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Delvine Park is a large property situated between Stratford and Bairnsdale in Victoria. The property was settled by John Scott in the early 1840's. Over time other properties bordering the estate became part of the estate with Delvine Park eventually becoming a property of over 8000 acres. The property had a school, no longer in use today, and a cemetery containing over 60 graves. Most of those buried there worked for John Scott or on the neighbouring farms.

It is believed that the first burial in the cemetery was an infant child of John Scott (probably Thomas or Agnes) who died in 1846. The cemetery also has the grave of John Scott, who died on the 16th April, 1877, and was buried on the 18th April, 1877. His wife, Mary Scott (nee Richards) was buried in the cemetery in 1854.

The headstone for John Scott, notes:
"In loving memory of John Scott, formally of Perth, Scotland, died April 16th, 1877, in his 80th year.

John Scott at the time of his death had spent 6 years in Tasmania and then 45 years in Victoria. It is believed he had 10 children, two of whom died before him. Also there is a headstone for his wife Margaret [nee Richards], but the headstone is now badly weathered.

Buried in the cemetery include the following family names: Scott, Hutton, Wench, Pearce, Crawley, Williams, Sheehan, Weekes, Dean, Kennebury, Williams, Saunders, Curry, Cousens, Heyward, Whitbourne, Crawley. The last burial identified to date was that of Mrs John Scott who died in 1918.

In 1877, James Leigh, the school teacher at the school on the property died (of pneumonia) on the 17th August. He was 67 years of age. He was buried in the cemetery on the 19th August, 1877. James Leigh had been born in London, married Mary Bishop and the records note that they had one daughter who predeceased James. James had been in Victoria for 25 years before his death.

There have been a number of good articles written on John Scott his family and of Delvine Park. Some can be found on the web.

The headstones that still remain were transcribed by Major R. Lyall of the GSV in 1978 and further details on burials can be obtained from the East Gippsland Family History Society.

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