Cabanandra Cemetery

Also known as Dellicknora Cemetery


Turning left off the Bonang Highway just before you arrive in the town of Bonang, is a road leading to Tubbut. About ten kilometres along the road you will find the town of Cabanandra noted on one map of Victoria or the township of Dellicknora on another Victorian road map. Within the township is the Cabanandra (Dellicknora) Cemetery.

 The Shire of Orbost Engineers' Office prepared a report on 8 March 1901 regarding a cemetery site at Cabanandra. It noted that an area of five acres was identified, with sandy soil, good drainage and the site would be suitable for burial purposes in its present condition. This report was written for the Shire and the Board of Public Health at Melbourne. On 23 October 1901 the Shire Engineer then wrote to the Shire of Orbost Council recommending another site for the cemetery on the opposite side of the hill to the original site. The report recommended an area of five acres and a site plan for this new location was attached to the report.

 The Health Officer of the Shire of Orbost prepared a report on 8 November 1901 for the Board of Health at Melbourne noting that this second site was suitable as a cemetery. Following this report on 28 April 1902 the Shire then wrote to the Secretary of the Lands Department in Melbourne to have this cemetery site officially surveyed.

 Following on this request, the Lands Department requested from the Shire a plan showing the site for the proposed cemetery and the Shire forwarded one to them on 25 August 1902. On 10 September the interim site plan was prepared by the Lands Department noting that the proposed site is a Portion of Block 41, Parish of Cabanandra. On 3 July 1903 a final Site Plan was prepared by the Lands Department and approved noting a site of 4 acres, 2 roods, 30 perches in the County of Cabanandra.

 On 12 November 1903 the Governor in Council approves an area of 4 acres, 2 roods, 39 perches as a temporary reserve for the Cabanandra Cemetery. The cemetery was gazetted on 12 November 1903 (VGG 1903/3704).

 The cemetery file for this cemetery ends on 17 December 1903 with a note regarding the size of the cemetery and its approval.

 On 11 February 1905, Cabanandra School No. 3486, was opened with Peter Kruckow as the Head Teacher. The school was closed on 8 October 1952.

 But in the Department of Human Services, Cemeteries Unit Archives, in the file for Bonang Cemetery, there were four pages relating to the Cabanandra Cemetery. It would appear these pages had been misfiled at the time. This may have occurred as the correspondence originated from the Secretary of the Cemetery Trust noting that his address was at Bendoc.

 R. H. Ingram, Secretary of the Cemetery Trust wrote n 20 June 1949 to the General Health Board in Melbourne regarding the cemetery, calling it the Dellicknora Cemetery in his letter. On 27 June 1949 the Secretary of the Public Health Branch wrote to R. H. Ingram noting that there were no records of a public cemetery at Dellicknora, but it may be recorded under another name.

 On 11 July 1949 R. H. Ingram, Secretary of the Cemetery Trust replied to the Public Health Department noting that on a map of the area it shows a cemetery at Dellicknora in the Parish of Cabanandra County of over four acres. On 27 July 1949 the Secretary of the Public Health Branch replied to R. H. Ingram's letter of 11 July noting that the cemetery is officially recorded (and gazetted) as the Cabanandra Cemetery. So it would appear that the correct title for the cemetery is Cabanandra Cemetery and it took the other name of Dellicknora sometimes between 1903 and 1949.

 In the Cemeteries in Victoria:  National Estate Study, the cemetery is assessed as a Class C Cemetery and identified as the Cabanandra Cemetery.

 The Genealogical Society of Victoria holds in the its cemetery files the memorial inscriptions (21/9/1933 to 25/7/1977) and the burial register (1910-1981) on the Dellicknora Cemetery prepared by Linda Barraclough on 29/1/1980. It is a five page file providing some historical notes on the cemetery, how to get to the cemetery and data on the memorial inscriptions and burials. Information on the Dellicknora Cemetery can also be found in Barraclough and Squires book on East Gippsland Cemeteries.

 In Rogers and Helyar's book on “Lonely Graves in the Gippsland Goldfields and Great Gippsland” is a listing at Cabanandra of three burials: Thomas Simpson – 60 years, 1883, Arthur Thomas Thompson Simpson, 6 weeks, 1889  and Mary Ann Simpson – 97 years, 1914 all being noted at buried at Cabanandra near Bendoc. On the death certificates for Arthur Simpson, date of burial is listed as 1 August, 1889 at Cabanandra, not Cabanandra Cemetery.

There are 23 burials listed in the GSV's Dellicknora Cemetery file along with two other burials from information supplied by R, Ingram. There are five memorial inscriptions listed for the Cameron, Foley, Hutchison, Hobbs and Reed families in the file.

 Information that was identified during the research into this cemetery noted that many people who died in the area were buried at the Delegate Cemetery in New South Wales and so the cemeteries in the area were not heavily used. There was a proposed cemetery at Delegate River near the New South Wales border that did not go ahead, noting this as a major reason.

 Any further information on this cemetery would be greatly appreciated.


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