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There are a number of graves here with a link to the Ned Kelly story.

The first is that of Martin Cherry, an innocent victim who was taken hostage in the Genrowan Inn and mortally wounded by police fire. In the far corner, under a lone old pine tree, is the grave of Joe Byrne (Ned's faithful lieutenant) also killed at Glenwrowan.Fresh floweres appear mysteriously on the grave from time to time.

Elsewhere is the grave of young Jack Jones, son of the Glenrowan Inn's publican who was also killed by police fire. One of the Aboriginal mounted police from Queensland, Corporal Sambo is commemorated here. His body was buried here, but was later exhumed and moved to his native Queensland.

As the home town of the Kelly clan, many of Ned's family are buried here. Jane Lloyd, his aunt, Thomas Lloyd his uncle, and Mary Ann Quinn (nee McCluskey) his grandmother. Also buried here is Dr John Nicholson who tended Ned's wounds after his capture at Genrowan and was entrusted with Ned's green sash (later donated to the Benalla Costume and Pioneer Museum where it is now on display.

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