photo     & Hugh
Walter Hugh photo photo     & Esther
Walters Barry Victor photo   20 Years 14th July 1960 suddenly
Walters Mona Veroica photo   10th Sept 1913 3rd June 1995 wife of Walter
Walters Walter Henry photo   19th Feb 1911 6th Sept 1993 husband of Mona
Walton Jean Bernice photo photo 81 years 2nd Jan 2004 wife of William Andrew 
Walton Robert Brodie photo photo   7th Nov 1932 son of Queenie & Charles
Walton  Charles James  photo photo 79 years 17th Sept 1980 husband of Queenie
Walton  Elizabeth  photo photo 67 years 19th June 1940 wife of Robert Brodie
Walton  John Gordon  photo photo 73 years 14th Aug 1972 husband of Myra
Walton  Myra photo photo 97 years 20th aug 2000 wife of John Gordon
Walton  Queenie photo photo 69 years 16th April 1974 wife of Charles James 
Walton  Robert Brodie photo photo 87 years 4th Sept 1954 husband of Elizabeth
Walton  William Andrew photo photo 79 years 19th July 1991 husband of Jean Bernice
Watson  Lauchlan photo   24th April 1909 29th Sept 1985 "Rat of Tabrook" father of Barbara Ann 
Watson -Carraill  Dorothy  photo   27th July 1914 25th Dec 1990 with Lauchlan
West  Henry John  photo photo 14 years 28th Jan 1960 accidently drowned 
Wettenhall Elizabeth photo photo 14th Feb 1915 15th May 1997 wife of Noel
Wettenhall Noel St John  photo photo 24th Dec 1911 4th July 1991 husband of Elizabeth
Whateley Elizabeth photo photo 91 years 9th Dec 1949 wife of Thomas
Whateley Myrtle Elizabeth photo photo 4 1/2 yrs 13th April 1913 killed in motor Accident
Whateley Thomas photo photo 86 years 18th Sept 1942 husband of Elizabeth
White Annie Mary photo photo 63 Years 3rd July 1956 & Frank Sim
White Father photo        
White Frank Sim  photo photo 65 Years 1st June 1951 & Annie Mary 
White Gilbert photo photo   13th Oct 1932  
White Helen photo   90 years 6th July 1912 wife of John 
White John  photo   64 years 13th Oct 1874 Native of Sterling Shire Scotland Husband of Helen
White William Watson  photo   40 years 8th May 1908 son of John and Helen
White  Erina photo photo      
White  Ruby  photo photo     with Erina
Whitehand Charles photo photo 58 years ? August 1925  son of James & Jane
Whitehand Evan James  photo   72 Years 9th Jan 1998 husband of Gwen
Whitehand James  photo   70 years 20th March 1907 husband of Jane
Whitehand Jane  photo   64 years 26th Oct 1914 wife of James 
Whitehand Mary Ann  photo photo 7 years 8 mths 6th Sept 1885 daughter of James & Jane
Whitehand Vhine, Eliza, Raechal & William  photo photo infants   children of James & Jane
Wilkie Isabella photo photo 51 years  31st Jan 1925 wife of Andrew
William  John  photo   57 years 21st Sept 1873  
Williams Agnes V photo photo 56 years 4th April 1952 wife of Arthur V Williams
Williams Arthur V photo photo   25th May 1961 husband of Agnes, Father & Stepfather
Wilson  Clara Martha photo photo 70 years 24th March 1936 wife of Thomas John
Wilson  Janet photo photo 57 years 26th April 1879 wife of John of Spring Garden
Wilson  John  photo photo 16months 16th Feb 1904 son of Thomas & Clara
Wilson  Marrion  photo photo 15 years 18th Dec 1860 daughter of John & Jannett
Wilson  Thomas John  photo photo 60 years 2nd June 1930 husband of Clara
Wilson  Violet  photo photo 57  years 3rd Oct 1977 wife of William 
Wilson  William photo photo 87 years 12th Sept 1996 husband of Violet
Witnish Arthur William Roy photo photo 1yr 9mth 5th Jan 1906 grandson of William & Emmilin
Woodburn James photo photo   1st Jan 1940  
Woods  George  photo photo 25 years 1st Feb 1897  
Wright Ellen sr photo photo 84 Years 14th Feb 1886 wife of John sr?
Wright George photo photo 68 years 10th Feb 1942  
Wright John  photo photo 78 years 15th Dec 1878?  with Mary
Wright John Jnr photo photo 72 Years 31st Jan 1904 husband of Mary
Wright Lizzie photo photo 61 years? 30th April 1915 wife of John jnr
Wright Mary photo photo 42 years 16th April 1881 wife of John Jnr
Wright Ronald Boehm  photo   65 Years 8th Feb 1990 husband of Beatrice Daphne
Yates Charles photo   68 years 6th Dec 1963 husband of Elsie
Yates Elsie photo   79 years 3rd July 1980 wife of Charles

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