River Plenty Cemetery

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This is a very small private cemetery in the Greensborough area and the cemetery area (or what is known of it) has been cleaned up, fenced and a plaque put on it by the Rotary Club of Greensborough during the 150th Anniversary of the State Of Victoria. The small cemetery is to the west of Greensborough in a small river valley. I found it a few years ago after finding references to it on death certificates and photographed the area. There are no headstones left.

But the plaque states:

"This is the site of the Private Cemetery
and adjacent to the Home of
some of the District's Earliest Pioneers.

Buried in the Cemetery are:

James Whatmough Died: 1.2.1848
Margaret Whatmough Died: 24.3.1850
Mary Ann Whatmough Died: 11.11.1853
Benjamin Whatmough Died: 2.1.1855
Robert Partington Died: 1.2.1857
Aged: 1 year 4 months.
Jessie Whatmough Died: 2.9.1858
James Partington Died: 21.12.1860
Aged 9 years 6 months

In the Year 1985 Descendants down to the
5th Generation Still live in the District"

I did a check for the death certificates for these people, just to get further information. I could only locate two of them at the Victorian Registry, and found what might be some "issues" with the data on the plaque. Still the cemetery does (did) exist as I have other records identifying it. But who is actually buried there needs to be verified.

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