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Headstone Photos
This list was compiled in June 2007 by Ian @ Axedale, from headstone inscriptions and AIGS Bendigo information sheets.

The Axedale Cemetery was gazetted in 1866 and consists of a total of 13 acres (9 Acres R/C) situated on the Mclvor Highway, approx 1 km north of The Axedale township. (Section 13 - Allotments 10 & 13c)
1. First unconfirmed burial - George BYWATER who died in 1865.
2. First confirmed burial - Margaret HENNESSY who died 04/05/1867.
3. First confirmed R/C burial - Margaret CONROY who died 30/09/1867.
4. First. confirmed Non Cath. burial - Edward AVERY who died 02/04/1868.
The cemetery is divided into 2 sections, The Public (Protestant) Section & Roman Catholic Section, the Catholic area being fenced off from the other by a dry rock wall.
There is a register of sorts for the Non Catholic Section starting in 1865. Copies are held by the Bendigo Cemetery Trust, & the AIGS Bendigo Branch. It is not known how complete it is. The Roman Catholic Section is a private cemetery admistered by the Catholic Church in Bendigo Vic.

Typically only 20% - 30% of burials have a headstone erected.
A name appearing on a headstone does not necessarily mean that the person is buried there, unless confirmed by other means.

There seems be a fair number of stillborn children not recorded in the list, as their deaths were not required to be registered, until the 1950's, and only appear in official cemetery burial registers.



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